Halstead marathon



  • LSR out the way for today image

    Really enjoyed the scenery so just got lost in my thoughts! Sounds wierd but I really did image

    It made me realise why i run, and why I enjoy it so much. Felt brilliant when I finished its really set me up for the day image
  • Hi jason, nice going. be careful with that cold if it comes out!

    It was lovely out there today. I ran 16.5 miles at a local park.

  • Thanks David I feel fine image

    Doesn't feel like crimbo at all does it?? Good going on the mileage sounds like a big park, trainings well under way then?

    Got little running this week, might go out for a cheeky few when I get the chance. Definitely know I've got 10 miles on the 30th but shall see what I can fit in on the others image
  • Breaking in new trainers 2day. Got to admit wasn't an easy run. Loving the ASICS nimbus 13s. Although the reviews are pretty useless and very negative.

    As I've been stuffing myself senseless over the past couple of days, just managed a couple of miles in them (well don't want to push it too much do I)

    Plenty of runs in the pipeline though for the next couple of days, another few miles 2moro then 10 on Sunday so not too bad progress so far.
  • Somehow managed over 40 miles this week despite having 2 days off. Halstead is 20 weeks away come Sunday so still in base building mode at present. Haven't been in this shape at this time of year 19 years!!!

  • Good training David, ill be kick starting mine in the new year. Got a training plan to follow soon as would love opinions on it image

    Hopefully building up to a respectable mileage a week
  • 5 2nite at steady pace image still breaking in the new trainers.

    All feeling fine so far. LSR 2moro, 10 miles is on the table ATM but could be more image plenty of people going I've heard so should be good fun
  • LSR out the way 2day. Lovely weather for it image

    Managed 10miles in just over 1hr 30.

    Topped it off with mince pies and Tea. What more could you want from a Sunday morning run image
  • Evening all, I'm tempted to have a go at Halstead this year, I'm almost certainly going to do Great Bentley Half in Feb and Essex 20 in March, so would be able to fit them into marathon training I reckon.

    I've been concentrating on shorter distance races this year, so have improved my speed nicely, just got to build the endurance back up again.

  • Hi Sweep - I'm tempted by the Great bentley half as well as the Essex 20. Although I live in Kent they are ok for me and I know the area well.

    Good work Jason. Coming along nicely!

    Had a rest day today having run for the past 4 on the trot. Will do around 10 tomorrow.

    Halstead voted 4th best UK marathon in RW. In this months copy! Hopefully, we can get quite a few following this thread. helps with the motivation, especially with so many doing London, this will keep us going for the extra 5 weeks after everyone else is relaxing!

  • Hi sweep I'm tempted to do the Essex 20 aswel, should be good for marathon training I've been told image

    David that's great to hear, there's got to be plenty of people out there that haven't read the thread yet image should be loading my training schedule on soon for the new year.

    On a rest day today as the groins playing up image should be back on it 2moro, 6 or so miles sounds good to me to start the new year off.
  • Hi jason,  be careful of that groin. They can easily develop into something nasty and a couple of easy days now will be worth it rather than picking up a really bad injury.

    Managed a steady 7.4 miles this morning in horrendous conditions - very, very windy and heavy rain!

    Speak soon. Enjoy the NY celebrations everyone!

  • Right here goes......

    Name: Jason Wintin

    Age: 23 (24 on the 18th)

    Weight: 10st 2

    Height: 5ft 8

    Training plan as follows

    Monday- steady/slow 2-4 miles including 1 mile warm up and cool down, can always add some speed work but depending on Sundays events image

    Tuesday- slow 2-4 miles (running with a larger friend)

    Wednesday (club training)- anything from 5 miles including 2 mile warm up, then 2.4 mile race (14.44 seconds so far)

    Hill training- up to 7 miles sometimes

    Interval training anything goes image pretty tough though!!

    Fun trail run (usually once every 5week month) around the 5-6 mile mark.

    -updates on Wednesdays will be on the day because each week is different.

    Thursday- steady 6 miles but fartlek training included with speed phases and recovery


    Saturday-haven't really thought about yet (suggestions please)

    Sunday.........either racing (depending what's on)

    As you may know by now I do enter everything I can and plus the Essex XC league is on at present. Plus doing braintree boggle (26.2 miles with check points in FEB)

    Then any road races I can enter at any given Sunday image


    LSR consisting of 10 miles upwards as marathon training progresses image

    Any thoughts on this little training plan would be greatly appreciated and accepted image
  • Hey hey, 

    I've entered Halstead marathon for the first time this year- I travelled for the disaster that was NYC marathon last year, and decided I wanted a considerably cheaper experience for my next marathon.  I live in Colchester, so its nice and local for me too.

    I'm following Hal Higdon's intermediate 1 plan - I find when I add too much speedwork to my training, I end up getting injured and having to take weeks out - this one's good as the majority is done at easy pace, and the "speedwork" is just at marathon pace.  Jason, why not take a look at the Hal Higdon plans - they're really simple to follow -  I find a lot of training plans require u to speak a foreign language to understand them, and carry it with u to remember what you're supposed to do on the run!

    I work in London, which means a very long day- I've devised a plan where I do a morning run before my commute, one of my evening run's is done in London beofre I get on the trian home, and the other is after getting home, but stays easy.  Then I run on Saturday and Sunday- usually in the morning, but I allow myself a lie in on both days if i need it.  When I used to live in London, it was easy to make my during the week runs a run home, but 60 miles is a bit far for a weeknightimage

    From what I've heard the hills aren't that bad- given I live only a few miles away, I hope I can cope with the undulations, and hopefully get a marathon PB in this years race!


  • Hi Angela, thanks for the advice I will look into the Hal higdon plans as have heard lots about them! I don't really need to concentrate on my speed I suppose, just get the miles under my belt for the time being.

    Will change the plan accordingly as the weeks go along.

    Had to adopt a rest run 2nite as ran a 2.4 mile race on yesterday and took its toll on the legs, weirdly!!

    Hopefully lots more people like ourselves will be attempting halstead image will be good to share stories and running diaries along the way image
  • I still haven't entered yet, looked the other night and for non affiliated it was £28.50! So I'm plucking up the courage lol ...I'm sure a few years ago it was under £20...think they're milking all the "uk's best ranked etc" stuff on here.

    I've used Hal's plans 4 or 5 times, they won't let you down. Good, honest, solid. Especially for a first marathon. For my last I took the beginners schedule, copied the long runs and mid week distance runs, then added either one tempo or one interval a week and filled the rest with 5 mile easy runs. I chose an easy plan, with only one 20 miler as I'd done so little running in the previous year I was almost starting from scratch, but following my plan to the letter I still managed to get my second best ever time?!

  • lardarse i thought that was the norm these days?

    ive been having a look into the hal higdon plans and they do suit my running needs, will have to adapt my plan as and when i see fit image

    i do a fairly mixed run during week nights as the club on wednesdays mix it up quite nicely. (as im still aching abit from wednesday now)

    sundays will still stay my LSR and will gradually build up 20 miles soon anyway as i think im doing something called essex20 image

    even if i treat it as a LSR i dont mind! just be good to go that bit extra

  • You certainly don't have to follow a plan, and with your age on your side you'll be able to get away with a lot more than someone like me who's old enough to be your dad! lmfao! Gulp!

    However, it's good to use a respected plan as a reference, so you don't forget to build in rest weeks for instance and observe the distance progression, it's so easy to think you're superman when you write your schedule only to find you've bitten off more than you can chew 8 weeks down the line and something suddenly starts hurting, then you run different to compensate, then something else hurts...

    I looked at the essex twenty but it was too close to Rome (marathon) for me, which is only two weeks after. If you fancy being a masochist and want to run two 20 mile races one week after the other have a look at the Tarpley 20 its at Bury (st Edmunds), I'm doing that one, going to race ten miles for a target pace at Rome and lsr the other ten miles. Gives me 3 weeks to recover image

  • everyone always says that about my age! i thought 23 was old to start running until i met most runners image

    just looked at the running calender for feb-march i have got:

    sunday 10th-braintree boggle (26.2 mile trail marathon with refreshment pit stops)

    sunday 17th- XC in leigh on sea (usually around the 5/6 mile)

    sunday 24th-XC hosted by springfield striders (same again mileage wise)

    sunday-3rd march essex 20 

    quite a nice month i think image

    hows the rome training going lardarse?

  • Quite intrigued for the Essex 20 and the Tarpley 20, though I think I might crumble with so much and regular high mileage image  Did 4 miles pace, yesterday and 6 miles slow today, and now have a pain in my right shin when i flex my foot image  I was doing so well...hopefully its nothing and can get on smoothly with starting hal higdon's plan tomorrow!

    I've entered the Colchester Half Marathon (March 17th) and the Orion 15 (March 23), which is featured in the book the World's Ultimate Running Races...

  • Hmm colchester half sounds good. Will be a nice split in the training plan as Hal higdon does say so a half in the middle of training image

    Hope it's not anything serious Angela keep updating on the plan and training don't want anything to upset them image

    LSR out the way this morning didn't do the whole mileage I was intending as I was running a bit late. Well I say I was running late I just felt like a lie in for once image

    Sticking to the training plan for 2moro and doing 2-4 miles steady.
  • Also good to do a half so u have an idea where to set ur pace for the marathon...

    Which Hal higdon plan are u gonna go for? Make sure u study his recommendations on pace for each type of run... I'm pretty sure where I've had trouble in the past is doing high mileage at too high a pace for that volume- the point of all the distance is to create the physiological changes in ur body so u have th endurance for the marathon-
  • I'll second that Angela... image   ...can't over enthasise enough that as the mileage increases don't stretch the pace too far, even if you're only 23!

    Jason, yes you're still young so you can recover quickly and bounce back from injury, but you're an old fogey next to my 5 year old daughter! image

    My training for Rome is going excellent, long story short, off a tempo run done on friday, going by mcmillan i've improved my marathon prediction by 13 minutes in 7 weeks, putting me only 1-2 minutes behind pb pace with just over 9 weeks training left. And that was off a 6 mile tempo in a 10 mile run, not racing.

    So chuffed.


  • Glad to see the training is going well. lardarse - that's some improvement in such a short time!

    As for me, still carrying a virus but almost better. Managed a steady hilly 4.5 miler saturday and starting my 18 week P&D training plan today. Luckily it starts with a rest day!!!! Into it properly tomorrow with 9 miles including 4 at MP.

  • Angela im going to follow the intermediate 1 plan for the up and coming weeks. i might lengthen a few of the runs but not significantly. it looks perfect for what i want to achieve in my first marathon image

    LSR's at weekends look nice and liking the rest day on fridayimage

    lardarse thanks i wont push it too much the plan looks like one i can follow quite nicely! the two 20 milers will be a challenge but im sure i can work something out!

    fantastic on the training then sounds like your going to get that nice PB you wanted!!

    david whats the virusimage? hope its not doing too much harm. 

    The plan does say that you can modify bits to suit. im glad in one way as like ive said still competing in the XC season so will juggle the LSR's with races 

  • Hurrah Jason, so we're both on Cross training today - we can keep in touch with the plans and motivate each other image ... I'm gonna take it easy with a 20 min fast walk around my block with my Barefooters - they're great- I picked them up at the NYC marathon expo, and seem to really help my legs recover if I wear them the day after a hard run - that shin pain has already gone... then follow this with weights.  One of my other goals during this marathon training period, is to make sure my body emulates that of Jessica Ennis.... no alcohol to try for that 6-pack.... we'll see- at least a little weight loss will make me go faster.

    DS2 What is P&D? I keep seeing it on these forums and have no idea what it is


  • Angela that sounds great im doing the same as you tonight, going for the walk then some home weights image.

    maybe next year ill give the barefoots a goimage. That style of running really intrests me! dont want to try too much in one year image

  • Hi Angela - P&D is short for 'Pfitzinger & Douglas' Advanced marathing. they were two former international marathoners and they have produced this book. it is really detailed and a lot of guys on here follow them religiously. I am going to give it a go this year as I aim to run Sub 3;15. It's a very detailed read but the schedules are easy to follow. I'm starting the 18 week 55-70 mile schedule today ........with a rest day!!!

    I'd strongly recommend buying a copy even if you don't follow their schedules!

    I take it you are another living in Essex/Suffolk?

  • Ahh, no barefooters for running, just for walking... I tried some Nike frees, but you need to make the commitment to learning to run with the proper style for barefoot to avoid injury, and i'm too lazy for that, so I stick to the Nike Lunar Eclipse for running.  My fiance just took up running and he went out and bought the first pair of trainers he saw... they happened to be nike frees.. so he gets lower leg pain after just a couple miles- can't just be down to zero running fitness, surely?

  • And yes, I'm a Colchester girl, born and bred- though only moved back a couple years ago after living in London, Sydney and Oxford...
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