Fink for outlaw 2013



  • You lot think you're tired and are going crazy now...wait until the taper. All that pent up energy building from 6 weeks out. I can't wait! image

  • image I feel a told you so moment coming, i'll be the one moaning like my 3 year old by then. image

  • Awaits a slap from the cat in a few months time! EP thanks for the remider need to plan a route for tomorrow mornings 1hr ride. Bike is officially off the turbo! eek.

    Also EP you and I seem to be very similar pace wise, will be nice to have company on the big day image

  • EP and SS, great going. Looks like real break throughs in terms of speed and time on the bike.

    It really is a revelation being able to train in daylight. Usually my sessions are 5am or 8pm starts but being off work this week has allowed me to train at more socialble hours. I really do think it makes a difference. Do you think there is any sense nearer the race at trying to get training sessions in at the times of the day associated with the big day, or does it not really matter?

    Having said that, my youngest is off nursery tomorrow so a 5am turbo session and 9pm swim is on the cards but Friday is all planned. Aiming for a 4hr, 100km ride in the Peak District. Weather is looking good too, so excited!
  • On bike routes, I did 2 x 35mile loops today (actually I would have been a mile short so my OCD forced me to tag a mile on the end!!) otherwise it's so difficult knowing what the roads are like and where you're going exactly. 

    I just tried to have a siesta but I was actually too tired to sleepimage

    More swimming tomorrow. The bags under my eyes from the goggles seem to be lasting longer and longer, Somebody please tell me this is all good for youimage

  • I'm planning to go round the 63 mile Cheshire Cat route tomorrow image

    It's a bit undulating, except the Mow Cop killer mile, ends in 1:4! Thankfully it's early ish. Should be a good ride.
  • Hi Matt, I am in the Cat too, have you recieved your pack yet? I am in the blue wave for the 63 miler but gave no idea what that means for start times etc.
  • AliBear30 wrote (see)

    Awaits a slap from the cat in a few months time!


  • The Evil Pixie wrote (see)

    Oh Ali I hadn't thought of that! Awesome we can bully I mean encourage each other to the finish! image

    Exactly image

    First pre-work bike ride out on the roads this morning. Loved it, sunny but cold so had to keep an eye out for icy patches but thankfully there were only a few. Still only averaging 12mph but can work on that now I'm actually getting out and about.

  • I'd say camelbak and keep moving. Like on the big day!

  • Managed 18 miles in just under hour and half this morning. Kept away from the steeper areas to see how I did on a flatter route. Actually felt quite happy and comfortable. Will be a lot happier when warmer weather arrives as my toes still haven't thawed out properly and that was with two pairs of socks.


  • EP I'd ring LBS and ask them to fit another bottle rack to it some how for you. If frames too small they could add a saddle one? They'll be the guys who can figure it out.

    Although it was so cold on Saturday that the one bottle did me just fine for 3hrs.

  • Stanners - I'm waiting for them to send me a pack. I normlaly help out at loads of their events so I'm riding the 63 then helping at HQ or whatever. Not sure what the waves mean, as far I can ever tell you start when you like.? There may be more stuff in the briefing pack

  • A slight variation done in 4:12 so just over 15mph average. Pretty happy with that. I had to walk 2 small bits of Mow Cop, but we did it at mile 60 rather than about 15.

    A beautiful day for biking out there!

  • Run done, swim not done. Now away for a long weekendimage

  • Britrisky wrote (see)

    The first batch of umbrellas are winging their way to pirate moorings ... They were too long for the mail, so are going parcel post, and therefore did cost the full £24.07 altogether. They said 3 working days ... 

    Last call for Cake, Mr Zuvai, Stanners and TJ1004 to get in touch and give me your money if you still want a brolly ...

    ... I'm starting a reserve list ...




  • Done nowt since Sundays half marathon but going for a swim in an hour.
  • Oh bugger. Meldy, apologies for the slackness. PM me your details and will get this over to you after tonight's swim session!
  • I mean Brit...sorry. Brain is addled with High5 gels and 2:1 drink!
  • Nothing to do with me Stanners  image

    Get yersen over to the thread and speak to Brits I think 

  • Just back from a 33 mile bike ride, really nice night to be out, great ride too, knocked 4 mins off previous pb for that course, averaging 18.3mph, tired now and reallyyyy hungry image

    Hope you feel better tomorrow EP 

    I have a busy day planned for tomorrow, 10 mile run, a swim of as yet unknown length, sports massage and maybe a 13 mile TT on the bike if I can find the time and it isn't dark by then.

  • I have a busy day visiting Tretower court image

  • 2nd brick of the week for me tonight.

    45 mins at 18mph and then 2 miles and a bit at 7:10mm ave. Felt great. image
  • Plan for tomorrow, my first 100km ride. image Planned route takes me over Mam Tor in the Peak District, so should be fun


  • Mam Tor? that's a very big hill - walked up it a few times, very slowly

  • Bows down to Stanners hill climbing skills. I can't cope with a gentle slope yet alone anything else.
    Brick done this morning and swim scheduled for afterwork. Long bike planned in for tomorrow.
    Just completed the 5th phase and spent stupid amounts of money on wiggle/sports direct. Needed new tyres and more cycling gear as now I'm ventiruing outside I need layers which all need washing before I could wear them again so second set of everything ordered.
    Good job my new washing machine takes extra large loads. Now I just need a bonus to pay for it all.

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