Fink for outlaw 2013



  • Great work Pixie.

  • Blimey EP I'll be chasing you from the start then, no where near able to swim that far yet .

  • Cracking swimming that EP, well done.

    AliBear, know the feeling. Wifey compared a wash load the other day., 4 to 6 items for her and my 2 girls. 18 items for me. In hindsight, I should of bought shares in Wiggle last year, might have been cheaper!

    103km on the bike for me in 4hr 16min. Not fast but what I expected with nearly 2000m of climbing. Speed on the flat was what I'm aiming for at 30kmph but I really do struggle with headwinds. Fingers crossed for one of those rare English Summer days on July 7th!

  • I just don't bother washing it until it NEEDS to be washed image

    But I did think omg I am smelling really bad the other night until I figgered out that a farmer had been spreading shit in some of the fields I cycle pass. 

  • 27 miles in two and a quarter hours on a flattish route. I'm actually reaching the point where I'm starting to enjoy cycling. 

    Lost a drinks bottle going down a hill at the start but managed to get it back after 3 cars had driven over it and missed hitting it. 

    Have also decided to be a bit more selfish when it comes to other road traffic after deciding to pull into gap between two cars so a van could overtake me, only to have 3 cars decide to also overtake which left me having to brake hard, try to unclip my feet and end up in a heap with the bike and I stopping just in time so that the tyre barely touched rear bumper of the parked car I was about the run into. Another driver who saw me on the floor just carried on and didn't stop to see if I was OK. 

  • SlokeyJoeSlokeyJoe ✭✭✭
    Some drivers can be amazingly ignorant JvR. It's been a real eye opener for me since starting to ride over the past 6 months. One idiot deliberately drove as fast and as close to me as he could and beeped his horn as he passed. Would've tw*tted him if I'd caught him.

    1hr v hilly off road run yesterday followed by 3k swim (furthest to date) in 58:30 image

    45 miles on the bike today in 2:45. All good although chain came off whilst crawling up a steep hill and I couldn't get my foot out of the clip in time so just kinda fell over. Quick check round that nobody witnessed my embarrassing tumble and carried on as though nothing had happened!
  • Thats the way to do it SJ, just act dead nonch image
  • First race of the year for me.

    Llanelli half marathon. Didn't expect to much from the run as I haven't been doing much work at race pace, just wanted to go out and see what happened, last years time was about 1:35, around 7:20 per mile, so I just wanted to get a little off that time,

    First mile went quicker than expect at about 6:48, thought if I can maybe keep that pace up I would be well chuffed, Managed to keep the pace, but started to fade at about 9/10 miles, but then someone started to run by my side, and we used each other to pace off and managed to keep a good pace until the end.

    Finished in 1:28:40, 6:43 min miles. So well pleased with that, only 1 min off my pb. And I feel a hell of a lot better than when I did the pb image

  • BBT.......brilliant race result.......image

  • Cracking running that BBT

  • great result BBT, well don for breaking 1:30
  • Sub 1.30!  Top running BBT.

  • Cheers all, just spent the last 2 hours in bed, getting up at before 6 on a Sunday shouldn't be aloud image 

  • SlokeyJoeSlokeyJoe ✭✭✭
    Well done BBT. How much run training did you do for your PB vs this time. Having been in successive marathon campaigns for the past 3 or 4 years I feel like a real slacker on the running front following Fink so it would be reassuring to hear that you did loads before compared to not much now and it's only cost you a minute.
  • BBT fab time

    I have had a bad week training wise, I haven't been feeling very well and had a 9 mile race today. I wasn't feeling the love this morning at all and my bl**dy garmin had died a death, so i was surprised to do the 9 miles in 1hr 10 mins, sub 8 mm all the way!!
  • Nice one BBT. I'm aiming for a similar result in an Autumn HM. Do you fancy Cardiff?

  • Already signed up for Cardiff (I think) so will be trying to beat my pb on that one again this year. 

    I probably done less running and more on the bike for my pb than I am doing now, but the pace was quicker in my training runs. I was using Fink for when I done my PB. I believe that you will get better results cross training than you would do just running alone, unless your at the very pointy end with the physique that suits endless miles of running.

    I have changed my HR zones that I am training with atm. Instead of training in zone 2 using the 60%-70% (or whatever it should be) of MHR I have been training using MAF so the HR used in training has been about 10 beats lower so the pace hasn't been as high, before today I was wondering if it was working but on today's result I think I will stick with it.

  • Nice going RP, always nice to suprise yourself early on in the season with a better time than expected

  • SlokeyJoeSlokeyJoe ✭✭✭
    That's encouraging info BBT. Thanks.
  • BBT funny really, I live in flat country but always seem to do surprisingly well on bumpy courses, input it down to the bike training. I have a half mara on Sat, fingers crossed of a new PB
  • Which event are you doing, RP?

  • right going to try a gentle run/walk this morning.first exercise since Thursdays aborted swim session

  • Im feeling good ont eh bike and reasonably happy with the running. Finding it really difficult to get the simming in though. Life is a bit hectic, lots of travelling and crappy hotels. I'm hoping it settles in a few weeks, and I can get back down to more of a settled routine in Bristol with the tri club swims. Really should try to get home in time for the weekend ones here.

    Im thinking my plan may become more of
    Swim: Get round
    Bike: Competitive
    Run: Intermediate

    A few sportives and so on coming up, stafford half and whatever other runs I can find and 2 or 3 HIM events. I won't start panicking properly until week 15 which is when life should be back to normal

  • Similar to what I did last year Matt. I folowed the intermediate plan but did nothing but long swims in the pool or lake; shoulder couldn't cope with huge swim sets. That said I did visit NEWTs sessions a few times when in Newport for work.

    I threw in a few long bike rides but mostly stuck to the plan - taking the bike in the car when travelling, or using the AudioFuel sessions on a hotel gym bike.

    I've heard your running is coming on, and you may find on the day this really helps to pick up places. A lot of people MOP/BOP will slow immensly once off the bike, so if you can keep things going for the run it may pay dividends. Mainly because you'll get to the bar earlier and your round is cheaper.image

    If you're struggling with fitting it all in while travelling give me a shout and I'll bore you with how I squeezed it all in.

  • I can just about manage the bike / run - its the swimming that gets me! I was finding it really handy being in Bristol a lot and getting to the BaD tri sessions.

    I'll be back there soon and will fit those in, with masters and so on at home. Hoping to be able to get some good OW swims in when the weather gets there - when OW opens is it not just easier to bin some of the swim sets and get out for progressively longer swims?

    I'm realistically lookign that outlaw is a get me round race (the quicker the better obviously) and then I can improve on my second IM maybe even squeezing another in this year. If I get round too fast this year it will be harder to get quicker, iyswim.

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