Totally new? The 2013 new runners thread.



  • Warning !! This post contains serious parental bragging rights lol

    my daughter was 4th in the X- country finals not sure of exact race amount entry , over a 100 girls - senior race (year 6) the primary schools in our city anyway

    she loved it , only top 3 get medals, the sweet thing is she said age didn't mind not having a medal , she just loved being out the front
  • Sinbad, the forum seems to be doing odd things.  My post from earlier in the week - last week even - has just appeared here..... !  Thats the second time its happened so no idea what caused it!

  • Nice one curly!  

  • boom 10k in the snow  - awesome fun , samshed my wish of sub 60, clock time was 55:03 , awaiting for chip time, its gotta be sub 55 with a clock time of that

    OMG i am over the moon  - killer hill at the 9k mark too  - happy mothers day mums xxx 

  • Hi all, 

    Footling around putting off going out today ... watching terrible telly. Lurking round to forums as reading about running is the same as doing it, right?

    Well done Curly. What's your next goal then?

    Sinbad - I love the fact that you can be as sociable as you want or as, oh, what's the opposite? You can spend good time on your own while running. It gives what you want from it. I know I'm going to be pretty nervous my first race/parkrun, not because of time but just generally because it'll be a completely new situation. 

    Just had my lunch now so that's another two hours or so of procrastinating about going out to come image

  • Heyas,
    I'm not in school any more (long story!!!) so I don't need to worry about the head shaving- phew!!! image I raise for several charities but my main one is the local ex battery hen rescue- love it!
    I've looked about for a local park run but there aren't any close enough image Can't travel very far and relying on my mum for transport too. If there was one in Moira, it'd be ideal!!! Silly me, I was intending on doing the Lisburn 5k...until I realised that there was no Lisburn 5k at all, it was a figment of my imagination!!! image Oops! I'm a bit ditsy!

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Ace so if anyone knows of any good apps (free please, I'm skint!!!) I'd be huuuugelyyyyy grateful! image

    Thanking you all image
    M x

  • Hi Mooly, 

    i don't have the same phone so no idea about the apps I'm afriad ... but can you dowload podcasts on to your phone? I used the NHS c25k podcasts which were absolutely fantastic. And free! Only drawback is that you can't play your own music but I preferred that as I didn't get distracted (the music on the podcasts is quite bland!

  • I don't think I can get podcasts image Thanks though!!!

  • Ah, sorry. I know there's some apps but not sure for your phone or about cost ...

  • sinbad113sinbad113 ✭✭✭

    Hi All,

    XcurlytwigX thats fantastiic running news you bring us about your daughture, and a grand way to enjoy Mothers day.

    Runningbella, I go in Giving up the Booze forum to, it seems to be happenning there to, its not even appearing in the Beginners forum either.

    XcurlytwiX good running there to. You have times that I can only dream of.

    I did 15 mile in 5 hours it bareky stopped raining, but glad I did the distance, it was a moral booster, after a very bad 9.5 the week before.

    maissie I hear you. Run when it feels right for you, even coming in hear is as you say, this is socialising, and hopefully helping you to go out when your ready for your run? I hear you about the PR I will bear itin mind.

    Alas mooly I'm useless with internet on the phone. Try not to worry about transposrt ect, your time will come to be more mobile as you keep growing. I'm sure a run will become avaliable soon.

    Enjoy mother's day everyone. I'm watchinng Rugby.


  • next target is the st albans HM in june, its the week before the london to brighton cycle i am also doing june 16th 

    i hope for a 2 hour HM , let the training commence... as soon as i've recovered from todays efforts

    15 miles is still brill sinbad, regardless of times, i still have never ran over 8, i may have to revise my time  wishes for the HM lol , we will see... 

    mooly, not sure on phone, my phone is pants , it can only text , the high tech gadegts are for my kids, i do have an ipod for music though

    i fancy a garmin to track my pace, 

    i was going to add to some pics to my albumn but it not uploading to site , will try later/in the week 


    take it easy running buds x 


  • Hi again all, 

    So, I got off my arse and went out for my run.

    And I've been very naughty.

    I decided that I should try and do a long slow run ... since it's supposed to be the thing to do. And since all my recent runs have been trying to keep a reasonable pace up, I thought I would see how far I could go when I wasn't trying to do anything else but just run. 

    Went out armed with the endomondo thing and my own music. Thinking that if I could do 7k then I would go for the 10k race at the beginning of April. And it felt great, and I just kept on running. And I ran a whole 10k.

    Now, when I said long slow run, I really do mean sloooow ... 1hr11. And it breaks every rule about trying to avoid injury, but I just really couldn't bring myself to stop! If my legs fall off tomorrow then it will just serve to show those rules are right!

    Sorry for self-indulgent post, but I'm just so chuffed! It was my aim to run 10k this year and I've done it! I'll shut up now. 

    Happy Sunday!

  • ooo maisie go for the 10k 

    my first LSR was 10k and took me hour and 10

    i did my 13k ones even slower at just over hour and half

    i still did my parkruns, steady pace maybe 70% effort and some intervals in the week

    and my official 10k was 54:34 (chip time confirmed now)  

    do indulge  - and be proud x

    and they are meant to be really slow , thats the point, tempo runs and intervals are for testing faster paces

    race pace is just for that ... races 

  • -3 and 18 mph winds, but I ran my 3 miles.

    Now trying desperately to warm up over hot chocolate and an omelette. I can't feel my anything.
  • terps !! you ran in this weather - i am impressed lol my poor OH had to cycle as i had the car  - bit guilty 

    wrap up and rest image

  • Thanks Curly!

    Legs still attached here, just a bit stiff. An extra day's rest I think for me.

    Terpsi ... can't believe you sent out today. I was frozen just walking to the tube!!
  • sinbad113sinbad113 ✭✭✭

    Hi All,

    XcurlytwigX thanks for that. Wow your a busy person. I sure pacing your training schedule willl work for you. About a GPS watch they are a good investment. I have a Garmin Forerunner10, its a good starrter watch, but I'm a little concerned whether the battery life will last round a 10 hour marathon lol. On the plus side, its so easy to use, and the info you get on the computer, really helps with training.

    maisie77 post as much  as you wish about your runs, We all like to get feedback from others and be self indulgement to, its how we learn. Well done in making the 10k mark, don't worry about the times, they will come in its own  time (so to speak), and enjoy your achievement.

    XcurlytwigX good going with runs. Your right about the LSR, its that time thing, that some people (including myself), that we worry about though.

    Terpsikhore, wow I'm impreessed. I looked outside at the winds, and I said no to myself, when the trunks of trees start bending, I just decided to go for a beer instead image. But I did do 15 miles Saturday in 5 hours, in rain and freezing tempreture. Good for you in continuing your training schedule though. Hope the hot chocalate did the trick?

    maisie77 good idea in listenning to your body and taking another  days rest.


  • I can feel my ears again, so I must have thawed out. image I need to get me one of those natty fleecy headbands. In the past I've dismissed such things as mere frippery, but the windchill on my exposed bits last night made me reconsider!... Though on second thoughts, I think a balaclava would have been a better bet.

    Sinbad, a beer sounds like a FAR smarter idea!

  • sinbad113sinbad113 ✭✭✭

    Hi All,

    Glad you have thawed out Terpsikhore

    I agree with you with the headgear, when I  got in from My 15 miler on Saturday, I had jump straight in the shower, and kept my head under the hot shower (not too hot may I add image) for a while till it warmed up.

    I saw one runner with just shorts on, his legs were red raw with the cold, I kept me tracksuit bottoms on.

    I feel guilty now, though having a beer, I should have gone on the tredmill before hand image. I will pay the price on Wednesday's run now.


  • Oooo you lot are brave running out there- I meant to start last Monday...then Monday, I swear! :P I'm the least motivated person!! At the minute though I don't envy you...the weather's horrid. Think I'll stay in and do sit-ups in the comfort and warmth of the house!!

    Enjoy your 'refreshing' runs! image image image

    M x

  • sinbad113sinbad113 ✭✭✭

    Hi All,

    lol with mooly with the cold weather and sit ups in warmth. Its still trainning.

  • Haha that it is!! I will eventually get the trainers on and get out there, not just yet though, toooooooooooo cold!!!!! :P

    M x

  • Cold doesn't really put me off running, to be honest - I warm up once I'm moving anyway. Heavy rain is the only thing I don't like heading out in, but if it starts chucking it down while I'm out then I don't even mind that so much.

    I did just order a fleece headband off eBay, though. Shame it won't be here in time for tomorrow's run. image

  • @Terpsikhore, you're mad!!! I'm indoors and wearing fingerless gloves (only fingerless so I can use my phone mind!) cos I can't keep warm at all!! :P  Couldn't do running in this weather, or at least not start running in it anyway!

    M x

  • Heyy everyone! image

    Its been a while since I was last on here - glad to see everyone is doing so well! And hats off to everyone who ran on Monday in sub zero conditions! I will admit that I swap my run from Mon to Tues due to the weather and indulged myself on warmth and hot chocolate Mon eve! 

    I'm back running again which I'm really pleased about. Only just getting back into week 4 due to time off which is a bit depressing as would have liked to have been a lot futher along by now but need to be sensible about it if I want to keep going! I have to say thought that I've really been enjoying riding my bike to get fit - To the point where I'm considering adding a triathlon into this years plan in August image

    So what races are people planning on doing this year? Is anyone else doing the Trailblazers Bedgebury run in June?


  • I did wimp out of my run this evening... not because of the cold, but because I ate a MASSIVE baked potato at lunchtime and feel about 4 stone heavier!

    Which means I have got to get out there tomorrow, come hail or hurricane. image

    As for races, I'm a long way off even beginning to think about those! In a few weeks' time I'll try a Parkrun, and see if I can ease myself in from there... I've always thought triathlons sounded amazing, but sadly I'll never be able to participate in one - can't ride a bike. image

  • Never say never Terpsi! I can't swim properly ATM so that's a big obstacle for me right now.... Can't run very far either so got a lot ahead of me if its every going to happen.... Watch this space; very likely I'll half drown before I get there! Haha

    Snap with the baked potato... Was very yummy image

    @mooly it might be cold to start with but you'll be surprised how hot you end up! Get your trainers on and get out there! If nothing else it does make you feel like a real runnerimage

    How's everyone else doing?
  • sinbad113sinbad113 ✭✭✭

    Hi All,

    terpsickhore. Riding a bike is a challenge at any age. Give it a go. Once learnt never forgotton.

    Just like learning to walk.


  • @XcurlytwigX – Well done on your 10k that’s a fantastic time!

    @sinbad – Well done on the 15miles!

    @Runningbella – have you managed to sort out a new route for next weekend avoiding the killer hills?!

    I had a very strange dream last night that I won the VLM after skipping all the way, dressed as a crocodile and carrying Jimmy Carr. Now I quite often have weird dreams but that is the strangest one I've had for quite a while!!! lol 

  • sinbad113sinbad113 ✭✭✭

    Hi All,

    GingerG lol with your dream

    Training for me has come to a dead stop for me.

    With the Manchester Marathon so close.

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