Totally new? The 2013 new runners thread.



  • Well done Becky.  One hour 10 mins is amazing!  

    I dont take any notice of the scales to be honest.  CLothes size is so much more important to me.  I want to wear size 12 clothes.  I dont care what number the scales throw up at me!



  • Oh .. I wish I could ignore the scales. I have a pesky half stone which I cannot ignore. I'm hoping that when I shift that I will then be able to stop thinking about the numbers and just concentrate on how I feel ... which is a hell of a lot better since I've started running!

    Bella ... I know exactly what you mean about being scared have a drink now! I felt I had to get it out of my system on 1 Feb but now I want to carry on being really restrictive until I can be sure I have got into the fitness habit. For me alcohol = rubbish food on way home and mornings wasted feeling sorry for myself!!

    You will so enjoy that G&T when you have it ... 

    Becky ... well done for picking up where you left off. So many people must give up after having a set back only a couple of weeks in. Show's this is going to happen!

    Hope you've all got lovely weeks coming up!

  • Hiya all, I have only just joined runnersworld and have had a quick look at blog so far, I have recently started running and completed a 10 week beginners course building up to running 30-40 mins, I think this was similar to couch to 5km. I now run/jog 5km a couple of times a week and yesterday I completed my first 5km race (Poole Park Run) in 33.44mins, I think I started a bit quick as felt exhausted at times however am pleased that I have made that first step. I have also felt smug all weekend and told everyone that would listen about my first race. I do hope that my training will help me to complete 5km within 30 mins however I have no idea how long that could take. I am also interested in building up towards a 10km so if anyone knows any training plans please let me know. I highly recommend park run for all beginners. For all of you just starting out good luck!!! 

  • hi kat, i am a huge parkrun fan now, i just ran my 4th one 

    my times are 33 mins, 31, 32 mins (snow) and 28.32 mins woo, so am sure will get sub 30 mins faster than you think, i deffo was too quick on my 1st one, it hurt my lungs, i have worked out how to pace better on my running at home in evenings, then when i got to 4k sign on parkrun i went as fast as i could

    i also like to tell everyone about it, i am quite proud, i don't always feel like getting up to run sat mornings but glad i did when i finish, however i prefer evening running and going to bed snug and tired 

    i am also planning on a 10k , i am considering a half marathon but not yet as i have loads going on and want some good training in to give a good effort 

  • Well done for getting the park runs done XcurlytwigX and Katbournemouth for doing the 5k.

    I have been soooooo bad. Statred off with the couch to 5 with 2 days rest.

    Last run in a hail storm and then the snow arrived....then the pavments were icy for ages and then it has been blowing gales around our way for a week or so and there are loads of big trees on my route. In short my last run was 3 weeks ago. image

    Went out this morning to the local park and half walked half ran for 30 mins. Didn't use Laura this time. I was dying on my feet and although not quite back to square one am pretty near it!!

    Enjoyed the run in the wind and muddy fields and no dogs chased me (not that I could outrun them image ) Am going out again tomorrow night and will use Laura to encourage me on the run, I think she makes me stop less.

    Anyone else had a long break?
  • RFR, I had a two week break due to illness and I really struggled this week going back to it. BUT, after doing 3 runs this week it's got easier so keep at it and you'll get back into it pretty quickly!
  • oh good, so there's hope for me yet! To be honest i could do with a podcast with someone shouting "come on you lazy cow, put your back into it"
  • Get Laura out again runforest! I don't know what I'm going to do when she leaves me.

    Just done my first 25mins and she said I was a runner! image

  • Deffo easier with motivation in some form. I went to boot camp, outdoor fitness regiment style ,60 mins of pain lol . If left to my own devices I would have gone back home after 5 sets of anything . It's easier with everyone else .

    Right mini break over , get back on it again , you'll feel great x
  • Sophski wrote (see)
    Gemma your old job sounds great, but difficult if you get injuries! 

    How do you all track your runs? Currently I just take out an iPod mini which uses nike+ but I don't think the accuracy is great- it just uses a pedometer I think rather than GPS. I like it because its nice and light, my phone is a beasty samsung - though I suppose its safer to run with a phone aswell...

    Hi Sophski,

    Yes I did love my old job but I'm paying the price now! I've just completed week 3 of C25K. My shins were threatening to develop splints in the second week, but that didn't seem to happen week 3 so fingers crossed that was just due to my legs wondering what they had done to deserve this! However what has happened and doesn't seem to be going away is that my Hip Bursitis has flared up again. I've got a physio appointment this afternoon for my recurrent hip bursitis and shoulder impingement issues. I'm praying he isn't just going to tell me to rest.... I've had these issue for years and when I rest my hips and shoulder they are fine, as soon as I do any exercise they become extremely painful... It's far too easy to just sit around doing nothing but I don't want to do that anymore! Looks like more cortisone injections are on the cards image

    I am currently using C25k and Nike+ atm as I'm not very computer/gadget clued up.image I've got an iphone5 which is stupidly large and I feel a bit of a plonker with it strapped to my arm but I do agrre i feel much safer knowing I've got a phone with me. On the flip side though having it on display strapped to my arm probably isn't the safest place to have it!


  • Evening all!

    Im an iPhone carrier too. I hold it in my hand though and I have it wrapped in Griffin armour just in case it rains or I drop it (both very likely)  I love the tools on my phone and I love that its all in one place.

    Well done Gemma on week 3.  I used to get shin splints but they were kicked into touch by going slowly and buying good trainers.  Sounds like you have some other issues whichh you need to get sorted and hopefully some good physio will get your sorted out.  But if they tell you to rest - you know what you need to do!

    Well, I just did Run 1 of week 6.  It was back to shorter runs, but I got further so Im getting faster which is good.  The programme works. I cannot believe that only 6 weeks ago I was struggling to run for 60 seconds at a time and today, I just covered almost 5k in about 37 minutes which really excited me!

    And Im starting to feel bits of muscle in my once flabby legs!

    Anyway, time for bed.  Well done everyone.  Keep on running!



  • Hi Runningbella,

    I was told to rest for a week then get back into running, gently.... After I have burnt my current trainers and bought some decent ones! I have to have more cortisone injections into my hip and shoulder to get rid of the inflammation and deal with the pain. Unfortunately I have to wait 7 weeks for the hip injection at my doctors surgery. I am seriously considering going private as don't think I can wait that long! My shoulder can be injected in 2 weeks by physio but unfortunately he can't inject my hip.... Grrrrr

    I am loving running so far and am gutted by the early set back

    I guess it's all about positive thinking and looking for anyway possible to get out there and run image
  • Hello all, well done on all the recent runs. Gemma you're doing we'll to get out running at all by the sounds of it!

    So the cold weather and winds are back this week, might have to get gloves and hat out again for tonight's run. I run with a samsung galaxy s3 it's a beast! It's in a jacket pocket at the moment which works well but don't know what I'll do in summer!
  • Soph - is the Galaxy the one thats like a small iPad?  Can you get a waist belt or a holster that will work with it?  Im quite happy carrying my phone but its just the right size for my hand.

    Gemma - Im thinking positively for you!

    Cold weather is coming.  Im away this weekend but dont want to skip a run, so I am going to try and get out where I am.  This isnt easy but Im going to try and map a route on Endomondo and see how I get on.  Who knows, perhaps the change of scenery will be good for me?  Its only a 22 minute run, so whats the worst that could happen?


    Running gloves, 2 layers and my hat will be packed!



  • Thanks Runningbella! You should try map my run, it's a really good website that lets you plan a route for running and it tells you how far etc

    Good luck to everyone running in the cold weather! I actually quite like it when it's cooler image
  • Yeah it's pretty big, maybe a waist belt would be better than an arm thing, oh well ill see when it gets warmer. I think I'll have a fair few more weeks with my jacket on!

    It's weird sometimes the colder/harsher the weather the better it feels that you're actually out running!
  • In the past, it has been the warmer weather that has made me quit.  Not the harsh stuff!  Im hoping that by the time we get warm weather, I will be an 'established' runner and therefore less likely to wimp out!

    Anyway, Week6 and Run2 under my belt which was 2 lots of 10 minute runs.  The first one was fine - the second one less so, but I covered 5Km which pleased me!

    Gemma - I have tried map my run in the past, but I think I started with Endomondo because MMR wasnt available for the Blackberry at the time.  Now Im on the iPhone, but Im so used to Endomondo.  And I can map routes on it too - so Im off to have a quick go.

  • Oh ... I have discovered my running achilles heel. And it's not my achilles. It's the rain! I've got home a little late and was intending to go out but the rain has melted my good intentions!

    First thing tomorrow then, or I won't get my three runs done this week. 

    Ok - how do I get to love running in the rain?

  • Phew - nice this morning so got out and did my week 7 25 min run. Felt pretty hard at times but then found out my pace was a fair bit quicker than the last time I ran. Happy with that!

    I'm really looking forward to it getting warmer and not shivering when I step out to run. Am I crazy? Is it really hard? 

  • the weather doesn't much bother me, i ususally run late, its dark, no one sees me and then i come in and go to bed, so i'm not overly bothered if wet  or looking trampy lol 

    i am a bit more vain with bootcamp as its daytime  but get covered in mud so not sure why i bother 

    glad everyone still at it. 

    my long days (14.5 hour shifts) are interfering with my running plans, i have 2 Saturdays so no park runs for 2 weeks, idid manage 4 mile jog last night despite working so long , am home today so going to my my long slow run, aiming for 11k  - time not important 

    i am quite cross that i have to work the 24th  - long day - and this was when 2 10k events were on , hmmm there will be more . 

  • Hi all, I have now done week 5 of our c 2 5K am I am so in love with running, hope you are all doing well, am hoping to go out monday and do another run for our homework. Havent always managed to get out due to home, work and husbands shifts commitments, but i cant believe that i have managed to run for 7 mins!!!! Its all good and loved our thurs evening meetings, have a good weekend image x

  • Well done everyone!

    Well I went out.  Realised that all the roads I mapped for my run were pitch black and pretty dangerous with no pavement, so I stuck to the main road as it was after dark.  

    The only problem was it was a big-ass hill which was horrible and which hurt, but it was Run 3 of Week 6 and I stuck to my 22 minutes.  Didnt get very far and didnt go very fast, and frankly I didnt enjoy much of it at all, but Im pleased I made the effort.  The downhill part was the best but the pavement was a bit dangerous so I didnt feel like I took full advantage!

    Anyway, I am hoping that after that hill, week 7 (25min runs) will seem easy on the flat. 

    CrazyLady - well done you!  Its amazing how quickly you progress,  Im only 1 week ahead of you and I just ran for 22minutes!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.  Curlytwig - good luck with the 11k!



  • Hi everyone, well done to everyone so far, can I join in? I'm a total newbie to running. I started on in Jan with c25k. i've just finished wk 4, as i repeated week 2 I just didn't feel confident enough to move forward, but now i'm loving it. Which is a totally new feeling for me as i was the kid who made any excuse not to join in. I'm currently running on a treadmill. I want to start running outside, but i'm a little scared. Any tips to help me get outside would be welcome
  • Hi Sharon!

    Welcome in! I wouldn't worry about repeating weeks as you are moving in the right direction. Tips for running outside? Try and find somewhere that's pleasant to run if you can and make sure you've got a hat and gloves for at least the start of the run ... it's horrid without at the moment!

    And also ... I used to find the treadmill not particularly inspiring (regular gym goer a couple of years ago). And you can see how far you've run, instead of it being a number. 

    Good luck!

    My update ... I've did my first week 8 run today. 28 mins and covered 4k. Very chuffed.

    Bella ... is this your G&T weekend? Hope you've rewarded yourself for your surprise hill!

  • Hi all hope you had a good weekend! Welcome Sharon! Well done on everyone's recent runs. It was blizzard conditions when I went last night after work- couldn't really see sometimes because of the abusive mix of snow/wind, so yes hat and gloves were a must!

    Euh hills- I never realised I lived in a hilly place until I started running, and I live at a highish point in a village so going out is downhill and coming back uphill! I'm managing to plan runs a bit better so I use the downhills as my recovery!

    Hope everyone has a good week
  • Peeps! According to endomondo I just clocked up my first 5k! Pretty chuffed, maybe respectable enough to attempt my first parkrun in the next couple of weeks!
  • Well done sophski! I'm looking forward to reaching 5k myself. I found today's run was really difficult... Was very tired, cold and sore; I'm now sitting here with ice packs all over me. Not the best way to warm up! Aah well good days and bad days.
  • Get in Soph! Very inspiring! Go for that parkrun!
  • Hellooooooo! Another beginner here ready to join in the frolicking of online forum support image

    Today was my first day of a c25k plan using Runkeeper. I was okay earlier, but now my legs, feet, back, bum, arms all ache! I even randomly felt a bit sick 6 hours post run :- Is that normal?

    Previously I've been going to the gym for 5 months and could do 5k on a treadmill at 10kmh on the flat setting. Blimey, running on roads and hills is a killer in comparison! I know it's only day one, but someone please tell me it's going to ache less in the future! Ooooowwweee!

    Oh and hi, I'm Jon image
  • Hello, i'm a newbie although i'm not using couchto5k, joined a running club at the start of the year, originally walking for 4 mins and running for 2, doing that 5 times, we are now up to running for 5 mins and walking for 2. Absolutely loving it but having a problem going out on my own. Seem to get very tired very quickly and just can't manage it myself, it's annoying as I don't have anyone else to go out with!

    Anyways, just found this forum today and im enjoying ready through it. Everyones doing great! x

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