Totally new? The 2013 new runners thread.



  • Hmm Lanky, think with a baby around you'll be going with their schedule not yours! Good luck getting out for that first one soon ...

  • Wow lots to read up on! I've been out for a couple of weeks with tendonitis.. Back running now just being careful. Good to see lots of newcomers.

    Another vote here for endomondo image.

    Lol lanky lad, how old is your baby? I have to fit in runs after husband gets home.. then usually on bedtime duty with our little girl when I get back! I'm less likely to go out after I've got her to sleep cos sometimes it takes a while and I feel I need a rest after!

    Hope everyone's enjoying their running, I want some warmer weather soon please!
  • sinbad113sinbad113 ✭✭✭

    Hi All,

    Sopski I feelthe same, so many posts, and I have just missed about a day.

    LankyLad my sympathy with having to learn to run round the baby.

    I have no kids but have missed running for a week now. Its been below freezing most days, and I don't want to gain an injury by falling on ice.

    Glad you got your first run in Bored Robots, hope it cntinues to go well for you.

    Rivergirl good for you, try not to worry too muuch at the moment about distance I'm sure it will come in time.

    GingerG I agree with you regarding skipping bits and moving back or forwards with a training schedule, that's why I havee picked the HalHigdon 30 weeks. I may not run a marathon this year, but I would like to do a couple of HM.

    Hope your all okay?

  • sinbad113sinbad113 ✭✭✭

    Hi All,

    Is everyone okay? Just seems quiet.

  • Hi all.

    Found this thread after looking for advice on hip pain after running but it seems I can relate to the this thread completely.

    My daughter is 8 months old and me and my sis in law have decided to get fit for Summer. We have been managing to run about 2.5 to 3 miles about twice a week and feek really motivated now. We're just trying to work out how to develop onto the next acheivement. So I see this is where these helpful apps come in.

    Think the most important thing I'm going to do now is invest in some proper running shoes as i have now realised (after a week off at Center Parcs) that (hip pain) it is running related so I'm hoping my local running shop will be able to advise me on that.

    BTW does this website have a mobile app as well?

    Will let you know how I get on with my shoes!



  • Hitting all sorts of new targets image

    First 5k, first mile without stopping, breaking PBs already :P

    Surely I can't keep this up forever!

  • sinbad113sinbad113 ✭✭✭

    Hi All,

    I not been in for a few days or a  week or so, Its too much forme to catch up with your posts so I will just start from here.

    Bored Roobots great news.

    I coulld have gone to the gym when the snow hit us, but I didn't, and the week before I realised that I was not going to reach my targets for the Manchester marathon, it was a tough decision, but with the bad weather I feelI made the right decision.

    ON the plus side, I have volunteered to help with the PR here, it will give me a chance to learn the route and pace myself better before runnuing in them.

    To be honest I'm finding it a struggle to switch from speending 4 hours in the pub, to 4 hours on the road. I have Dyspraxia which makes it very difficult to stick to schedules or routines.

    On the plus side, I'mhopefully going to  the gym on Saturday, and do a slow 5k on the treadmill.

    Hope everyone is okay?

  • Went shopping at a discount village near my parents' house this morning, and I maaaaay have come out the Nike store with a pair of Lunarglides.

    I've been eyeing these up for a while, but I was holding off on buying shoes until I got gait-analysed. Having said that it's not like I'll be doing mega mileage in them at the moment, and I've no injuries or niggles to worry about. Besides, they were only ??35, so if I really don't get on with them I haven't lost too much (I'll wear them to run errands in, they look pretty funky!)

    Not looking forward to running on Monday with my new kicks though, the Sweatshop folks I run with will know I didn't get them from there! :S
  • Hi Terpsi!

    Jealous! I've been eyeing up Lunarglides too. Also waiting for gait analysis, but I don't need new shoes at the mo as the random pair of adidas I bought when starting seem to be holding up.

    I would have done the same thing though at that price! Sure the sweatshop people wont's give a monkeys image

    Did my first parkrun this morning ... yay!

  • Lol terpsi, 35 is a bargain for a decent pair of running shoes.

    Boredrobots well done on your achievements! Sinbad well done for volunteering for your park run image

    Rivergirl...well done on your first parkrun, it was my first time today also! Managed a time of 26.48 which I was pleased with considering it was snowing! Definitely want ot start going there's a nice lady who bakes cakes for everyone each week...

    Keep up the running folks!
  • That's a craking time Sophski! Esepcially through the snow. I was back at 33m ... but that's my speed at the moment so I'm happy with the time. There was a bit of a hill too! ...

  • Well done! Its nice to run with other people for a change, luckily my local one is pretty flat- not a fan of hills!
  • sinbad113sinbad113 ✭✭✭

    Hi All,

    Sophski wow a dam good time. I can only manage about 55 minutes for the 5k

    Your lucky Sophski. Your lucky, my PR is quite hilly, and I live half way up a very steep hill.

    I live on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales, so all my runs are hilly.

    Hope your all okay?

  • Sinbad- I live on top of a small hill, but nothing like the yorkshire dales! And the parkrun is along a seafront whixh is why its so flat, very windy yestersay though...cant wait for some warmer weather
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    Hi All,

    I'm so jealous in a nice way image of those that live on the coast.

    There some nice routes  that are reasonabbly falt by the coast, there's also the beach.

    I lied in Plyouth for a year but didn't take advantage of living there, running or with my sailling.

    I look forward to the warmer weather to. A week on Wednesday I hope to get to

    my boat, do some beach running, and pick up my outboard engine and go for a sail.

    Lunarglides? who makes them please?

    Hope all are okay?

  • Lunarglides are Nike shoes.

    They feel a bit weird, but then I have been running in clumpy cross-trainers up till now, so I think I just need to adjust. They're also a violent shade of hot pink, and I have never worn ANYTHING pink. But these shoes are so pretty! They're on the end of my bed and every time I look at them they make me happy. I almost don't want to run in them for fear of ruining them. Perhaps I'll just put them in a display case. image

    Running group today was cancelled, boo. image Shop staff were too busy to go out for half an hour. I've been out for a half-hearted trot by myself, and I'll have to go on Wednesday night - but the Wednesday group are more advanced than the Mondayers, so god knows how I'll fare!
  • sinbad113sinbad113 ✭✭✭

    Hi All,

    Terpsikhore, I'm sure you will do fine in the Wednesday group. I like the idea of puttin shoes on end of your bed.

    You hhave given me an idea to similar, I will put mine on end of my bike in bedroom, see if it gives me similar boost as I have not run in a month image. I'm trying to get back out there, now  the weather is improving. 2 of my routes were snowed in, so that didn't help.

    Hope your all okay.?

  • sinbad113sinbad113 ✭✭✭

    Hi All,

    Wow everyone must be at Park Runs, and putting on bets for the Grand National?

    I went  and marshalled for my PR today. I'm glad I did, as there's a bridge you have to go over and under a bridge,and do the a similar varition over 2 laps. I will be going again, and to run this time. Even though my time will be the slowest.

    Everyone was so friendly, I was surprised. I have my Garmin back from the shop, the weather will be okay for a 5k Sunday morning, after that rain is forecast for after Sunday, I will just have to wear my waterproofs.

    Hope everyone is okay?

  • Evening all!

    Good run this evening - it's so nice to be able to go out in tights and a long-sleeved t-shirt and not freeze to death!!

    I now feel like I can consistenly run 5k. Hurrah! image 10k is the next target. I'm undecided on the best way to do that, though... whether to follow a schedule (I found a 10-week one that looks do-able) or whether to just add 5 minutes onto my time each week. Following a schedule's probably the smart idea, but I worry that if I can't stick to it exactly I'm likely to give up. So I'm thinking of going the least complicated route possible and just running for a bit longer each time.

  • Hey Terpsi!

    I got really confused when I'd done 5k about how to get up to 10k. There's run/walk programmes but I didn't want to do that as felt I would be going backwards! So I just added some distance on each time I ran. Used endomondo so new how far I'd gone.

    I think running the 5k is the big hurdle and after that I think you'll be surprised that you can carry on ... as long as you're not going to fast.

    Good luck!

    I did my first 10k race last Monday! Well chuffed!

  • The route I run on a Monday and Wednesday, turns out there's an optional extra bit to take it up to 7.5km. Another lady and I looked at a map and found a couple of shortcuts in the 'extra' bit... So we're thinking next week we'll do our normal route, plus the first part of the extra bit, then take a shortcut back - that's about 5.5km, I reckon. The week after, we'll do a bit more of the extra bit (making the run about 6.5km), and then the third week we'll do the whole 7.5km. After that we'll have to try and find some other diversions to take to lengthen the route!

    But yes, getting from 5 to 10k seems much more achievable than 0 to 5k, strangely. And from 10k it's not a huge jump to 10 miles, and then from 10 miles you're almost at half-marathon distance! image
  • That sounds like a perfect plan! And will vary what you do each time too! Eek to the half marathon ... though I am pondering it ...

    Are your magic shoes getting a run out now image

  • Hi all, i posted here a few months ago, am still running and has completed my first ever race, the Honiton Hippo on sunday (14th) 7.8 miles of hills mud and hills and mud bogs and a few rivers thrown in image it was a brilliant morning, got filthy but loved every step, my first taste of trail running and i know that i now have a long way to go in my training/running, but i am so pleased and chuffed that i am still smiling today, 

    Hope you are all doing great x

  • Well done! Sounds like great fun. I wanted to do an adventure/downright filthy race this year but they seem to all be in April/May so I think I've missed the boat. image Next year for sure!

    Hahaha yes, the magic pink shoes have made a few appearances! They took some getting used to but I love them now.

    Did the 5.5km Monday, that was a bit of a struggle (fecking headwind while running uphill...) but I made it. Wednesday did my usual 5km route - annoyingly, I actually felt way better than I did on Monday and like I could have gone further (maybe the 6.5km version), but I was at the back of the pack already and it wasn't fair to make the guys back at the shop wait ages for me to stagger in.

    At any rate, about two-thirds round I tripped over a paving slab and banged my knee - at the time I felt fine so I just got up and carried on running, but today my knee is stiff as hell. Probably means I won't be able to run tomorrow. Grumble, grumble. Although getting skinny jeans on this morning without bending my leg was a workout in itself! image

  • Hi all!

    Not sure if this thread has died a death ... so thought I would post to see if anyone's still around? Gave me a lot of support when I was starting out!

    So due to "life" I've had a couple of weeks with no running at all, but back out today for just a gentle (and tremendously slow) 5k. Have my second 10k in a coupke of weeks so need to get out there again.

    And since I only do anything under some sort of pressure it seems ... I have signed up for a HM in September!


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