2013 Marathon Thread



  • Well done on everyone's training & good luck with any races this weekend.  (may not be around much tomorrow, Saturday & Sunday because of parents coming down for the weekend),

  • steady 10.8 this evening; horrible rain!

  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    That's some fast running Stuart. Might see you at Amsterdam then?

    NP lots of good running, being retired sounds great. image 

    AGF you are really getting the miles in, great double yesterday and another good run today.

    Teknik a couple of days tough running by you too, well done! And more press-ups...image

    NN nice MLR. Surprised you had the energy after minding the little grandson! image

    mace not surprised you need to take it easy after the 5 parkruns! A tough workout!

    Nice PB IJ.

    MG1 I hope the gym session went well today.

    HM4 I hope you have a good weekend with your folks. image

    OH I take it you prefer open water swimming? When I was told to take my costume to Harris I thought it was a wind up about fancy dress for running but there's a pool there for a swim at the end! image Funny if I'd turned up at Tarbert in a womble suit!! 

    Well done on the early running Stewart.  

    Ok so I think I am the thread slacker (again)! 8 miles on Tuesday and Wednesday nights then 6 miles tonight with 4 at 14k/hr. Very warm on the treadmill even with both garage doors open. A good session but legs feeling a bit heavy.


  • 7.8 with JS group tonight on a very pleasant summer's evening.
    Vest and shorts but still sweating!

    FionaC - Indeed! I'm more likely to take a dip in the harbour at Tarbert than go to the pool! I've done it before immediately after races in Orkney! There are also some lovely beaches in Harris.image

    IJ Well done but you can keep the rain image

    StewartC - yes its the Pickaquoy center new pool
    Well done on the double


  • StewartCStewartC ✭✭✭

    HM, hope you have a good weekend with the family

    IJ, a tough 10 in the rain, 

    Fiona, not surprised the legs are feeling heavy probably still recovering from the weekend

    OH, nice JS run, nice to run when the weather is good


    2nd run of the day a steady 6 mile run all is well image


  • Morning image

    Only 2 hours left to work,

    Stuart, nice doubles day good for you, I dont seem to ever get the time to run twice, how much time do you leave between runs ? what have you done to the toe?

    Tek a great way to get a long run done, super pace and nice low HR

    OH nice running/miles vest and shorts eh, not really had the weather for shorts often have we?, think I have worn mine 2/3 times this year, tend to stick to 3/4 tights, got a bit of an odd tan though lol..

    Fiona, you are hardly a slacker !! I feel like a slacker as I am not training for an autumn marathon,

    Mace good core work, I agree with you on the value of pressups, not that I do any ..image as such .but I do regular planks, and back exercises at Pilate's, which I am finding invaluable, not only for running but work also, we do a lot of lifting, and although we use aids/ hoists its surprising how much effort is still needed, patients seem to be getting larger image, I did say to my mate I wouldn't want to be nursing in 30 years time, with 60% of the population being obese now, there's not much hope really...(I digress sorry? but a real beef of mine..

    AGF you have certainly started to get the miles in, Lulu must be shattered !!

    Pilates and spinning yesterday ?

    first vo2 max session of my schedule later after my sleep...there said it so I got to do it !!

  • Weather didn't last long - wet and gray again this morning image

    off to Harris tomorrow. suspect mobile access will be patchy.
  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭

    AGF nice double day followed by an 11 mile run, great running enjoy your rest day.

    Teknik nice long run mate mile building well for you as well.

    NN well done with your 11 mile run hope you enjoy the Vo2 max session as much.

    SC well done on your double and glad the toe is ok A month or so of double running and you will see a massive improvement, just don't over do it at the start.

    Fiona no one could call you a slacker well done on the treadmill session.

    OH another nice run for you sir sounds like you had better weather than us, yesterday was horrible.

    well an enforced rest yesterday woke up feeling rotton with that summer head cold so had a rest day, last night was up a few times sweating like a pig, thankfully it's just in the head so will go out for a stead run later but won't push it until this clears up....

  • macemace ✭✭✭

    Good doubling up Stewart

    Nurse, yep the plank as well, all good stuff. I've thought before when i've watched TV programs  ( like supersize/superskinny ) that you nurses must be fit ( in more ways than one image ) to cope with some of those people despite the lifting aids.

    Hope that clears soon NP ... so is that work done and dusted for you now, no more ?? If so do you plan on doing anything else or is it retirement all the way ?


    Almost a CNBA for me this morning right as i was leaving the house. Stomach was feeling a bit dodgy and generally queasy. Kicked myself out the door and ended up doing 2 easy, 3 threshold, 1 steady, 3 threshold, 1 easy for 10M and felt fine throughout. Now the stomach has started off again , weird !!!

  • NP: you've sent your weather our way todayimage

  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    Stewart glad the toe is improving - congrats on the double dayimage

    HM thanks, enjoy the weekendimage

    IJ nice 10.8 in the rain

    Fiona nice pace on that treddie tempo image

    OH well done on the JS run

    NN well done on the gym sessions and hope the V.02 session goes ok

    NP hope you shake that bug quickly

    Mace that's a scary 10 mile session - well done for getting out there.


    Sports massage, 90 minutes hot yoga and a heavy legged 6m recovery in the rain for me today.  Braised steak and dumplings in the oven for dinner so all is well...image

  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭

    Mace thats a great 10 mile session well done mate hope the stomach sorts its self out.

    OH Sorry about that, been crap here aswell image

    6 miles done during a break in the weather, but out of sorts feeling hot and bothered and full of yuk..... fingers crossed it stays above the shoulders.image

  • RW webmaster appears to have screwed up the bookmarks (again) image
    You're making me feel hungry Tek!

  • NP - Hope you feel better quickly, still, nice running today

    Tek - Sounds a good day image

    Hope everyone else is wellimage


    9.04 miles @ 8:50 ave. ave HR 160 (80%)

    Ran too fast and HR too high but I really enjoyed thatimage Would have banged out 10-11 if I wasn't going to the pub in half an hourimage

    5-6 with a flat out parkrun tomorrow, gym later. 



  • No PainNo Pain ✭✭✭

    Cross post Teknik, massage and hot yogaimage don't think I would have been fit enough for six miles. Well done mate.

    Sm6 well done on your run enjoy yet he pub.

    NN ment to say I was called out a couple of years ago to help the ambulance service get a man out of his house and into hospital, he weighed 50+ stone.

  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    NP and mace hope you both feel better soon. I always wonder why friends/family keep feeding the obese when they can no longer make it to the fridge/shops. The ideal time to start them on a healthy diet surely!

    Stuart sounds like you enjoyed your run and that's what it is about. image

    OH are you in Harris for the week?

    Teknik sounds yummy! image Well done for getting out in the rain.

    NN hope that VO2 max session went well. image

    An easy 5.5 miles for me. image Breezy but sunny.



  • it's all gone wrong - put on over a pound weight this week (even though MFP said I'd lose 1/2), then with 6 hours in the car and a funeral I ate over 2400 cals today, so more than two days' worth! Ooops.

    4 miles to do tomorrow, then a bbq to organise the Palma marathon trip. Hope for 18 on Sunday!

  • NP and Mace, hope you feel a bit better for the weekend

    My other half has been nursing for the last 20 years and her back is knackered from lifting the larger element of our society image for too long

    Tek well done for being out in the rain rather enjoy running in the rain myself for some strange reason.

    Fiona , nice 5.5 image

    Good session last night, an hour of core and strength work, starting summer boot camp next thursday followed by training hour, boot camp is tough but fun

    Long run tomorrow morning then rugby to watchimage
  • yes, Fiona, staying at Borve (and no, we hadn't got the wrong weekend image)

    SM6 glad you enjoyed the run, hope you enjoy the pint!

  • imageMorning..nearly my night night time..he he..work hasn't latched on to this site yet..most of the decent sites have been blocked, it obviously pays to be a runner and not into Facebook....although I wouldn't mind a sneaky look at Ebay during quiet times..


    Mace weird isnt it how a great session comes out of the blue when you least expect it, nice running.

    NP oh dear you must be having work withdrawal symptoms, hope you feel better soon, as for that 50 stone chap, its sad how someone can let themselves get like that

    MG1, your wife is unfortunately now one of many nurses that have bad backs, especially if she has been nursing that long, about the same time as me, (24 years )we started long before the days of all these lifting aids and hoists. The boot camp sounds fun, is that similar to the British Military Fitness classes (bmf) I did a couple of those a while back, oh my god, hard core, have a good long run


    IJ dont worrry, NP will get his mates to help if you put on too much weight and get house bound image

    OH have a great weekend hope the weather is kind.

    Tek braised steak and dumplings would normally make my mouth waterimage, but they dont seem as appealing with end of night shifts nausea..hope they went down well with you..

    SM6 I  hope you enjoyed the recovery drink at the pub, great running.


    Speed session sort of went ok, I really wasnt looking forward to it as last weeks tempo turned out to be marathon pace,image I expected the VO2max to be tempo pace !!..it very nearly was , I was aiming for 5 x 3 mins @5k pace off 2 mins, not having raced a 5k I reckoned on about 7.15ish min miling, image

    7.30.. 7.24.image.7.13..7.15 ,7.12, about 3-5 secs or so off what I did in my last similar session  back in march while marathon training, so not too bad I guess, and they would probably come out quicker on a track/treadmill but I cant face either !! I would rather do a nice easy 15 miler anyday..image 

  • Fiona,

    I think the thread slacker would be me, however I did get out for my 2 runs yesterday and now have a spotless flat.


    Well done on everyone's training.

  • HM - Well done on the 2 runs yesterdayimage

    NN - Nice fast session. Saying that, I'd suspect your 5k pace is quicker than 7:15. Your HM time is around 1:40? So I'd have your 5k closer to 7:00m/m I thinkimage

    MG - Well done on the gym work. I've not been for 3 weeksimage, need to get back later today.

    Fiona - Nice wee run yesterday


    4.3 miles with 20:44 (Garmin time) parkrun. Matches 5k PBimage

    Ran like a chump, should have pushed on maybe 500-1000m from the end. Instead I stuck with an older boy and ended up with so much left in the tank, I ran the last 200 @ 5:11 paceimage I beat the old boy thoughimage Sadly, got hammered by my brother. Think he was under 20 minutes.

    A fair bit to be happy with however, not ran over 12 miles since Lochaber and I know I can push harder. I think I can go sub 20 in the next 8 weeks, but maybe not at Falkirk.

    Long run tomorrow, at least HM distance.

  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    NP nice going, hope you feel better soon

    OH I was worried I had the wrong date for Harris - enjoy the week away image

    NN well done on the V.o2 session - nice splits given you weren't on a track or treddie.

    HM well done on the runs and cross-housekeepingimage

    Fiona nice easy 5.5mimage

    IJ don't worry it's just a blip / blimp?  Good luck on the LSR tomorrow.

    MG well done with the gym work, and hope the long run goes ok today

    Stuart sounds like the pub did some good - great stuff matching your old PB, and I'm sure a sub20 is on its way soon.image  Good luck for tomorrow's LR.


    Not feeling good today - struggled with an 8.8m with the club. I doubt that I'm in 10k pb shape...

  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    talking of which...


    30/06/13      Horndon-on-the-Hill 10k    Teknik
    30/06/13      Llanelli John Hartson 10k  Jason D

    Good luck in Flannely Jasonimage

  • Mace, super running mate. Hope your feeling better now?

    Teknik, You have been doing some super training, so I am not surprised you struggled today....however you will be on top form on a 10K with even a days rest before. Remember to take a rest that - that when you get stronger !!

    NP, 50 Stone is madness. That has no sympathy. Well done with your training and I hope your enjoying your free time. 

    stuart - good to here your liking your running. Also great to match your PB - thats a very good time indeed

    Hi Fiona - hope your over last weeks mamoth effort - i saw you did a great tempo the other day image

    NN- Well done for doing the fast session. It must be hard to get your body in a good frame of mind when I shifts - so hats off to you ...

    Hi HM4 - A clean flat = a clean mind image

    OH - you get about dont you image  ( so to speak ) 


    Well managed my second long run of the campaign. Another 21 miles. All very slow. Had to measure the mileage on GMAP afterwards as I forgot to charge the garmin and it conked out after 20 mins - Schoolboy error.  Same distance and similar time to last week. Unspectacular in terms of speed - but it was slow and long and felt easier than last week !! Hopefully I will benefit in a few months time image


  • NN nice speed session there, boot famp is similar to bmf, nice to add a bit of variation to the running

    SM6 hope the run goes well tomorrow, good park run earlier

    Tek hope you feel better, still a good one earlier thats in the bank

    AGF super 21 miler earlier, as you say pace not to important right now.

    Longest long run for me today since last week image , 19 m at 8.45 av, again pushed the last couple of miles
  • SM6 yes you are right, training pace calculators suggest 7mm but I just don't seem to be able to hit that, even back in March with the 1.40 half my training pace for the short reps just wont hit it, the shorter the distance the slower I seem to be,theres not much between my 10k and HM pace !! age I guess image much better at the longer distances, well done on the fast park run and beating the pensioner..lol..good luck with the long run tomorrow.

    Tek why did you run .8.8 today if you are racing 10k tomorrow ? good luck with the race

    AGF nice mileage ! but how annoying about the garmin I hate running without mine now.

    MG1 impressive long run and pace very well done.

    HM4 a doubles day ! good for you,

    jason / tek good luck with the 10ks


    Easy 5/6 recovery later and nice 14/15 tomorrow for me

  • Thanks for the good luck wishesimage

    hope you have a good one too, Tek!image

    haven't been on for a while as been busy working/ running and tbh it is a real pain getting on here at the moment with the bookmarks bust AGAINimage


  • Fiona CFiona C ✭✭✭

    Well done on the 19 miler MG1!

    OH hope you have a nice break and that the weather is good for you.

    NN well done on the speed session. My top end speed is rubbish and I find anything beyone HM pace a struggle! Will keep on trying. image

    Great that you got 2 runs done HM4 and the housework!

    Stuart that still sounds like a good run, hope the longer run goes well.

    Teknik you did well to get out. I did not feel great either today, must be a thread thing as NP and mace were not feeling so good either. Just did a shorter run than the 16 planned (13) and kept it really easy.

    AGF fantastic long run there, your training is going really well!

    jason I did wonder where you were! Good luck tomorrow.

    Now to get away from the office. Had to drag myself away from watching the Tour de France earlier to come in here, looks nice in Corsica.



  • StewartCStewartC ✭✭✭

    OH, enjoy Harris, lovely part of the world

    NP, hope the yuk doesn't turn into anything nasty

    IJ, less eating more running image the LSR will help image

    Mace, Nice run hope the tummy issues are soreted

    NN, nice quick run, re the double first run was in the morning and the second in the evening

    SM6, nice run at parkrun you will smash your pb very soon, enjoy the long run tomorrow

    Tek, hope you're feeling better soon, well done get the 8 done, good luck tomorrow with the 10k

    AGF, well done with the long run, looking good

    MG, great run today at a decent lick, well done with the gym work yesterday

    Jason, you're running well, good luck tomorrow

    Fiona, well done getting a run in when you're not feeling good, quite windy this morning


    got a couple of runs in over the past couple of days, both just over 5 miles, looking to get a long run in tomorrow haven't made up my mind how far as I've decided to use this week as a cutback, so may only do around 15


    Friday:      5.22mi, 54:31, @10:27mm, avgHR 144(76%)

    Saturday:  5.51mi, 58:04, @10:32mm, avgHR 142(75%)



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