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  • Good running over the last 24 hours again by everyone, conditions are pretty grim down here.

    AGF my times for the long runs are a bit quick so need to slow a little but it was a nice confidence boost on Saturday.

    Gym session with trainer tonight for me, leg strength work and some interval training on the dreadmill all of which were hard after the weekend run. A couple more sessions this week before the Hell Runner race on Saturday which should be good for a bit of endurance and getting soaked and muddy!
  • JL to be honest even though your 12 was pretty quick your long run should be longer than 12 by now if your marathon is in April and your target is sub 3.30, looks more like  get you round type of schedule, pity cos that 12 is quick, but you wont have much endurance.

    Others may say different though.

  • Evening all! image

    Sorry for my absence, but I haven't run at all since Friday except for a brief Parkrun cos I found out on Friday afternoon that I had an interview at 10 am THIS MORNING including a presentation and a panel interview! Pretty much took care of my weekend! Think it went well, but won't hear for a couple of days. Will read back, but only got about 3 hours sleep last night!....
  • Hope it went well from the other side of the table too Jason

  • AGF, lol, yeah a bit of a soft touch me, 

    NN, that what I love about this site even though the advice can be different it is usually all good, 

    Tek, yeah the 17 was tough and the weather was crap, but it in the bank now, I was looking at the 55/12 P&D plan, it's only got two 20 milers in it, is this enough?

    Fiona, I was looking to extend the long run to see how I coped with the additional mileage, hope the rest day tomorrow helps, took one today myself.

    Kaz, thanks, hope the injury clears up sooner rather than later

    NP, thanks for the advice, not sure what my MP pace is yet, 9:30 - 10mm? hope you enjoyed the non running day

    OH, hows the weather up there, got some white stuff today and add the wind into the mix, not nice

    SM6, good run in horrible weather well done, shame about the 50m thoughimage

    Jason, good to hear from you, hope the grilling went well, good luck image

    Well I did it signed up this evening, some may call me nuts and in truth I am a little.  I'm going to follow P&D 55/12 but try and add in another 20 somewhere, 8wtg looks like a good spot?

  • Just windy and very wet here image

    Not looking good for a half day ...

  • NN I try to do a few miles at the end of every other long run just to try and get used to pushing MP when the legs are tierd thats also a reason for running my hill run on the Saturday, I found it helped the endurance in the latter stage of the marathon.

    OH did you spend all day sneezing after the pool swim?

    SM6 Well done on the long run not great conditions but strong mind strong bodyimage

    Sarnie whats the rest of your weeks running like? whats your age and running background?

    JL well done on the 12 mile run, again what is your running background and how many times aweek are you running?

    MG1 well done with the gym work and strength work.

    Jason nice to hear from you fingers crossed buddy.

    SC 30seconds diffrence a mile is massive for MP if your on the wrong side of it, even 5 to 10 seconds can do dammage in the last 6 miles.

    Well got up this morning to 20 to 30mm of snow so no speed work todayimage so 10 miles steady on an out and back run, The whole run was an the footpath in virgin snow with a tailback of traffic 5 miles long bumper to bumper going no where due to a minor bump just before my turn round point. Wind was also quite strong and very cold but running in the white stuff is like running along a beach hard work but will make your legs strongerimage







  • NP - That sounds a nice, but hard run.

    Jason - I hope the interview went well.

    The wind and rain has cleared  here to a nice, bright day. I have ventured out today again, and did 4.9 miles(should have continued to make it 5image) in 45 mins. HR all over the place but not sure if it was reading accuratley? No pain today during or after the run although I could feel yesterdays circuits  in my legs!image Hopefully this is the start of training!

  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    Fiona how's the knee?

    HM did you get snow? Nothing here but wind, but it looks like sleet tonight.

    NP Wow RHR of 34 !   I got mine down to 46 (from 60), so a way to go yet.  Nice 10 miler in the snowimage

    Kaz glad today went better. Fingers crossed! image

    OH well done on the pool swim. Boo! to the weather...

    Stuart LOL at the mileage OCD comment.  Nice total for parkruns - shame about the cancellationsimage

    Sarnie welcome. Like NP says, some more background will help us comment

    John welcome - again, could we have some more detail about training history, race times etc.

    NN I agree with you, however...

    MG Nice gym and interval sesh

    jason phew! We thought you were injured...

    Stewart.  You're ahead in mileage and LR terms so you could add some - as you say week -8 looks good - add 3 there.  I would also shave the two tune-up races (week -4 and -2) down to 5k parkruns (race them properly) and add 3m and 4m respectively to the long runs. Then you get to 5 x 20 milers plus 2 long runs with a long MP finish. Job done image


    11m this morning, 5m on my own on the tarmac at 70%max, then 6m in the park with the club.  I've had to switch my mara - a weekend away in Salzburg just before not-so-littleTek starts his GCSEs was banned - so I've plumped for the equally attractive Milton Keynesimage

  • Afternoon..

    StewartC Good decision, and good luck, at least you know there is support and advice here, I look forward to seeing your training progress, and all us runners all a little nuts, or so the majority of the population would have us believe..(they are just jealous though ) Cos they cant eat as much chocolate and cake image

    NP thats what I shall do I think, run the 2nd part of a few mlrs faster, rather than trying 12-15 at marathon pace on my own and struggling/failing, which most people see to be doing on tired legs, although  I do have a 20 mile race in March so will do 14/15 at mp then it will be easier in company, well done on the 10 in the snow and wind !!

    Kaz1 well done on the nearly 5, onwards and upwards for you..image

    Tek nice run and low heart rate, I am sure MK has some lovely scenery ....somewhere image

    P&D schedule has 2 runs today so 5 easy miles this morning, then coffee and cake with friend..bit of house work then another 5 later my first ever doubles day image 

  • macemace ✭✭✭

    Tek, yes mate , been full of lurgy for over a week but i think i'm back in the game now.

    Ended up being diagonsed with a chest infection last week and had to take a couple of days off work sick. Then the antibiotics disagreed with me so felt pretty zombie-like for a few days.  The idea of running filled me with dread and P&D weeks of 68 and 66 miles turned into 58 and 47 ( so about 30M lost which was a couple of 5-6M recoveries, a 7M GA and a 14M MLR. Pretty crap time to get ill as well with my first 20 milers scheduled over those 2 weeks - first one i bombed out at 16.5M but i nailed the second on Sunday after dreading it all week. It was tough, but has given me a fair bit of confidence now knowing that i can get through 20miles feeling the way i did in the run up to it.

    Will try and read back over the last week later ( i really haven't been able to face coming on here )  , but hope everyone's training has been going well.


  • Kaz1 well done for getting out.image

    Teknik great running and low HR pity about Salzburg for some reason Milton Keynes is just not the same.image

    Mace glad your recoverd and back in to your planimage

    White stuff gone and replaced by stronger winds and lots of rain so a very slow and wet 4 mile recovery runimage hope it warms up again soonimage


  • I did my second run on the treadmill, I am fed up with the freezing winds..I dont mind running in it once a day but not twice

    Good to see you are ok Jason, it must be nice to be missed eh ?

    mace it sounds as if you have had it tough, glad you are on the road to recovery and some 20 milers  ..image

  • Tek,

    No snow as yet.  Although I think we may miss it.  It's just going to be freezing and rainy - not a good combination.

    Sarnie & John,

    Hi & welcome to the thread.


    Looks like there will be no running on my day off tomorrow.  I went home early today as think I've picked up a bug which is going round work and spent the rest of the day in bed.

  • Kaz1 Think you must have different weather in Stromness - either that or weather deteriorated significantly though the day. Glad you're getting out again.

    Wind measured 36 gusting 60 kts at Scapa in the late afternoon.

    Managed an exhilarating 20.44 in the wind and rain. image
    The remaining 0.06 mile was, of course, out of respect to SM6image

    The normally easily passable path along the coast by the airport has had significant amounts of the boulder beach thrown over it by the recent storms. Glad I wasn't in the water when all those boulders were being shiftedimage

    Enforced grounding (work) for next 6 days and Loch Katrine not too far offimage

    Tek - sometimes family has to take priority
    If Milton Keynes ceased to exist, would there be any need to build a high speed rail link to Manchester? I have always believed its raison d'être was to slow down the Manchester London train.image
    Good 11 miles on a weekday

    mace well done getting the long runs in despite your recent illness

    NP sounds fun. Beginning to get a bit envious of of all the snow south.
    It would have been nice to have had just a bit image

    NN I think its first day I have run further than you - only it's my hard day and your easy day image

  • OH wow...!!! nice one..and how lovely to hear someone say "exhilarating" rather than moanng about the wind and rain like some (me)image

    HM4 get well soon

  • Hi Peeps check out the old guy in the race to the line at 6mins into this video on you tube.

  • That didn't work for some reason, go to you tube and type in Born2run-Gosford
  • OH - Its deteriorated from 2pm onwards, absolutely horrendous out now again. Just back from Kirkwall........not nice.

  • Cross trainin session tonight in gym for me and a little of strength work, was intending to go out but the weather was not good here (wimp)

    Other H nice 20.44 in the conditions

    NN good work with the two runs

    Tek you just keep banging out those runs all very impressive

    Away with work tomorrow so a rest day then hit road again on Thursday
  • NP, snow here was slush by mid morning all gone by this evening, sounds like an enjoyable run this morning and the recovery sounded tough, I hear what you're saying about mp paces I'll just have to work out what mine will be, I'll edge on the side caution and go slow for now.

    Kaz, that's encouraging getting no pain it is a good sign image

    Tek, thanks for the advice it is always appreciated, endurance is the key thing to work on and 4/5 20's will do that. A good 11 in the bank shame about Salzburg

    Mace, welcome back hope you have recovered from your illness, a good 20 in the bank too

    NN, well done on the double, first of manyimage no doubt I'll be pestering you all for advice frequently

    Only 4.5 miles tonight and in truth that was enough, I've been feeling a little under the weather, thought it was just in the head but the chest felt like it was burning,

    Hopefully I'll be ok but I will rest tomorrow if I am still feeling crap
  • Shame about your parkrun Stuart.

    Hi to the new folks. image

    MG1 that's a lot of good gym sessions you doing. Finally got back to the weights tonight aftr my run. image

    Great that you are signed up Stewart and good to catch up tonight.

    jason fingers crossed all goes well and so pleased you are not benched!! (touches wood).

    NP nice snow running, as you say makes you stronger. image

    kaz great that the run did not cause any pain. Take care in the build up.

    Tek why did you ever favour Salzburg over Milton Keynes in the first place! imageimage

    NN nice double day.

    mace hope you make a full recovery soon and get well soon HM4.

    OH know what you mean, windy here tonight but great fun! image

    No running for me yesterday or this morning. Did a hill run tonight (mast run Stewart) and it was the muddiest I've ever seen with all the rain that fell on the snow, just mad, mud up to the ankles in places but great fun!! Toiled through it in the old road shoes but then had a blast on the downhill imageimage

    Can feel the knee but considering the battering it took on the downhill not bad. Think I'll cut the doubles and opt for a low mileage week but get one run a day.

    Just seen your post Stewart hope you feel better soon.

    Off to watch NP's clip...




  • Fiona look after that knee...your run sounds fun..I love running down hill

    StewartC hope you feel better soon ..have a rest

  • Just man flu, I'll be fine, hope the knee niggle clears up soon, just seen the route Ben posted it up on Facebook, it sounded brutal but fun well done
  • SC well done with your run yesterday as for the man flu I'm sat in the Doctors waiting to see him about my wrist but I'm surrounded by all these people and there germs coughing and spluttering and all I want to do is run out of here image

    Fiona great hill work last night hope your enjoying your cut back week.

    15 miles for me as soon as I can get out of here.......
  • Don't breathe!! image Hope you have a good run NP and that the wrist is improving.

    Enjoying the lie ins but getting a bit anxious about the low miles! image


  • NP

    Your link didn't work for me.


    Hope the knee improves soon.


    Well done on everyone's training.  I'm feeling a whole lot better than yesterday however will take things easy today.

  • macemace ✭✭✭

    NP - i managed to view it ... the ol boy done good, and i'm guessing he's you image well done image

    Fiona - you've got plenty enough miles in you to deserve a bit of a rest, enjoy

    15 MLR this morning .... jeez the wind really sucks doesn't it !!!


  • Hi guys,

    Well ive finally got the all clear from the consultant to get back to work and resume training again.Heading to the gym later for some "easy" aerobic stuff on the bike and some circuits as well(no squats ,boo)

    Its been quite a quick six weeks tbh and at the moment ive no other focus than just to get some form of fitness back.Still been doing my core/medicine ball work at home but its no substitute for getting the old lungs really working again.

    Alloa half in March is cancelled for me,id probably get round the course with no problems but this was one of my  "A" races for the year so im not going to enter unless i feel i could do it justice.

    Still a bit of discomfort in my foot but apparently a metatarsal fracture takes 10-12 weeks to fully recover,so in the meantime its on the dreaded bike i go#arsecheekscuttingteeth

  • HM4 Go on you tube and type in Born2run-Gosford six minutes into the video im the old guy trying to catch the young lad before the finish line.image

    Fiona tried holding my breath but after waiting over an hour I turned blue lol, you have no need to worry about low miles our doing great so far and a recovery week wont hurtimage As for the wrist well no change in the past 5 or 6 weeksimage.

    Mace yep red vest over a red teeshirtimage and wearing shorts and gloves.

    HI YC thats good news but the bike/turbo will keep your fitness up and it wont take long for you to get back into it. I know as thats what I did after the stress fracture last yearimage.

    15 miles MLR with 4 miles at LT and 1 mile MP in the VLM Bankimage



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