2013 Marathon Thread



  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    NN nice (first) double day yesterday !

    mace- well done for struggling through the lurgy and nailing that 20 miler on Sunday.  Good 15m in the wind today...

    NP love the videoimage. Hope the wrist gets better soon. Well done on the 15m + fast bitsimage

    HM glad you're feeling a bit better

    OH awesome "exhilarating" 20 miler.image Lol re MK

    Kaz hope you're not too battered by the weather

    MG nice gym work and enjoy the rest today

    Stewart well done on getting out yesterday and hope you shake that bug soon

    Fiona LOL.  Nice hill run last night; hope the knee recovers on the cut-back week.

    YC welcome back mateimage. Wishing you a speedy and full recovery.


    Really happy with the run this morning - 1m warm up then 9m at 80%-83%maxHR as a MP test - came out as 8:22mm on a 'rolling' tarmac route, and I only got up to c.80% for the last 4 miles.image


  • YC glad to hear you're back on the go if (predictably) not as fast as you'd like
    Tek managing to hammer out a daily runimage
    NP - nice long run image
    - are you throwing any more foul weather in our direction yet?image
    mace - try looking on it as a challenge image (and forget the clock)

    Nil for me today and not much for next 6 days (due to work)

  • NP,

    Great clip.  Well done.

  • Thanks peeps, enjoyed that race as the last 10 k I had no pace what's so ever and when I tried to stay with people I normally can beat and couldn't it was a horrible feeling. But I felt I was back to where I should be on Saturday image

    Teknik great running and nice to see your back to where you want to be as well.

    OH that was a great long run the other day missed it in the cross posting. Hope the wind is now going to start to dropimage

    HM4 thanks image
  • Flying visit- I GOT THE JOB!!!!imageimageimage

    Back running tomorrow- I've got a hilly half marathon on Sunday and will be nice to run it on fresh legsimageimage

  • Congratulation jason image image what is the job?
  • Jason - Congratulations image

    NP - Nice wee video, Strong finishimage You also have an impressively low HR!

    OH - Great long run, and good work not hitting the half mileimage

    Tek - Great running, another big PB coming up? When is MK?

    YC - Take it easy while getting back into the swing of things

    Mace - Good run in the wind, it isn't pleasant at all!

    Stewart - Take it easy til your feeling better

    Fiona - Well done on weights and running


    Rest day yesterday then 4.01 (Would have been 3.9x without the traffic dodgingimage) miles @ 9.20 for me tonight. I seem to up the pace a bit much on these runs on the flat (last mile was 8.30) need to remember to slow down as that's likely to be more like MP than easy pace.

    Was going to have a recovery week, but legs felt ok tonight so think I might instead move upto 6 running days this week (~56 miles), then have a recovery next week.

    With no parkruns to deal with I think I'm just going to ignore fast running, with the exception of Alloa, until after Lochaber. Less hard miles will hopefully mean less recovery neededimage Also means I have no excuse not to do a MLR on a Saturday.

  • HM4 glad you are feeling better, hope you are too Stewart.

    Love the clip NP! Good MLR from you.

    mace nice MLR, the wind makes it really tough. image

    Great to hear you're back YC! image

    A pain when work gets in the way of running OH.

    Teknik nice MP test, great result you must be pleased! image

    Congratulations jason!! imageimage

    Good mileage there Stuart, a good sign if you're running at MP when it should be easy.

    13 miles for me on muddy trails for less impact but no pace. Went ok, feel the knee but think it's a bit better, certainly no worse.


  • NP, nice video a good strong finish to the race, nice 15 today, looking good for vlm

    YC, welcome back image

    Tek, another good run looking good mate

    OH, I also missed the 20 miler you did, hope the six days fly by so you can get back to it

    Jason, congrats with the job good luck for the HM at the weekend

    Fiona hope the knee is good

    SM6, good run, sounds like a good plan enjoy the extra run

    No running for me today, not feeling as bad as yesterday but I got bit of a cough, not chesty but thought rest was the prudent thing to do. Hoping to be back tomorrow, 11MLR probably 5 with JS and 3 either side
  • Jason fantastic news mate well done image

    SM6 nice running.

    Fiona great off road MLR and great pace for off road.

    SC hope your feeling better tomorrow.
  • Jason image Spill the beans - What and where is it?

    FionaC - Good the knee held out. I quite enjoy muddy trails during training too (gives me an excuse not to be concerned with times tooimage)
    Still windy with you?

    SM6 - sounds a good plan

    NP did write a message yesterday commenting on your video but must have forgotten to click Submit. Looking strong at the finishimage

    Happy to take a break today but might be chaming at the bit if I don't get out at all in the 6days ...

  • Not had time to read back yet..will catch up tomorrow..

    14.4 miles done in 2.05 (8.40s)

    7 on my own then 7.4 with club to get some mp miles done its the only way I can get some faster stuff done..
    club run included some big hills !!!

  • NN that's a great MLR in the bank well done.

    Dark o'clock run about to start here first for a long while image
  • NN That's good going especially on a hilly routeimage
    NP Silly o clock starts image

    Full of a cold and on call today - think I'll give JS a miss image

  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    OH hope you shake that cold and find some time outside work

    Jason congrats !!!   Hope you enjoyed the mini-taperimage

    Stuart well done on the "easy" 4m. I agree with the plan...

    Fiona thanks - I was image - nice muddy 13 miles.

    Stewart hope you're feeling well enough for that 11 miler

    NN fantastic splits again !

    NP hope you enjoyed your dark runimage


    Really crappy long run here this morning. Legs were like lead from the MP session yesterday.  I ran 8m on my own, then joined the club for an unexpectedly hilly 6m, then ran home.  Barely kept it in single figures pace, HR 69%max average. Still, I bagged my first 20 miler of the campaign.

    Got home for lunch and Mrs Tek had made me a quiche plus mandarin, onion, sweet potato and lettuce salad.image Bad mood disappeared...

  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    Feb races:

    10/02/13 Wokingham HM Johnas

    10/02/13 Tregaron HM Jason D

    10/02/13 Dursley Dozen Jaycmoore

    17/02/13 Bramley 20 Teknik

    17/02/13 Plymouth Hoe 10 Night Nurse

    24/02/13 Malta Emmy

    Full list is here https://skydrive.live.com/#!/edit.aspx?cid=FD94FCEE2B43A00F&resid=FD94FCEE2B43A00F%21154&app=Excel

    or here, if you have a Fetch account



    Stuart - forgot to answer you, sorry. MK is 6 May - so just over 12 weeks away

  • Tek nice race update..thanks..and very well done on the 20 at super low HR !!

    NP..5.20 ? hope it went well image

    Just 5 easy for me today image


  • Tek, could you possibly update the list, and add me for the lochaber marathon on the 14th April. I've still got a cough, but I feel we'll so I'm going to give the run a go.
  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    Well done NNimage

    Stewart - sorry - thought I had but I obviously failed to save it. Twice! Good luck with the run...

  • Jason,

    Congrats hope it goes well.


    Hope you feel better soon.


    Well done on everyone's training.  Feeling really drained today however have done a full day of work and it was an early shift followed by weekly shop.  Still late shift tomorrow so that will mean a bit of a lie in.

  • Tek - Great run today image

    NP - Well done on getting out nice and early, some of us are still working at that time!

    NN - Nice 14 yesterday, good pace too.


    12.1 miles @9.43 ave this evening. Nice and easyimage

  • imageHi Peeps nearly bed time here lol up and out early this morning for work, only running once today as the legs are heavy and don't want to over do things at this stage so missing one run wont hurtimage 8 mile done this morning and happy with that.

    Some super long runs today, Teknik thats a great run after a LT run the day before, AGF again another super run.

    NN nice recovery run enjoy your long run tomorrow.

    SM6 Nice 12 miles tonight, I work strange shifts.



  • Teknik and AGF amazing long runs for mid week!!

    Nice 12 miler Stuart and recovery NN.

    NP back to the early starts! image Missing a run certainly won't do any harm on the training that you put in. image

    Decided on an easy 10 mile turbo tonight. Knee feels the best it has been this week but want it to be better for the weekend image


  • Tek you can add my Hell Runner in the Middle which is Saturday if you want, 10-12 miles of hills, trials, lakes and mud should be fun

    6 miles for me tonight at 8.33 pace average, which felt okay as a potential M pace this dispite some moron trying his best to run me over at junction!!

    Nice running AGF and Tek

    Fiona C a turbo 10 miler sounds interesting
  • OH, hope you manage to squeeze in the odd run this week, hope the lurgy clears up quick

    NN, another good MLR and and a good pace too hope your feeling recovered after your 5 today

    Tek, well done getting the 20 in the bank, I got fish fingers sandwiches when I got home, Yummy!.

    HM4, sounds like you've had a busy day, enjoy the lie in

    SM6, Another good run you're bang on target

    NP, my god that was an early run, enjoy the rest this evening you deserve it

    Fiona, Glad the knee is improving I think Craig's hill session won't have help it 

    MG1, cracking pace, thats closer to my 5k pace

    Tonight was sheduled for a 11 mile MLR, as it is a Jog Scotland night the run was split into three, 2 mile run to the sports centre @ 10:45mm 72%, the JS run was a 6 miler with some hills @10:44mm 79% and then a 3 mile run home, this was a little quicker @9:46mm 84%

    No real ill effects from the cold during the run so that is a result, hopefully that will be the end of it.

  • Stewart,

    Thanks.  Not looking forwards to the 8pm finish and work tomorrow.  Still will be able to have lie in on Sunday.  Well done on your run.

  • MG1 good MP run, glad you avoided the car! image

    Stewart another good day's running from you. I'm probably my own worst enemy with the hill running as I can't hold back on the downhill! image

    HM4 hope you get time for a couple of runs over the weekend. image

    Did a 4 mile easy run this morning on the treadmill and knee felt 100% image


  • Hi Guys, Hope your all well. I have been a little busy this week, so just in catchup mode. Have a done a few runs this week including 19 Miles very slowly last night at 68% MHR. I have a 10K race this weekend - which I do not plan to race - but will run at a decent Tempo pace to get some faster miles without killing myselfimage

    NP, I loved your video. Those legs sure are turning over fast image

    Teknik, well done on your 20 - especially after you faster run the day before. Your miles are building very well - but remember the hard day / easy day ruleimage

    Fiona - Its good to hear that your knee is feeling better after your resting it. Its hard to do sometimes- but less is sometimes more.

    Jason, Congratulations on your new job. I hope it allows you to keep you multiple runs per day image

    Well done everyone else on their training too.  Keep up the good work !!

  • Afternoon

    OH hope the cold doesnt come to much take care

    SM6 nice pace for easy 12 

    Fiona sensible to take care of that knee, it doesn't see to be affecting your pace at the moment so keep looking after it and it will see you through 

    AGF nice mileage at low heart rate , good luck for the 10k, I look forward to seeing how you get on

    MG1 nice running and there really are some idiots on the roads, I think its more noticeable just how many when we are running and feel more vulnerable

    Stewart C seems like the rest did you good,good to see the cold didnt get any worse  cracking run well done.

    Done my 20 now back to bed for rest before work.

    here are my splits ruined by sodding head wind in final 6 miles, so couldn't get much below 9s I was blown all over the fricking place and at one point nearly ended up in the river !!!

    20 miles 3.02

    9.09..9.00..8.56...9.08...9.07..9.14..9.00 ..8.46..8.58..8.42..

    AVE HR 72.7 %

  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    NN nice easy 5 yesterday and very well done on that 20 miler - nice low HR despite the headwindimage

    HM hope you're felling better and enjoy the lie-in!

    Stuart good easy 12m

    NP well done on the 8 yesterday.

    Fiona nice turbo - good decision to give the knee more time - looks like it did the trickimage...well done on the easy treddie 4m

    MG glad you avoided the moron. Hellrunner is added now - good luck for tomorrowimage. Well done on that quick 6m last night.

    Stewart LOL re fish finger sarnie. Good to hear you've shaken the man-flu. Nice 11m MLR yesterday.

    AGF great 19m LSR and great HR print.  I hear you re hard/easy - my schedule will sort itself out soon. Enjoy the week-end race / tempoimage


    Hot yoga this morning and a 4m recovery this afternoon. Left calf is cramping, hopefully the roller will fix it...


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