2013 Marathon Thread



  • MG1 missed your account of the epic Hell Runner - certainly sounds a challenge

    NP sounds good solid training

  • Tregaron was awful today! A week off and I woke upo with a stiff back and glutes- thought I had loosened them up, but came back to haunt me at 9m- just about the point that the race goes off road along a potholed and flooded railway track!image Turned into survival from then on and hobbled in. Getting 3rd vet was small consolation..... Still, back to proper training tomorrowimage

  • Jason that's still a great workout after the week off nice to have you back in the fold image
  • Jason, a tough run by all accounts, hope the aches and pains are temporary.
  • Jason,

    Well done on the 3rd place.


  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    Well done Jason, sounds like a tough way to race a Half.  Nice to have you back...image

    Fiona hope you feel rested from the cut-back week - I'll be getting some more electrolyte solution in from now on...

    Stewart well done on the LR - I agree, it's difficult to do them while combining them with a club run.

    HM well done on the yoga - hope that helps the shoulder

    OH good to see you're up and out there - well done on the long 5kimage

    MG good result !

    NP well done on that 22 miler.  I owe Paul (and AGF) a lotimage

  • Good to hear you've shaken off the lurgy OH. Well done on the Tesco run. image

    MG1 well placed!

    NP great run, another quality 20 something in the bank! I never mind the rain, it's a thought to go out into but once you're out it's not so bad. image

    jason that sounds a tough one but well done for finishing, fingers crossed the aches go away.

    Teknik the cut back week made a big difference, looks like next week much the same then back to it! image Work getting in the way of life etc....

    Now for some stretching.



  • Jason - Sounds a tough run to come back to, after an off week.

    NP - Nice run, you're getting in some nice long runs!

    OH - Well done on your 3.5 miler.

    Stewart - I think what NP has said makes sense, ease your way into it! What were you using as mara pace, 10 minutes?

    Fiona - I fully except you to be well faster than that!image

    Tek - Good pace today, and great running for the week!

    AGF - Hope you enjoyed the wet run and the rugby! I used to play it as a kid, but don't have any real interest in it now. I think Scotland won for once this weekend thoughimage


    Was spectacularly lazy today, didn't get up til nearly 1. Then went to the pub (didn't drink though!) to watch the football & play pool. Didn't get out for my run until half 8!

    5.7 miles @ 9.11, bit windy but easy enough.

    LSR tomorrow afternoon.

  • Just a very quick post will read back properly tomorrow, on my tea break at the moment..only got 10 mins..

    I did my 20 on Friday leaving my 11 with 6 LT till  tonight, I woke up feeling pretty groggy after a pooh sleep today and  I was going to do just an easy 11..but I thought what the hell get on with it..it does take a mile or so for my legs to get the message though maybe my new light weight kinvaras that I am going to buy tomorrow will help with these tempo runs..

    I did 2.5 miles easy then.

    aiming for 7.40s

    7.50...7.43..7.37..7.40..7.39..7.38.. then 2.5 easy
    AVE HR 81.7%

  • SM6, a good day all round almost a perfect day finished off with a nice run image

    yeah my MP is going to be @10mm, I agree with both of you, and it was not my intention to run at those paces from the start, it's a lesson learnt the hard way and it is not going to be repeated.  In future my long runs will be no quicker than 11mm in future, I've got my first 20 miler next Sunday  and  I'm busy planning the route, probably an idea to try out some gels, out of interest does anyone use the midweek MLR runs to run some MRP miles? I've only got one more long run with some MP in it or I could do some in a 20 miler?, not next week!  

  • Another tea break and quick catch up ..

    Stewart I tend to try and get some MP miles done during the MLRs the easiest way for me to do it is to run a few miles to my club then go in the group which run 8.15s or so for about 7 miles then do a few more miles on my own to make up whatever mileage.

    Try the sis gels nice and easy to swallow, fairly watery .

    Fiona just seen the 22 you posted wow thats an amazing run well done you ..great to see the knee is holding up

    NP  you to nice 22, thats my next long run distance, not till week after next though

     Tek brilliant race 7.31 pace I would be happy with that..never heard of the vinegar remedy for cramp myself, but glad got got it sorted your own way.

    I am going to do a club track session tonight, so starting VO2 max sessions a week earlier than the schedule ( I am sure it wont make much difference) I just feel like being sociable all this long distance running on my own is lovely but some company is great for the faster stuff

  • NN well done on the LT session you hit the target pace well. image

    Early start here again just had breakfast after my swim image 54x25m front crawl for some reason the shoulder has come out in sympathy with the wrist image it took 20 or so lengths to get going. But always feel better for it, nice easy 6 mile plod on the treadmill later.
  • Stuart - 5.7 miles on a lazy day is good image

    NN - well done for doing the tempo and good luck with the V02 training too. 

    Well done with the swim NP - hope the shoulder does not flare up. How you finding work after time off?

    10 Miles done this morning. all in gym due to the snow. 5 at normal speed and then 5 at PMP. Happy enough image


  • AGF Snow..... Well done on the dreadmill bet Lulu is busting to get out in it, as for work it's like I've never been off.....
  • Good man NP - you retire soon dont you? ( Think I remember you saying ).  Lulu loves the snow and has had an hour running, chasing balls,  around in it too image

  • macemace ✭✭✭

    jason - nice news re the job and the 3rd Vet is great going considering you've been sidetracked a bit.

    Tek - you don't seem to be having much luck with the niggles, knee, now calf. Hope it clears up. Club race pace looks promising, nice one.

    Stewart - Well done on the LT run, i've had a few CBA runs myself recently. Shame the MP run didn't go as planned but like you say, take the lesson and at least you got through it.

    NP - that's some cut back week, great stuff. Out of interest, how do you run your 20+ milers ? Are you in the easy, progressive or P&D camp ?

    Fiona - is it my imagination or are you knocking out 22 milers for fun image

    Stuart - enjoy and embrace the recovery, it's well deserved and as important as the rest of your running.

    MG1 - the Hell Runner sounds like ... well, HELL !! Hat's off to you and congrats on the race result.

    AGF - Warwick sounds like fun but hard workimage One of my 2 dogs has spent most of his life so far chasing birds. 4 years now and he's still trying in vain the silly sod image

    NN - 20M and a 6M LT 2 days later is great stuff

    OH - good to hear you're on the mend

    Spent most of this week recovering from the remnants of a chest infection myself and i think i'm now finally clear of it. Yesterday i got up and couldn't wait to get out for 16M w12@PMP ..... that feeling was great after a couple of weeks of getting slapped around by the CBA fairy image



  • Good to hear your on the mend Mace and that your Mojo is coming back. The enforced rest to your legs may also helped then to repair and get stronger image   What time/pace was your PMP yesterday and how did you find it?

    Do you run with your dogs at all?

  • macemace ✭✭✭

    Cheers AGF image I only lost about 30M over 2 weeks, then last week i did the planned miles but had very little proper enthusiasm until Sunday. I'm not too worried about losing the miles but the lesson learned was to build in a buffer in case of injury/ilness in future. Unfortunately i decided way too late how i was going to train for my Mara so didn't do that.

    I don't run with my dogs, no. They're King Charles Spaniels and shouldn't be doing too much as their hips aren't the best as they age. And the oldest one would have me chasing birds with him no matter how much training he had to try and snap him out of it image

    I didn't target a pace but went on HR , and was aiming for 80-83%. Overall the 16M was @ 8:04 @ 80% ave , and the 12M MP section somewhere around 7:45 which in places ( out of the wind) felt surprisingly comfortable. That's a tad quicker than my McMillan prediction from my 10M pb. I knew i'd had a decent run after and was a bit stiff but i'm fine today.

    That run has given me some confidence back after a crappy couple of weeks that's for sure.


  • I know what you mean about the dogs Mace.  Now that Lulu is out of season I am converting to offlead running only for that exact reason w.r.t the birds image  Also not running on pavement helps mitigate the hips stuff too.  I am lucky to live opposite the racecourse though so my runs with her are my recovery 3-4 milers image  The rest of the time is longer walks.

    Thats a very solid run with an excellent PMP. Things are looking good for you to be able to do 12 Miles of PMP at this stage. great work !!!

  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    Stuart well done for getting out (at last) - hope the LSR went ok todayimage

    NN nice tempo splits - well done for pushing yourself. Enjoy the club track session!

    Stewart I'm still doing one Hadd 80-83% MP run a week (plus a long tempo OR MP finish of a LR)

    NP nice swim, sorry to hear about the shoulder and wrist.  Enjoy the treddie plod...

    AGF good treddie session - how did the 5 @ pMP feel?

    mace thanks - it actually only cramps when I'm sitting around - so I'll just have to keep runningimage  Well done with the LR with 12 @MP ...awesome 7:45mm pMP image


    5m treddie recovery run tonight.  Calf was fine when running but cramped again as soon as I stopped...back to the Deep Heat and Calf Guard.


  • Tek - Well done on the run, but be careful with the calf. Have a rest, you're still a long way out.

    Mace - Thats a great run, nice work!

    AGF - Good running

    NP - Nice swim

    Stewart, I usually do MP stuff in my midweek runs, although I'm not doing any intervals/LT runs.

    NN - Well done on getting such a tough run in only a couple of days after a 20! I wouldn't fancy that!


    Dunno what's happened to me this weekend, major dose of CBA'd. I talked myself into thinking my left leg is slightly sore, I don't really think it is, and haven't ran today. 

    I said at the start of the year, before I committed to Lochaber that I wasn't going to go out for a run if I didn't want to. I think I'm going to stick to that, instead of forcing myself out and then growing sick of it.

  • Mace well done on the run with MP, I do a bit of everything on long runs.

    Teknik sorry to hear about the cramp after your run.

    SM6 we all suffer from CBA days the rest won't hurt.

    6 miles easy on the treadmill for me.
  • AGF,

    Well done.


    Hope the weather's not too bad where everyone else is.  We've had snow today & it's barely got above 0.

  • Thanks Hm4. hope your well. ?

    An other day of the plan done NP & Tek image

    Stuart - good for you. sometimes the body send you a message - " I need a break" 

    A small jog for me tonight image

  • Stuart agree with AGF, sometimes you just have to listen to your body. If I feel like that I normally end up with some lurgy a couple of days later.

    That was a great LT run yesterday NN, hope you have fun at the club.

    Stewart I seem to get on better doing MP in midweek runs than in the LR (mara time was better at least! image) I get hungry on long runs so look forward to a gel!

    NP I hope the shoulder pain is very short term, you've had enough with the wrist. Nice swim and run. image

    AGF a great mix of run paces today.

    mace great run, that's a lot of MP miles!image

    Teknik take care of that calf.

    Cold here too HM4 but thank goodness not up to the ankles in snow this week!

    A 4 mile recovery run this morning then 8 miles tonight with 3 lots of 2 miles at 15k/hr. Right calf complaining a little so comp socks on!


  • Steady cross train / gym session for me tonight.

    NP , nice looking swimming , got to be good for the muscles

    AGF, good effort on the treadmill

    Mace, 16 solid miles which after a bout of lurgy is good a would have thought

    Tek , well done on the dread mill effort, hope the calf gets better

    SM6 , I am sure a rest won't do any harm for the sake of a day or two
  • guys, thanks for the advice it is really appreciated there is a lot more to the running malarkey than meets the eye and I've got so much to learn.

    NN, how did the VO2 session go, I like my 800 repeats, well done for the LT session

    NP, a nice start to the week for you hope the wrist and shoulder are ok

    AGF, Another good session on the treadmill, well done

    Mace, A good and tough session after the chest infection, hopefully that will be the end of the lurgy

    Tek, might be worth getting the calf look at, although it must be encouraging that there is no issue whilst running

    SM6, a good decision, enjoy the rest

    HM4, shame about the snow, hopefully the weather improves

    Fiona, I see you're back to the doubles well done, hope the socks do the biz

    MG1, probably needed that session after the weekend effort

    Just a gym session for me tonight, did some low body weights and a little core work, I must do more but it is sooooo hard! feeling ready for the upcoming week's training image

  • AGF wel done you on that 10 miler on the treadmill , no snow here, bloody freezing though

    Fiona I hope the knee was ok for your run 

    Tek healing vibes to you, hope the calf is ok today

    SM6 hope you CAN be ar@ed today, I a sure a rest day wont hurt anyway

    Mace that was a really good run and a confidence booster , you are back on track..image

    StuartC I am the same as you when it comes to core work I hate it and dont enough (none actually ) image

    I don't think last nights track session was a good idea really looking back it wasn't scheduled and the day after the LT session, quality and speed suffered, my running is always worse the shorter faster stuff anyway and not done a track session or speed work for about 10 months !! we did 1k reps I averaged 4.19-4.20 the last one was crap at 4.25 although I dd manage a granny kind of sprint and over take on the last 100m lol, still it was great to see club mates .

    2 easy recovery runs for me today, 

  • Fiona I saw the splits fantastic runningimageimageimage

    SC great core work out.

    NN good effort after the LT session the day before enjoy your double day.

    First run of the day at Dark O'clock just over 8 miles 1 mile warm up 2 tempo 1 MP 3 Tempo 1 cool down. Very happy overall image.



  • NP nice to get it done so early ..I am still sat in bed watching last nights Corrie !

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