2013 Marathon Thread



  • Good that you got out HM4, do you have a plan for this week?

    NP fantastic race yesterday and followed by a long run! Great solo long run too by NN. image

    OH good that you dodged the squally showers.

    Stewart nice run round Clava, the short sharp hill after the viaduct is a killer! image

    Teknik that's a great pace on a hilly course.

    MG1 that was a fantastic long run yesterday, as you say a real confidence boost!

    5 miles easy today. Felt the knee again but must be something that tightens up after use so back to the roller. Will take a break tomorrow morning.

    Stuart I hope the weather is not too bad for the long run tomorrow.


  • Fiona,

    I'm hoping to get out on Thursday for 2 miles then will try for another 2 on Saturday with either 2-3 next Sunday.  If that goes well I should be able to start a 10k plan.   Hope your knee doesn't cause too much trouble.

  • Glad you got out HM4image

    Definitely a day for easy runs FionaC

    NP no swim today (once a week is enough even for a seemingly committed massochist)image
    Yesterday's swim ended up being more of a paddle with a protracted walk over rocks in knee high water before we got in deep enough to swim. image
    Mental note: check tide before swimming at that location again!image

  • Eeks image - certainly no swimming tomorrow
     From MSW (black represents 48' or greater swell)



  • Good that your plan is coming together HM4.

    Blimey OH stay away from that! Forecast looks dire. image


  • NN, well Done on some super running over the weekend !! a great long run that !!! Your running son must be proud of his mum !!

    Fiona, Likewise a brilliant 22. Hope the knee calms down for you. Lulu is booked inimage

    HM, well done for getting out and running. Good luck in 10k training

    Stewart, great to see some good 800M sets to along side your Hadd running. Good to mix it up !!...and then finish weekend with your longest run ever

    MG, Your running your long runs faster than me and I am fairly confident of beating 3:30. Seems to me you have more in the locker than you think image

    Tek, well done on your race fella, that speed and the miles your doing combined will get you to the start in ace shape !!

    Stuart - you like your weekend walks. Good for you. Keep up the good work with the running.Enjoy todays 20 !

    NP, I loved your race report and sumamry of a super race by you.  Spend the money wisely image Thanks and very well done with your long run too. A brilliant weekend of running

    OH. I am in warwick now - but am off to dubai at the end of the month ( think thats what you meant ). Nice swim and run. I do not understand that picture - but the black looks ominous .... stay safe

    An easy 11 miles this morning. All good. Less than 10 weeks to Brighton Marathon image


  • Black = wave hight over 48 feet
    (but wind not too bad so far in Kirkwall)

  • OH, noticed last night that the ferries were cancelled for today, not suprising given the above image image

    AGF, look like your in a good place with the training keep up the good work

    Fiona, hope the rolling has eased off the knee, I'm noticing the same once I get behond 8 miles the outside top of calf tightens up and the knee gripes a fair bit, but I'm on the roller and stretching hopefully it will sort itself out

    HM4, good luck with the 10k training

    NP, Another great run and the company helps, well done

    Planning to do a gym session tonight, I may run to and from but that will be totally dependant on the weather, the forecast for this evening is blizzards.

    A friend of mine has planted a seed in my head about doing the Lochaber Marathon in April, she seem to feel that given my current mileages and long runs, that I am in a good shape.  If I was to do this I would only have about 10 weeks of training left.

    Currently I'm doing around 50 miles a week, up to 17 miles long run with the majority @ an easy pace, I've been looking at the P&D shedules up to 55 miles, but I'm a bit light on the MLR's(10 miles max) and MP runs and I'm a little worried that I couldn't just jump into the middle of that shedule, especially since the coming week LR is a 20 miler.

    I would be grateful if I could get some advice with this, have I left it to late! 

  • Thank Stewart let's hope so. if your doing 50 miles a week then you have plenty of time to get 3x20 milers in and enjoy the race with lots of miles behind you. Treat it as a bonus. If I were you I would stay what your doing with exception making on of your mid week runs longer gradually. You can do P&D next time image

    You have a few females friends who talk you into running further than planned image. ( just ribbing)
  • StewartC  you have been increasing the miles without any problems and are on par with most of the people I run with from my club occasionally on a Saturday who are targeting VLM, I know their longest so far is 18 miles and their weekly mileage is no where near 50 miles, I am the only one doing P&D and havent told them just how any miles I am running in case it goes tits up and I look a right idiot....so I have played it down..lol...so although I am no expert I would say go for it..

    AGF the weeks are ticking away arent they , into single figures now and 2/3 of them will be a taper, is Brighton flat ?

    OH good grief find a swimming pool...I will let you into a secret, I haven't swam in the sea in this country since I was about 12..true !! I hate it cold, green yuk...and I live in Devon... near the so called English Rivera ...when I am abroad you cant keep me out the sea.. 

    Fiona hope the niggles clear up.

    HM4 hope you manage to get out this week

    4 miles recovery and few weights today.


  • Cross post with AGF ...typical he says do P&D next time Stewart, thats the trouble if you ask for advice..you get so many different answers...image


  • Very true Night Nurse....the thing is no answer is wrong. I ams sure with the mileage behind him Stewart will do well either way.  My commenst were based on TEkniks large improvements based on hadd training last year. Thats what stewarts been doing and I think he might as well continue with that Journey. That said there are multiple folk on here who also do very well with P&D.  Takes your choice image

    Have faith with your plan and your mileage NN. Your doing roughly double what you did last year based on Fetch and that coupled with the fact that you have had good mileage for the last few years = a very good race coming up for you image

    Brighton is mainly flat. There are a couple of hills near the start and at 8 miles, but to be honest they are not much to worry about - if anything they kurb the over excitement at the beginning of the race.  image

  • Stewart - Do it!!image Your weekly mileage is higher than mine at the moment, and there is still plenty of time to get 3-4x20s in, as well as a few longer midweek runs. Use it as a learning experience for Loch Ness, that's pretty much what I'm doing.

    OH - Looks a wee bit wild up your way. I'd keep out of the water image

    NP - Nice long run

    HM - Well done, seems like a good idea to build slowly back into it.

    Fiona - Take it easy with the knee

    AGF - Nice run today

    NN - Good run/weights double today


    19.97 @9.35 ave today. That wasn't even remotely fun, was ready to jack it at about 6 miles. Miles 3-12 were into driving rain/snow/hail. Ah well, it's done and this week is a recovery weekimage 

  • Very good fortitude Stuart. Good stuff. !!
  • Well done SM6 nice pace average ,sounds appalling conditions...that's hard core !!! but how could you leave it at 19.97 ? no ocd I take it. ?image

    AGF thanks yes I know but you never know what can happen between now and then...I had a right disaster 2 years ago...mind you it was my own fault., I missed half of  dec and Jan's training due to illness then crammed 100s of miles into feb and march and wore myself out...lesson learned the hard way.image

  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    NN another great long run - well done on the 21mimage

    Stuart nice 9 miler yesterday. Sorry the 20 miler was grim - miles in the bank, though.

    Stewart brutal 17 miler - great stuff fella.  On the Lochaber front I say (a) do it (b) use the P&D 12 week up to 55m schedule - you'll be ahead on the LSR mileage and (c) to cut the Gordian knot between NN and AGF, I use P&D to shape the week and its' mileage, but stick to Hadd HRs - in particular I would replace the tempo with a subLT. 

    OH well done for getting out there. Scary weather map!image LOL at the swim fail...

    NP great 22 miler - your mate Paul was the guy who steered me through the HR training, on Fetchimage

    HM well done

    Fiona nice 5 miler - hope the roller's working

    AGF nice easy 11 miles


    6m recovery tonight, all fine.image



  • Hi

    Just a quick question am doing VLM this year

    And my training going to plan most I have done

    Is 14 and half miles in 2.30 done 5x 10ks and 3 half marathons

    I am booked on a 20 miler in 5 week am I right. In assuming

    It would be to early to lower my miles with 6 weeks to

    Go from there to London any advice would be great

  • Well done on your 11 this morning AGF. I wish I could get up early enough for a double digit run!

    Stewart you are going really well and ahead of most folks training for a Spring marathon. In fact the miles you are putting in I thought you were! image

    A well deserved recovery day NN and Teknik.

    Stuart very well done for toughing it out. Blizzard conditions up here.

    Did not run this morning then got as far as uncovering the treadmill tonight and decided to take the whole day off. This will be a recovery week (I am listening AGF image). Knee still just at the niggly stage but after ruining last year's VLM with continuing to run on an injury I'm just not prepared to chance it. May also take tomorrow morning off to be sure of a nice blizzardy hill run tomorrow night! image Can't keep me away from that!!


  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    bradders - I think most plans have only a 3 week taper...

    Jason - are you ok? Starting to worry...image

    mace - are you still lurgied?

    YC - wishing you a speedier recovery mate

  • OH,

    That sounds awful weather.


    Well done on everyone's training & thanks for your comments.  Hope everyone's not too affect by the snow which is on the way.

  • Hi  all lots of great weekend running again!

    I did my run on Thursday, but although all was ok during, the pain afterwards was quite severe so haven't ran since but did do a 10mile walk on Saturday.

    Stewart -  I feel, you will easily manage Lochaber  with the miles you are presently doing and 10 more weeks training. I am doing Paris the week before Lochaber and have only ran 8 miles in the last 6 weeks!! I am optimistic that things will improve sometime soon!

  • AGF well done on the run today and good advice to SC but as far as speed work is concerned work hard on your LT runs which are faster than MP and add a few miles at MP to every other long run.

    OH looks like your big pool is closed for a few daysimage

    NN well done on the recovery run and weights today.

    SM6 that's a great run in poor conditions well done. image

    Teknik well done on the 6 miles tonight, Paul is a nice guy and is into the HR running he always tells me I run to fastimage but we where able to talk the whole wayimage resting HR is 34/36 at the moment image

    Fiona your not the only oneimage went swimming this morning and did 54x25 m and then looked at my training and noticed its over 3 weeks since my last non running day so no run today image HIlls make you strongimage enjoy your hill run tomorrow.

    Bradders two to three weeks is the norm for a taper even doing a 20 three weeks out.
  • £3.40 for a nose full of chlorine this evening while confined to a narrow lane  - yes I braved it to the poolimage
    Wind didn't come to forecast epic levels today so hopefully should be OK for a run tomorrow afternoon. Lots of sleety snow around just now.

    SM6 take it you didn't look at your Garmin until you got in image
    or was the weather so foul that a further 0.03 mile was unthinkable

    AGF 11 miles before 10 imageimage

    Tek good going to get out

  • Jason hasnt even logged any training on Fetch..but guess you have noticed that image

    NP do you tag MP miles on to occasional long runs instead of following the P&D sceduled MP  runs ? 

  • Bradders, agree with the others on a shorter taper. image

    Take care kaz but well done on getting more walking done.

    NP more great swimming and impressive HR, image mine is 10 bpm higher! Looking forward to the hills image


  • ...hope jason's ok image

    Let's hope you get our run tomorrow OH.


  • Thanks for advice :0)
  • Tek - Nice run

    OH/NP - Good swimming

    Fiona - Take a rest day!!image 

    Kaz - Hope you are ok

    OH/NN - I actually thought my route would come out at 20.1, but even when I seen 19.97 I was too wet and cold to consider doing the extra 50 metresimage

    Bad news once I came in that my local parkrun is cancelled for 8 weeks, just as I'm about to hit 50 runs tooimage 

  • Hello everyone

    i'm new to this thread and this is my first marathon, i'm upto 15 miles at the moment but am struggling at around 14 miles in 2hr 40min, i can't seem to get beyond this distance, any advice from any one


  • Hi

    Another newbie here, I am also attempting my first marathon this year (Stratford in April). Completed my first real long run on Sunday, well long for me, 12 miles in 1hr 32 mins. What I really want to know is do I have any chance of a sub 3.30 based on this time? I am 43 and have no experience with training program's and I'm just using some basic programme I got online.

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