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  • morning

    well physio session was good, she massaged my knee a bit and watched me run in shoes and barefoot. She wants me to try to run more forefoot stricking, has said to run 2 mins barefoot on treadmill, put shoes on and walk 2 mins, run 2 mins barefoot etc, landing on forefoot. she also said to try getting some shoes with a lower heel drop to make it feel more natural to forefoot strike. Anyone any experience of the transition?

    then she looked at my calf and said she thought it was a bit tight. Cue horrible incredibly painful calf massage, I hobbled home. Still a bit tender this morning but hopefully not as tight. So i didn't exercise this morning - didn't want to risk hurting my calf as well!

    really busy day as I have to go to Nottingham Uni after school for a meeting and won't be home till late

  • Afternoon all!

    MC - Physio session sounded interesting.

    Well done on your run Chili and your bike ride.

    Hi Franny and everybody else!

    Well kids training was cancelled yesterday as the trainer was poorly so I took the kids to the park for a 3 miler! Little un' struggled a bit so we did some walking too.....

    Just got back from morning swimming training and a visit to the science museum which was great.  Daughter wants to go training again this eveningimage if we let her, I'll get to run.

    Hope you are all OK. Speak later......


  • loulabell wrote (see)

    you mean she didnt know the F word before she met you? sheesh...how you dragged her downimage

    Knew it, yes.  Used it anything like as much?  Don't think so.  So yes, probably dragged her down a bit, at least in her use of the English language in all its glory...

  • hi sis, glad you got to go to gymimage

    jude, hope your get your run this evening too! sounds like a nivce day at museum .

    mc, the massage sounds ouchy for sure!! hope its feeling improved tomorrow.

    lovely to see the sun today , yes chilly but nice all the sameimage makes us feel the promise of spring at least


  • evening, a long day but finally at home and feet upimage

  • Morning all!

    DJ - my thoughts and prayers are with you today.

    Well, son and daughter wanted to go to a second training session yesterday so I got a run in.  (Only three miles again but it's better than nothing, right?) Kids must have swum around 5Km yesterday.image

    Anyway, day at home planned followed by swimming training this evening.

    Hope you are all OK and weather is still sunny....


  • DJ...hugs and thoughts for today are with you (((((((hugs))))))))))))))

  • Thinking of you ans your family dj
  • morning all

    DJ - thinking of you today.

    Jude - have a lovely day

  •   Deejay ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((HUGS and thoughts and prayers with youand your family today)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  • DJ - thoughts and prayers with you today.

    Jude - that is quite some swimming for your kids! Hope you have a lovely day.

    I'm pilates and swimming today.

  • Moo and I are off to the drs today. His cold seems to have headed south onto his chest. Lots of noisy breathing and wheezing
  • Afternoon,

    DJ-Yes thoughts are with your family.

    MC-Sounds like a good physio session. No pain no gain with physio's. Just been for my monthly one and have had a few knotted muscles massaged out. 

    byeck-Good luck with the dr's.

    Hi Franny,Chilli,byeck etc - where is everyone & where are the nice pictures Loula!!

     5.6 mile srun this morning have a 10k race on Sunday where I hope to get a PB or I may retire from 10k races!!!   

  • A  Winter-time training programme that works for all?image



  • Afternoon

    Well done AF on your  run...I did 4 miles in the freezin windy rain but LOVED it...hee hee...Then got a soaking taking Chico out his walk.

    By'eck..hope Moo is okay

  • Dr thinks he may have sinusitis.
  • Mr Chilibean....'like' your pic aboveimage

  • by eck - did he get antibiotics for the sinusitis?

    DJ - hope today hasn't been too hard.

    tried a bit of forefoot running on the treadmill, only for a few minutes at a time, knee started to twinge a bit and the calf of the other leg started getting achy so did some weights. I kept my shoes on though, couldn't be doing with the faff of taking them on and off

  • AF and Franny - well done on your runs.

    By'eck - hope Moo feels better soon.

    MC - well done on your training, take care with your knee....

    Mr Chili - image

    Chili - how was pilates and swimming?

    No run for me today but kids swam as usual. Watching a film with kids now....time for cuddles.image

  • Evening.

    Byeck - hope you get some sleep tonight and prayers for your little lad too.

    Jude - only managed the pilates class cos I ended up having too much work to fit in the swim.

    But my teens are all really keen to do the 5k Radlett run again this May image Well, 3 of them are and intend to bully the rest into it.

  • Wahey! That's brilliant chili

    When are we getting together for a crac run?
  • soon ! soon!

  • I am planning a run this afternoon. Hmm, think it needs to be 10-12 miles, then a 8 miler tomorrow
  • morning

    by eck - hope you get your run in

    chili - good that your teens are into exerciseimage

  • Morning image

    Hope you get your run in By'eck.

    MC...think it takes a long time to change foot strike and thingd will twinge at first.

    Well I am going running with some ladies from the running club today up in the hills...eek hope I can keep up wiv em......doing about 9 or so miles image

    Speak later...have a good day.


  • 2.5k on the treadmill last night before gut issues prevented further progress.  image

    Hope all went OK yesterday, DJ.

  • Afternoon,

    Franny-Hope your hilly 9 miler was good. I am sure you had no problem keeping up with the other ladeis.

    Chilli-Well done on getting teenagers exercising. Seems a very difficult thing to achieve these days. You are an inspiration.  

    byeck-Hope you get out for your planned runs.

    LLB-You are very quiet at the moment. Hope all is ok and yes you can be naughty again as it is the weekend!

    6 miler this morning in preparation for my 10k race on sunday.  

  • Hello all image

    Finished with the mega-pack so can relax a bit now image

    Franny - 9 hilly miles sounds excellent; By'eck and AF you are racking up the mileage!  I had a bit of a lazy post-mara week, took part in a fun relay this morning.  Could only manage just under 6mins a k, legs still a bit sluggy.  But there was a lot of chocolate about.

    Speaking of which, yesterday I had date and chocolate cake but it was so sweet I left a bit.  This is still bothering me image wasting cake is just WRONG.


  • Boss, to counter Lou's spreading of dirty man pictures, I present to you a 23 yeaar old (suspended) US teacher in nearly all her glory.  

    The pics are probably work safe.  Unless of course you are the teacher who is the subject of the photos.  image








  • Now Mr byeck that is so much better. I wish others took note and produced repectible pictures like this! 

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