Just A Little Bit Further 2013



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    these i LOVE

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    these are fun!!!

  • there you are Mr By eck, i will gladly recieve any of these image

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     How about a compromise, Lou?  Hahaha

  • Mrchili, they are wonderful!!
  • i love trhose!!!

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    i LOVE these babies!!!!


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    and these!!!


  • erm.... those are blue?

  • Blue ones hadn't posted when I sent my message.
  • those shoes are all far too high for me

    well done on all the running

    mr by eck - get yourself a proper training plan, you can't just suddenly 'see how far I can go' without ending up injuring yourself

    busy busy day for me

    off to the masters swim session later. I could easily just chill on the sofa but am determined to get some exercise in and looks like swimming is the best at the moment given how painful my knee is

  • Morning

    I lurve all the shoozies.............................the higher the better...us wee peeps need some height...lol

    MC..hope you enjoyed the masters swim last night..aw hope your knee is ok

    Just off to the gym before doing my 5 hilly miles...not sure what weather is doing yet as its still dark up here.

    Have a good day y'all and will speak later

  • morning all

    swim was great last night, but half way through my arms were really tired! guess that's waht you get when you swim 3 days in a row!

    put loads of ice on my knee yesterday and it is feeling slightly better today. Did a nice gentle turbo session this morning

  • My tummy started giving me gyp on Sunday during my run on Sunday and I still going. I have no idea what is wrong with it
  • could be a bug by eck and nothing to do with your run. or stress maybe? I have had tummy problems before when feeling very stressed. Hope it gets better soon

  • Hope the tummy clears up soon By'eck.

    MC..well done on your turbo session and swim last night.

    Well I have been to gym and then went out for my 5 miles hilly run......image


  • mathschick wrote (see)

    mr by eck - get yourself a proper training plan, you can't just suddenly 'see how far I can go' without ending up injuring yourself

    Where do I get one of those then?

    And Lou, I like all of the shoes you put up, until you started on the running high heels things.  Not doing it at all for me.

    Hoping to get the Mrs out in her new dress and some nice heels on Wednesday, but she is resisting all attempts, despite looking gorgeous in it.

  • See the red tab that says "training". There are lots on there.
  • Had a look, and there isn't really one that is suitable for me for the 5k.  I'm past the beginner point, but can't do a 4 day training schedule, unless I were to go out running at lunch time, which is a possibility, but there are lots of people around and I'm still 'outside' body concious.  I can deal with gyms because there are people in there bigger than me.  But in London, everyone's slim and beautiful, or at least everyone that is out running is.  And regrettably, I'm not.

  • You only think that because you're male and notice the women
  • Hope you feel better soon By'eck.

    Well done on your run and gym Franny. 

    Great going with the swimming MC.

    Nice shoes Loula but I wouldn't like to walk in them.

    Have to stay at school tonight for beginning of term meeting. Won't be home before 7.30...

    BFN x

  • LLB-What a lot of sexy shoes- mind you I am more of a boot man!!!!   

    Mr byeck- I never go to gyms - but perhaps I may need to join a London one!!

    I must look at a training plan for a mrathon as I am on a DIY one at the moment!

    Did 14.2 miles in 2.05 this morning - still trying to slow my pace down- I am apparently doing 16 miles on Friday with the club as well. Will be good as I am away with Mrs AF at the weekend.As it's her birthday tomorrow and mine on 26th. Must remeber to give her the right card tomorrow- she has in the past had two valantines cards and no birthday cards and vice versa!!!!!   

  • Well done on your 14 miles AF and goodness another long run on Friday...amazing image well done...lol about the cards..thats funny.Are you going somewhere nice and romantic?

    Aw Jude..thats so not fair having to stay behind for a meeting. Booooooooooo

    Yes Mr By'eck..you must get By'eck to get all dolled up for your night out....Where you off to ?

  • Helloooooooooooooo

    Hiya Franny, training has not been great but Im back on it now.

    Hiya Chilli and Mr Chilli.

    Loula, fabbie shoosies.

    Hi Mr By Eck and By Eck

    Boss that's a lot of miles. Hope the training is going well. I will sponsor you when my pennies come in.

    Jude that is a lovely piccie of you and your family.

    Well I'm hoping to have a bit more time now and less stress. I have been struggling to do my LSR on a weekend so went out today with the idea of doing 2 hours and accept whatever mileage it was. I managed 11 miles so I was really pleased although some of the Canal was muddy and my lovely wonder shoosies have got a little bit mucky. Since I got them though my legs have felt so good.

    Hi Mathschick, Louise, Road Runner and anyone I have missed.

  • Pancakes!!!!!

    I've got lemon juice, sugar, syrup, sausages, bananas, ice-cream

    So come line up with your plate and join us image

  • Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeee yes please Chili............

    Ecky...that is fab..you will be back on track before you know it.Aw your poor new shoozies...they will clean up don't worry...I put mine through hell and they always come up shining again image

  • ooo all you peeps that have done sooo much runnying and i feel like ive done nuffink   image

    well done to you all im hooing to get out soon. miss llb is away on a sleepover soon so i am going to attempt a goodun then.

    oo i have pancakey mix too chili!!

    mr by eck , you are doing really v well and keep at it. did you like my shooz pics image

    could you ask your good lady wife when she fancies a ryn with me?

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