Just A Little Bit Further 2013



  • franny - well doneimage nice to get loads of goodies, specially cake!

  • Franny!  Well done!!! And cake too image.  Glass of red wine the least you can do.

    Ecky, well done - seriously hard work carrying the extra baggage.

    MC hope you are feeling good after your luvverly sleeeeep.

    LLB, my next trip is SA for the TO, then back to Dubai to pack... in London from 8 April, unpacking container.  At the RW stand supporting London Marathon at Mudchute so will see Ecky and Teddy there.

    2.5 hours today, about 21k.  Actually I made it exactly 21.1k so that I could say I did a half marathon image.  Back to back 2nd half tomorrow morning.


  • Smokies  10 mile ladies Race


    Got picked up at 8am from one of the Clubs hubby’s and arrived in good time. Perfect running conditions. Cloudy not too cold and no wind

    1st stop was the toilet and then off to register .Once that was done it was a bit of a  wait until the start and more toilet visits…LOL

    It wasn’t a chipped time race so 321 and a sound of the horn and we were away.

    As we passed the 1st mile a lady said just 9 to go….everyone around just looked daggers at her LOL

    Anyway I was going well and knew there were hills/’undulations to come so just focused on my running. As I was running along I noticed a wee sign in the hedges saying 1st hill ahead..lol  They were’nt  kidding..on and on it went until mile 4.5 where I saw a man in a bright pink  Mankini… Hmmm wonder who that could be ??????imageimage   I thought that the hills/undulations were over but alas no no no…..more signs in the hedges saying otherwise.. Ah well I thought just get on with it your feeling strong then someone from behind clipped my footimage….now correct me if I’m wrong but why oh why would you run up someone’s  heels. .this happened 3 times throughout the race  twice by the same person and was not amused but just kept going careful as I went.

    Marshall support was superb along the whole route…They had folk on bikes handing out jelly babies and there were plenty water stops…I declined all and just kept going was worried if I stopped I would not get going again..More signs in the hedges saying last undulation HONEST but they were kidding us…..was so funny though and new that at mile 8 surely there would be no more and there wasn’t. Was worried I would go the wrong way so kept with 2 other ladies from another club then recognised where we were and knew it wasn’t far to go..turned a corner and got directed into a muddy field..nearly slipped but didn’t.. as soon as I crossed the line Got a well done and which wine do you prefer…lol Was taken aback at 1st but not for long…LOL

    Then it was into the hall for all the yummy rolls and cakes and a nice cuppa.

    Result….1.27.07 Finished 116/319 and was 3rd/7th from the club and PB too boot.

    Very Happy image

  • Thank you everyone Meant to say the 1st lady home well 1st person as it was a ladies race lol did it in 61 mins.............Now that is what you call speedy..she must have been smokin ...lolimage

  • brill report, well done Franny

    blimey, hilly 10 miles in 61 mins is good for the first lady

    better get sorted for going swimming soon

  • Enjoy your swim MC..you feeling better now????


  • yeah, loads better!

  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭


  • Morning image

    Glad you are feeling better MC

    Franny, great race, congrats on the PB.  I aspire to your speed but am about a minute per mile slower and that's when there's no mud in the picture image

    12.6k today as 2nd part of long-slow back-to-back.  Rest tomorrow!

    Where's AF???

  • Morning all,

    Louise- I am here!!

    Franny-Well done on your PB.

    My race is this Sunday- not yesterday.

    No run today a gentle 6.8 yesterday and will do 2-3 6 milers this week. 

  • Oops got confused.  Happens often.

  • Morning

    Thanks Louise but i am not that speedy..lol

    Phewwwwwwwwwwww didn't think you were racing yesterday AF..well how could you you were out in your mankini weren't you image Hope it wasn't to chilly for you..lol..well done on your run yesterday.

    Did a gentle easy 6 miles this morning just to get the legs going.

    Grrr isn't it so annoying ...you arrive back home to find a card through the door saying missed parcel by 5 mins...Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh

    Work later for me...have a good Monday everyone

  • Pleased you saw me Franny!!! Yes it was chilli! Well done on your 6 miler.

  • Afternoon everyone

    Franny - congratulations on your excellent race and time imageimage

    MC - good to hear you are feeling better image

    Hubby has gone to Germany for the week so am a bit busy.... okay, I'm always busy. Feeling very tired but managed to do 13 miles on the bike first thing this morning after dropping the girls off at school and before my lunchtime group.

  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭

    chili- oo where is Mr Chili in Germany?

  • evening everyone

    chili - must be loads of work without hubby there, take care

    off to swimming later tonight

  • NandyNandy ✭✭✭

    Good morning everyone! How we all doing?

    Franny - Well done on the 10miler, great time!! How are the legs today? I bet that wine went down a treat!

    Even though the weather has been great for running this weekend i barely made it away from my building site! Grrr, darn house!!

    It gets me excited thinking of all these races!! I'm thinking of entering for next years london marathon as it'll be 10 years since i first did it, back when i was a young pup and didn't have a care in the world! lol

    Hope you all have a good day!image


    Hope everyone is okay. I need a little catch up. Just back from a lovely 9 miles inluding a Mahooooooosive hill. Beautiful sun but icy cold, just perfect. Now eating ready salted crisps image

    Morning Nandy, I bet you will be glad when the house is done.

    Franny that was a brilliant race report.

    Chilli you will be exhausted by the end of the week.

    Well Big Girl had her Chemistry exam today. I think she may have finished by now or maybe still in there as it was 9.30. She has worked so hard with her revision so I hope she gets good marks. She has Physics on Thurs too. She just enjoys science so much.

  • Morning

    Ecky..well done on your early 9 miles with mahoosive hill..Hope big girl got on okay.

    Nandy..when do you think your house will be fisished...it will be fab when it is then we can come PARTEEEEEEEEEEEEE...lol...My legs are fine today...did an easy 6 miles yesterday but decided to have a rest day today...even though its a beautiful day to go running...must learn from past mistakes and not get carried away...lo

    Chili..Aw ((((hugs)))) Mr Chili be back soon...well done on fitting in your 13 mile cycle in your busy schedule..phew I don't know how you do it.

    MC..hope your okay today and getting back into training again.

    Loula...you found a house yet sis?????when do you need to ove out by????

    AF...think you were running today..hope you had a nice one

    Louise..what you up to today??/

    And where has roadrunner ran off to?

    Deejay..thinking of you lots and hope you are okay

    Jude...how are you..its great you are getting out for some runs again..how is school..hope not any more problems.

    NOW a little birdie says ickle Moo is getting home today...lets have a surpiise parteeeee for him and welcome him home imageimageimageimage Hope your okay By'eck and that the pump does not misbehave...lol

    Speak later..Have a lovely day everyone


  • Morning,

    7.3 miles this morning in 1.02 lovely outhere this morning freezine when I went out,but, failry warm on my return.

    Good luck to Big Ecky in her Chemistry exam...I hated science at school...all those years ago.

    Nandy- I bet you can't wait to finish the house!

    Bye for now

  • Afternoon (in Dubai)

    Rest day for me after 3 days of longish runs in a row.  Also have to learn not to think it's ok to run just cos I feel fine... Tomorrow have to do morning and evening 45mins each. 

    Good work Jude, AF, Ecky and Chilli  image 


  • Yeeeeeey Paaaaaaartay for Moo *goes off to find banners and balloons*

    Franny you deserve a rest day after all that running.

    Hi Boss, yeh I hated it too thats why I cant understand her love of it. Her Dad loves science though so she must get it from him.

  • Hi people!  Thought I should make an appearance so you know I haven't been abducted by aliens. image

    Haven't been here for ages because nothing's really going on to be honest.  I'm only doing one or two 5k sessions a week because I'm focusing on building muscle mass right now - I've had enough of being thin.image  So it's floor/bench presses, deadlifts and squats (oh my) for me at the moment. image 

    Has anyone tried the new 'Boost' shoes from Adidas - thoughts?

    Laters.  Will definitely post some before/after pics in a few months or so. image

  • Hi RR nice to hear from you. Be good to see the before and after pics!

    by eck - hope this means things are going well with moo, and hope you get a good night's sleep tonight at home!

    ecky - fingers crossed for your girl, but if she has worked hard then I am sure she will do well

  • Moo was very very sick last night but we have been allowed to bring him home. I will eventually catch up on everything Here and at home.
  • byeck- please moo is home hopefully he is ok and you have a chance to catch up.

    Franny-We posted simultaneously! - enjoy your rest day.  

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