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  • Yep, I'm going to stick with steady running - this knee of mine has always been strange, so running has probably set something fairly permanent off that means my speed will always be somewhat restricted.  I'll give it a few days or a week's rest and then see how it is - with any luck it'll be OK then I can get back to the slow, steady and increasing distance runs. image

    I thought it would be my CV system that would have the problem with hill running, not my knee but there you go.

  • Thts good mc, hope your injury stAys away now- wht events have u planned
  • lots of triathlonsimage

    well, I am also entered in Sussex marathon in April, but unsure as to whether I am going to manage thatimage I'll have to see how it goes, I can always swap to the half marathon (that's what I did last year) but would really like to do the full mara, but don't want to spend any more time out injured.

    triathlons - I have entered the midlands sprint series (3 triathlons, April, May, and July), Outlaw half, and I am doing the outlaw as part of a pirate relay team - I'm doing the run. I need to check whether I have entered anything else - don't want to forget about anythingimage

  • Evening everyone

    Sounds like some good running taking place image

    AF we will certainly be celebrating with you. Ecky - well done!

    Loula, sounds a great idea!

    Louise, mmmm carrot cake. I have a tray of freshly made double choc brownies to add to the trolley.

    Rest day for me today (at least from training!)

    DJ - thoughts and prayers are with you.

  • I was wondering tht too by eck
  • morningimage

    back at workimage


  • Morning image

    Been out to gym this morning and had a good session. Work at 2pm for me today.

    MC..hope work is not too manic for you.Well done on your parkrun on Saturday

    Hi Loula,Byeck,Boss,Chilli,Matt,Rocker and all

    Deejay...thinking of you all...hows things? xxx

  • Morning all, just popping on quickly while at work image

    Hope everyone is okay?

    DJ - thinking of you...

    Had a nice long run yesterday along the Lee Valley towpath - Liz did the first 7km with me then I carried on, ended up at just over 14m. Am paying for it a bit today with some achy muscles - it's the longest run I've done since the Druids Ultra with Lou at the beginning of November, and the longest tarmac run in a lot longer!!

    Right, back to work!

  • Morning all, 

    Yes DJ thinking of you as well.

    Ultra-Well done on your 14 miler. 

    Went out again this morning-what a dull and murky day. Strapped my achilles up and 75% pain free- really pleased to manage 7.4 miles in 1.02- was going to do just 5 miles but felt fine. So 12.6 miles to go for 100 weeks.

    Hi Franny,Chilli,byeck, Louise,Jude etc etc

  • Hope all is peaceful DJ.  

    Managed about 6k in 25 minutes on the cross trainer yesterday afternoon.  Might have done more but the gym was closing.  Knee was fine, achilles was fine, no after-effects, so hopefully all good.  But Achilles has a very dodgy bumb halfway down it.

  • Hi DJ, our thoughts are with you.

    I've taken the first step in retraining in fitness, I got in touch with the National Careers Advice Service and they emailed me back with a load of information and the option to speak to someone face to face which is what would be best I think.  One of the options open to me is to train as an assistant, but I think I need a bit of training first so I'd a) have a better chance of landing a job as an assistant and b) so that I have a clearer idea of how everything works!!  From what I understand, a Level 2 would only take a year or so to complete and I think I'd have a much better chance - then if necessary, I could do extra training.  Since I'm not a complete rookie when it comes to fitness I should be able to start at level 2 - otherwise it's another year to do Level 1. 

    There's a gym just down the road from where I live, and another within easy running distance so those would be good places to start when the time comes.

    Knee's having the whole week off, that includes the exercise bike, but I'm still doing pullups and pushups - I'm typing this in the rest between sets! image

    Back to it.image

    OK: done. image

    I might even end up learning more about knees and how to avoid them getting injured!  As I said though, my troublesome knee has not been right for the majority of my adult life, so it's not just down to running.image

    Here's what I'll probably have to start with:

    NCFE Certificate Level 1

    This course is suitable for students of all ages.  There are no entry requirements.

    Course content:

    This part time course helps give you the skills to start a career in the fitness industry.

    Learn about assessing fitness levels, designing exercise programmes, circuit training, nutrition, anatomy and physiology.


    Sounds like just the ticket for me - maybe after the knowledge gained from that, I'd have a chance of picking up some work as an assistant. image


  • RR-Sounds like you have a good game plan. Good luck.

    Mr byeck well done on  your time on the cross trainer.

  • RR - sounds great. Hope you enjoy your journey.

    Well done Mr Byeck and AF - am excited for you at getting to 100 weeks!

    Hi everyone else

    DJ - thoughts and prayers and hugs.

    Today is the last day of the Christams hols and I am sooooo relieved. I feel like a broken record 'stop arguing... leave each other alone... stop fighting...' However it does mean back to work for me and I'm teaching tonight and Wed night. I enjoy it and I need the pennies but they are late nights and require a lot of energy.

    Have set the girls up with a movie and since hubby is working in the study I'm popping out for a bike ride. See you later!

  • Hi all.

    DJ - still thinking of you.

    AF, Mr By'eck and Rocker - well done!

    Chili - hope you enjoyed your bike ride.

    Just back from work and I have a text message saying there is a snow holiday tomorrow! Yippee! There actually isn't much snow on my side of the city.image Really need a day off as I worked Saturday and yesterday I was helping my own kids with homework all day....

    BFN x

  • hi

    Jude - yippee, try to find some time for a rest tomorrow

    chili - hope you enjoyed your bike ride. Good luck with your classes

    I am shattered after my first day back, and have come home with a headache - either dehydration or just the hassle of kids all day! 

    RR - well done on moving on your dreams and finding out about work in the fitness industry.

    DJ - we're all thinking of you and your family

  • MC - Must be the hassle of kids all day.  I love kids (individually) but I find that the noise level of a class of excited 8 years for 6 lessons can become unbearable at times. (Obviously I'm not a teacher by vocation......)


  • yeah, and I even had kids come after school for extra lessons, I didn't want to turn them away after they had made the effort to stay! 

  • Gosh! First day back and the kids are staying for extra lessons? They are keen.

    It's snowing heavily now.  Very pretty, especially when we are all snuggly in the warm.

  • ahhh, you won't feel so bad about having a snow day then!

  • I will never feel bad about having a snow day! lol...image

  • I RAN!!!

    4.5 miles round a hilly town/pavement route. Not very exciting but a 140yard climb means I know I've been out
  • Well done Byeck! image

    Jude - enjoy your snow day. Sounds lovely.

    MC - hope you sleep well.

    On Christmas Eve when it was my Grandad's 90 birthday half of the family came for the tea-party and one of my uncles was there. He is mid 60's and completely blind. As a young man he was a jockey and then owned some stables and trained horses. Two years ago he moved to a retirement village in his town. We were talking about running (of course) especially as my youngest uncle does triathlon and I mentioned the blind runner we met at Abo and teasingly suggested that my uncle could take up running. And it seems he wants to! imageHe's looking for someone who will partner him. Unfortunately he lives too far away for me to do it, but I have sent my cousin a link to a local running group and I really do hope he finds someone.

    My bike ride was wonderful. Such a mild evening and really peaceful and lovely.

  • morning all

    well done by eck!

    chili - that sounds great about your uncle. When I was at parkrun on Saturday there were 2 blind runners there with guides

    really mild this morning, did 4.3 miles, but knee still not right. I am going to give it another 2 weeks then think about going back to the dr and asking to be referred on for a scan

  • I hate my body.  Its now decided that what I really want is a muscle strain in my back.  I blame the bloody awful seats on South West Trains.  image

  • Mornin image busy at work so far this year! 

  • Hi all, hope everyone is okay.

    Sorry I am a bit bogged down with sorting important stuff. Its not family or anything but its guna be a bit tough for a couple of weeks. I will pop on when I can to keep up with everything. My training is going well.

    Chilli, I will find out soon where I need to be for London so will let you know very soon.


  • ecky - hope you are ok

    Tom - good to hear from you - how is your outlaw training going?

    my by eck - look after your back!

    better get on with some work!

  • oh, I was thinking this morning (when my knee was grumbling about the run I did) that maybe I could run/walk in fairly even time splits the marathon that I had signed up to do, if I train and do really fast walking in the walk bit rather than the ambling that I tend to do. At least I would get round rather than not be able to do it. What do you all think? Am I mad? I was thinking that this Sunday I could do a run 5 mins/walk 5 mins and try for about 8 miles and see how that feels?

    Obviously I would rather run it all, but that isn't going to happen in April....

    I could change down to the half marathon, but then that would be disappointing....

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