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  • Why do you have a picture of someone flipping a swimmer the bird?

  • Ah, starts to make a bit more sense...

  • Jude - lovely pictures of your girl

    physio has told me I need to speed up my cadence, he reckons I am probably loping along (he is probably right) and if I up the cadence then there will be less stress on my joints.

    if anyone has any tips on how to do this they would be gratefully received

    off to cook now!

  • I'm having a break......image

    Good grief! Flipping the bird? Never heard that before....  That swimmer is my daughter.  She needs tops to fit age 16 coz otherwise she can't fit her shoulders in....image 

    MC - sorry, no tips.  How about listening to music with a fast tempo and running in time?

  • maybe I should look to see if I can get my garmin to beep with a certain cadence...

  • no, but I could get a foot pod which would measure my cadence and beep if it drops below a certain amount! I'll think about that, but tomorrow will try to measure my cadence....will set up some 30sec intervals where I count my cadence and see if I can make it quicker...

  • Aw Jude- what lovely pics!! You must b so proud
  • Flipping the bird??? Is this a Hertfordshire phrase?? Remember my by eck - I'm only good for Essex now sweetie:

  • mr by eck tht was meant to say
  • Evening everyone

    Nice to see it so lively in here.

    DJ - sending hugs to you too. My Dad has a motor nurone disease very simmilar to MS and has been ill for the past 29yrs. It's very tough.

    Jude - great pictures and well done again to Elif.

    Today we went to see Disney on Ice. Was wonderful. We know one of the skaters hence the free tickets, popcorn and pressie for each child! They are so thoroughly spoilt. I ate too much popcorn image

    Tomorrow we are going to be trying to entact the show because I'm taking the family to a nearby outdoor ice-rink. Will be Smidge's first time on skates and she's a bit nervous.

  • /members/images/728570/Gallery/Broxbourne_Woods_Run.jpg

     As promised FINALLY able to upload the pic!!  New Year's Day Run at Broxbourne Woods with Rocker, Liz, my honey 'Chili' and our little Chilibean 'Big Girl'. Celebration complete with Lemon Drizzle Cake followed the achievement. image

  • Thanks for all the kind words.Had some positive news on Mum today.They have found the reason for her lack of motivation,worsening physical state and terrible mood swings and depression.She has a bacterial infection,that has affected her brain.She is now being drip fed antibiotics and hydration,and is a bit more herself,although she is very very week,and still critical.If we can get her mind and fight back,she could recover,as her current state has been caused by her refusal to eat,drink or get out of bed.Hopefully she'll want to help herself to get better.Here's hoping anyway.

    Jude,great pics.It's always a joy to see youngsters enjoying sport.

    Fab noo years day meet photo too.Thanks Mr Chilli.

    Well i'm going to shame myself now.In April 2011,when i completed my marathon,i weighed 13st.After a 18 months of illness,injury and dealing with a lot of disruption to my life i now weigh 15st 5lbs.So i am aiming to get back to 13st by the end of the year.Training starts on Saturday,with club running starting a week later,and hopefully racing starting in April.No excuses,i've got to be fit and strong as a lot of people rely on me,and i need to enjoy my running again.I'm really looking forward to being able to be fit enough to join you on your long runs.Although maybe not the ultra ones just yet.

    Now i'm off to charge the Garmin,dust off my shoes,and try and remember my Fetch Everyone login details.The road awaits.

  • Mathschick, don't know if you've looked at Steve's Forum 6 Paris thread, but his coach gave him this exercise for improving foot speed - I haven't tried it yet (tendinitis day 6) but it's added to my list of things to do when I get going again.  Copied from Sam Murphy's runners' strength circuit -

    "Aim: to get a feel for foot landing below hip and to improve elasticity of lower leg tendons for better ‘elastic recoil’. With knees slightly bent and torso upright, bounce fast and low on the spot - don’t push off up into the air and think about barely changing the angle at your ankles, knees or hips. Set a metronome to 180 or higher to train your brain to move your feet faster. Feel springy, but let heels touchdown. Progression: Perform drill on a marked line – the challenge is to stay on the spot, to improve neuromuscular control. [do for] 20 seconds.'


    Going cycling today to stop from bouncing off walls.


  • DJ, sounds like you've had a really tough time.  Hope 2013 is filled with wonderful things for you and good luck with the new programme.

  • Morning all!

    DJ - I do hope your mum feels better soon now they have a diagnosis.

    Chili - Great photo!

    Louise - Enjoy your bike ride.

    Off to work.......

  • morning

    DJ - good that they know what is wrong with your mum, hopefully she will make progress now, my thoughts are with you.

    Louise - thanks, I haven't been following the paris threads, now exactly sure how to do that but I will try!

    chili - love the pictureimage

  • DJ, hope things get better with your mum now they know what they are dealing with.  And good luck with the weight loss.  I know how hard it can be.  Funnily enough, that's my target, but I have a 12lb head start on you.

  • Mornin' image Anyone like some granola flapjack? 

  • Morning everyone

    DJ, really hope your mum improves. And big hugs to you as you dust off your garmin and trainers. We are all here to cheer you on.

    Does ice skating class as cross-training? Just had a wonderful 50mins with my girlies on an empty ice rink. Should be doing a bike ride today but am feeling very can't-be-bothered about getting my bike out.

  • morning Tom - how are you? granola flapjack sounds great

  • Afternoon friendies

    Chili...I would say that ice skating is very good crosstraining...and fun to...glad you had a lovely time image

    MC...good luck with upping your cadence...I would have no idea how to..sounds too technical to me...lol..I'd probably end up falling over thinking about what I and where my ankle etc should be.

    Deejay...hope your mum umproves soon and don't worry abiut the weight loss it will happen as you get back into your running routine again...good luck.

    Tom...your flappyjacks sound great.

    Mr Chilli..great pic of the new year runners image

    Jude...what a lovely pic of your gilrlie...you must be a proud proud mummy...hoe you got your marking done.

    AF...hows you foot today Boss.

    Helllooooooooooooo everyone else

    No running for me today...I seem to have lost my get and go...can you help me find it pleez.

    Byeeeeeeeeeeee for now

  • franny - yeah, I have lost mine today too - I think because I slept badly though, I had intended to get up and have a run before OH went to work, but as I was awake half of the night, I decided to stay in bed and get some sleep, then the kids started arguing at 6:30. When they got up the big one managed to bash the little one's thumb with a door, cue loads of crying and screaming, no wonder I have lost my get up and go.....think it went without me.....

  • There's a DVD voucher I've got that needs using: I might do a 'town to town' run for the first time in order to spend it.  It's not outside my distance comfort zone, but I usually keep runs local - this'll be the first time going on a run outside my immediate area. image

    Of course I could get the bus, but why do that when I can combine the trip with a run?image

  • that sounds like fun RR!!

    right, going to make the kids some popcorn, sit them in front of a movie and do a turbo session! might liven me up a bitimage

  • Afternoon,

    DJ-Fingers crossed for you and good to here that you have weight and running goals.

    Well I still have an achey achilles - I think it may be slightly strained so have been told to ice it and see how things go. Will see how things go,but, unlikey be going to running club- need to do 4.5 miles this week fro the 20 plus week No 99 so may weight until the weekend.

    Speak soon. 


  • MC hope the turbo session went well and that there were no more disruptions.

    RR hope your town to town run went well and that you got what you wanted

    AF take care if its Achilles and don't go for run too soon Look what happened to me

    Well I have been for my 1st run of 2013 yay We took Chico down to the beach and I had a run along the prom where our parkrun is and did 3.30 miles Feel all the better for it image
  • well, feel better for having done the turbo. Don't really feel like runnng, so going to leave my run till tomorrow, have club swim later anyway. 

    AF - take care of that achillies

  • Yep, it was a worthwhile trip.  I found I what I wanted (Jurassic Park Trilogy Steel boxset) and because it had gone down in price, I was able to get The Eagle as well for £1 - because that had also dropped in price - the voucher itself was for £10.  Felt a bit sluggish on the run itself, but I think that was probably because I left straight after eating - note to self: that doesn't really work well.image  I didn't eat much though. image

    It was fun though, it felt like a mini solo marathon. image

    I want to strengthen my legs, so am going to add a hill running session to my routine.  So it'll probably go something like: 'ordinary' run (around 5k) hill session (around 6 or 7k) and maybe a 10k to finish at the weekend. image

    Edit:  Well, the run might have felt a bit sluggish, but according to MapMyRun, I did it at an average pace of 05:54 (miles per minute I suppose?)  That's faster than I've gone before. 

  • Woohoo lots of news from all you guys. Good shopping RR- love a bargain!

    dJ that's really good and encouraging news abt your mum, really hoping that she improves(((((hugs))))))) and yes young man- dust off that garmin.

    Boss, be careful and don't overstrain, gotta have our lead fast man fit.

    Franny sis- hope you had a nice wee run- I will still be coming tonscotland with miss llb to see youimage

    LouiseG- are you sure you are running? What you described sounds like a complicated recipe for drudgery !! No fun at all :/ !!!
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