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  • Lol ! Muppet !
  • SteadyCJSteadyCJ ✭✭✭

    Oii, I am doing a sprint Tri on Sunday but coming from Surrey, I know the current state of the roads. State being a good description.

    Enjoy it all those doing it. Remember its only got a few lumps, called Leith and Box.

  • Good luck everyone. Have a great ride. image

  • Have a great ride tomorrow everyone. Weather should be good. I'll be out supporting.I know people get grumpy about the road closures but it's one day. I've worked out how to get in and out of home.

    And yeah the re-surfacing? Presumably a bit of excess money they're spending to make our roads look good. Please please please can we have some proper tarmacimage

  • Have a great ride and a great day everyone

    Really wish I could have been riding but definitely made the right decision to withdraw sadly image

    Roll on next year image

  • Anyone know anything about what will be available at the drinks stops? What products? Will we have to stop to refill or will they be handing out as per a race?

  • You will have to stop Glad, sadly no idea what they will have but I hope they don't run out for the later starters.

  • might take a peek at one of the earlier ones whilst hopefully they are quiet then I'll have an idea of what I can and cant expect on the later ones. 

    It says keep hold of your drinks bottles so that could be a right royal pian having long queues by Jerry cans of water....

    Might keep an eye out for open garages etc...


  • alarm set for 5:00


  • fck me that was fast

    no traffic was a total revelation, and I ended up in a.nice tight group hacking back into town at 40 kph


  • Good to see you back safe and well OC. 

    Currently watching the Classic at the mo

    Thigh-fest central 

  • wow well done OC - thats fast. image

  • Can you get results anywhere?

  • Well done OC glad you had a good one. 

  • well done OC

    It looked good out there. Thought it would be really congested but it wasn't from where I saw it.

  • That was brilliant, and hats off to the organisers for pulling it off. Managed 5.36 and can't wait for the ballet to open for next year. Going nearly 30 on a flat and empty dual carraigway is the future!! 


  • Er...I think I will give the ballet a miss and wait for the ballot actually.

  • well done FF

    Whats wrong with balletimage

  • Nothing's wrong with the ballet, it's just that none of the leading men can lift FF in his tutu these days!!  But his tippy toes is still very much admired still!image

    I'm definitely in for the ballot again next year, that was an epic day. Lots of really fast sections, surprisingly good crowds in the towns especially on the way back,

    Weather was perfect 

  • Has Meldy finished yet?

  • Feck off image


    not long home, my Garmin refused to play so I think ride time about 6.15-6.20 for the 100


    absolutely fabulous event, get your name in that ballot!

  • I told you all everything would be fine image

  • Well that was a fabulous day.  Very well organised. Not like any sportive I've ever done.  Very fast and a great atmosphere.  I have no official time showing for some reason but there are photos and my legs know they did something yesterday.  Saw a few pirates but none close enough to say hello too apart from the lovely Plum at the top of Newlands. Great day had. image

  • Ballot for 2014 opens Monday 12th August image

  • I didn't see Plum! Or maybe he just avoided me! I had my one stop there - after that I decided the stops were just too crowded.

    What time was that? I guess I wemt through Newlands about 9am.


  • I had several Meldy shouts, one was Dillo at the top of Leith Hill, there was one or two others who I acknowledged but couldn't make out where the voice came from!

    think a swim might be in order today!

  • Thanks Gaz, I was wondering when the ballot for next year would open 

  • Opens 12th AUgust

  • New to the site but rode this yesterday, twas an amazing event and well worth entering the ballot.  Big thanks to the pirate for keeping me company after while i was waiting for the missus to finish!

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