Adidas Boost Trainers, anyone had a run in a pair yet?



  • ok so I've been reading all of the above threads and hardly anyone has answered the original question. I have read a lot of reports for and against barefoot running but I have tried minimalist and cushioned shoes and found that I had so many injuries with the so called ( barefoot ) shoes that I went back to my asics.I have tried the new sketchers go run but find them very wide fitting,although they were very comfy. I would like to see some more reviews for the boost as I have been eyeing them up for a couple of weeks.

  • I quite like mine now. I don't think they make you magically faster though.
  • used to run in the Adidas Glides and hovered around the 3.30 mark for the marathon - consistently had niggles around the calves - moved to the original Energy Boost when they came out and initially had trouble with the snug fit aounnd the top of the shoe - i remember them rubbing a fair bit but after about 10 runs they began to fit a lot better. Performance wise all i can say is that 'it does exactly what it says on the tin'. I have never felt so much 'rebound' of a pair of shoes and for a shoe that was so light when normally at that weight you are talking about low cushioning shoes. The cushioning was unbelievable yet you felt like you where being propelled forward with every stride. I am not an Adidas Sales Rep by the way image

    Anyway - i have now done 6 marathons in them, had at least three pairs now and my new record is 2:57:27!! I am not saying they will make you run faster - although they may help - but i think what they offer is the 'feeling' of running faster which in turn gives you the confidence to actually run faster. I know in training because i feel so comfortable and almost 'bullet proof' as since changing my injuries have reduced dramatically, i feel like i can push it all the time which has resulted in the dramatic PB change. 

    My advice - you have to at least try them, they are different and to me a fantastic 'invention' that has revolutionized my running but probably more in a mental than physical way - will it help you? That is something that i cannot say but i know they are the reason i am now sub 3hrs.

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    Has anyone put ridiculous mileage into a pair of Boost shoes yet? I'm curious about the durability of the sole, since this ought to be a selling point.  (And they're not cheap!)  I'm not really into the 500 miles rule, and will happily get over 1,000 miles out of a decent pair of shoes (Nike Zoom Elite and Brooks Defyance for example), only retiring them when the outsole wears down too far.  I'm considering using the new Boston Boost as an everyday lightweight training shoe but only if I can get decent mileage out of it.

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    I should probably say some nice words about the Adios Boost while I'm here!  I got a nice freebie pair of the normal Adios 2 for pacing the London Marathon this year, and they've been really good for shorter distance races.  Nice fit, grippy, responsive sole, but a little firm.  I did actually wear them for the marathon as well, but even though I wasn't racing at full pelt they proved to be way too firm for such a long distance, and I could feel my calves aching from around 17/18 miles.  Still happily using them for shorter distances and they're especially nice on the track.

    So I invested in a pair of Adios Boost (version 1) and wore them for the Berlin Marathon.  As a heel striker, the extra cushioning was a godsend and I had none of the issues I had in the normal Adios.  The tarmac did start feeling fatiguing after a while but I guess that's the marathon for you.  If I've got any criticism, they feel a little stiff in the transition from heel to toe-off, compared to something like Saucony Fastwitch (which unfortunately changed between versions 4 & 5, with a lower heel drop, so I don't get on with them any more), but it's a very subtle thing so I'm more than happy to use them for road races, and may reserve the normal Adios solely for track use.  I've not used the new Adios Boost 2, which has the same upper as the normal Adios 2 and I've read is an improvement for it.

  • as said before - 6 marathons in Boost - is that enough? image 

    My current pair (about to be retired before Frankfurt this weekend) have done London 2014, Boston 2014 the week after and then Liverpool a few weeks after that - plus all the training for Frankfurt on Sunday - a few half marathons in between for fun! Still as soft as day one - a little pf the spring is gone but only a fraction. The durability is fantastic. my only wish is that they would put the continental rubber sole on all models for grip but aside from that there is no wear on the sole at all (i do mid foot neutral strike though). I use the energy boost though not the Boston boost. 

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    Ok, cheers!  The Bostons have a Continental sole on as well, another potential selling point.  At the moment, volunteering to pace another London Marathon looks all the more tempting when I think I might get another free pair of shoes to try out.  image

  • I've got the Adistar Boost. I've had them for a few months now and I really enjoy running in them. The longest distance I've done is 12 miles in them and I find them really comfy. The only criticism I have is that they have a deep groove in the sole towards the heel which picks up stones which can be quite annoying.
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    I just signed up for an Adidas run as part of some promo and saw my name drawn out of a hat for a free pair. I ran that 5k jog in 'Boston Boost' (not bad) but got the did the gait analysis at the associated store and went for 'Adios Adizero 2.'  

    I just ran Abingdon (3:23) in Nike lunar racer 2. No plans to change that yet but I'll give these Adidas a go for tune up races en route to London 2015 and see.


    for what it's worth I wouldn't sell these on the idea that the bounce makes you faster. I'd sell them based on them helping you get the same propulsion with less energy being wasted in compressing and snapping back. ie making you more efficient (assuming that's the case). 

    This makes fuck all difference to a 30min 5k guy but shaves seconds off a 26.2 mi world record attempt. (Maybe)

  • I've had a few pairs, two adios for faster paces and races and supernova glides for recovery. I love them, a little narrow but go half size up. Very light for the amount of cushion they give. Only issue I have is I have done 450ish miles and the outsole had nearly worn through to the foam on the heel.

    I'd recommend them. I have always worn adidas clothing though from a very young age for running and football so may be biased.
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