Great British Relay World Record Attempt

Like a Terminator upgrade, it looks like Barry the Baton has evolved into the T3000 GPS version!


I quite fancy a world record to go along with my Sports Relief medal!

Looks like fun



  • I wonder what record they are trying to break, bearing in mind that the real relay last year was 8000miles rather than 7000K.


  • Yay Endurance Life-I did two legs of that-it was fantastic.  Unfortunately the Guinness Book of Records didn't look kindly on people sitting on planes and taking boats.

    On the Great british Relay site they say "continuous relay" and they've even mapped out the stages!

    Current continuous relay record is 5640km held in Ireland, prior to that the Gillette team held it in Eastern Europe

  • 594 stages at £30 a pop, nice.

  •  I think it sounds great, I have a team of four so the cost per runner comes down to £7.50 each which for a world record and a nice tech shirt is very reasonable. This must have taken a lot of planning so let's support this instead of nit-picking image

  • A pox 'pon it for omitting the Midlands entirely.

  • I've signed up, I think it'd be cool to be a world record holder. Only downside is that my nearest leg begins at 2.25am on a Saturday night. Could be some unwanted spectator interaction

  • Sticky88Sticky88 ✭✭✭

    I've signed up for it, but there seem to be quite a lot of negative comments about it, some of which are quite legitimate. What happens if not all the stages are taken? Do we get our money back? No health and safety etc, apparently some routes are not safe to run middle of the night?? etc etc

  • Have you raised these concerns with the organiser, they're very helpful. I'm signed up for a night run and am not worried as we're a group of 4 and all have head torches and high viz clothing. Have you signed up for a route you're not familiar with, or one at night? If you have my advice would be to reccie it and get a team together.

  • I was intruiged by this and am still wavering on entering.  However, it seems that 85% of the route still has no takers (i.e. almost all of Wales and Scotland is still up for grabs).  It's only two months away, so I would have expected more people to have signed up by now.

    Having said that, I'd probably be whinging if all the places had been taken at this point, so there's just no pleasing me.

  • Do it, it'll be fun and some-one has to set the ball rolling! It's two months away so there's plenty of time for it to fill and if we all spread the word it'll fill faster. Scotland has snow issues at the moment so maybe they can't sign up image

  • I want to do it, but the legs in my area are all in the middle of the night. I am normally in bed by 9:30 not sure I could either stay awake/get up feeling fresh enough to run. What to do???

  • I entered today and am looking forward to it already. I will hopefully be getting friends involved and will make a big deal out of it. I wanna be a Record Breaker!!!

  • I have just signed up for my local welsh leg. If places are difficult to fill, I would consider an additional night run to fill a difficult place.....

    What concerns me is the lack of places already taken...... I will have to try lobbying the local running clubs to fill the places!

    It would be a great shame if it fails to get off the ground due to lack of takers - we should all do our best to rally support!

  • Signed up for Teignmouth to Dawlish leg. It is beginning to fill in nicely. Great chance to do something different. As others have said £7.50, not exactly expensive if you get a team together. 

  • I'm with you Clive. Lobby as many as you can so that this really great event smashes the record hands down. We need to maintain that Olympics 'feel-good factor'. at £7.50 each for a team of four it's a bargain. Just ordered a red tshirt to really stand out

  • I have just entered, but does anyone know what happens if it doesn't fill or if you get an injury and can't run. I can't find any info about this on the site?

  • I think they recommend a team of 4 so that if one is sick/injured there is someone to do the stage. It makes it more fun this way

  • I'm the organiser and WOW! What a great response we've had so far. Thank you to everyone.

    @Vicky French 2 we're asking people to build teams to address exactly your questions.

    I'm prepared to fill in 30-40KM a day if it doesn't fill but I think it will fill up-its an event like no other and if you get a team of four it's only £7.50 with a world record attempt too! 

  • Thanks @raining hands. I am getting a team together now just need to get the day off work. Let's hope all the legs fill


  • team of four and share a t-shirt.....

    I can't believe they are asking everyone to try and raise money hoping for £100.....i couldn't get anyone to sponsor me to do 8/10 miles..

    and for a team of four ten they are only doing 2/3 miles each........

    like the idea but i just feel its all a bit pricey....

    good luck though to all doing it

  • SesamoidSesamoid ✭✭✭

    Just saw this, looks like a good idea but a few questions as they have not been answered by Raining Hands (organiser) on here:-

    1. If this is on the 1st June how are you still "asking people to build teams to answer your questions" Surely this would have thought out thoroughly beforehand?

    2. You have avoided answering the question as to what does happen with monies paid if it does not go ahead?

    3. Just having a quick swatch at some of the routes, there's not even a pavement to run on and you want to do these in the middle of the night?!?!?

    4. A wee bit suss the only real interest on here is from new posters?

    5. This site is probably the best way of networking to get people involved but as you have not responded to any queries the interest is not there.

    6. Where does the money paid go, is it all to yourself? I see you also are encouraging people to fundraise?

    Just a few quick things that popped into my head. I would like to be proven wrong as it does sound like a great thing to do and a great idea also but this sounds more like the Great British Scam to me!

    Hopefully someone could do this in future with better organising etc, one for Sports Relief to consider I think.

    Raining Hands - If you are really genuine, I mean no disrespect and apologise but would appreciate your comments.....


  • Oh Miggito, you have made some really good points.  Although I am not a particularly new member, I just don't post that often. I am still concerned that if the legs don't fill what will happen, I appreciate @raining hands comment that he is prepared to do 30k per day, but over the space of a month that would be a huge distance to clock up as well as al the travel that will be involved. I am also not sure how we are going to get back to our start point when we reach the finishing point for our leg. I was assuming that each member of the team would run the whole leg distance, but I for one will not be able to raise any sponsorship money (all begged out).

  • Stages are filling up and you two ne'er do wells are advised there is a world record to be had by the regular guys--ie us lot.  We have Sharon Gayter, Andrea Mudge and Tony The Fridge doing their thing. You probably already know that the GBR will be run as a tribute to those that tragically fell in Boston and also in solidarity with those that survived so if you would like to be involved please sign up.  

  • just one last question.if you are running legs all over the country then are you paying all your own transport costs and accomodation or does that come from the entry fee.....

    this sort of open infomation is important to the forum


  • I ran round the block this morning in tribute ...... It was close to world record pace as well
  • A team of 4 can run together for fun or split it to allow those who can't maintain the required pace for the full distance to take part, it's about including people and not saying you're too slow to take part. Why are they sharing a T-shirt, there is an option to buy more?

    As for where the money goes, do you think routes, websites, t-shirts, postage and GPS batons are free??

    If you don't like the idea or don't think this will work please try not to spoil it for those of us who do.

    First time posters have to post something as a first post and I for one thought that people on here might be interested, open-minded, positive people who want to promote ventures/adventures like this.
  • doesn't answer my question if the organisers are paying for their transport and organising costs out of their own money or from the money raised...under charity laws you have to make it clear this point if you are getting sponsorship........

  • And that told you !!!!

    I assume that Running Hands is your OH ?


    any chance you could answer the questions that people have asked ?

  • I can't help feeling that some of the posts on this thread are a little disingenuous.

    Firstly, raining hands' first couple of posts refer to the organiser in the third person, and he later announces that he, in fact, is the race organiser.  Not that I'm bothered, but it would have been nice if you'd been up front about this at the start.

    Secondly, I think Dave is right, that Sian Storm is also one of the organisers.

    Something smells fishy and possibly a bit spammy.

    I might be, and hope I am, wrong, especially if this is all for a good cause, and money is being rised for charidee.

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