• Just had a look at the marathon photos for Alex and the Reading Half picture for DF3 and while they both have dark hair, but its plain to see that they are NOT the same person image

    df3 looks a lot older! image


    Sorry Waccy but you were wrong in this case

  • Wow, he looks to be getting absolutely zero enjoyment out of that race.  In fact, it looks positively painful for him in every shot - poor guy.

  • Errrrrrrrrm ............ image

    No Comment!



  • image 

    (Seeing as my OH is sitting right next to me at the moment I shouldn't comment on any men, as he is known for pouting and sulking image)


  • waccy has gone well over the top over this....and yes it does look obsessive to me

     alex is just a young lad you was an arrogant twat but took it all in good measure...

    he did the race and learnt a bit more about himself and about can call him a lot of things ( but he has the guts to come back and admit when he was wrong )......but to continually call him fake and an imposter is just plain stupid

  • Joseph Preston wrote (see)

    waccy is just smoking something. i would ignore.

    My goodness JP, how very grown up of you image

  • Just in case I get accused of lying. My real name is not (say no). I do feel sorry for anyone joining this forum and have a few questions as they will need to defend themselves first before any progress.
  • are you sure that say no is not your real name...i think you are trying to double bluff us......

    can you provide proof that you are really not Mr No.or is that Mrs No.......I'm so will have to provide a copy of your passport and bank details and your mothers maiden name

  • Alex. Well done with your marathon, awesome time.
  • Lmao!!! I can go as far as saying I'm male and hope everyone will believe me as I have no proof.
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭

    Bizarre thread all round really, and the most eagerly awaited marathon time/investigation since DF3's one.

    I reckon you'll probably train properly next time, do a 3:15 or something, and wonder how on earth as a fit young bloke you ever pootled around at over 10min miling!

  • Nose NowtNose Nowt ✭✭✭
    seren nos wrote (see)

    can you provide proof that you are really not Mr No.or is that Mrs No......


    Mr No?  Mrs No?  It could be Dr No.

    Maybe it's a whole family of them...  known as the Nos.   Relatives of yours?


  • how the hell do I even find these photos of me...?!?!?


  • never mind .... HAHA wow just found them they are hilarious...these photos were all taken in the final 5 k since I'm not wearing headphones (I felt like killing myself at this point)....I was alternating cramp between using my calves and upper legs here. Every kilometer seemed to go on forever.

    I can assure you I was having a much better time in the first 25k image

  • I would like to add one final comment to this thread. 


    I had two friends who joined me in entering this marathon who were even less prepared than me.

    Friend 1 started running after 2 years of almost no exercise (and a substantial amount of drinking inbetween, which continued during the training), an injured knee which he had an operation on (about 5 months ago), the doctor advised no high intensity exercise on it before 9 months, especialy no running... However I believed he would complete it because he used to be an elite level swimmer, for me anyone who has completed at an elite level in sport has to be incredibly mentally tough.

    He ran sporadiacally for just over a month (started on the same day as me in training), normally at 2/3am. The furthest he ran was 15k before the race.

    Friend 2 had never ran more than 5k in his life before signing up for the marathon. He was generally pretty fit though. The longest run he managed in training before the marathon was 8k.

    Friend 1 completed it in 4.48. Friend 2 completed it in just over 6 hours. However, about a week before he injured his knee playing football as he was kicked in the knee. After 22k his knee completely locked up and he was unable to bend it, meaning he had to hobble 20k, if he didn't have this problem I think he would have finished around 5 hours. 

    If you are relatively young and fit my experience lends me to believe it's entirely possible to run a marathon with little training somewhere around 5 hours. 

    As a disclaimer I would wholly recommend against trying though due to the extreme pain it will inevitably incur (500m from the finish line I wished I had never entered). 

    As a footnote I trolled a fair bit through this thread...I will not be a doctor (but I do have extensive knowledge in the field which was why I said it because I didn't want to go through the arguements about jaundice and why it wouldn't be a major issue in the race)....the comment about the medical staff at the marathon was then in-keeping with the character of Alex Coward. 

    I hope this thread has provided some amusement to people. Good luck to all of you in whatever targets you have set in running, endurance sport or generally in life. image 


    I will now be training for a half marathon, my friend (the runner) said he will pace me round a 1.45 half. The guy runs a 1.15 half ever weekend as a long slow run image: ..."id run a half with you, yeah i usually do 14-16 miles at 6 30 avg for my sunday long run, id pace you round a half! reckon with a bit of training 7 30's would be possible!"  .....  I declined his suggestion that I should try to run a sub 3.30 marathon within a year...

  • I think you are concluding what I said at the beginning that most young relatively fit blokes can run/walk a marathon under 5 hours.the more sensible training you can fit in the closer you can get to 4 and 3:30......

    to get lower than that than the majority have to really think about months and months of proper focussed training but can be done.....

     you could easily run sub 3:30 in a year and i think a 1:45 hlaf would be possible for you shortly......but it all depends on what time you have and what training will motivate you.

     Good luck image

  • I used the words relatively fit young man. JP..........and you have to have some self have to want to do couldn't push through the pain that racing any race involves......

    there is a difference between running a race and racing any race will hurt.whatever the speed or distance

  • if you felt comfortable then you weren't going flat out were youimage


    which part of your marathon were you going flat out.remind me.......

  • Nose NowtNose Nowt ✭✭✭

    Probably flat out about 10yds after the finish line.

  • Joseph Preston wrote (see)

    but seren i couldnt run under 5 hours. what does that say about me?

    What do you think it says?

    It says you were undertrained, did the wrong training (on a treadmill and not outdoors) and have no stamina because you've never run long enough distances or on the right kind of surface.

    No mystery.

    Alex is younger than you, was lucky with the weather, had an easier course and might just be a more natural athlete, annoying I know but some peope are.

    Also no mystery.

    You live in the country - I can't comprehend why you don't want to go out and run in it.

  • Joseph Preston wrote (see)

    Did you ever see Dolph Lundgren in Rocky IV? he trained purely indoors in a gym and he became world champion.

    I think the steroids helped though.

    Wait...maybe that's your answer!

  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭

    but look what happened to dolph when he met someone who trained exclusively outdoors

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