Brighton Marathon 2014



  • Tracey GTracey G ✭✭✭

    I don't always fill mine right up.

  • Alright guys I've just signed up to this one! Heard some good reviews, targeting roughly around the 2.45 mark, preferably below 2.45!

    I was going to do London, but due to the marathon I did to qualify (Marathon of the North) being declared 200m short I can't use the time from that one, so this is my Spring Marathon next year! Looking forward to it already!

  • Second test run last night following steroid injection (and since VLM!!!)....and fingers crossed it felt ok!! 

    I think the streching i have been doing with my IT band has helped...i also tried to run with less of a heal strike, to see if that helps....

    ...either way it felt good to run in the sun!image

  • Oliver - how annoying, I had read about that error at the marathon, poor you and Welcome to the forum.

    Nix pleased to hear the run went ok hope you are soon back to normal levels 

    HIIT session and cycling for me tonight and it went well. Sped the HIIT up a couple levels and it still felt easy. Having to adjust my plan for the next two weeks due to playing a marathon game of hockey from 8am next sat til midnight on the Sunday/Monday so won't be doing the 10k race I had lined up for sunday. Going to do a couple of time on feet runs this weekend as need to train without trying to go too fast and getting injured. Quite looking forward to just running to run and not to fit a certain number of miles in a certain time or to hit a particular pace for a change.

  • Hoping for 10 miles on my run tomorrow .....Hoping I don't jinx this but my daughter has had 2 runs free of stitch .... she has been drinking high 5 zero and water for last week and a bit so think her hydration levels must be ok now ... she is also breathing by mouth not nose ....don't know about anyone else but I've always breathed through mouth while running I can't get enough air into my lungs otherwise .... 

    10km finally entered had a spare bit of cash so a few speed runs coming up I feel with the Jack rabbit aka my daughter ....

    Enjoy your runs this weekend tillstar 

    Welcome all new threaders...

  • KhanivoreKhanivore ✭✭✭

    I had some great runs while on my business trip to the US week before last. Even managed trail running at this place which is gorgeous: 

    can you believe that is only 6 or 7 miles from Silicon Valley and Stanford Uni!? Runners out there are so lucky.

    only managed one run since I got back. Heading out now to see how 10 miles feels.

  • Yvonne thats good that your daughter is free of stitch now.  I agree with you on the breathing through the mouth thing.  Hope you enjoy your 10 miler

    Khanivore have a good run.

    5 miles for me this morning.  Was going for a slow easy one and purposely didnt look at my garmin so i wasnt tempted to run faster.  However, I accidentally started the toby plan of running all miles with a 9 at the front of them a couple of weeks early and averaged 9.39, apparently my legs dont understand the words slow down you fools! Going to have to go slower tomorrow as need to do a good 2.5 hours run without feeling like I have pushed too hard as I need to be rested and ready for the weekends activities. Long run tomorrow, Fartlek on Tuesday, HIIT and slow run on Wednesday and then that will be it until after the weekends hockey activities when I have recovered enough to get back into training.  Hopefully Wednesday as I have a PT session on the Thursday. 

    Happy running everyone

  • Parkrun pb for me today 22.56 waiting for confirmation on time, but first lady home, and my goal for the end of the year was sub 23 min so really pleased.

    Yvonne glad that your daughters stitch problem seems to have sorted itself.

    Tillstar, enjoy your mammoth hockey session - sounds pretty hardcore. Out of interest is your picture of Paddock Wood HM, as it looks familiar?

  • Lisa - hitting your parkrun target so soon is great! I also hit my end of 2013 target way early a few weeks ago lol!

  • LISA congratulations on an fantastic PB at parkrun - well done! thats awesome

    Yes my photo is from this year's paddock wood half. Are you Kent based?

  • wellLowell done Lisa, I've got a few friends trying to get me to join them on park run but I've still never done it. One of my yr 7 students (11yrs old) is aiming for a sub 19 min time (his P. Is 19.32) and wants me to run with him, prob is I could only stay with him for the first couple of miles! Lol

  • Tillstar, based in Sussex but I ran it this year - great race and would have done it next year if it wasn't the week before the Brighton big one.

    Oliver I am going to perhaps re-adjust my goal for the year for my Parkrun challenge maybe sub 22.30?

    Andrew do it, its a good measure of how you are improving with training image

  • Just back from a lovely 10 mile run along my fave old route .... canal path and track ...10.32 min mile pace so happy with that ...last mile the quickest again 10 min mile pace .... time to prepare dinner a nice roast beef one ....

  • Lisa, running a 10k next week but maybe the week after ill give it a go

  • I agree Lisa, thought it was a superb race and like you am disappointed that I can't do it next year, especially as it is their 25th race. Will probably go along to cheer on the other runners though since I live close by

  • Tillstar - I also ran P Wood this year. It was a great race but I was struggling with my back problem so didn't enjoy it as much as I would have liked. We must live fairly locally to each other! 


  • Where do u live jelly girl? I'm in the Rochester area. 

    8 miles for me this morning. Struggled from the start (possibly as a result of going too fast yesterday and not drinking enough water at hockey yesterday meaning I awoke with a headache) decided not to push too hard so 8 slow miles was enough for today, need my legs full of energy next weekend. 

    Just 2 speed work sessions left before the big game - if this comes off we will be world record holders, at least until someone else breaks it.

  • Tillstar - I'm in the Tonbridge/West Malling area. Maybe we could arrange to meet up for the really long runs we'll be doing in a few months time. I'm still battling with my back and struggled with 6 miles on Thursday. It felt better running 9:30 m/miles and it became a little more enjoyable. I've decided to slow right down and forget about speedwork for a while.

  • That sounds like a great idea jelly girl I find long runs sometimes get lonely and boring so doing them together would help! I'm currently 10/930 pace but hoping to be nearer 930 more consistently by the end of the summer.

  • Tillstar I agree with you about long runs being lonely. 10/9.30 pace is ideal. I've been running too fast for too long and hoping by keeping my pace right down  it will allow me to recover and more importantly, keep running the longer distances. Hope you enjoyed your hockey session.

  • Jelly Girl - excellent that sounds like a great plan then Yay!. Yeah hockey was good thanks re finding my love for it but won't play next season as will need to concentrate on the marathon besides I may not like it quite so much after our mega long game next weekend image

  • KhanivoreKhanivore ✭✭✭

    In the run up to the London marathon I was running my long runs at 9:30. In prep for Brighton I'm going to spend the next 3 months building up my weekly mileage at a much much slower pace - 10:30 to 11:00 min/miles. I'm thinking that going at this slower pace will let me build up miles more safely. 

  • i really struggle with this idea of r unning your long runs slower than your target pace.  I understand that it allows your body to get used to running for longer and is safer for preventing injury, but have never quite gotten my head round it.  Surely if you train at 9.30 per mile then run at 8.45 per mile on the day you risk burning out early? I know the experts all suggest the running slower approach and i do try to stick to it but find it really tough to do.

  • Andrew - if you follow a decent program you will have other quality runs for practicing speed, and not all long runs will be slow - some will include an element of marathon-pace running. If you do your long runs too fast, you will not be able to maximise the other quality runs in a weekly program due to the excessive recovery you will need.

    I sometimes recited the mantra "Train slow to race fast" to myself during a long run.

  • Tillstar and JellyGirl - I see that you are from my neck of the woods. I am thinking about doing the Tonbridge half in september as part of the build up. Have you or anyone else run this event ? If so, what is it like ? I am a bit of a novice so would prefer something on the easier rather than hard (like T wells) as my previous half excursions havebeen painfull (bad training !).

  • Hi Skippy I have never done the Tonbridge half (this year's paddock wood was my first) so I cant comment Im afraid.  When is it though? I may be tempted image

  • Hi Tillstar, it's on 23rd September.

    It's limited to 1500, but I am waiting for a while to see how training is going before committing ! They have a count on the page letting you know the count, so I will be checking it regularly.

    Website is :

  • Hi Skippy. Tonbridge half is best described as undulating. It is a lovely route but there are a couple of sharp inclines but nothing like Spring Hill in T Wells! With the right training it's a great half. There are flat and downhill sections but I would definitely include hill training in your plan. Paddock Wood is ideal as it's virtually flat but that's not until the end of March. I know the limit has been raised this year so I reckon you have a good 2 months training to go before deciding.

    I'm doing it!image

  • Hi everyone

    I ran my first ultra on Saturday image It was meant to be 51 miles but because of my shocking navigation skills, it ended up being 57 miles (oops!) image 

    It was without doubt though one of the best things I've ever done - if anyone else is thinking of doing an ultra here's the link to my race report

    I've not had any time off since Brighton marathon as the ultra was just 5 weeks later, so now my work is done, I'm going to spend the next few weeks eating, drinking, being very merry and going on holiday!

  • Congratulations Barbie! Well done, and enjoy the partying. image

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