Brighton Marathon 2014



  • Oh that was a novel!!!image

  • Hello, do you mind if I join you?

    I deferred my brighton place to 2014 as I have been injured this year. I have been struggling with my running due to the injuries and family cirumstances. I really need some motivation now and hope to be able to get on here more!

    My fastest Mara is 5hour 12 mins but really want to go sub 5.I have followed Rw plans for the past few years.  Which training plans do you think are best?


  • Hi guys! Welcome welsh I remember you from last year. Plenty of motivation on here - I need it too! Il leave it to one of the others to advise you on training plans as this is my first one. I'm looking at Hal higdon novice 2 as if I try and do too much I burn out and that one seems to do enough to get you ready whilst still allowing rest days and days to see friends etc. it's my first one so not too bothered on how long it takes just that I do it.

    5k for me this morning, still on the slowly building back up plan, took 30 min 48 which should be good as I was aiming for 10 min miles but 1st and last were sub 930 and the middle longer where I walked to try and slow myself down. Really struggling to get back to my 10 min miles that I can maintain instead of going too fast and burning out. Think I will stick to the treadmill for a while so I can make sure I stick at that pace consistently for the whole run 

  • Afternoon all

    well after saying there was going to be no running this weekend i didn't count on Poohbear having a different idea's so we were out the door this morning for what should have been 7 mile run  which in the end turn into 8

    MadeWelshWoman it really depends on what you looking to achieve time wise and how much time you have to train  there are so many out there also what works for me may not work for you it real is about finding one that fits in with your life and what you hope to achieve  

    sorry i can’t help more I’ve all way’s used the same plan for all my Brighton marathons but have to say have tweaked it a lot over the years to incorporate more long runs also i knew what time i wanted to achieve and worked out the pace i needed to be able run at to get me there and then set about upping my training pace to the point where i could ran at the pace for a longer time each time i went out on my training runs

  • Second outing for my new toy today - 8 miles in 1hr 33 mins.  Well chuffed as managed to run all the way without resorting to my usual run/walk strategy.  Pace a little off though with average pace 12.09min miles, but still a long way from where I was when I started, averaging 15 min miles.

    Welcome madwelshwoman - only my second marathon so cant help you on training plans. 

    Tillstar - steadily does it, you will get back up to pace soon, just keep persevering.

    Yvonne - housework phase 1 done, upstairs will have to wait for next weekend.  Glad you are on pace with your running - you should definitely get a sub 2 hr half this year.

  • Get you poohbear dragging toby out for a run for a change image i love my garmin too i just make sure im not a slave to it but its a good tool to track your running...

    A 2 mile recovery run on the treadmill for me today....

    Tomorrow see's a threshold run of 35 mins 10 mins easy 15 mins challenging 10 mins easy will try and do the challenging part at 7mph or a bit more

    Started my plan yesterday for half marathon but its a 10 week plan and the half is 12 weeks today so im going to repeat the first 2 weeks ...

    Welcome madwelshwoman i to have seen you post on various forums as for training plans i have always followed sam murphys marathon and half marathon training plans from her book ,but like everyone says a plan is just a guide it has to fit to your life not you fit into it....i always do my long run on a saturday as that is my day off (most plans have the long run on a sunday) i finish work at 3 everyday but the children dont finish school until 3.30 and i have to pick them up so i run in the evenings which takes alot of will power to get your butt out and run a mid week long run of 10 miles in the dark around my village doing laps...from what ive read as long as you include a long slow run, intervals/hills/tempo runs, mid week long run,recovery runs and rest days ...hope this helps ..

  • Hello all

    Thanks for the replies. I have done London 4 times, used Shades plan for the first one and then the RW plans after that. I can only really comit 3 runs a week, maybe 4 at a puch, to fit around family and work. I run early morning and like yvonne, usually do my LSR on Saturday. I have Sam Murphys book on women's running, will have to look at other plans. My primary aim is to get to the start line not injured, but I would really love to run sub 5.

    Tillstart - well done on the 5k, I'm not keen on the treadmill but it does make sense when building back up.

    Toby - great when 7 miles turns into 8, well doneimage

    Poohbear - your 8 sounds lovely tooimage

    I am going to find a HM plan and aim for sub 2 HM in October then build up to mara training..need to lose some weight as wellimage

  • MadWelshWoman shades plan is the one i follow although as i say you wouldn't recognize  it now as i have played around with it a lot

  • Morning all

    Toby - Shades plan is a good one, allows for flexibility

    Feeling much more positive about my running today, really pleased to have your companyimage Did 5 miles including some speedwork before workimage


  • Thanks for your support Poohbear.  Great running as always, you are so inspiring :0)

    Good running madwelshwoman image Please send some running mojo my way image two rest days for me coming up due to catching up with friends but back on it on Wednesday.  I will get that mojo back :0)

  • afternoon all

    well as it was such a lovely day today decided to do10 miles went OK i had decided not to look at my watch every 5 seconds and only look at the pace at the end after i had down loaded it have to say i was a little disappointed with the splits as i thought the run felt faster  

  • morning all

    well it's looking nice out there at the moment so must get out for a run just 5 today

  • Well I'm beginning to feel like toby with not only doing my own training but also keeping my youngest daughter company as she embarks on her running career....with all the extra miles ....Jenny has an under active thyroid but after two years of doctors changing tablets and dosage her th levels are nearly normal and bless her she has put on a little weight which she would now like to lose I've booked us a holiday for next year our money is even tighter but it means no food treats.... in her first week she has lost 4lbs and yesterday she started her run/walk plan so we did 2 laps of our local meadow with the dogs running 2 mins and walking 2 mins on the first lap the second she chose posts and trees to run to and between like a fartleck run....she covered 3.5 miles all together she was well chuffed but knackered bless her......I then went and did my half training which yesterday was a threshold session 10 min easy 15 challenging and 10 easy so another 4 miles on top of the 3.5 with Jenny is a rest day for me but I'll do some Pilates later and I think Jenny wants to do a run but just 1 lap run/walk and the next just a walk...the dogs love this extra mileage 

  • Forgot to say she would like to eventually do some canicross with the dogs so they are in training to ...

    And she was also amazed by poohbear and her weight loss achievements and her running determination ....Jenny couldn't believe her eyes when toby and poohbear came to visit a month ago thank you to poohbear for giving Jenny her inspiration I really think this time she will do it ...

  • Yvonne that's great news i hope Jenny get to love the running as much as you do and say well done from us on her weight loss

    i didn't go out for a run in the end decided to do a 40 minute gym session in stead

  • Today was a rest day for me, but jenny did go for a run with me as stopwatch and pace guide as we were only doing 1 lap of the meadow today run/walking on a run 1 min walk 2 min target i made sure she upped the pace on her min running...then we walked at a brisk pace on the 2nd go round the i say the dogs are loving this extra mileage ill benefit too i know from time on feet ....

    Toby all cross training is benefical to running strength..

  • Yvonne - I hope Jenny enjoys her running, she is doing really well losing 4lb in a week tell her well done from me. 

    4 miles today, average moving pace 11 min miles so am getting there.  Did help that one of the miles was all downhill and under 10 mins so helped the splits.


  • Evening All,

    I've entered Brighton next year as a bit of a goal to kick start me back into training. Hopefully joining in the fun on here will give me a bit of a kick aswell. I'm running about 5 miles , 4 times a week at the moment so a bit of a way to go!

    I've read that Brighton is a decent course, with only a few hills so am looking forward to it!  Right must get out for a run tomorrow..

  • RichyP welcome to the thread

  • i too extend a hand shake and welcome aboard the good ship brighton marathon thread RichyP ....

  • Mind if I join? This forum looks like great motivation for keeping on track with training image I deferred my place to 2014 due to injury this year, and haven't really run properly in a few weeks .. It's always daunting starting again from scratch!

  • Another welcome hand shake to you envierose ....dont worry youll soon get back into running ...i had last winter off doing marathon training (having run the first 3 brighton marathons) so never ran from oct 14th 2012 (my last half marathon race) until i donned my trainers again in march this now running faster than ive ever done to as i so want a sub 4 hour brighton next year...and im now training for 3 half marathons in sept/oct

    We are a friendly bunch and some of us like toby and green fairy have been here from the beginning in 2010....

  • envierose welcome to you as well as Yvonne said i have been here since year dot so this will be my 5th Brighton marathon if you've never run it before then your in for a treat it's a great race well organized and well supported

  • Wow, impressive! It'll be my first marathon, though I went to watch it last year as my parents and brother ran it - even as a spectator the atmosphere was amazing! Really looking forward to running it image

  • Thanks for the welcome!  7,5 miles done at lunchtime, which was a tough one.  I'm trying to get back in the swing of training.  I know what you mean about it being tough at the start. It just feels sooo hard at the moment..hear's hoping that the running bug will bite me again!

  • Afternoon all

    Well just a little 3 miles for me today have to say it was nice down here again today so just chucked on a t-shirt, shorts and a pair of running shoe was out the door and home again in roughly 25 minutes as i didn't even bother taking my Garmin today

  • Toby3 - I'm doing all my running without a watch at the moment..too depressing to know how slow I

  • Evening all image 3 miles for me at the gym tonight. Not far but it's the longest I have run for a while and it was all at mp and felt good. Finally feel that I'm geting back on track now. 

  • Well plan said 30 mins steady with 8 x 1 min hills...

    I went out and ran for 2 miles in 18:30 then ran to where i knew a hill that would take a minute to run up.... so there began something ive always chickened out of doing ....hill running!!   Its amazing how many miles you can do just by running 8 times up and down a hill nearly 2 miles!!!

    Was out for 42 mins and ran 4.5 miles with HILLS yippee and they were not as horrible as i thought they would i'll feel it in my legs tomorrow!! image

    Tillstar well done on your run heres hoping that run gives you the confidence to build on it ....

    RichyP speed can come later just build time on your feet for have plenty of time ...just build your base now ready for the training in earnest from December....

    Waves to everyone else image

  • FayaFaya ✭✭✭

    yvonne 2, well done on the hill runs. I've not tried doing them yet. Will do though, once I've got my stamina back up.

    So I did 5 miles on Sunday and 2 miles yesterday and 3 miles today. All were walk/run at the moment. It seems that the thing I lost over the last year has been my ability to run non stop. Although I'm weirded out by my legs not feeling like I've been doing any running. I'm hoping that this leaves my in good stead for when I start getting up to the really high mileage.

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