Outlaw 2014



  • Graeme if all else fails you are bound to be able to buy these at the expo

  • My car is all packed apart from bike, pillow  and electric fridge ......imageimageimage


     need to sort some bits and pieces out for my mother  in the morning and sort out childcare and I will be off.

     only 169 miles

  • I need to remember to take the milk and dinner out of the freezer before I leave on Saturday morning!!

  • We're going to France on Monday for a couple of weeks. Sort of packing at the moment. There's piles of bits all over the place. It'll get sorted tomorrow and once that's done I'll start sorting the stuff for Sunday. Must remember the bike (which is a different bike to the one going to France - we're calling in here on the way to Eurotunnel so I can swap bikes)

    It'll all be fine through and in 24 hours time we should be at HPP; just hoping we'll be able to get though the code number on the gate (I think I read somewhere it was coded).
  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭

    You've got my mobile number, haven't you? You'll be fine. 

  • Thinking about it - I have! Ta.
  • the important bit for me is my pillow image


  • Bike. Mustn't forget the bike.

  • M...eldy wrote (see)

    Bike. Mustn't forget the bike.




  • She's going to pay this weekend I tell you

  • are you going to sabotage my bike when you get out of the water image

  • Good luck for Sunday you amazing bunch. And finish it for me too please! 

  • See you all in Nottingham.image

  • Safe journeys everyone.  Here's hoping the roads aren't going to be too awful with all this 'get away' traffic that's expected this weekend!


    4  Abingdon and vale Tri Club S Williams/ A Issacs/E Carter (Black Hat) 
    15 Digger and the Divas 
    22 MC/Buttercup/MrsD
    28 Meldy’s Misfits!!!
    38 Trogs and Toucs book ending a guest cyclist
    51  John/ Pudge/ UltraKazaaaghKanga
    61 Bookie/Cake/Dawn shadow


    137 Happychap
    141 Gymaddict
    152 Running Postie
    172 Ghost
    182 Seren
    183 M...eldy
    262 Engineer
    320 Budjude
    410 BluePeter
    492 JPGoodboy
    474 Flat Footed
    523 FerrousTom
    564 ButtonMushroom
    593 Tricoops
    676 GraemeK
    834 Cheggers
    930 Oriangecannon

  • I'm off  image

  • imageimageimage

    GraemeK wrote (see)
    Ordered some stuff off Planet X, cap to stop sweat running in my eyes, lost my old one and some more gels, had fewer than I thought. Feckers promised to ship it for Wednesday delivery. Ready for collection by Royal Mail tonight, so won't be here before I set off tomorrow PM. Useless, have to nip across town to the bike shop after I leave work now.

    I'd blame those postie's. image I should be going near the planet x shop in sheffield in about 4 hours if you need anything urgent shout up and if I can I will. There should be a few things at the exbo saturday and know planet x will have a presence there so might be worth while phoneing them now and asking if they can pass it over.

  • image Oh and in case I don't get the chance later good luck everyone!!!!!!!! image

  • I think looking at the race info book was a bad move. Am now seriously bricking it!
  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭

    We are at campsite. Usual area but nearer entrance to section by a clump of trees surrounding water tap. The opposite side already has tents pitched. 

  • thanks mouse, save a space for me, i should be up there around 8-9 tomorrow morning

  • Good luck everyone - supporters and racers alike! Will be thinking of you all on Sunday - have a fantastic weekend! Hopefully I'll be able to make it up there next year! image

  • entrance - clump of trees - water tap.  Cool image

  • Good luck all Outlaws I am incredibly jealous of the lot of you. Hope you all have a blast.

  • Good to hear Mouse. You ok for us to pop the van next to you imageimage

  • Thanks Cake, dropped in to Ride.

    Caravan collected, on my way. Excited, nervous
  • Good luck all, see you n Nottingham image

  • image Right I'm out of here and on the way see you rabble at the camp site. image

  • Catch you tomorrow fella image

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