My name is ???????? and i am gonna seriously get my sh!t in one sock

Right post what you need to sort be it weight, speed, swim etc and report on your progress or lack of it

brutal honestly and no waffle pleaseimage



  • In one sock ..... are you quite mad    image

  • Right

    My name is Ridgebackmax and I never improve my swim cause I hate the pool

    Starting Monday I aim to go to the pool at least 3 times during the week the shameful thing is I have access to a lovely 25m pool 10  mins away from my office which costs me £50 a year year and is for service people so everybody is doing lengths and there are no people standing blocking lanes etcimage

  • M...eldy wrote (see)

    In one sock ..... are you quite mad    image

    As a hatterimage it's is an old naval term about sorting yourself out

  • Squishing it into the sock image mine is the swim - I'm slow - slower than a slow thing.  I am improving I couldn't swim more than 25m in Feb - I finished the 1500m Big Swim Notts on Sat even tho' I was the last Pirate standing and my icecream melted image 

  • So do you have a solution Butter cup? I had an hour's one to one lesson with Olympic medallist Caddie Pattern who lives local things I thought I was doing wrong were Ok and things I thought were fine were what was holding me back putting 3 simple things she said into place has made a real difference to my strokeimage

  • I Mrs Digger need to lose some serious weight! Current 12st 3lb. Aim 10st for now. Weekly weigh ins will be updated here. I need to name and shame myselfo focus!

    Yes Buttercup, it was well and truly melted! 

  • slimshadyslimshady ✭✭✭

    My name is Slimshady and I drink too much wine. I also have a habit of entering races which are far above my physical ability and then having very hard days.

    I have a 'special' sock which i keep in by bedroom cuboard.

    I am crap at swimming and running but am improving on the bike.

    I am a bit of a loner and support Leicester City  ( which is why i find myself on my own)

    I am hoping to do Bala again next year and improve on my swim time.


  • Yeah I have been looking at going to the swimsmooth coached sessions down the road from me - he seemed to be on to it. And they specifically talked about training for OW which I know I need to work on.

  • Slim you have a serious Embrunman habitimage

  • limitation is that I am a mileage junkie....

    It leads  to multiple overuse injuries, fatigue, and the inability to do anything other than long slow miles.

    I need to rein it in.

    I need to start by not feeling I HAVE to swim before work every day. Be content with shorter rides anruns, and then in time feel able to add some structure, faster runs/ intervals etc 

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    ok, I need to lose weight and sort out my bike - speed and confidence. Need to get out on it more and tackle some hills

  • Less wine would also help...

  • I wanna swim faster and will renew my efforts to find a tri specific coach for one-to-one that's within driving distance of Hull - might try Rat Race - can anyone recommend them

    I'm useless on hills, and will get some local hilly routes off the guys training for Bolton and start getting myself cycling up 'em

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    buttercup - wish I lived close enough to Loughborough to join Steve's swim squad. 

  • Returning from a running injury so would like to get back up to speed,  crack running off the bike and something mythical like a negative split.

    Also to man up and either learn to swim or just bin it completely and spend more time running and cycling. 

    I don't want to know about Slims sock! 

  • Could you do a Thursday evening MC? I'd be keen for then.

  • I'll post this here as good a place as any ...

    Junes issue of 220, has a cracking little nutrition supplement (ie an extra bit of paper not a powder) with some very good recipes in it, the magazine itself has some good tips and sessions too

    Find it, steal it, borrow it   image

  • I'm purple and I need some leg strength. 

    I had a vo2 max test in March. I had an excellent vo2 but appalling leg strength. The guy who did it was shocked that I had been able to do an IM, he said my cardo strength was getting me through but I would be massively better if I could build my leg strength.  So every week I go through torture, squats, squats and squats followed by a few dead lifts and more squats. My cycling has already improved but I know I can get better. I just need to keep it up now.

    I also need to do more off road running , that Enduroman run is tough.

    I should probably do some swimming at some point, I haven't swam for nearly three months .

    ......and most importantly I must NOT overtrain

    not sure I can sh*t in a sock

  • Purple, can I ask where you had that done?  Why VO2 over Lactate testing?

  • I had it done in Lanza. I think lactate testing requires blood samples?? They were able to estimate my threshold and hr zones. 

    It also showed that I am a dreadful fat burner, but I'm not convinced I can change that. 


  • Ah ok .. interesting

    Giving it some thought (prompted by another thread earlier) to help my training but not sure which, if any, to go for

  • I need to get faster on the bike. I can sprint ok ( 10yards is a sprint right???image) I need my average speed to improve. Purple has training with weights helped your aversge speed on the bike?

  • Yes it has, already I'm cycling 1-1.5mph faster. 

  • PTL FB said it somewhere a winter's MTBing will work wonders and I swear by my fixed especially riding it around the hillfest that is Cornwall

    Also big gear turbo get in the biggest gear you can turn over st around 50 RPM at 75 to 80% perceived effort for an hour I like these and do st least one a week

  • I'm Nick and my main problem is my weight. I lost 15Kg and took 40 minutes off of my 1/2 time, with another 15Kg+ to go. I came down from 105 to 90 for a year or two and am aiming for 80 before October (big race).

    I want to do an Ironman in a couple of years and my swim is the weak point.  Have to say, the instruction I've had so far has made a massive difference.  Love the Swim Smooth book- am a total fan of Paul & Adams' method.  Only wish there was a weekly class nearby to me.

  • I've been doing sessions on my watt bike based on threshold power. 

    Stuff like: ( 5 mins at vo2max power, 4 min rest) x 5. They are really tough sessions. I am hoping they will make a difference.


  • TJ1004TJ1004 ✭✭✭

    Ok I am TJ and crap at it all!

    need to commit to freestyle  twice a week, bike average up to 17 mph and run comfortable at sub 10 min miles.

    oh and lose some weight.

  • Welcome Faithsdaddy


  • purple, 
    one other thing I got from Gordo/Friel - everyone apart from 25-35 year old guys will benefit from 'strength' training.  esp women (all) and blokes over 40 (ie me)

    not strength training to build bulk, (8-10 reps),

    but strength (3-5 max effort) or endurance (15+)  Also 'functional' training is great - ie lunges, lunges with twist, step ups, step ups with knee drive etc etc etc.

    when I say you need to be strong for IM marathon, its this sort of stuff that helps.....

    I need to swim consistently 3 times a week - I only swim twice a week max now and swimming 3-4 times a week will help it.  I enjoy swimming when go regularly, and hate it when I go once every 2 weeks.

    I need to run 2-3 times easy per week to give me consistent volume that does not break me.  I would like to build 1 of these to an hour run, yeha - thats 2 hours running a week

  • i need to actually do the weekely bike interval sessions I am set.  

    They are so F****ng hard I often skip them - but they are the best way  (apart from hills) to build bike strength/ speed.  (The long sessions don't make you faster, just get you fitter image  )

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