Brighton Marathon 2015



  • I managed a 10 miler today. but felt hard work after a few weeks of serious slacking!

    3 miles is good progress to be fair Toby, and might be worth backing off for a week at some point.

  • Good 3 mile run at race pace. Going to get some faster runs at shortet distances to get ready for St Albans half in June, followed by a fun marathon in Stour.

  • Struggled through 2 miles tonight and failed to get further. Legs really aching from possibly overdoing it yesterday. Disappointed but at least I went and with yesterday's run I'm still on track for my weekly mileage just not pushing anything too much yet
  • I wouldn't worry about it Tillstar. I did a couple of interval sessions back to back and next day I felt like I had never ran before. So having a few days off.

    I often have really days I really struggle.

  • Well I've booked my place in the sodbury slog for November, can't wait to tackle something different in the running to train all of my body, will need a super strong core for this....

  • just booked up for brighton half as well - seems crazy booking these things 9-10 months in advance.

    Tired thinking about next year already

  • Running tortoise it's what keeps us sane this running lark, you may book months in advance but it sure does come round to race day pretty quick though eh 

  • Morning all

    Well the gym session for me yesterday consisted of mainly weights and stretching with a 10 minute go on our rowing machine Snowmaiden went out with Poohbear’s running club last night and did 4.5 miles apparently she ran the first 4 miles before she needed a walk so good progress there will do 3 with her today and Friday

    when she up to 6 miles will get her to do 3 on a Monday 4 on a Tuesday 3 again Wednesday rest up Thursday then just increase the distance on a Friday until we reach 13 and then depending on how far from the start of our training plan go no higher

  • Sounds like a good plan Toby. I ended up having a rest day yesterday as it was one of those days when life gets in the way. Will do the run Friday instead which means my legs won't still be achey
  • Toby - thats amazing progress! took me agaes to get to that level 3-4 years ago.

    Yvonne - who said we were sane?image

  • Tortoise, I'm doubting my sanity after booking my place in the sodbury slog ...image

  • well week 2 of Snowmaiden training is coming to a close and despite running 4 miles on Wednesday Snowmaiden feels she needs to repeat this week so will be doing 3 miles again next week and then see how’s she's going

  • Morning all, just come back this morning from a 6 mile run in 57 mins,nice steady pace,but setting the alarm for 4.45am and out the door by 5.00am is a killer.  I've tried running at night after work, but thats just as bad, as I seem just as tired after a day at work.  At least its done and i can sit back now and get ready for the day, bring on the Park run tomorrow morning, then the Stelling Minnis 10k in Canterbury on Sunday morning.

  • 5 miles for me this morning. Deliberately slowed my pace down a bit and it worked. Overall speed was only about a minute slower than Mondays but whereas Mondays 5 miles was 3 very fast 2 very slow miles and some walking I ran all 5 miles this morning at an a consistent pace so Im very happy with that image

  • Tillstar well done on the run slowing the pace down is the sensible thing to do some times but remember at this point don't get to fixated on it as you have plenty of time to bring it up when the training kicks off for Brighton later

  • Thanks Toby, not really fixing on pace as have no time goal for Brigthon other than to finish it just knew from the mile times showing on my garmin that I was running faster than I am able to run and that was accounting for me being shattered halfway through and aching too much for a day or so after to be able to run again

  • Nice 7.6 mile run last night at average 8.23 min/miling. Next run will be Sunday around 11-12 miles nice and slow. 


  • 7 miles this morning, didn't go quite as well as I had hoped as it was really hot and I had to run walk. Will repeat the distance next weekend and plan to be able to run it all then
  • morning all

    30 minutes of weights and stretching followed by a 3 mile run for me today

  • Have run every day this week so far, out with the dogs at 6:45 doing 3.5 miles Monday to Friday ,this weekend I've been upping their distance we did 5.20 yesterday and 5.50 today it's the furthest they've run with me, will try for 6 next Saturday and Sunday tires them out and gives me good leg strength running on grass and mud everyday ...


  • 10k yesterday in the heat - horrid a 2 year personal worst performance 41 mins! Dehydrated sunburn and felt sick after. never felt so grim after a race.

    Blimey yvonne, at this rate your dogs will be running marathons!

  • Tortoise, I'd love that time 41 mins ...

    Know what you mean about the sick bit after though!! 

  • 10 miles for me today lovely weather were having and shouldn't complain after all that rain but just a little too hot for running in ran the first 2 miles with Snowmaiden her pace is very good at this stage of training having a 10:38 and a 10:04 m/m second mile today was done as a fartlek jogging to one lamppost then pushing the pace to the next

    Tortoise as Yvonne said i love that sort of time as well

  • I also ran a 10k race in the heat yesterday & was very pleased with 52 mins! So 41 would have been amazing as everyone else has said! image

  • Toby, I really cant agree with the lovely weatehr regarding running. Its far too hot. I fried my brain!!!!! Can the heat really add 2 minutes+ to your time??

    Well done Macfinbob on the 10k. did you find your time was slower than normal?

  • A frustrating 5 miles last night still having to walk some of it which is annoying me so much.  This morning's 5 went better and I at least ran the whole way, although it was a much kinder route.  Had been thinking it was my legs but Im wondering if it's my head giving up rather than anything else.  Will give my brain a good talking to on my next run and see how that goes! Come on body get with the plan - you like running!!

  • I've just entered but not sure if there is a ballot or if that's it... I've paid my cash and I'm in. Can anyone clarify this please?

  • Hi FraserMac no ballot if you have paid you are in

  • Tortoise - it was a race PB - so my time wasn't slower than usual image 

    I have managed a slightly faster 10k in a training time trial back in February on a different route. But on Sunday I was consciously trying to not go full out because I'm running Edinburgh Marathon this Sunday, so did not want to overdo it! I expect that my 10k time improved despite the heat because I have just been running a lot more this year than ever before.


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