Brighton Marathon 2015



  • Entries open (sort of) 

  • I do like a shirt but wouldnt be upset at either not getting one or moaning about the style.  I enter events for the race itself.

    MarkD wrote (see)
    Signed up for Abingdon. Will sign up for Brighton today. Will at least get a gfa place at vlm as I will be 50 at Abingdon and they've moved the goal posts to 3.20.
    slightly unrelated but I noticed they disqualified about 15 runners at Abingdon 2014 for wearing headphones and a few more for transferring numbers. First time I've ever seen that.
    Who can't do stairs yet???

    MarkD wrote (see)

    Signed up for Abingdon. Will sign up for Brighton today. Will at least get a gfa place at vlm as I will be 50 at Abingdon and they've moved the goal posts to 3.20.
    slightly unrelated but I noticed they disqualified about 15 runners at Abingdon 2014 for wearing headphones and a few more for transferring numbers. First time I've ever seen that.
    Who can't do stairs yet???

    Still not great going downstairs althou managed to get to the gym, past the vending machines and on the treadmill for 2k.  Massage later this evening then just a waiting game till I can run again.... Kent Roadrunner in 6 1/2 weeks.

    Heard they had DQ people at Abingdon last year... sounds harsh I'd hope they had given people warning that they would be enforcing those rules?

  • I hope so too Robert. I suppose the nature of Abingdon and the traffic would make it more of an issue.

    2k very impressive was considering a short jog myself this evening. Too sunny not to.

    Hi All. Well another PB in Brighton for me 3:34:56. Very pleased with that given the wind. Was with the 3:30 pacer Mark (Thank you for your help) until mile 20/21 when cramp stoppped me dead in my tracks. Oh well another day perhaps for a sub 3:30!

    Well done to all that finished, congrats to those that got PB's, comiserations to those that didn't finish and hope to speak / see some of you on next years forum. Yes I will be back in 2016.

  • PG3PG3 ✭✭✭

    Love the lamp post story image

    I've entered Abingdon and i usually run with headphones but i wont there.  It's their rules we know that before entering (or should know it).  I have entered Abingdon a few times and then not run and sold my place.  I once thanked the guy that organised the race for being so flexible and he replied that he really wanted to make sure that people could run the race/he cared about a good race, so he allowed transfers.  It struck as someone who really cared running, not about the money etc.

  • Philomena Cunk wrote (see)

    Strangely. as I walked doen the beach at the end, I looked up at the big screen and saw Wenterrapin comingg in at about 3.20

    LOL - you never seem to miss me Phil! - Brighton is a good marathon - sounds like all enjoyed it - love the lamppost story, (reminds me of the guy in the Portsmouth marathon who did that and cut his face)

  • London in 2 weeks then I'm done (if the achillies heels in time)....image

  • J SwizzleJ Swizzle ✭✭✭

    Sounds ike there will be a few of us at Abingdon in October! Also signed up for Valencia 4 weeks after Abingdon.

    Umming and erring about which Spring marathon to do in 2016, agreed not to do London as Wife is and also not one on the 10th of April (son's birthday). Will give it a week or 2 to see the dates of the other marathons for next year i think. Does anyone know when the Brighton entry fee goes up?

  • In one week they go up, again a week later, and 3 weeks later again and 3 weeks later they close. 9th June

  • J SwizzleJ Swizzle ✭✭✭

    Cheers Phil, will have to decide sharpish then!! Think the other main options are Paris and Manchester.


  • john2443john2443 ✭✭✭

    For the girls, if you aren't as high up in the results as you thought you should be, we've already spotted in the photos that 'Avril' and 'Lisa' who were in the top 4 W45-54 were men, so if you were near the top of your age cat it's probably worth checking.

    Hope you're all recovering OK and looking forward to next year image or image depending on how you feel!  

  • The only to stop illegal number swapping is to let them do it legally. 

  • I agree Phil! - its yours and paid for so you should be allowed to transfer it.

  • And it's not against the law. In fact it's perfectly legal. Just against the rules so just like wearing an MP3.

  • Yeah number swapping shouldn't be an issue.

    I can't see the problem.

    Headphones is another debate.

    Legs too shredded to run. Just done a light weights session (not that I ever do a heavy one!!)

    Do a few slow miles tomorrow. Maybe????

    My friends doing Manchester this week so will wait and and see what she thinks of it. Fancy doing one In another country but it's sooooo bl**dy expensive.
  • Legs still stiff as anything, but still buzzing from the race. It wasn't my greatest time, but probably one of my most enjoyable marathons to date. 

    Just regarding the headphone thing, I do wish that if races say they are banned that they'd enforce it. I personally prefer to run to music, but when races say I cant, I don't. At the Reading Half it seemed every second runner had an iPod on (despite being "banned") and lots wearing them on Sunday too. I know Abingdon follow through with the rule - but I guess in a smaller field it's easier. 

  • With number swapping for smaller events I spose they don't want the admin however I'm sure it would be worth their while with charging an admin fee, for the larger events like London it would create a black market for touts selling on places for ridiculous amounts of money.  

    Legs are feeling even better after a light massage, hope to head for a light jog again tomorrow lunchtime and maybe a spin class on thurs.

    More I think back to Brighton the more I preferred it to London the noise at the end was something else!  

  • Some great times run on here, well done everybody! My first Brighton on sunday, and thoroughly enjoyed it, will definitely be back.

    Written a little race report, if anybody fancies a read!


  • a friend just sent me this link to a time lapse video of the Brighton Marathon. I think it's great

  • My legs are still stiff too especially the upper section of my calfs, initially I was quite disappointed that I hadn't achieved my target time but after having a couple of days to reflect I'm now quite chuffed that I did complete a marathon! I'm not sure if I'll ever do another, my wife isn't quite so keen on the thought of it especially after my visit to the medical centre. Unfortunately I never got to thank the kind man and his family that helped me whilst waiting for the st johns medical people all I remember was that he was going to the Hilton hotel after.

    Sammyjo - great video

  • Hi all,

    I am chasing a good for age entry for London (sub 3:05). I just run 3:08 in Brighton which is pretty flat (amazing marathon btw). I could have gone a bit faster if it wasn't for cramps, but I was near my limit anyway.

    I have Edinburgh lined up in 6 weeks time. I know it is faster but I was wondering if anybody can put a time range to it! 

    As a extra question, does 3:05:xx qualify or does it have to be 3:04 or less? Beat unclear on website. 

    Thank you in advance!


  • Hey Chris,

    Great run in Brighton. I'm going for the GFA in London next sunday. You need to run under 3.05, so 3.04.59 or lower.

  • J SwizzleJ Swizzle ✭✭✭

    Hey Chris good luck in Edinburgh!! have been looking at Spring marathons for next year and know that roughly you are looking at 67m of gain in Edinbough vs 105m in Brighton. That is worth a fair bit of time to me, could be very close!!

    word of warning don't 100% bank on GFA being 3:05 as VLM could adjust it like they did maybe 3 years ago. Don't think they will this year as they got a lot negtative feedback for making qualifying times tougher after the race was run.

  • Thanks guys image And good luck brixtonrunner, hope we both get it! 

    You are right Swizzle - I remember when they changed it from 3:10 and it was a bit sneaky due to the lack of advance warning. But having said that, I can realistically only aim for 3:00-3:05!

    I think it will be close indeed but definitely do-able. It prob will depend on all those other little things on the day!

  • Really enjoyed the marathon on Sunday and sunburn finally starting to fade! Excellent support and well organised. I was also disappointed in the race T-shirt though. Obviously we don't run marathons just to get a T-shirt but I really like running in my race t-shirts in the weeks afterwards and seeing other runners wearing theirs! Edinburgh marathon T distinctive and have often passed other runners when wearing mine and always good to raise a knowing smile. For me it's a part of the whole marathon experience which you miss out on if given a cotton shirt you can't run in. Otherwise a great day and a great atmosphere-particularly impressed by post race beach village brilliant idea. image

  • Christopher. Edinborough is flat but it's a big city marathon and you can lose a couple of minutes at the start. There is also a mean wind along the North Sea that can take a lot out of you. Also a small part of it is run on a gravel track. Overall you won't gain much time if any. I would go for a smaller marathon to try and hit gfa and enjoy endinboro cos it's awesome. Abingdon is a pb definite!!!!!! But it's filling fast.

    One advantage of being old (older) my gfa has been moved out to 3.20 next year. 3.17 at Brighton will hopefully translate to a sub 3.20 at Abingdon in October.
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