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  • Hias - I started off slow in Paris , I spent the first six or so miles checking running rodents rear end,,, err ,,, I mean gait to make she was running freely ( I'm nice like that ) I then thought I can't let her beat me ( I'm not nice like that ) and overtook her , had a leisurely run , never pushed it because of training injuries , probably walk/ran the last three miles when i realised I wasn't going to get a PB with my new race strategy , had some wine , a dance with the locals and got my second fastest marathon out of five

    I actually feel in better shape now than I was in Paris hence why I'll just run by feel and by watching Eggys gait ,, I mean rear end
  • MeadowerMeadower ✭✭✭

    Thanks HIAHS - no pain at all after the parkrun, the first time that's happened since I first felt it, so that's encouraging.

    Good luck to Dannirr and Running Rodent at Comrades; you'll smash it!  Hope the Stockholm crew have a blast, too.

    You Paris sounds more fun than mine, Scott!  

    Can confirm the "run as fast as you can" thing didn't work for me at Loch Ness either; paced the others at a level I thought was achievable and had much more pleasant finishes to both!  I'm probably going to go for a slightly more ambitious pace in Edinburgh than I should though, thus ending my sensible spell...

    Happy running everyone.  Looking forward to reading all the stories!

  • JokeybhoyJokeybhoy ✭✭✭
    Hi folks I've not been on in a while.Ive been too busy with planning for my holiday to Florida in a few weeks.My running is going ok.Still looking to do Amsterdam next,I'm hanging off til after my holiday I think,just to see what my work and financial situation is then.

    Good luck to all running Stockholm,Meadower in Edinburgh and Danniir and running rodent at Comrades.
  • One more day at work before my rear end and I head to Heathrow image. After being all over the place for the last week weather forecast for Durban seems to be stabilising at a maximum of 24, which is cooler than last year. Fingers crossed.

  • RR safe journey and enjoy! No doubt you will be brill ...going to be a busy weekend on stalker app image

  • Hello everybody, thought that I should stand up and be counted. I've entered my first marathon in Paris. Only been running full time for nine months and have done three halves PB 1:48:04. Hoping for a 4 hour marathon but now I'm getting worried that I might have underestimated the distance image   Long runs seem to get longer and more daunting by the week. Any advice? Or is that a stupid question?

    bib no 44484   green pen

  • The JimbobThe Jimbob ✭✭✭

    AspirantRunner. Welcome to the madhouse. Congrats on signing up for Paris, its a great race and we'll be with you all the way. To build good endurance, the time on feet long runs will be a very important workout for you, so make sure you don't run this session too hard thus knackering your training for the following weeks (and so on). You'll need to build your mileage gradually and give yourself time to recover in between sessions. The long runs are daunting but they get easier as you get stronger. This helps you prepare mentally for the marathon. If there is anyone you can do the long with, like a club mate or pal who is similar speed to you, then its nice to have the company especially towards the end of the training cycle when the long run is 3 hours etc

    Also, don't forget the med cert: (signed and stamped)

  • Eggyh73Eggyh73 ✭✭✭

    AspirantRunner - Welcome to the forum!

    I'd say stop worrying. There's a long time to go and a lot of training to be done before Paris 2016. Part of training for these things is getting used to running the distance both mentally and physically. It's perfectly normal to doubt yourself at times when training. We all have good days, bad days and days where we wonder why the hell we entered a marathon in the first place!

    You'll do it. You've picked a great event to do as your first.


  • New to this so who do I send my details to in order to be added to the list? 

    Details as follows:

    Bib no. 67356

    Pen - Pink

  • Whilst I'm here, I feel an apology is needed to The Jimbob whom I obviously totally ignored after my first post a couple of weeks ago - sorry Jimbob image. I didn't expect anyone to ask about me and I merrily went on holiday for a while! Heather S pointed out my mistake! Anyway, here goes:

    Paris will be my 3rd marathon having done Chester in 2014 and Worcester 2015. Both took me approximately 4hrs 30min and both times only just staggered home with nothing left to give! I'm no spring chicken and am about to retire (from teaching); I have a husband and 2 daughters living at home (18 and 20) - all of whom are quite demanding of my time image! Not much to tell really but Heather S is my conscience and keeps me ticking over with the gym and running but I avoid competitiveness and challenging workouts if I'm left to my own devises - just naturally lazy I guess! You're sorry you asked now, I bet!!! Thanks though.

  • The JimbobThe Jimbob ✭✭✭
    Ha ha no need to apologise m'lovely. This thread will be a good place for you to get some ideas about improving your training and there is plenty of encouragement from the lovely people here and it seems to motivate you to get your finger out.

    Without worrying too much about finish time, it sounds like you'd rather not be staggering in for your marathon finish. The staggering, also known as death marching, is really tough- torturous! It'd be better if one was finishing strongly with a smile on one's face and encouraging other death marchers to the finish. (In an ideal world!)

    So, hopefully for Paris 2016 you can put together a (stronger and more focused than with previous marathons) training campaign that will give you the best possible experience on the day. So that when you get to Corcoran's on the Sunday evening you'll be on a marathon high!
  • That's my plan Jimbob! Having sat on my backside most of the day and currently eating a wedge of cake, I am them off to Running Club at my gym to partake in whatever they decide for some motivation! AspitantRunner sounds on the ball - talking long runs already!!!! EEEEK!

  • Hello ness2 I am doing my first marathon , I am not a spring chicken and my longest distance so far is 5 miles, but it will be 6 after tomorrow ! I am a little shaken at aspirant runners long runs already...... But if he enjoys them that's great I am still telling myself that I have time!...... I hope

  • OrbuttOrbutt ✭✭✭

    Hi Aspirant Runner. Don't worry you've got plenty of time to build your runs and get used to longer distances. 

    Ness and Wendy. There will come a day in the near future when someone will ask you how far you ran in training and you will say, not far only 6 miles. 

    Cherish the 'only' day because it is on its way 

  • Thanks orbutt, will look forward to that !!
  • Wendy ...good luck with the 6 miler tomorrow ....go girl!! image

  • Orbutt wrote (see)


    Ness and Wendy. There will come a day in the near future when someone will ask you how far you ran in training and you will say, not far only 6 miles. 


    I have trained hard for a few years now for various events, and I often find myself mentioning that my quick run last night was 5 miles and people being amazed... yet it seemed a completely normal thing to me (which I guess it is, as I do it 3 or 4 times a week)... Orbutt is bang on.... you'll even reach a time towards the end of your mara training where 8 or 9 miles seems like a straightforward evening run not really of any great note.... embrace it!

    lets be honest.... its all prep for an Ironman on my 100th birthday
  • NellsNells ✭✭✭

    Me three to Orbutt's comment - Most of my weeknight/morning runs these days are 5-7 and a bit miles and I was thinking the other day as I went along to the next bridge that adds an extra mile to the loop how just getting to the river and back home without stopping (3-4 miles) felt like such and achievement not that long ago. You''ll both be there before you know it - I'm living proof that anyone can! (Still not built like a runner!)

    Good luck Stockholmers. I'm not at all insanely jealous that I'm not there as planned, but I know it would have probably put paid to any running from me for a long long time as the foot still isn't 100% after Paris. I'll be reading race reports very carefully as I'm still hoping I'll make it next year (I think there's a bit more of a gap between Paris and Stockholm next year too as a bonus!). Looks good for stalking too: 

  • orapidrunorapidrun ✭✭✭

    Dear List Faerie - please stick me down for the Thame 10k on 28th June, thanking you!

    All well, getting back into training now, lots of off road stuff going on - and hills - loads and lots of hills, for to some events in June and July. Making a launch into the club running scene also, challenging is the word, challenging.

    Have decided to wait and see about Paris, want to have a proper go at Amsterdingle see if I get a ballot place in London and just wait a bit, basically.

    Best of luck to the Stockholm massive and to two Comrades too, fingers crossed.


  • The best laid plans...... Sat in a&e at nearly midnight with 18 year old son on a drip after severe stomach upset and no prospect of getting home and resting for my run!!

    good news is that son is already looking better but it has taken 3 litres of fluid. Oh well I can run on Saturday. 

    Good luck stockholmers!


  • DannirrDannirr ✭✭✭

    Running Rodent and I are in Durban. We've had a great curry dinner and are off to tour the course today. 

    Its to a little warmer than hoped for - we'll see what race day brings.  

  • Oh Wendy, that sounds awful. Hope he's feeling better soon.

    Off to do the bus tour of the route this morning. Gulp.

  • orapidrunorapidrun ✭✭✭

    RR - Would it be any easier if you shut your eyes on the bus trip, like on a rollercoaster?

  • I love a good Durban curry! Sounds like taking a bus may be easier ....


  • NellsNells ✭✭✭

    Hope your son is feeling better this morning Wendy! Sounds like you deserve a nice easy rest day today.

  • Doing hill reps.... Running up and down stairs with drinks and snacks!

    thanks for encouraging words... Looking forward to hearing the comrades stories.

  • Heidi BarrHeidi Barr ✭✭✭
    Best of luck, Comrades and Stockholm runners!
  • Not a good start Wendy, but there really is plenty of time yet. Having gone to my running club on Weds I have been unable to do anything as pulled a ham string/back/piriformis quite badly. Heigh-ho, all the best laid plans an' all that!! We'll get there .....

  • MeadowerMeadower ✭✭✭

    All the best to the Stockholm guys tomorrow; get out there and enjoy yourselves!  Nells, thanks for the stalking link, much appreciated.

    Sorry to hear about your son's troubles, Wendy.  Sounds like he's on the mend, though image

    Ness2, that's rotten luck.  Here's hoping for a speedy return to full fitness.

  • Good luck to the away teams Stockholmers/Comrades image

    Best of luck also to Meadower, BM and Penny71 image

    Ness ...don't be hanging about on that injury bench too long image

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