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  • Hey, hey, hey  sports fans!

    LOL JD1 :lol: ... think I'd rather go entirely commando!!!

    Nice tempo pace there Andrew - with the final fast section fastest too. Well done :smile:

    Ah - that's a blow SM2. All the best to you - hope the tablets fix things. Please let us know how you're progressing.

    Good going Hobie... keeping me on my toes - are we doing hidden lyrics too? :lol:

    Uurrgghh - I prefer to approach 5:00 am from the other direction Cal. Sorry to hear you're struggling with aches and pains. Do you ever invest in a sports massage? I find they work wonders.

    Good work on the cross training Dubai. That sort of cold is actually my favourite weather for running - I'm definitely a winter runner. If I have a bad race I can usually blame it on the sunshine!

    That's nice steady progress jtface - very sensible. That sort of approach will stand you in good stead to stay injury free.

    Great Yasso session MrM2! Were you using the session to gauge your readiness for marathon pace?

    That's a good total amassing AdamK. The Barkley marathons are terrifying and crazy in equal measures :open_mouth:

    I did manage to get out at lunchtime today - no meetings and all underwear intact! A track intervals session of 6 x [~595 m fast, ~297.5 m recovery] (supposed to be 600 m fast 200 m recovery... but the track is a bit of a funny shape and roughly 595 m long). Running to and from the track gave me 6.09 mi. total and the fast reps were pleasingly equal pace. No double, yet again, though - Garmin only gave me a "Fair" recovery after last night's 8 so I decided not to push too hard. Hopefully Saturday will deliver the double :neutral:

    YTD: 44.49 miles.

  • Was thinking of doing a double today too - after a really good but short (5.67 miles) hills session I thought I will leave the second run (tempo) till tomorrow.
    YTD = 59.74 miles
  • <b>Little Nell </b>you can’t beat those classic 297.5m recovery reps! 

    <b>Harmander </b><b>, </b>not sure I’d count 5.6m of hills as “short”... good effort. 

    I made it out in the end. Another 5m in the bank. 
    1m warm up, 3m effort (23:16), 1m warm down. 

    Now I get to rest up until Saturday. 

    YTD: 53m
  • AdamK, lol
    I don't think it is worth getting changed for a run less than 10km usually..
    Way I see it - 10 mins to get changed, 5 minute warm up. 5 min warm/cool down, 10 minute shower (minimum), 5 minutes to get dressed - I make that 35 mins - I know I no longer run as fast I used to 40 years ago (30:14 pb for 10,000m in 1979) but I need to run at least an hour to make it count as a run.
    Incidentally, I did the 5.67 miles in 59:33 today.  The course is 510m uphill, 100m down hill and 530m flat triangle. The elevation over the 510m is about 15m (a bit more than the height of a house).  so 8 laps of 1.14km
  • <b>Harmander </b> wow that’s a pretty damn impressive pb. Mine is somewhere around the 48m mark. If we’d set off together you could just about have had your cool down, shower, get dressed, grab a beer and then come back to watch me cross the line. Of course the beer would have been bought with high quality undetectable counterfeit banknotes... 
  • Morning all,

    Cal, great running, like you I am an early bird as most of my runs are completed by 07.00, I am not going to lie, it will be nice to see the daylight soon!

    Nell, Great track session, glad to read you had your underwear :D 

    Steven, AT least you now know the problem, hopefully here from you shortly.

    Dubai, Nice total to date, although I run better in the cold, 28 sounds lovely at the moment.

    MrM2, Nice Parkrun time and track session.

    AdamK, Great work to date, the Barkley marathons, now they are extreme, I am guessing you have watched the documentary "Where dreams go to die" if not it is worth a watch.

    Just a couple more runs to add to date. I also plan to go out for my usual 10k on Sunday and then to recce another 4.2 mile route afterwards so I have a few to mix it up a bit.

    10.01.19 - 6.25
    11.01.19 - 8

    YTD = 51
  • AndrewDAndrewD ✭✭✭

    Hope the tablets do the trick SM!

    Great running everyone! 5 more for me last night, so up to 26 YTD (only 1.39 miles behind the pro rata figure for 10 days into the year lol)

  • Morning all,

    I ran 8.3 miles in the New Forest yesterday morning in sub zero conditions. Garmin Connect registered 28 degrees Fahrenheit. The ground was covered in frost, and rock hard, making running a bit tricky. Today is a rest day.

    YTD 40 miles.
  • Donnie2Donnie2 ✭✭✭
    Ytd: 30.4

    Were rattling along at a great pace, pity I personally can't move at such a speed. 

    Stephen M: please don't lurk to long, join in the conversation soon, I love your posts.

    Dave C: last one standing fascinates me although I'm yet to watch online. Thinking a bit more about a strategy, maybe mix walking with a quick mile? 
  • Donnie,

    I think a gentle jog, mixed with a fair bit of walking should be okay, I shall be  looking for around 7.45 - 8 minute km's, this to get back in around 52 minutes?

    I am worried it will be hard to keep to that sort of pace at the start, we shall see, why don't you join me, go on you know you want to!
  • I had to take a rest day today, which serves me right for trying to fit in an extra run yesterday. My hip wasn't happy. It just seems to be over tight and grouchy, probably from something I did in yoga or pilates. I'm a bit paranoid about it though because an angry TFL knocked me out for Autumn '17 and I had to get cortisone because rest and physio did nothing, so that is not a problem I want back.
    I did have a couple of walks, though (trying to do 10,000 steps rather than sitting on my arse playing computer games and watching telly) and tried a few running steps and I can run OK, so I should be able to do parkrun tomorrow.
    I have a massage booked for Monday so hopefully that will sort out a few problems. In answer to your question, Nell, I do usually get massages every month but had to skip a couple due to my dental accident in November (broke two teeth on a popcorn kernel and ended up with close to a grand in dental bills).
  • I'm with you Cal, tight hamstrings pulling on my lower back. Spending an afternoon in a cheap plastic seat watching Australia v Palestine in the Asia cup hasn't helped!

    Will see tomorrow but massage booked for Sunday after swim set. 

  • senidMsenidM ✭✭✭
    David Charman - Fwiw have been having a think about your "last one standing" run, which I see as fairly similar to soloing the Spitfire Scramble, but with the added complexity of a Beep Test as I assume if you miss a deadline you're out.

    When I soloed the Spit I used a Galloway interval timer and ran splits of 5/2, i.e 5 min run and 2min walk, which got me lapping in about 60min for a 5.8ish mile lap. Also used this method in the Saltmarsh 75, another ultra but over 2 days. Seemed to work ok, but on the 24 hr run the main prob is running into the night, the tent was too seductive and I went for a short nap - took me out for 4 hours, not good.

    So I think it may be better to actually run/walk slower, to finish each lap in about 55 to give you a quick comfort/food break. Resting by lapping around 45min may sound better but it can get chilly in the evening and too long a rest may cause cramping or worse still dozing off.

    Also, its a good idea to bring a change of clothes AND shoes, you may need warmer stuff for after midnight (you should be still going , all being well), but you'll be about 50miles into it. Although I overheated on Sat pm during the Spit it was still quite cold after midnight. Wearing the same shoes for the whole run may bring their own problems.

    Just a few thoughts, I think the "beep test" complication may be the main problem, as on a run like the Spit, you can afford to take an hour out for a proper rest/ food break, and then make up time later, gave me about 57miles, but that's spread out over 24hrs, you will run that distance in 14!

    Wish you the best of luck anyway.
  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭
    What has happened? Hardly dare to blink these days. But great to see a lively thread.
    Little Nell...Yasso 800s are my 'go-to' session if I don't have anything more specific. (Some track work-outs are so technical, and I'm a 'basic' type of person.) They get me moving at my (ambitious) parkrun pace, and also give an indication of marathon potential. I know a lot of people don't give the Yasso much value, but I've found them helpful for many years.
    DC...Thanks; always enjoy that track session, and the parkrun.
    An easy 6' run at sunset. YTD:54'.  Parkrun tomorrow?
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭
    Cal/David C - I enjoy morning runs,much better than evening runs,my legs seem leggy come the the evening.
    David C , do you do many night runs,been reading Vasos Alexader's book,he runs through the streets of London at night before starting his morning radio stint.

    Nell, great interval session .

    Hill strider - Must be enjoyable running in the New Forest,plenty of good trails.

    8.05 easy miles tonight ,Achilles feeling slightly tight after the run so just sitting here icing them.

    Anyone watching the Great Sterling Cross Country race tomorrow afternoon ,BBC1
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭
    Damn, YTD 52.87
  • JD, is that Vassos' first book or his second? I've read them both - they're very entertaining.

    Hip's still a bit tender but running isn't a problem, so I did Bedfont Lakes parkrun (plus a mile jog over to wear I was meeting my new parkrun friend who is giving me lifts to the difficult ones. And Bedfont is very tricky without a car). Nice parkrun, all trail, fortunately not muddy today. 25:45 which is a decent time for me on a not-flat, not-paved course.

    YTD: 69
  • Steven Morrison 2Steven Morrison 2 ✭✭✭
    edited January 2019
    Sorry guys i posted that in the wrong thread ... edited now.
  • Wow, busy on here, great going all. 

    Daft idea of the day for me...bus up the coast and run 15 miles home on the coast path.... Nearly 4000ft of climbing.

    53 miles YTD
  • Decided to cut back to an HM-length run this morning rather than going for 18 or more, due to my various complaining body parts. I'm hoping tomorrow's massage will sort me out. My masseur is also an osteopath so he'll do a few adjustments as needed.
    YTD: 82
  • Morning all,

    JD1, I love running in the New Forest, and endeavour to do most of my long training runs there. I am lucky in that I only live 7 minutes run away from it.
    I ran 11.1 miles in the forest yesterday morning.

    Cal Jones, hope the massage will do the trick.
  • senidMsenidM ✭✭✭
    Garmins are funny things, ran the same LSR as last week, just clockwise instead of anti-c, helps with the dizziness when your getting on a bit, and it gave me a 14.4M - last week 15.5! wtf.

    I dunno, is it me or is modern tekk a bit odd, anywho, was 10 min quicker so I'll take that, and think 14.4 is more what I expected so have adjusted my ytd down accordingly

    YTD      55.03
  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭
    Yesterday's parkrun will go down as 'experience'. The path around the lake is no wider, but the number of runners has increased; 1039! 
    So, I consoled myself with an enjoyable, seafront run of 11' this the sunshine! Total of 34' this week and 68' YTD.
    Hobie...the coastal 15' sounds inviting, but not sure about the 4000ft climb!
  • AndrewDAndrewD ✭✭✭
    4 on a Friday, 8 tonight.

    38 YTD 
  • MrM2, which parkrun is that? My too most local are crazy at the moment - Tooting's had over 900 two weeks on the trot (three laps on narrow paths make it less than ideal for those kind of numbers) and Clapham Common, which only started last year, got over 1000 yesterday. As I'm working on doing every parkrun in London, I have managed to avoid them and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭
    Hi Cal.....Yesterday's parkrun was in Poole. Looking back at my first recorded run there, 6 or 7 years ago, there were 250 runners, and now they are often around the 800 mark. Great to see such a great idea 'take-off' but there comes a point where it no longer works (without modification). I expected a slow start, but this was something else. Then, not being able to run through the finish line (had to queue for the last few metres) brought out the philosopher in me. Numbers were probably up due to it being a paced event (which I didn't know about before I got there). It must be one of the flattest parkruns in UK, but that doesn't help if you can't run it! In the big scheme of things it really doesn't matter to me, but there must have been some who were disappointed. 
  • Little NellLittle Nell ✭✭✭
    edited January 2019
    Howdy pardners!

    Ooofff - another busy few days for everyone, well done folks.

    Did you do a double in the end, Harmander? Hope all's well... unusual not to hear from you for a few days.

    Hehehe Adam - I'm all for the ridiculous level of precision! Your 10K pace sounds to be about similar to mine - PB is 46 mins and some small change :smile:

    David, your miles are mounting up too. Is gentle jog with walking mixed in your final decision about the strategy you're going to use for Last One Standing? Sounds sensible to me.

    Good going, Andrew - you're bang on the curve for two weeks in... my money's looking safe so far :wink::grin:

    Lucky you, hillstrider - running in the New Forest... the forest near me, where I often run at the weekend, was "closed" this weekend due to the gale force winds we have at the moment :neutral:

    Donnie - you're on par so far too... nice work.

    Ouch Cal!!! That dental work (and the cost) sounds painful :open_mouth: Hope tomorrow's massage sets you right!

    Hope today's massage was also suitably satisfying, Dubai.

    Aww - tech scamming you out of mileage, senidM. You could have gone the other way (as in assumed the short one was wrong)... none of us would be any the wiser :wink:

    MrM2 - I enjoy the odd Yasso 800 session too, but they're often challenging due to the previously mentioned odd length track I often run on (my club uses a 400 m track but we've never done a Yasso session). Shame about the parkrun fiasco but your seafront run sounds nice.

    JD1 - I very rarely run in the morning, except when racing or having made a commitment to go to a parkrun with friends. I'm far more likely to be seen running after midnight than before midday! Hope your Achilles calm down post-icing.

    Hobie!!! 4000 ft!!! Did you start under the sea or something!? :lol: That must have been some "undulating" 15 miles - nice work.

    Some wild, wet, and windy running over that last two days for me! Saturday did serve up the run day double I'd been gunning for all week. First up was 5.05 miles with 3 miles "brisk" in the middle. The three brisk miles were 7:54/mi., 8:15/mi., 8:27/mi. - guess which mile I had the wind behind me and which two were into a head wind :lol: The second run was a nice, easy 4.03 miles. Today the great god "The Plan" told me I was supposed to do a 10K tester race... but I hadn't got myself properly organised and failed to book a race. Did 9.16 miles as a NVLSR (using senidM's terminology) instead - with the gale force winds nicely enhanced by squally, driving rain off and on. At least it's done!

    YTD: 62.73 miles.

  • MrM2 - Yup, that's what it's like at Tooting, and why I'm now a parkrun tourist. The worrying thing about Tooting was that the council only agreed to the initial trial if numbers were below 500. Now we get more than that on a regular basis. January is always worse but it's getting to the point that I'm concerned the council will say enough is enough. But what can you do? It's a free event - you can't limit numbers the way you can in a race.

  • 5 and a bit mile recovery yesterday...Nell, pretty much started at sea level then up...down, up, down, very up...down again...for 15 miles...oh and finished on a 400 ft hill back to the house...coast path around here has pretty much no flat bits...took us 3 hours.

    59 miles YTD

  • Ran 7.1 miles this morning on roads. First mile was a slow warm up, and then fartlek, including working hard on the hills.

    58 miles YTD
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