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  • A very lacklustre 10K performance today - not only well outside PB pace but a minute slower than the race I did in extremely windy conditions in the same park. I felt OK, so not sure what is going on really. Legs didn't want to turn over.

    YTD: 1795
  • Well done MrM, solid run in Lanza.
    Nobbler...what's to report...I live about an hour was heavy sleet when I left home having rained most of the week...might be moist.
    Over 400 entrants rocked up at Oakwood Theme of the entry requirements is a donation to the local food bank charity....boxes were overflowing. 
    Briefing was brief..."don't get lost and see you back here for mulled wine & mince pies"...Elvis set us off for a 7 and a bit mile 10k...first mile was around the roller coasters then off into the woods...wolves chain saw murderers and samba bands...2 x bars with DJs (feed stations) and fire eaters...mud was epic (knee deep), couple of river crossings and a scramble net needed to get up one of the hills...loved it...I decided before the start just to enjoy it and take it easy...couldn't go too hard anyway so when we got back to solid ground I found that legs still had some life in them so took a few places on the way back around the theme park. Great race that has raised £14k for local charities. 
  • Ooh Oakwood - I've been there a few times (but to ride the rollercoaster rather than run). Good times.
  • Donnie2Donnie2 ✭✭✭
    edited December 2019
    Slight rumblings at the parkrun yesterday. We have a relatively rarely run version of the course only used when it's very wet. Last week was such circumstances leading to PBs all round. Same wet weather and back on the same course yesterday, response was to shift the start by about 300m! 

    Mr MM: great report. Glad no health issue. You mention a boxing day event, Always enjoy a boxing day run, and my memory is of bumper turnouts in days gone by. I've nothing planned this year and I've not seen anything being promoted. 

    Hobie: sounds like a great party atmosphere. I do like a party with an atmosphere! 

    Usually run the Bolsover 10k, 33rd running of the event today, couldn't make it due to a long known about family commitment. The first running with the constituency under a conversative MP and the famous 'beast of bolsover' no more. Unbelievable. A world turned upside down. 

    Anyone thinking of a NYD parkrun double? In my area, I'm thinking about nostell proiry and then a dash to Barnsley. 

    Ytd: 1110.8
  • I will be attempting a double, if London Transport is cooperative. Probably Canons and Gladstone since they are close together on the Jubilee Line. Canons will complete all the London parkruns for me (until they add news ones, that is).

    8 miles recovery today, which takes me over 1800.

    YTD: 1803
  • Evening all

    Cal congrats on the 1800
    MrM2 congrats on Lanzarote marathon
    Hobie congrats for your groups 5k and the interesting run

    Sorry if I've missed anyone else, haven't had time to read back.

    Is the season for visitors, parents, parents in law and friends recently so not much time for running. Fly to Kathmandu on Wednesday for the marathon on Saturday, prep has been poor, one 20 miler but just haven't had the time. Treating it as a training run for the ultimate prize, Comrades in June.

    4.12 12
    5.12 3.88
    8.12 6.03
    9.12 12.07
    10.12 3.48
    12.12 12.17
    14.12 5.08 and 3.03
    15.12 3.04

    YTD 1662.11 miles

  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭
    MrM2,well done on the Lanzarote marathon,sounds like a nice course.

    Great race,Hobie,my type of briefing and fun course.Good amount raised for charities as well.

    Dubai,good luck for Kathmandu, hope it goes well.

    5.1 - 5
    9.12 - 9.2
    10.12 - 3.5
    16.12 - 8.14
    YTD - 1573.84

  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭
    Thanks, all....Lanzarote now seems a distant memory, but a very happy one.
    It's been a tough week one way and another. Seem to have got some groin discomfort again (only felt it after my 9' run on Monday) so it might be a case of more resting and stretching, and just some shorter runs before the Boxing Day 10k. Had a large tooth extracted yesterday; the man using a hammer in my head is using a slightly smaller one today! But I guess the toughest thing this week is coming to terms with my wife's medical condition; neurologist has confirmed Multi-System Atrophy, which is already affecting speech, swallowing, balance and walking...etc. So, it is a case of one day at a time. 
    YTD: 1353'.
  • Very sorry to hear that, MrM2 - I guess you just have to make sure she's comfortable. I would definitely rest but more because of the tooth. I find my groin niggles if I sit too much as it gets tight.

    10 miles with 3 faster miles (they were meant to be MP, but actually went from MP to HMP, oh well!).

    YTD: 1813

  • MrM2, sorry to hear that news of MrsM2, certainly puts our little niggles into perspective, take care of her and yourself.

    A work lunch group run on Monday & a head clearing 5 miler at lunch yesterday for me and I'm now past 1300 miles.

    1307 miles YTD

  • Sorry to hear the news MrM2. 
  • 17.12 6.21
    18.12 12

    YTD 1680.32

  • Fly to Nepal tonight, looks like marathon temperature will be in single digits, not what I'm used to.
  • Hello all,
    Sorry I have been away from this forum for nearly two weeks due to issues affecting one of my children - thankfully these are for the most part over but a new chapter begins in which we as a family will need to support them for the foreseeable future.
    Just been catching up with the posts and am saddened to hear about the challenges many have experienced with loved ones and themselves - my heart goes out to them. The incredible achievements by others are a stark contrast.
    I have attempted to keep in with the running albeit shorter distances.
    Since 28 November, I have run:

    3 x Parkruns
    2 x 13.22 miles
    5 x 9.92 miles
    3 x 7.08 miles
    making my
    YTD = 2524.42 miles
    Due to the issues with our kid, I did not take on the marathon on 8 December and am not doing the one on 22 December but am happy with the 19 I did so far this year. I guess I will aim to get to 2600 miles by New Year Eve.
    Last Sunday we had our club's big race (Dawn To Dusk and 10 km) with four new records.
    New times for the men's marathon 2:59:43 (yes it is a tough course).
    Women's half marathon 1:51:54
    10 km 36:42 minutes
    Ladies Ultra 41 laps (82.574 km) in 7 hours 48 mins and 19 seconds

  • Sorry to hear that, Harmander - I hope whatever the problem is gets resolved. You've done well to keep logging the miles. Take care.
  • GipfelGipfel ✭✭✭
    MrM2, I'm really sorry to hear about your wife - that is very tough. All the best to you both. Sympathies on the dental treatment, too, which is never fun - in contrast, glad to hear that Lanzarote was a good experience. Harmander, I'm also very sorry to hear about your family issues, and best wishes to you and your family too.

    Dubairunner, good luck with the marathon in Nepal - sounds exciting! Hope you report back on here!

    YTD for me is my highest yearly mileage ever to date: 1128 

  • Thank you all,

    My family member was a victim, the matter resulted in the other party getting four years in prison.
  • Oh that's awful - glad justice was done. Hope your family member is OK.
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭

    Sorry to hear about your wife,MrM2,best wishes to MrsM2.

    Harmander,sorry to hear about one of your family,best wishes to all.Good to hear that you got some sort of justice.

    Well done Hobie on passing 1300

    18.12 - 5.1

    YTD - 1578.94

  • 12 miles logged at a painfully slow pace again. Not sure what's going on here but I hope it passes. Never mind, miles logged.

    YTD: 1825
  • Mr MM: your situation will be tough, without being flippant, hopefully running can be an escape. Wishing you all the best. 

    Harmander: fortunately I've never been a direct victim of crime, but I do work within the probation service so have much experience of its consequences. Hopefully everything moves on quickly. 

    Dubai: hope Kathmandu goes well. Post run report hugely anticipated. 

    Ytd: 1118.9 - already ahead of my best 12 months. Target for next year? 100 per month! 
  • enrvukenrvuk ✭✭✭
    First time (probably only time) drop in here, very sorry to see some of the travails people are going through best of luck to those who are. Impressive running from all in here. My last run was 3.12 miles, taking me to 1000.9 miles for the year. My annual target set in February was 1000km. 
  • Just joined! Hi everyone.
    I'm over 2000k this year, and have a positive split for the 6 months.
    Certainly helped switching up from 10ks to halves :smiley:
  • Welcome richley,
    Fantastic, do you have an exact figure of miles?
  • No because I have started using a new app in the last couple of months.

    Strava says 1932k (1200 miles) but I've done quite a few 20k+ runs in the other app.

    Your milage is impressive!
  • Another 9.92 miles yesterday makes my
    YTD = 2534.33 miles
  • My mileage is what it is because I am mad.
  • Congrats on the 1000 miles enrvuk
  • Thank you all for the good wishes to our child, we too are glad it is over.
    Donnie2, you can well imagine our frustration with three warranted officers in the family and myself being a magistrate since March 1993 we were duty bound to let due process takes its leisurely course.
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