The Thousand Mile Club - 2019



  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭
    Weather improved so much since yesterday. So, out along the (very sandy) prom. for an easy 14'.....complete with pink T from Yorkshire mar..
    YTD: 1180' .  
  • MrM2 - 1200 not far off, same for Hobie1495.
    Cal, 1600 coming up, despite everything
    Thank you Dubai Runner, good luck at Comrades.
    JD1 - am waiting for the reply to my query about costs for the down under trip - I am a pensioner after all. Defo doing Athens next year - 12 months to go this coming weekend - might even take my kid brother (it will be his 51st birthday on the day).
    Hoping to hear about VLM 2020 pacing at the end of the month too - fingers crossed.
    I normally brush off any health related concerns but since turning 60 the good old NHS gives you loads of check ups and they informed me that there was a abnormal reading and I must admit it was beginning to bug me - last Friday they did loads of tests and said - ALL CLEAR.  It did cheer me up I must admit. I also did not have to buy the missus a birthday card as she had flown off to attend her mum's funeral.  Some friends said they were sorry for my loss - I thanked them for their concern after noticing 'er Indoors had taken £2000 out of the account.
    Since my last update I have clocked:

    2 x 8.47 miles
    11.58 mile Parkrun sandwich
    13.22 miles

    YTD = 2308.72 miles

  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭

    Good news about Comrades,Dubai,something to get stuck into.Will be interesting to hear about your training.

    Must have been like running in a wind tunnel MrM2.

    Just over 8 miles this afternoon,4 x 1 miles 10 k/p.

    30.10 - 8.35

    1.11 - 4.46

    3.11 - 8.14

    YTD -  1472.93

  • Visiting family in Ipswich yesterday so chantry Park for my parkrun. Number 99!

    Only one organised event left this year, the Sheffield percy pud 10k. Incredibly popular, 4000 places shifted in a couple of hours one Sunday tea time back in October. 

    Harmader: glad the health news in good. Weight off your mind and all that. 

    Dubai.: this is the first time I've heard of Comrades. Please keep us all up to date. 

    Mr MM and Cal: good you're both back at it post York. I think I am. My main concern is putting on a few pounds, I tend to keep eating as if I'm training for a marathon!! 

    Ytd: 984.6 + 2+ 3.1 + 3.1 = 992.8

  • Sounds like the recovery is going well, Hobie.
    5 miles at recovery pace for me this morning.

    YTD: 1565
  • Cal, et all,

    We only have a few places left for our Dawn To Dusk challenge where you run as much as you wish between 8:04 am and 15:53: pm on 2km laps with onion bajis at the feed station.  Plenty of portaloos on site too.

    check it ourt at
  • 15 December
    post code for start and finish of each lap is

    Teresa Gavin House, Southend Rd, Woodford, Woodford Green IG8 8FA
  • Sounds like great fun Harmander. Managed a run at 2pm today, first day run for a while, was a pleasant 33 degrees.

    4.11 11.33
    5.11 3.01

    YTD 1459.54 miles

  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭
    Harmander...Good news about the 'All Clear'...not so sure about the 2 grand 'clear-out'! Not tempted by the 'Dawn to Dusk'...even with the special refreshments! you mean that you are not training for a marathon?! (The next one is never far away...ask Harmander!)
    Dubai...double figures yesterday; one eye on Comrades already? And glad that the temp. is a comfortable 33! It was a very comfortable 9 degrees for me this morning! Yes, out for a steady 12' (two 6' loops) with steady N'ly breeze.
    YTD: 1192' .
  • I don't think I could stomach bajis while I run, tasty as they are!

    Chilly 8 miles this morning - had to bust out the jacket for the first time since last winter (this was mostly because I'd run out of clean long sleeved tops and leggings with a key pocket. The jacket has a key pocket, which solves that issue).
    Got an achey left foot - not sure why, but I don't like it. Booked a massage for next week.

    YTD: 1573
  • Ytd: 1002.0

    Passed the target which the tread is about. Haven't kept a record but for the three years I've been posting this is probably the earliest I've reached our goal. 

    Love a bagi but not sure about one as mid marathon fuel. 
  • Well done Donnie2, what's the new end of year target???

    Hope foot is feeling better Cal, mine are just generally sore all the time.

    Our C25K group in work is doing well, some even up to the 5k mark already so all good.

    6 miles of club run in cold rain last night (new running jacket had a baptism of fire & worked well)

    Dubai, congrats on the Comrades entry, a couple of people from our club did if a few years ago (uphill one) and loved it.

    1160miles YTD

  • Donnie congrats on the thousand

    Hobie, glad to here they loved it, got a lot of training to get in this winter

    16.03 miles in the low 30s this morning and then home for a dip in the pool to relax, sitting in my garden now watching some parrots fly around with a hydration beer

    YTD 1475.57 miles

  • Congratulations Donnie2.

    You have about 50 days to do the next 1000 - just kidding
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭

    Congrats Donnie on passing 1000.

    Love the idea of a hydration beer,Dubai.

    5.11 - 8.04

    7.11 - 6.80

    YTD - 1487.77

  • Yay Donnie, good job!

    A chilly, foggy 6 miles this morning. I think my foot is hurting because the whole left side is tight - calf, hammy, glute, QL. A had a go with my Theragun after the run and holy crap my QL was sore! Just as well I have a massage booked for next week.

    YTD: 1579
  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭
    Donnie2...Congrats on passing 1000'!
    Hobie...sounds like lots of success with the C25K gp. Good job.
    Cal...Hope all your niggly bits get sorted soon. Great that you've got a massage to look forward to.
    By mid-day the sun had raised the temp. a couple of degrees (still only about 7) but at least we don't have the floods that have affected some parts of the country. So, out for an interesting 12'; mainly on the prom but including some of the chines. Then a 5' progression on the flat return. Achieved my goal of a 10 min/mile pace o'all. Happy.
    YTD: 1204' .
  • Freezing here today - had to dig out the base layer!
    Hilly Fields parkrun, which is (also muddy in places) so a slow time - 27:08. I've only 5 more to do to complete all the London parkruns.
    Warm-up mile also.

    YTD: 1583
  • Cal, time to finish London Parkruns by Christmas. We're working on getting one going in our local town...think I'm down as one of the run directors. 
    Well done on the 1200 MrM.
    Waited today until the weather turned wet and windy before heading out for smiley fun coast path run.
    1171miles YTD
  • Congrats on the 1200 MrM2,
    2 x 8.47 and a 11.58 parkrun sandwich today means my 
    YTD = 2337.24 miles

    I have an intensive week in court from Monday so will up the mileage for the rest of the month to get back on track.

    Is anyone doing the VLM next April?  
  • JD1JD1 ✭✭✭

    Congrats on the 1200 MrM2.

    Betws - y - Coed 10k trail yesterday,finished with a gun time of 48:18,tough course and 37 seconds faster than 2017,so I'm happy with that.Hobie you'd like this race.

    YTD - 1493.97

  • Hobie, which is your town?
    Well done on the 1200, MrM2.
    Lacklustre 11 miler today - arse was aching (high ham tendon) so decided not to push on for the intended 12-13 miles.

    YTD: 1594
  • JD, well done, I've raced a couple of trail halfs at Coed y Brenin, amazing place, great time there for you, some tough trails.
    Cal, we're at Cardigan, West Wales....bit of a trek over here I guess for you but if you're in the area, come and say hi.
    No running for me today, I was marshalling our club 25th anniversary race, 10k and 25k routes...stunning sunny day with no wind. About 120 runners. 
  • MrM2MrM2 ✭✭✭
    Thanks for all the 1200' congrats..
    JD1...well done on your 10k trail; sounds challenging!!
    Ran my 93rd parkrun yesterday (27:29); wont be running my 100th until the new year.
    November sunshine! Fall for it every time! So, out for a 14' run on the prom.. Seemed like everybody else (and their dogs) wanted a share of the sunshine this afternoon! Set off at a steady 10 min/mile pace, and held it for 13'...
    Looking forward to a week in Lanzarote, in Dec., and have entered the marathon!
    YTD: 1223' .
  • Ytd: 1015. 3

    Thanks for all the good wishes for reaching 1000. Appreciated. 

    Mr MM: enjoy lanzarotte and good luck with the marathon. 

    Cal: admire your consistancy. Love that you've almost completed all the London parkruns. I saw someone at my parkrun with a t shirt celebrating the London achievement. Worth having. 

    Hobie: hope the parkrun happens. They really are a fabulous development. You also asked about targets. I'd love 100 per month so 1200 but suspect that's over the hill. My previous highest is 1081, so should be a yearly high. 

    My 100th parkrun yesterday, very wet in places but a lovely morning. I really do love park run.

  • senidMsenidM ✭✭✭
    Congratulations to all you 1K+ers, Well done for reaching the goal by November, good running all!

    Unfortunately for me, my knee injury back whenever, 5 weeks or so ago, has given me no running at all, 5 DNF/DNS and plateau'd me on 750 for the year, which is where I may stay - bit of a sod really!

    Seeing a Dr next week, see what she says, but now my manflu has finally receded may go back to doing exercises my Physio has given me, see if that helps (very handy having a daughter who's a Physio specialising in MSK stuff)

    Got 2 more races scheduled before the years out, but not very hopeful, which is a shame as I do like the Bedford 1/2, one of my regulars over the years, still, we'll see.

    I have got a place in the VLM, Harmander, which is good 'cos it means I can't just wimp out, but as at the moment I can't run 1/2 a mile means it may be a challenge!
  • I hope things improve for you, senidM - you must feel frustrated.

    7 miles today - 6 progression plus a cool-down mile. A better run than Sunday.

    YTD: 1601. B)
  • GipfelGipfel ✭✭✭
    Hi all, I haven't been on here for a few weeks and can see a lot has been happening! Well done to everyone passing various mileage milestones and with good race results. Cal, congrats on your marathon time - you must be absolutely over the moon with that (it still makes me really happy remembering my first and only sub-4, even though it was nearly a year ago now).

    senidM, hope you recover soon - definitely hammer the exercises when you're up to them.

    My recent run of note has been my first Italian race, which I'd booked as a 40th birthday celebration. It was part of the Lake Garda marathon event, starting from a town called Malcesine, but I did a shorter race of around 16.5 miles - a very random distance - the 'marathon' itself was actually nearly 1k short, which they only announced a week or so before the event, leading to quite a bit of annoyance, as you can imagine. The organisation and pre-race info was pretty terrible, but the event itself was one of the most enjoyable ever! We had stunning lake and mountain views all the way, but with the benefit of a pancake-flat running route on paths/closed roads along the side of the lake - and with the atmosphere, food/paddling in the lake afterwards, etc., it was pretty unbeatable. I would wholeheartedly recommend the experience! 

    I'm soon to officially start a Hansons marathon training cycle for the first time - anyone else here tried this method? I've read a lot of good things about it (including on another RW thread), so I'm looking forward to it.

    YTD: 975 miles (almost there!)
  • Ytd: 1022.5

    Wanted to give the thread a boost. Not a huge amount to report, a few treadmill miles to add to the total.

    One, maybe two, 10ks in the next month. Sub 47, maybe sub 46. We'll see. 
  • Good luck with the 10ks Donnie

    Gipfel, very close to the 1000, well done.

    Cal, awesome work getting to 1600.

    Nice 6 mile trail run on Monday for me after dropping daughter dearest off at the station to go back to Uni.

    Yesterday was work Couch to 5k group at lunch time then club 7 miler last night.

    1188 miles YTD, with a bit of effort I might get to 1200 by the end of the weekend.

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