sub or about 4h30 hopefully



  • Really chuffed today - did 10 mile PB in 82 mins in the Glos 10.

    Very little pain in my foot as I purchased a flat pair of sorbothane insoles yesterday .

    Hopefully on track for London now. Well done to Happy Running on her performance today
  • Hi all,

    Did my 9 miler today - bl**dy cream crakcered and found it really hard going but at least i did it. 12 min/mile so not ready for London yet but hopefully that will pick up soon.
  • 12 mile LSD for me. Same route and group as last week only it felt easier this week.

    Racing next week, nice short 12k!

    Hefty, it will get easier and well done.
  • Bananna - 4got to say on last post about orthotics. I bot a thin pair of insoles to cover orthotic which helps prevent blisters etc.
  • Undulating, I too have taken out the insoles in my shoes but I don't any pain in toes or balls of feet, just blisters on my arches. Although I do wear two pairs of socks (with the orthotics in between). I know it sounds a bit strange but I tried every other combination and that was most comfortable.
    Cait, I tried putting the original shoe insoles over the orthotics but it wasn't very comfortable and I thought that it probably defeated the point of having custom-made orthotics if you put another insole over them because they won't fit in quite the same way.
    Been to a trailplus marathon training camp this weekend and it's fired me up for the marathon. I've changed my schedule, and am determined to get my hydration, diet, stretching and training just right. Look out London!
  • B..I went on a Trailplus weekend last year, it changed my whole outlook on my running. I have incorporated the Treshold sessions in this year's training.
  • Dips, I completely agree. They kept telling us that we were athletes and that actually really helped because it gives you confidence and makes you want to do everything properly and not take short-cuts. I was totally convinced by the threshold sessions so I'm now going to follow Keith's beginners schedule in the new RW magazine. He made me see how the older RW schedules are completely out of date.
  • Yep, I'm following the improvers, with a few tweaks to fit in with the other things in life.
  • Hi Dips and Bananna
    Where do i find out about Trailplus weekends?
    Thanks Mark
  • take immodium. I had to go to loo during my first london mara at about 21 miles and had to queue for 5mins to get in. men can jump behind a bush but there are some areas where the bushes are few and far between.
  • oops - last posting went into wrong forum, so please ignore
  • Hullo Undulating!You had a fab run on Sunday - My time was a pb on that course, but I was suffering (excuses excuses!) FAR too much alchohol night before and not in bed 'til 1.30 am! Not best preparation!

    Anyway, i must take this training slightly more seriously now.......!?! Oh dear!
  • Hi everyone,
    Not much to say at the moment but don't want the thread slipping any further.
    My training is ticking along nicely, the blisters are finally healing and I'm getting less and less knee pain.
    Just sent a message to the whole of my college at uni asking me to sponsor/donate to my charity. I hope I get a big response, otherwise there's major pressure on my boyfriend to raise £1000 in the concert he's doing!!
    Got a great bargain on a 2nd pair of New Balance 1022's, £43 including postage and packaging from It's even cheaper than!
    Hope you're all running well, and keep in touch!
    I can't wait for marathon day to come.
  • Hi all,
    Bananna hope the blisters heal quick,my runnings going good,even enjoying it in the gales we have just had, night off tonight and long run in the morning,
  • Hi all, am feeling GREAT after training this week so far. Am using Hal Higdon Intermediate prog - but just realised still 18 miles to go! 6 Sat, then 12 Sunday! Wonder how I'll feel Monday?!
  • What a disappintment today was. Was hoping to run about 90 -120 minutes and could only manage about 30 ! Tightening muscles etc.. Am hoping that this is due to giving blood last Sunday and under-training this week. 10K next Sunday will reveal all !
  • Sounds like people are doing pretty well.
    Don't worry about missing that long run Paul, I'm sure the odd one doesn't matter.
    I did 60 mins today, but my knees weren't as comfortable as I'd hoped they'd be. Had a few niggles, two of which made me walk which was frustrating. I'm pretty sure it's due to running on uneven ground so I might stick to the treadmill wherever possible.
    Well done steve and happyrunning, keep it up!
    Hope you're alright stylish, haven't heard from you for a while.
  • StylishStylish ✭✭✭
    "Hope you're alright stylish, haven't heard from you for a while".

    Hi Bananna, thanks for having me in your thoughts. I don't know if you're aware but I got made redundant just before X-Mas so I'm not able to come here that often because of all the other things that I need to do to secure a position for myself. In a way I'm lucky that I can do the training in the daytime but I have to say it's darn hard work. I think that a sub 4.30 still looks like a big mountain to climb for me. I don't use my orthotics any more as they were causing me more problems than solving, they held up my training quite a lot. Bananna don't forget that when running outside the ground is much harder than the treadie, unless you go on grass, so you need to build up gradually. Anyway best wishes to everyone.
  • I remember you saying you'd been made redundant, that's mainly why I asked how you were. Didn't want you getting all depressed without running people to talk to!
    Sorry to hear your orthotics aren't working out. You should be able to go back and talk to someone about why they're not working for you. The people who did mine said that if they weren't working, they'd sort it out for free.
    I'm thinking 4:30 might be a bit optimistic as well, but who knows where we'll be in 3 months time! Stay positive.
  • Hi All, did 12-mile long run on Saturday which went really well. According to the schedule I'm following i only have to do 8 mile long run this weekend. It's funny but a couple of months ago 8 mile seemed so far, now I'm glad i only have 8 miles to do and not another 12.

    I bought a yoga mat, blocks and the stretching strap last week and did some after my long run on saturday. I have realised I don't stretch enough as I only spend about 5 mins on stretches after a run. I spent 30mins on saturday and my legs felt all the better for it.
  • Sounds as if it's going really well, Cait. Well done !
  • Cait, I'm spending more time stretching too, although I do it on the floor with a scarf/tea-towel/anything near me! I try to do 20 mins after every session. You definitely feel the benefit.
    I'm going to a circuits session tonight for some 'body conditioning'. Bit scared really, the guy who takes it is quite weird. I went to one of his stretching sessions and he had us lying on the floor in the dark, telling us to picture lying on a desert island and imagine that we had won the lottery! Bit unorthodox! But I'm going nonetheless, now that's commitment.
    Just entered the Silverstone half-marathon for 13th march and am looking forward to it.
  • Hi people,
    Just signed up for RW sunscription so I thought I'd say hi! Am aiming for my first marathon in OMG 86 days! Am scared, but excited too. Training is going OK, although my bones ache, think I probably don't stretch enough either. My butt and hips ache like hell after a long run, up to 8 miles this weekend. We will get there, I hope, but great to read everyone else's tales too, and I believe in everyone, if you've got the balls to apply in the first place that's half the battle, well kind of! All the best, K.
  • Hi Kieran,

    Welcome to the 4:30 club.
    I think everyone gets a bit achey after a long run but you really should stretch well. Don't know if you get sports massages regularly but I had one the other weekend and hated it so the guy told me if I don't want to have them done I need to keep well hydrated and stretch. So it obviously does your muscles good, and relieves a whole lot of the acheing.
    Good luck with the long run this weekend. I'm doing 75 mins, probably about 7 miles or something.
  • Have any of you had the following problem or do you know what it might be. When i run the inside of my right lower shin is very sore but i manage to run through it as i though it was shin splints. However, it is not going away and it is now sore also when i walk on it. Anybody got any ideas???
  • Cait
    This sounds just like what I had a couple of years ago. I think the technical name is medial tibial stress syndrome (MTSS). Does it feel tender to touch also? Mine was always worse when I started and, like you, it was gone by the end of the run. However, when it got really bad it was painful just walking on it - it was also worse on walking downstairs. I ended up with orthotics as the podiatrist thought it was caused by my overpronating (feet rolling in). However, it was worsened by doing speed (well, fast for me anyway!) sessions and running on roads. I had a complete rest for a couple of weeks and then gradually built up running very slowly on soft grass and eventually ran a painless half marathon a couple of months later.

    Your problem may not be the same as mine but a good first thing to do is to have a sports massage so that they can have a prod/feel around. I had this also together with ultrasound and it helped a lot and kept me running.

    Hope this is helpful.
  • Slowlegs - it sounds the same as what you had. Like you, it is worse when i'm walking downstairs and speedwork seems to make it worst as well. I also have orthotics for overpronation. I am trying to do most of my running on a treadmill except for the long runs which i do on the road (as treadmill too boring).

    I'll definitely book appointment for sports massage now
  • I think a sports massage is definetly the way forward! I don't have the same problem as Cait, but a similar thing. For me it's my butt/lower back and the top of my thighs. The tope of my thighs is very sore for the first 20 mins or so then tends to ease off, and off course after the run I feel very sore there. I'm sure it's a flexibility thing for me, I'm no spring chicken anymore at 28. Perhaps a trip to a podiatrist would be wise, do you think this is a good course of action? Anyone know of any good ones and masseurs in London?

  • Cait, glad to be of help and hopefully the sports massage will sort things out.

    Kieran, if you can afford it and you find somebody good then it is never a bad thing to get yourself checked over by a podiatrist particularly if you are having problems. I'm going to sound like a total hypochondriac here I'm sure but my pronation problem actually comes from my back/hips and the way they rotate. Believe me when I say I always had back ache after runs and felt very stiff. I went to a fantastic osteopath (and I cringe just thinking about it!) who really pummelled my back and hips over a few sessions. I think this, with the orthotics, put paid to my running problems. However, while I try and be optimistic I still worry that the training I'm doing now which is at a mileage I've never tackled before might bring some twinges back - but so far so good!!

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