sub or about 4h30 hopefully



  • Agree with all of above - just enjoy it and do whats right for you - but REMEMBER its the training 16 weeks before that is the real countdown. Before that - all means of general keeping fit will help. Rachel if you can do a sub 3 training programme thats brilliant, but if you can achieve everything on it you can achieve a marathon in a faster time than 4:30! Me - I found some of the sub 4:30 tasks hard last time round - probably why it took me 4:39 to finish! But think I may be a little fitter now........?! Hope!!
  • I am now a convert when it comes to HRMs. It's like having a personal coach. Get one!
  • It's on my pressie list so we'll see what Daddy Xmas brings eh?

    Off to gym soon to cycle and use cross trainer for first time - i'm dreading this ... wish me luck?

    I'll let you know how i get on tomorrow.

    Catch ya later peeps.
  • I am not worrying too much about a training plan until Nov and plan to follow the Hal Higdon plan. I started punishing my body with excessive mileage far too early last year and nearly ended up 6ft under- never again. Agree with what has already been said about just building general fitness at present,feeling that I am not actually training for the marathon quite yet. This'll be my 3rd after having to defer this years entry to 2005.At present I am just going out 3 times a week , doing about 4 miles (speed work), 6-7 miles and 8-11 miles ( did Great North last month and occasionally doing local 10k races) Actually took a week off last week as I thought I was coming down with glandular fever again, but it ended up being just a mild virus. Thinking of doing a bit of swimming as my 4th weekly session.
    Also had thought of getting a HRM but they're pretty expensive, and will probably need a new pair of trainers soon instead!!
  • I train with a HRM and have found it really helpful. I've used one for years in the gym and find it a good guide for differing training sessions. I would say that they take a bit of getting used to though, but would definately recommend.
  • YAY! back from the gym and all's well - that's a start anyway. My achilles is slightly aching but that's not surprising as I gave it 10 minutes on the cross trainer for the first time tonight.

    Onwards and upwards eh?

    Billie: Think the Hal Higdon marathon schedules are for 18 weeks so i'm hoping to get running again in time to build a bit of fitness before I start on one! Beanz sent me an amended one for Novice which she's started using already so i'll probably go along the same theme and just double up on a few weeks from mid - end November (as long as I start running again at the beginning of the month that is!)

    Anyway, off for a cuppa and to watch a little of the desert challenge program which I taped this evening.

    Nite nite all - see you tomorrow.
  • StylishStylish ✭✭✭
    Morning all.How are we all today. No running since Tuesday but will get out tonite. Apparently the strong winds are going to be with this weekend so I'll try and find a time when it's not so gusty, if I can.Did a few weights and sit ups etc last night but nothing to taxing.

  • More positive tonight. Got to the gym and managed 20mins cardio (bike & xt) without feeling anything in the knee at all so that must be good! Then had 30 mins intensive upper body training from gym manager (personal training paid on from a while ago) so have now got the 'burn' that we all know and love. Roll on complete recovery..... Needs to be soon though, golden bond entry form arrived today! Help.
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    Morning everyone it's been a good weekend Liverpool won and Arsenals record is over too.
    Went out for a lunchtime run yesterday not my normal time but it was hard going because of the heavy winds.It wasn't cold and the sun was trying to get out but the wind was quite strong. Even after a half a mile I was thinking "I don't want to do this". So yesterday was a constant battle with the mind and the wind to keep going.Unfortunately I did have to stop and walk a mile home.So for a good chance at FLM not only have you got to be physically and mentally ready but you have to pray that the weather conditions are just right.

  • 13 miles on a treadmill this morning. Very boring, now very sore...glad i did it..even if it did take me 2.21 hours!! lets hope I get quicker!!!
  • Wow Rachel - well done girl - was that at a gym or do you have your own treadie?
  • the gym...I was the only person in there at 8am this morning!!!
  • Excellent - good on ya.
  • Training has taken a bit of a dive and I am feeling really miserable:0(
    Feeling generally grotty like I am "coming down with something" generally have had a headache and been achy all over with niggly sore throat and tired for 10 days and hence no running. I've been well enough to go to work but simply cannot summon up the energy to go for a run. Annoyed because up until 2 weeks ago I was getting a good fitness level. Taking echinachea and vit supplements.
    fingers crossed i'll be running by the weekend.
    Well done Rachel on completing 13 miles on the treadmill. I've got a treadmill at home and have never done a long run on it. The furthest I have ever done is 7 miles, i normally use mine for speedwork
  • You must win a prize for determination Rachel. I can just stand 20 mins on a treadmill. Much nicer outside, at least the view changes.
  • I've been running for about 4 months. Did the Liverpool 1/2 marathon a few weeks ago in 1.50 but I've began to ease off training so decided to enter the FLM for another goal to work to. If I don't get in I'll probably do another in UK or Paris.
    Where is there a good marathon schedule as I seem to find lots of conflicting ones on the net.
  • I usually only use the treadmill for speed work too, but I wanted to know that I'd run exactly 13 miles and how long it took me. I got disheartened when the computer clock on the treadmill reset to 0.00 because it could only count up to 99.59 minutes!!!
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    Morning all. Well done RC on doing 13 miles, haven't been anywhere near that territory myself LOL. I checked a few gyms re use of tready and was told max of one hour use so told them not enough time.I don't think I could run on a tready for that long either as i would bet bored. Did a gentle 4 miles last night and going to the club tonight. Hope the winds stay away.

    NK2 - if you look under the grey training tab above and then scroll down to thr racing bit there are schedules there that might interest you.

  • Hi Everyone,
    I haven't posted on this thread for ages because I've become a bit disillusioned with my running lately as I've had knee problems. No specific injury, its a different niggle every time when I run. So I'm not running at the moment but cycling and cross-training at the gym, which is fun, but I'm so jealous of the people on the treadmills!
    I haven't had any specific advice on when I should run again, but I'm going to wait till next week and then gradually increase time on the treadmill every other day.
    Any other tips for knee niggles?
  • StylishStylish ✭✭✭
    Hi Bananna, I would say that you need to find out why you are getting these niggles and try and find a cure for them to ensure that they don't happen again.
  • Stylish, my Dr says that she doesn't think it's a muscular imbalance, but a repetitive strain injury and could be to do with the way I run so I need to think about my feet when I run to make sure they land properly.
    I'm getting an appointment with a private orthotics place and they may help. But that won't be for a while.
    I'm hoping that a combination of leg exercises, tubigrip and special insoles will keep it at bay till then!
  • StylishStylish ✭✭✭
    Bananna, If it "could be to do with the way I run" then you need your gait analysed and it's good that your going to see a podiatrist.Shop around becasue of costs and if you can, see one who runs himself or deals with sports related problems.

    Before that what you could do is go to a couple of specialist running shops and get them to do a gait analysis.See what they say about the type of shoe you need. If you go to a couple and the recommendation is for a type of shoe different to the one you have now then that's most likely to be the problem. See the pody afterwards.

    Good luck
  • Have you looked at your shoes Bananna? How old are they, are they correct for you as Stylish says.

    I would also recommend having regular sports massages, good if the prob is brought on by IT band probs.

    If these simple measures don't help I would see a Sports Physio rather than your GP. Sports Therapist's have expertise in the field, more so than a GP
  • Banana, As I'm suffering from ITB Syndrome at the moment I think the advice from both Dips and Stylish is really good. My problems were caused by slightly incorrect shoes and also from running a half marathon in them when they'd worn out. I'm seeing the sports therapist at the mo and also a podiatrist who did a gait analysis and advised me on which shoes I should be purchasing. Be careful about orthotics though, because they are designed to straighten your body out which can cause its own problems because its never been straight before. Welcome to the minefield, good luck........
  • Yikes! Tiredgirl you've scared me a bit! I'm only going to an orthotics place because that's what my GP suggested. She does run so she knows a bit about it. I'm actually covered by BUPA so I can see anyone really. Will look into podiatrists...
    I think my problems may well have been caused by running a road half-marathon in trail shoes (I was a novice and didn't know any better!).
    At the moment I'm running in New Balance 1022, which are new. The guy in the shop had a look at me jogging in them and said he didn't think I was over-pronating but I will check out some other running shops' advice too.
    Will go and do that now actually. I'll keep you posted, and thanks for all your help.
  • StylishStylish ✭✭✭
    Hmmm bit funny. A GP who runs suggests an orthotics place but guy in shop doesn't think you over-pronate. One can't be right.
    The shoes that you have are just cushing shoes and don't provide stability.It may well be that that's what you need.Anyway hopefully you find out soon.
  • You should be able to tell from the wear of your old shoe if you over pronate.

    My guess is the GP just grabbed at a straw to give you something to do. A poddy will be able to advise you whether or not you need them.
  • I have a place for FLM as I deferred last year with pulled hamstring. This year I have a whole host of new probs and am so worried I'll miss FLM again. To cut a very long story short I'm considering orthotics (for leg length discrepancy) as I have tried everything, and I mean everything else over the last couple of years. I am in Fleet, Hampshire area, can anyone recommend a good podiatrist or other such bod who does orthotics?
  • Hey. Well I've been to a different running shop (Up & Running, Oxford) and the guy had a good look at the treads on my road shoes and trail shoes and said that they looked perfectly neutral. He also watched me jog and said it looked a bit like my heel rolled inwards, but he was confused because there was no evidence of that on my shoes. So he didn't think it was a shoe problem...and I'm back to square one.

    I think I'll stick with low impact exercise for another couple of weeks and then try building up time gradually on a treadmill.
    Plus lots of leg exercises as it may well be muscular if not a shoe issue.

    Hope everyone else is enjoying their running. Don't take it for granted if you're injury free, I'm soooo incredibly jealous!!
  • Morning Guys how is everyone? How many of those that applied for ballot places have been successful?? Well I took advantage of the "extra" hour yesterday and was out running at 9.00am. It was much better than last week with no wind to contend with. I did 10 miles and am quite pleased with that. My aim <touches woods> is to get to 14 miles by the end of the year which will give me a good platform for going onto one of the RW schedules.How is everyone else getting on?
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