PROVISIONAL Helphire Bath Half-Marathon

Just had a good run at the Bristol Half Marathon and looking forward to Bath. Has anyone seen any entry forms yet?


  • Nope, but in true Bath Half-Marathon style, its delayed until next week (thats if you have entered last year) or it will be open to applications on Monday 4th October.

    Check out:
  • Wanted to do this one this year but was full before I even saw an enrty form so did and enjoyed Reading instead.
    Does the delay from the council on road closures mean that they are going to increase the capacity of the race?
  • Yep, they are trying to increase it from 5000 to 7500 for next year.
  • Foolish considering last year's debacle. I also see they are persisting with the silly 'chip in your number' rather than champiochips, which work and don't cause nipple chaffing - Officially I didn't run last year....

    But I will do it again if only 'cos I get to drink some Smiles beer when down west and it should be a decent trot before the FLM
  • ............. wouldn't touch it with a barge pole this year........... or any other year come to that!
  • i have to say after doing the bristol on sunday it made we realise how disorganised/ pricey Bath really was this year...but would still like to give it ago again as despite all the hassle of getting race number the day before etc I had a really good run...hopefully they will use the mistakes made this year to make next years better??!
  • I'm sure we can find you some Smiles somewhere other than Bath, Toucan - I feel a need for some "research" coming on!!
  • Felt much aggreived by the poor organisation last year and swore blind I wouldn't go near it in 2005. That said, time has mellowed me, and at the end of the day it's a good excuse to return to the old stomping ground... so I'll be there.
  • Rocks.... Ditto. And I wasn't in any of the photos either - maybe it was all a bad dream.

    Did plenty of Smiles research on the Friday night before bristol. I suppose I should aim to be drinking 'Gem' before bath.
  • OK, So last years organisation was not up to scratch and the course is more a tour of the Thompsons Directory than the architectural delights of Bath - that said it is still my local Half and I look forward to supporting it once again. Just wish I could lay my hands on an entry form.
  • I done the Bath 1/2 last year and really enjoyed it, I even ran a PB. Did enter this year, but because I changed jobs and moved, my training stopped and I didn't race. By the sounds of it I'm glad I didn't. I am thinking about entering the race next year, I just hope it's more organised.
  • Oh, I like what they say on their website:

    "We intend moving exclusively to on-line entries (with no postal entries) in 2006"

    This is a bit unfair for those without internet access and credit cards.
  • Just pointed out that the date at the top of this thread say Sat 19th March 2005 but Bath HM says Sunday 20th 2005.
    Toucan, Abbey Ales is the only beer brewed in Bath as Bath Ales is brewed on the outskirts of Bristol
  • Never tried it.. Will seek it out after the half.
  • I entered this year but got injured, just working back up to the distance but would like to run it next year. have been looking weekly on website. So next week it is!
  • That's what they say this week Skipp ;-)
  • I'm still not too sure if I'm going to enter or not. Although the thought of a pint or 2 of Abbey Ales after the race is very tempting. I lived in Bath for just under a year and it would be nice to go back there again for a couple of days and try the local brew again.
  • I'm never going to enter this race ever ever ever again!!!

    And anyway....I know where there's a much better race on Sunday 20th March.

    <<drum roll>>

    Announcing the 'HOGWEED HILLY HALF'

    A challenging half marathon, much cheaper than the Bath fiasco too ;)
  • What's the beer like?
  • Toucan
    If you want beer, then enter either the Stroud Beer Race, organised by Stroud AC
    Stroud & District AC
    or enter the Berkeley 10k organised by Dursley & District AC
    Dursley & District AC
    Or better still enter both.
    And the Hoggies one.
  • I wonder why only one link worked?
  • Personally I felt that there were only 2 things wrong at Bath last year. The previous year neither was a problem. All the numbers were on time, and it didn't rain.

    The support was fantastic.
  • If they increase numbers there will be a corresponding increase in problems, even back in 2000 when I last entered the Rec itself was not suitable, especially if it rained and the access into Pultney st was a problem not to mention getting in to the city, parking etc.

    Organisers of small races do it as a labour of love, being runners themselves means the know what the 'race entrant' needs and mistakes are taken on board and lessons learnt for next time. Organisers of big races are doing it as a commercial enterprise (even if not for profit it still has to be run business like) and their focus is concentrated on budgets for all the main components that make up the event and the details (that make all the difference) are overlooked. The FLM may have been the model but real experience in setting up a race is priceless.

    The only 'big' races I have ever run where the organisation is close to faultless is the FLM, GSR and the Plymouth half.
  • Moe,

    Spot on.
  • Moe, you can add Bristol to that list. This year it went almost smoothely. Started exactly on time, plenty of water / energy drinks during the race and at the finish, plenty of marshals and people helping out. The army cadets did a great job at the end handing out goody bags, water, medals and bananas (they didn't go home early). So, seeing as they are neighbours, maybe Bath can get a few tips from Bristol.
  • I'm with Mad Kat on this one. Had a great day on sunday,

    Blisters - where is Stroud anyway?

    I've been to two races so far where they handed out beer at the end, one in Cambs (a 10K someone told me was a good idea to enter despite being on New Year's Eve) and one in Leics.

    The lengths I'll go to for a 'free' beer....
  • I agree Bristol was well organised and I really enjoyed it but a few small points I would make for the slower runners and that the organisers ought to sort out for next year - there were no energy drinks left for the slower runners at 9-miles, a few of the army cadets on the Portway got bored later on and started to throw bottles at each other when runners were going by, some people were unable to get medals at the finish because there were not enough.
  • Not impressed with Bath last year - organisation pretty shoddy really, plus the route really is pretty dull. But yes nice beer. Of course the beer is available all year don;t ahve to run.....

    Reading on the other hand was very well organised - again a dull route, but plenty of support and plenty of space at both the start and finish, everything just about on time (bit of a start delay), and the kit lorries and buses to and from the station worked perfectly as far as I can tell.
  • When is the reading race, and which would be the best for a first timer?
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