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  • Hi everyone it's all gone quiet after the marathon. I went for a massage last night to try and speed up my recovery. The achilles is still sore so I am resting but might try a light run on Sunday.

    Baldy what speed would the pace group go at in Lisburn. Hows the groin.

    The re-routing was one of the few things that the organisers got right I just hope they listen and take on board what the runners are saying because if the runners stay away that will be the end of the marathon. What is badly missing in Belfast is a major sponsor who would help fund some of the things that people are complaining about. It would be a pity if we lost the only marathon in the North.
    I think they should return to runners acting as marshals as they know what is required to run a successful race. When runners marshal they keep everybody right and give encouragement to the competitors. This year a lot of the marshals standing along the route had no interest in the marathon and were only there for the money. I know its something to do with insurance but maybe runners could work along with these people. I know when we organise a race the marshal are encouraged to give the runners a bit of support.
  • Hi James I might go out on the bike on Sunday and give anyone who is suffering a lift on the bar. I think I will wait until Monday and run on the grass at lunchtime.

    London has the advantage in that they have full time organisers and a much larger budget.

    I think it might be a good idea to have a two lap marathon, with a half marathon and relay. It would cut down the number of relay teams because some of them would do the half it would also cut down on the number of marshals. Hopefully you would have more support.

    If I go to a race in which Hugh Ord is running I'll give him a wide berth.
  • James could you bring your camera up at the weekend so I can download the pic of the marathon. Might send a few through to the papers to see if they print them.
    The pics are up on the Belfast site. 10 of you.
  • Hi everybody - I haven't run since Belfast - will run tomorrow.

    Ian - Last year I did Lisburn half in 2hrs 20secs so I would be too slow in running with a pacing group.

    Kenny - You did well in Belfast considering you were carrying an achilles injury.

    James - Every run does not always go the way you plan it. I was very relaxed in Dublin last October and ran the marathon in 4hrs 4 mins a PB - in Belfast I was totally focused and only did it in 4 hrs 21 mins.

    I think that if you over prepare a lot of your energy could be left on the training ground.

    I'm still inspired by a friend of mine a 53 year old who forgot his running shoes and did the 27.2 yes 27.2 the extra mile in the Belfast marathon in 4 hrs 48 mins - I'll be using that as a spur in the Longford marathon.

    From now on I'm going to train harder at home with more hill runs.

    The best of luck to all other runners on this thread.

    A few more friends are complaining about the bussing to the changeovers at the relays - they say that the busdrivers weren't trained on where to go and it was a complete disaster as they saw their runners from the bus passing as the bus only got to the changeover place.

    I would rather run an extra mile than chase after a relay runner.

  • Seamus the achilles didn't realy bother me during the run I gace it a good rub with tiger balm before I left home. I felt it a bit going down the grassy slope when we were re-routed. My groin got very sore over the last couple of mile and caused me to slow down.

    I think maybe Connermara is still in your legs Seamus which may have slowed you down. Two marathons in a month take their toll especially when you get to or age. Maybe that is why you ran a PB in Dublin because its a good course and you were well prepared. When is Longford? I am thinking about Dublin, a few members of the club might be interested.

    Don't rush back too quickly give yourself time to recover run as you feel if you feel like doing 3 mile do it if you feel like doing 10 do it listen to your body for a few weeks. I am feeling very tired this week evry evening when I come home from work I just want to sit do watch the TV and fall asleep.

    I think you will run better in Lisburn this year if I go we could set up our pacing group sub 2 hrs. I would like to get under 1:50 which I think is possible if I get over these injuries quickly.
  • NIAF website says the extra distance on Monday was 1180m.
  • Hi Kenny I did 6 miles this evening in 52 mins and felt good.

    Longford is on the last Sunday of August 28th at 10.00am. Its a very flat course - flatter than Belfast this year.

    I had serious calf cramps after the marathon as I sat about for a while and didn't release them by stretching straight after the marathon

    I was OK the following day.

    Kenny - I think I will run my own race at Lisburn - I have a habit of starting too quickly and then tiring in the later stages. In training I'm going to try to stay strong for the last few miles.
  • Well hi all,

    getting over my dodgy groin, am going to start back out tomorrow. There is only so much ice a guy can take!!!

    Am going to venture out tomorrow night.

    I am going to gear up for a few good 10ks with the aim of a good run at the longford mara. Hope to have a good hard summer.

    Kenny, I was thinking of about 1.50-1.55 for a pace group at lisburn with the aim of a 3.59 group for Dublin. Have a few takers at work so far for both.

    James what goals are you setting yourself ahead of edinburgh, have a good think about your race plan there, it could be difficult in June, hot and hilly!

    Seamus dont you go doing too much old man!!!
  • Hi everybody - its good to be back running.

    Ian I did 5 miles this evening and did my last mile in 7 mins 30 secs - so I felt good. I'm going to do a bit of hard training towards the end of most runs to increase my stamina for the later miles in a marathon.

    I broke in a new pair of Asic Gel Kayanos today. I think I'll keep using these shoes from now on. I've been using Nike Pegasus and Nike Kantara as well.

    Kenny - I hope the achilles is improving - give it steady gentle stretching.

    Some people still claim that the extra distance was more than the 1180 metres that they say it was.

    James - Are you back in training yet?
  • Hi everyone
    Went out yesterday for an easy run but the achilles and groin still sore so I cut short and cmae home. I OK walk about its just when I try to run. Looks like its more rest amd ice packs. I have been stretching amybe have to go to physio to see what I've damaged.

    Ian if I get into training son I would be interested in the pacing group. But if I am out for a while will have to give Lisburn a miss.

    Don't try to too much too soon Seamus
  • Where is the best place to find out about runs in northern ireland or ireland?
  • Hi calypso For Northern Ireland look on the NIAF wbesite
    click on fixtures and then on cross country and road running.
    This will gice you most of the local races. There may also be few small races which are not registered with the NIAF which woulf be advertised locally.
    For Ireland
    click on calender gives you a list again there may a few races which are not run under AAI.
    What distance are you interested in? Where do you live and how far are you will to travel to race?
  • gentle 6m in 48 tonight, legs fine and more importantly the groin was fine. Will aim to do simliar all week with rest on fri and 13 on sat, fingers crossed.

    James, did einburgh last year, roasting hot all day. Great run, has a relay event and you woldnt even have noticed the changeovers!! first two miles were up Arthurs seat, third was down. My splits were 7.45, 7.15 and 5.45!! well organised but not pb course. will give you the full rundown if you want.

    Calypso, also try the clubs local to where you are going, we ahd a guy over from San Diego last year, took him out for club runs and races. Now he is trying to find excue to get back!!
  • James, the water was in bottles, however there wasnt much along the cycle path. the energy drinks were just that, in cups, cant remember which make but i used gels of my own instead as usual. As i said the first three miles were up and down then out of holyrood park and fairly hilly round the castle plus a nice cobbled area. the cycle path was humid as it is fairly well covered with trees, not a lot of support along that bit, quite lonely. You then come out among houses and head down on to portabello beach running left then back on yourself having gone round a marshall just to make sure it is correctly measured!! the run along the sea front was long and breezy but there were plenty of people about. it went up hill then on a few of the main(ish) roads before heading into a housing area. That was all up hill at 24M and bloody hard before coming down for the last 500m back nto Holyrood park. plenty to eat and drink at the end plus a goody bag. The end was a cordoned off area for athletes so arrange to meet your other half at a certain point and give her a peg up over the barrier!! plenty of physios/therapists for the rub down. medal tshirt and later a certificate arrived. Expensive but a dam fine race.
  • Hi everyone went out tonight and ran 5.6 miles slowly the legs were a bit on the heavy side. The guys in the sports cenmtre showed me a stretch which has helped my groin. The achilles is still sore so I am going to get the ice pack out. Going to rest tomorow and have another go on Thursday.

    Janes Brendan say all car dealers are crooks so have a good look around and don't rush into anything there are plenty of car out there for sale. I brought a car off J&A Gage it was a x rental 1 year old never had any problems with it.
  • Hi everybody

    James - the Asics Gel Kayano are the best runners that I run in. I've ran in Nike Pegasus and Kantara and Grid Shadow Saucony as well as Mizunos.

    Kenny - Take it easy with that achilles tendon - give it time to heal.

    Ian - you're still training hard - keep it going.

    I did 6 miles this evening in just under 48 mins. That's a PB for a training run.

    Keep training everyone
  • Hi Seamus do you known what date the Maghera 10K is on. My achilles is sore today after last nights run seems to ease up with exercise.

  • I think I'm getting on fine - have had a cold and cough, but ready to go out for first run this afternoon......feel heavy and tired, so I definitely need a run!

    Just wondering if it's time to think about ditching the Mizunos (two years old - but the heavy mileage was only this year) and going for something else - there's nothing like a financial commitment to make sure you get your money's worth by keeping running. Mind you, the 55Euro I've already forked out for Dublin in October should be incentive enough.

    Incidentally, the pix on the sportscam site are not encouraging - just look tired and unhappy, which isn't really how I felt apart from miles 20-25 (or was that 21-26?).

    Glad to hear everyone is still at it....
  • James it would have been cheaper buying a new tyre. Astra a good car the Zafria I had was based on the Astra.

    Chris if you are going to continue doing long runs I would invest in a new pair of trainers you could still use the old shoes for some of your shorter runs. I usually buy a pair every six months (sale time) keeping the new ones for races and long runs using the older ones for the shorter stuff. They recommend that you have more than one pair of shoes and alternate them giving them time to recover. I havn't entered Dublin yet still waiting to see how long it take for this achilles to heal up but the wife is quite keen. I don't know if she gald to get me out of the house doing long runs or a weekends shopping in Dublin shes looking forward to.
  • is anybody doing the LIsburn half next month ?

  • Kenny - I suppose this is the most expensive time of year to buy new trainers?

    Cartman - I understand Lisburn's quite a tough course?
  • Chris if you like to try on your trainer before you buy yes it is the summers sales usaully start about the ned of June begining of July. You can get some good bargin on the internet. In the past I've went in and tried on shoes and then ordered them over the internet. Shop owners don't like you doing this but how can they stop you.

    Cartman - Lisburn is quite a tough course some tight climbs but you also have some good down hill stretches. Hill right at the end is quite nasty if you are struggling. Can also be quite warm at that time of the year. Good turnout means that you are not stuck out on your own.
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