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  • Hiya seamus. Think I done it in 43 mins 40 secs (this a guess, wld love to my exact time) but had an awful start. My sister had an awful run and had to stop after 1 mile so I was going to bin it as well "we came together we leave together" scenario but she convinced me to run on. At that stage I was last and the back group was about 50 mtrs infront so I literally sprinted the 1st 2 miles to play catch up then evened out the pace after that so all in all delighted with time. Disappointed didn't get to catch up with anyone from the forum, baby was due his feed and bed so had to leave quite soon after finishing. Congratulations on 38mins 21 sec. Wonder how Kenny done? Ps absolutely loved it tonight, really enjoyed the experience, totally got the bug.
  • Donna your time I have recorded was 43:15 which was good considering the circumstances. Is your sister OK? Missed you on the night busy on the computer would far rather have been running, less stressful, but when I agreed to do this I wasn't feling too good.
    Another good run Seamus I don't know if I'll ever catch you again.
    5K in Muff on Saturday was thinking about giving it a blast. If not will be in Ballyclare just hope its not as warm as last year.
    James hasn't been doing very much since Edinburgh says hes going to start serious training next week. He has no computer at home and they were having problems with viruses at work so big brother was watching what they were doing on the computers. Will tell him you were asking about him.
    Glad you both enjoyed the race keep up the training
  • Thats even better Kenny, every second counts. My sister is fine, I hope it didn't put her off though. She always ran competively when she was younger but give up running 15 years ago but always kept herself extemely fit through other means. She only done 2 runs on the running machine before Riada after the 15 years of a break but I thought because she was a fit girl it wld have seen her through. Stupid of me I know. I was just so keen to see her out running again. I am going to run with her on Sunday hopefully to get her used to running outside again. Bet u were disappointed u couldnt run last night. Was looking out for you at the finish line. Was also looking for this tall dark male (seamus) but there was quite a few of them so didn't want to take a chance. Me and my hubby were thinking about the Cookstown 10k. Do u know any details on this?
  • Kenny - You will catch me sooner rather than later. I 've never ran a 5K before. I'll concentrate on the longer distances.

    There was a great turnout last night.

    Donna - I hope your sister is OK. You did well catching up on the rest of the runners. Its good weather for training.
  • Thanks seamus. Will let her know youse were asking for her, it does help. That is the best about speaking to other people that run, they can sympathise when things arn't going so good and and genuinely happy for you when u have done well. Some of my friends and family just think I am mad when I speak to them about running and if I am injured it is like confirmation to them that running IS bad for u.

    Where can I find the results of last nights race. Wld love to find out how many people I passed. Felt like Kelly Holmes (I wish). I was going to be happy as long as I didnt come last so last night give me so much confidence.
  • I managed to see the first 25 runners home then I was busy typing in the results and giving the odd swear at the computer when it didn't do what I expected. Have to be careful as one of our members is a Rev and doesn't approve.
    Glad to hear that your sister is OK. Running is a different type of fitness to other sports just takes a few runs to get sorted keep her at it as having company will push both of you on.
    Cookstown is another 5 mile it has been changed to the Friday night at 7.30 starting and finishing at Loughery College. Couldn't have made it on the Saturday and lookiong forward to see how I go over that distance. Dessies Run 10K on the 30 August 7.30 starting at Templemore Leisure Centre, Derry is another good run
  • Donna the results are up on our website link on home page
    You passed quite a few people on thhe way home.
    Seamus 5K's are good speed training as they are flat out most of the way. Will have to get the wife talked into a day out and get a fill of cheap disel on the way home.
    Happy with the turnout last night 129 entries 124 finishers we had 98 runners last year.
    Donna my wife thinks I am mad when I come in from a long run and go and lie in a cold bath for 15 minutes. Non runners just don't understand us mad folk who run.
  • Thanks Kenny, passed 27 people, happy with that. Swearing infront of the Rev wld be a real tut tut. Would love to get in another race before great north run. Going on hols on 25 Aug for a week so Cookstown might suit ok. Havn't tried the cold bath yet, sounds very unpleasant but might have to be considered it very soon. Do you think it really helps after a long run? (Dont want this punishment if it is not totally necessary). Do you put ice cubes in the bath?
  • Donna I'll just have to learn to bite my tongue.
    I havn't gone as far as the ice cubes just cold water. I think it does help the recovery after a long run. After the initial shock its not too bad. The first time I tried it was when I was training for Belfast it was a cold winters day and I got in I thought I was going to die. But you get used to them. If its good enough for Paula Radcliffe then its good enough for me.
    Looking at the results you finished just 6 seconds behind Rowena who won the ladies prize in the social race.
  • What a bummer. Now that wld have been really special for 1st race. Maybe next time.
  • Hi everybody - I went out for a 10 mile run today - its very hard to get going after a race. I'll have to go back to taking a rest day.

    Donna - That was an excellent result as you were second in the social run.
  • Hello everyone just like to congratulate you all on you recent race. Will be visting N Ireland 16th September just wondered if there was any races around then.
  • Hi Anthony Bangor Road Races are on the Saturday 17 no sure but I think these maybe relay races if Baldy was about he would know. The following Saturday there are a couple of trail races one at Springwell Forest, Coleraine 10K and the other at Crawfordsburn Country Park I think it may be 4 miles (not sure). If you had been here a week earlier you could have run the Waterside Half Marathon. Will keep you posted if anything else turns up. I will probably do the Springwell 10K.
    Seamus your legs are probably still try to recover from Wednesday and Saturdays run. A rest ady or short recovery run may have been a better the day after a race.
    Went out and ran 5.5miles last night got wet but the rain at this time of the year is never a bad as the winter.
  • hi everyone hope you are all well and injury free

    well done seamus and donna on your pb's this week.

    i run a easy 6 miles on tuesday night.then tonight i ran 3 miles as fast as i could and came home in 22mins 33 sec.i always find speed work so tough.

    going to do a 16 mile long run on sunday
  • Hi folks went to Muff today for the Bob Mullan 5K. 2 and a bit laps of a flatish course a bit of which was a rough lane. Happy with my time of 23:25 but I thought my heart was going to bust throught my chest at one time. The only good thing about 5K's are they are over quick. Good races for getting a bit of speed would never push myself that hard doing speed sessions.

    Good time for the 3 miles Jim good luck with the 16 tomorrow. Are you for doing the 10 miles in Ballyclare a good tester for seeing what sort of shape your in.
  • Jim - Glad to see you're doing well. That was a very good time for the 3 miles. I hope your 16 miles goes well tomorrow. I did my long run of 18 miles today. I was pleased to do them in around 9 min miles.

    Kenny - That's a very good time for a 5K. You're going well at the minute Kenny. The speed sessions are very tough but they do bring you on for the 5 milers and the 10Ks.

    Ballyclare will be a good run - I hope its not as hot as it was last year. The Cookstown 5 miler is now on Friday 19th August. Then I'll be geared up for the Longford marathon on Sunday August 28th.

    I'll not be on this forum for a few days as we're going on holidays. The best of luck to everyone in their training.
  • Ran 10 miles on Friday in 1 hr 24 minutes. Absolutely chuffed to bits. First time ever running 10 miles so was bit of a milestone and am delighted with time. Was quite a tough run, my legs still felt heavy from Ballymoney. Jumped into a cold bath directly afterwards (was cursing u Kenny), absolutely nightmare to begin but your right, u really do get used to it after a few mins. My muscles in my legs were so sore yesterday but ok today. Going to do recovery run of 3 miles tomorrow. Is it natural to feel absolutely exhausted after a long run?
  • donna well done on your 10 mile run and yes it is natural to feel exhausted after a long run.i always do my long runs on sunday mornings and sleep all afternoon [that was before the baby came along].as for the ice bath no chance i like the heat to much.

    kenneth well done on your 5k time its so tough running fast and you do think you are about to explode.yes i am running ballyclare and looking forward to it as it will be my first race since lisburn and only one before longford.

  • Well - the 5K charity run in Castlewellan turned out to be the 8K running leg in the Mourne Triathlon relay - don't quite know how that happened. Anyway, having psyched myself up to take kenny's advice to just "blast it" I ran as hard as I ever have - and did it in 34'. Very pleased. Great event - I would be tempted if it wasn't for the swim......get tired after half a length of the pool, never mind 1K of open to really admire people who can do that, ride nearly 40K on a bike and then run 8K in 20 something minutes...different kind of running altogether. Think I'll stick to attempting the odd marathon - although I enjoyed racing with others over a shorter distance. I want to try entering a few more things - got a flier in Castlewellan for the Rathlin run......£25 plus a £25 charity donation - but it includes the return ferry. Promises 10.8 miles of stunning scenery and a "series of steep climbing hills". Anybody got any experience of this event?
  • Donna now you know why I don't use ice. Thats good running for 10 miles keep it up and you'll get round the GNR no bother.

    See you in Ballyclare Jim its good to a race in the middle of marathon training just to see how you are going.

    Have a good holiday Seamus are you taking your trainers with you.

    Chris 8K is about 5 miles good time I am the same as you its the swimming that puts me off. Those guy are amazing to be able to run so fast after the swim and cycle. Its an expensive sport and takes up a lot of time training for the different events. I've never ran Rathlin but I've heard it very tough lots of steep hills. Susposed to be a good day or weekend out.
  • Hi,

    Just thought I would pop on and say hello! Figured I'd better post a message now as Kenny has 6*5 mins planned for us later and I'll probably be too tired to type! I'd be very interested in Rathlin myself, should be an interesting run.

  • Hi Sammy welcome to the thread. Hope you are feeling fit for later. I had some information about Rathlin not sure if I still have it will look at home and see.
    See you later.

  • For

    Organisers say the race starts at 12 noon but the ferries to the island are at 7.30 am and 10.00 am. These are allocated in a few weeks according to distance each competitor has to travel to get to Ballycastle. Ferries home are at 3.30 pm, 5.30pm and 7.30pm.

    Organisers say they're keen to close registration soon......
  • Hello Sammy. Hope Kenny didn't push you too hard on Tuesday night. How many miles did youse run? Hope everyones training is going well. I had an awful run on Tuesday night. Wanted to run 5 miles but only managed 3 but they were 8 minute miles. I was probably pushing too hard and ran out of steam. Hopefully will be running 11 miles tomorrow morning, will probably bin the watch for that run.
  • Hi Ladyluck,

    Kenny was a bit of a slave driver on Tuesday night again (no change there)! We did 6 * 5 mins with 2 mins rest between. It was very warm and it turned out to be a very tough session. Think we did about 6 miles though I`m not sure. 3 miles at 8 minute pace is not a bad run. Some nights you just feel a lot better than others. Its probably a good idea to ditch the watch for longer runs as getting the milage up is so important. Hope you have a good run.

  • That was a great run Sammy especially in the heat. I think that was a factor as well on my run on Tues. I think it is harder to motivate yourself when running alone when ur feeling fatigued, it must be great being part of a group when running, it is harder to give up. Kenny u seem to be back on form which is great to see. Still thinking about doing the Cookstown run. Is anyone else here doing it or have done it in the past?
  • Hi everyone was at a wedding on Thursday had a lazy day yesterday. Longish run tomorrow.
    Donna I ran Cookstown about three years ago. It was the first year the race was run they said it was a flat fast course far from it still a good testing course and you get a good cup of tea afterwards. Having the race on a Friday evening it may be cooler last year I think it was very hot. Looking forward to it to see hope I am going. Doing Ballyclare 10 miler next Saturday.
    Sammy needs it a little push to get him going. I think we did about 7 miles on Tuesday. We had about 12 in the group as there was a club meeting after training. Helps when you have someone to run with.
  • hi everyone hope you are all well.Just in from doing another 16 miller what a nightmare felt terrible from start to finish and was almost 5 mins slower than last week in a time off 2hrs 29 mins.

    kenny that run today has not given me much confdence for ballyclare and as you know its a tough course.
  • Hi everybody - Was away on holidays and didn't get any running done as the streets of Prague were all cobbled. My legs were sore even walking on them.

    I did a long run of 22 miles (in 21 degrees)today and I was happy with it - but I was very tired at the end.

    Jim - Its always hard to put in two good long runs week after week. some people suggest that you do a very long run every fortnight - but I always do them weekly before a marathon. 5 mins down isn't bad over 16 miles - its less than .3 mins a mile.
    Its better to do this on a training run than in a race. However when you do Longford you'll be more motivated and with runners around you - you will go quicker.

    That's my last long run before Longford - I may fit in a 12 or 13 at some stage - but the real long runs are over - its tapering stage for me now. The 10 miler in Ballyclare will be as good as a half marathon as its a tough course.

    Kenny - I hope your training is going well. Ladyluck - Hope you're still improving on the times.

    I have to help a neighbour put in concrete foundations for his new house tomorrwow - so I'll be looking after my feet as I'll be wearing wellies all day - wouldn't want a black toenail at this stage.

    Good luck to everyone in their training.
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