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  • Hello all. Well done Kenny/Seamus/Calypso and Chris on the Derry Half. Youse all done so well. Was hoping to have watched it but had to go to see my Mum in Belfast on Saturday. My injury is the same leg Kenny, always the right leg. I just done too much too soon after hols. Ann told me I cld run a short run today prob 2 miles or so easy. Panicking a bit, will be 4 weeks on Sunday since my last long run which was 11.5 miles. Since then I have done a few short runs but nothing impressive. My calf is still tender but I am still going to try this, too big of a day to miss. Calypso what is ur number for GNR, never know might see u there.
  • Hi Ladyluck go and enjoy the day if you feel good go for it. Will be plenty of folk at the back to keep you company if the leg gives up.
  • Hello everybody - I did 6 miles this evening - I want to keep up the training for the Dublin marathon. There's some good runs before that, the Springwell forest 10K, the Dungannon 10K and the Armagh 10 miler.

    I hope to do a 10 miler on Wednesday evening and build up a good base for the Dublin marathon.
  • Just an update on the feet after the derry 1/2 marathon. I popped the blisters and rubbed surgical spirits over the blister to harden the skin then put micropore surgical tape over the area. I am going to do a short run tommorow night to loosen up the legs and see how the feet are. I am really looking forward to the great North run on sunday. although I wont have the support of my husband as he will be off enjoying himself at a 3 day stag party in barcelona.

    the cheek of it... ha ha.

  • who is up for the Bangor 10k on Sat ? Got my entry in last week.. Is it a fast course ?
  • Hi everyone hill session last night feeling strong going to Bangor on Saturday to give it a blast. Cartman they are taking entries on the day from 8.00 I think you register in the Leisure Centre but the start is at the Town Hall at 10.00. Early start to get there on time. Maybe Baldy will log on and update us on the course but he is very busy at work at the moment.
    Calypso I wear two pair of socks on my long runs a fine pair under my running socks I find it helps. There will be plenty of support on the course.
    Keep up the training.
  • Hello everybody. I did 10 miles yesterday evening in just over 87 mins, so I felt good as it was a training run. My PB on a training run is 84.47. Its hard to keep up a fast pace on training runs.

    Hope everyone else is fine.
  • Hi everyone went to Bangor today for the 10K had my best run over the distance for nearly four years 47:11. Good course and good conditions ran well for the whole race. Knowing I was on for a good time realy drove me on over the last 3K.
  • Kenny - I'm delighted to hear of your good time. 47.11 is an excellent time for a 10K.

    My PB for the 10K is 47.57.

    You'll take great confidence from that Kenny and I hope you will have another PB before the end of the year.

    This was a great year for running, weatherwise.

    I hope everyone else is enjoying their running.

    Good luck to all the runners in the GNR tomorrow.
  • Kenny well done, shame i missed you. How did you like the course, the numbers were a bit lower than expected. May put a bit of a damper on things, there was talk of it being 400m short!! Spoke to Davy Seaton who could not understand it, but i say good on you and your time.

    I was busy as one of the organisers for the 10m race run alongside hope that didnt hamper you at all. I too enjoyed my run, 63.52 not bad seeing as i am crocked at the moment and hardly training. Hope to see sports injury specialist soon and get a proper diagnosis. Then all head full with the training when im sorted. Just getting the feeling back in my body after a late night partying we treated all our visitors with the good old N Irish Gusto!!! And we had to send out for extra guinnes too!
  • Guys

    I also ran Bangor 10k and could not believe time - I am pretty sure it was short - by how much I don't know.

    My previous PB was 42:50 (Carrick) but I ran 38:55 yesterday - a 4 minute PB seems unlikely - possibly 1 or 2 minutes is more like it - therefore 2 or 3 minutes short, or approx 500 - 700m.

    They said it was "accurately measured" on the website - maybe there was a late change of plan / route ?
  • No scott, no change of route but i think something went wrong, but not thought to be much more than 400m, so well done on the new pb.
  • Enjoyed the run the course was good and conditions near perfect. I was talking to some one who had a GPS and he measured it at 6.01 so about 400m short. Was aiming to break 50 minutes so would still have done it even if I had to run a bit extra. Felt strong and was still fit to push on at the end. A bit disapointing when you have a good time to find the course was short someone also said that they measured it 3 times with a wheel can't understand how it could be short.
  • I enjoyed the race too, as you say Kenneth near perfect conditions and great setting (nice warm up area !) and everyone was very friendly..

    I ran a 36.11, so not too chuffed to find out about the course being ~400m short, I really can't understand how things like this happen (it would be really good to know why !!), it does nothing for the race reputation..

    They really need to advertise more.. Is there a website for the race ? Where are the results published ?

    Anwyay, I'll definitely do it again next year, and hopefully this time I'll get a 36.xx time for real..
  • Well done Scot and Cartman the results are now up on North Down's site.
    They are saying it was 200-300 metres short.
  • Hello all. Done the GNR yesterday in 2hrs 55 secs. Was so chuffed with time considering the amount of people I had to sqeeze past and the heat was almost unbearable. Came in at 9435th place out of 47000. Was such an amazing experience, will be hard to beat. Ran past 1 dead man and 2 people getting mouth to mouth and I can not estimate the amount of people that collapsed. Think they were suffering from heat exhaustion and I dont think the hills helped. Those hills just never end. I am so proud of my medal. My first half marathon and it has give me such a taste for more.

  • Congratulations and well done, Lady Luck. The first of many....and what a first! Sounds like some experience all right. Glad you made it through OK.
  • Well done ladyluck great experience when you cross the line at the end of your first half. I was talking to the guys from the club who were over they said it was the hotest they have run. I heard on the news last night that four people died during the race must have been something to do with the heat. How was the achiles during the race? Not a easy course there are some long hills but the year that Paula ran a world record they wouldn't recognise it as they said it was a downhill course because you finished at a lower level than you started. Maybe they should try and run it. You probably ran more than thirteen miles with all the zig zgaing between people. Well done keep up the training.
    Calypso how did you get on
  • Thank you Chris, still on a buzz. I am now dying to try a local half marathon to see what my time would be if I got a good run at it.

    Hello Kenny. Can't get the face of one young man that was getting mouth to mouth out of my head. Nobody was with him only the paramedics. Was such a sad sight. Ann Bonar is my saviour. I attended her twice before the run and she got me sorted out. Seen her yesterday as well as i am so stiff but touch wood no sign of injury. I cannot believe they call that course downhill although the hill at the end is so nice. Even managed to do a sprint finish as I realised I was going to make it for 2 hrs. Was so nice to get the big proud hug from my hubby at the end.
  • Folks

    the route was checked by course designer and approx 200m short so equates to 40-60 secs depending on pace. However things were made quicker by teh fast downhill start and flat route. Still all at a loss here in north down to work out how it happened, but alas, many PBs and SBs would still be PBs and SBs.

    Glad you all enjoyed the run and hopefully there will be a bigger crowd next year.

    In the interim you have the Crawfordsburn trail race to look forward to on 1 Oct, a great race.
  • thanks baldy.. 200m, well I guess that means I would have got a 36.xx time..

    should mean I'm on track for a sub 3 at Luton..

    When is the next flat fast 10k around near Belfast ?
  • Hello everybody - To everyone who did the Bangor 10K - even though it was a bit shorter - you all still achieved PBs. Thats great.

    I achieved a PB at Dervock half. It spurred me on to do another PB at Waterside Half. I only realised at the Waterside Half that the Dervock half was only 12.8 miles.
  • When I was a lot younger and running PB's a member of the club always came in at the end and said that course was short. But you should take confidence from the fact that your running is improving just imagine how those people who didn't get a good time feel knowing that the course was short. I am still happy because I was well inside the time I was aiming for even with a minute added on. Get the distance right and I'll be back next year as I enjoyed the race and liked the course. Sometimes the only was to check how your running is to do the same races each year and compare times.
    Cartman the next 10K in in Dungannon next Saturday 12.00 start don't know if its flat. Next one that I know of in Belfast is the Joe Sealey at the end of Nov.
    Seamus see you at Springwell Forest on Saturday no chance of a PB on that course.
  • Hello Kenny - I got my race number (7) for the Springwell Forest run. I'm looking forward to it - its a hard run, my time last year was over 57 mins - although I had a lot of wine the night before and I was very groggy on it.
  • good luck all tomorrow should be a nice hard run!!

    cartman, fast flat is ok (sealy) but the crawfordsburn trail run (1 oct) is more fun! then theres nice 10 in armagh the week after??

    had a few days off to help the shins and aiming to get abck to it tomorrow for 2 weeks and see how i go withsome good hard workm fingers crossed.
  • thanks baldy..

    got the Cricklade 1/2M next weekend, am over on the mainland for a 40th b'day party so thought I'd find a race to do.

    think I'll leave the race for Oct as want to get 5 weeks quality training in, and then maybe a 10k or 1/2 in November to ensure i'm nice'n sharp for the luton marathon on the 4th..
  • err, that was me.. Cartman, logged in a somebody else..
  • Hello everybody - I did the Springwell Forest run today. It was a tough enjoyable run with plenty of long hills and a tricky gravelly surface where you could twist your ankle. I had a good battle in the last 2K with Desmond Brownlie NIE. He pushed me right up to the last 50 metres and his fitness told in the end as he left me for dead. I was very happy to finish in 51 mins 25 secs. I was happier at the end when some officials said it was actually a 10.5 K run, so I think I may have broken the 50 min barrier for a 10K.

    Anyone going to the Dungannon 10K next Saturday. Keep at the training everyone. It was dark this evening at 7.30pm. That's not good news for after work runs.
  • Hi everyone did Springwell yesterday tried to go with Seamus early on but he got away on the long hill section. Happy to finish the way I felt at 4K. They said at the prize giving it was 6.5 miles and would be advertised as this next year. My time of 52:48 was the fastest I run on that course this off road stuff is alot harder than the roads. Got a Nike vest as a spot prize not a bad day out. Looking forward to Dunganon surely the hills will nto be so bad and it will be an accurate 10K.
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