ING New York City Marathon 2005

I know it's a bit early. Application forms are now available online. Good news for me, qualification time is a bit softer this year. Means I do not have to go via tour operator.

Starting the list:


  • I'm going to pretend I haven't seen this thread.

    I'm already in trouble for wanting to do Amsterdam in October.

    Great race though and I could just about manage a trip to NY in early November......
  • I am also trying to ignore this thread. I have got a guaranteed place because I went to New York to do the marathon last year, got sick and had to cancel.

    I really don't want the expense all over again and it will eat into my 2005/6 holiday entitlement.

    But I'd also like to go....
  • Sunday, November 6, 2005 is the magic day :)
  • I definitely want to to NY this year but don't know whether to wait until after FLM before I apply (I'm hoping to improve on my previous marathon time).

    Is it feasible to enter via the ballot or is it safer to go via a tour operator?
  • 209 is sold out already!!!!

    Have to look at the others.
  • Ohhhh... now... I wonder.


  • Sports tours don't say they are sold out. Their basic Fly/Entry package is £569
  • Josie -- stoppit! Really don't tell me that

  • I've entered the Lottery. Fingers crossed :-)
  • Me too ;-)))
  • Went with sports tours was fantastic!! DO IT!!
  • Went with Sports Tours in 2003 and got in through the ballot last year. I must not apply this year. I must not.
  • I've just entered the ballot, does anyone know what the odds are? I assume they're less than the FLM ballot.
  • I said I was try for this pre-Christmas, then it was Washington, and Cardiff yesterday...bother...choices!
    When does the ballot close, in other words, when do I have to make a decision by?
  • Application and Instructions

    "International lottery applications will be accepted until midnight on May 1, 2005"
  • Andy, it said on the form that 40% of ballot get in. If I don't get in there's always Dublin..
  • Thanks a couple of months to decide. Maybe I should just focus on Prague first (my spring adventure)!
  • or Cardiff. I've always fancied doing NY though.
  • NYCM 2004 was one of the best days of my life.

    I still have "way to go Gareeee!" ringing in my ears.
  • Apply, Apply, Apply,

    I can concur with Gary T it will be a great day,
    The feeling coming off the Queensborugh bridge and into 1st Avenue was the most uplifting feeling of my life, (don’t tell my partner or the kids that).

    Only draw back is how do you follow that ???
  • Does anyone know how difficult it would be to go via a tour operator if I don't get in via the ballot? Do they still have places available in May?
  • I've found out that NY only accept 1000 through the ballot which isn't much based on how many people apply for it. I've tried to get a place via 2.09 events but they have given all there places to charities so theres no chance with them. Sportstours have sent me a brochure and said that they have a large allocation held off for jo public so I'm gonna go through them again but they think they will be sold out by March so you have to be quick if your interested.
  • Having applied through the ballot, my friend now wants me to do the Cardiff Marathon on the 9th Oct with him. Would this give me enough recovery time if I'm successful in the NYCM ballot?
  • Hi Jim Sam,

    We did have a big allocation held back for the public (2:09 Events) but since Xmas bookings have gone through the roof and they have gone, so only what the charities have reserved with us left. We had 900 places, Sports Tours have twice that, but as it was a complete sell out last year for both companies and we have only had an increase of 250 entries for the UK market between us over last year all the Sports Tours ones will go soon enough as well. Last year we sold out in May.....looks like NY has recovered from 9/11.
  • just applied though the ballot but want to know should i book up the flight and accommadation now and keep my fingers cross ,or should i wait until i hear if i get in before i book

  • MG2 - Interesting development. My first thought after I saw the new qualification times that less people will go via a tour operator and can now do their own arrangement. It looks like the total opposite happens. So many charities offer NYC that the only chance is going via a charity. I think this will makes it even more difficult for individuals to participate.

    pab - If I would be in your running shoes I would wait until you receive confirmation, that you are in. As far as I remember the results of the lottery will be announced end of May.
  • Hi URR, The event has just taken off in a big way - we allocated places for charities and non-charity bookings in the same proportions as previous years. Last year we sold out in May. One factor is that last year a lot of people waited until after the lottery and applied for a place with us or Sports Tours, but we had sold out as well so they missed out....a good number of those put down an advance deposit for 2005 and have since taken those places up. NY increased the World wide allocation by 1000 for 2005, and the UK got 265 of those, so we got a good proportion, but still not enough to meet demand. We are without doubt in a running boom. From our point of view, much of this has been down to charity marketing bring new runners into the big events - the huge increase in demand for NY (andFLM to an extent) has come in the last 5 years when the charities put their marketing budgets behind recruiting - having created the demand they do seem now to be taking some stick for buying up part of the allocation.
  • Stop it, stop it, stop it! This time last year the thought of running anything hadn't even crossed my mind and now I want to go back and can't (will be in Oz). I really really really want to do it again. Go - have fun - in fact, have the best day out ever! Still get goose bumps just thinking about it.
  • just got my pack from 2:09 and looking at the 4night RW package @ £998/person for me and Mrs LL

    never been to USA before and mrs LL has only ever run 1*5k so should be an experiance
  • Legless, think 2:09 is already sold out:-(
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