Swansea Harriers Seaside 5K Series - Race 2



  • Hello all

    SEren  - you will be fine. We will all be thinking of you.

  • Guess what?  image

  • What ?
  • What???
  • Morning allimage

    Afan this morning, Alex you going back up? NR, how about you?

    Looking nice again.

  • I was awake thats what image

    FL - one day soon I will take you up on that.  Love it over there.  Enjoy

    I ran up to the pier and back today. About 5 miles.  Felt great image

    Lovely out again today.  I am in uni all day again.  Have a good one all.

  • Chris, I have Adam this morning so I am stuck in the house, otherwise I would.

    Well done Nutty image
  • Hi everyone,

    looks like everyone is back on the mend image

    Lovely weather.

    Enjoy your weekend


  • managed 4 mile slow run this morning....lovely morning for it.....

    Nutty...try doing sudokos when you can't sleep.....sends me off really quicklyimage

  • Hello all

    Thanks Seren - will give it a go.

    Lovely day again.image

  • Can't wait for tomorrow. Starting back on healthy eating regime, regular running etc.

    Recently one treat has led to another!

    Really up for it.


  • Good luck Kev, Easter time is a hard time to eat  healthily.

    Bed time for me.  image

  • Thanks NR as you say Easter (and the 6 Nations Rugby) has been hard diet wise! 

  • Morning image
  • Morningimage
  • Morning. Some early birds around today image
  • Tweet tweet

    Looks like it might be nice again today.

    We had a bit of an adventure yesterday. Went up to Lliw Reservoir for a walk but stupidly decided to walk all the way around the top reservoir. It gets very tussocky and boggy up there and there are a couple of really steep ravines! It was only six miles but we were all exhausted by the time we finished. I was really quite worried that if anyone fell and twisted an ankle, we would be in real trouble, there's no phone signal up there and the only signs of life are sheep bones and buzzards! Back to work today thank God.

  • Morning.

    Glad you made it around safely Tracey - danger aside, was it a good walk?

    How's the knee today FL? Not content with getting out for one run, you get yourself two runs - like the camel approach image

    Good to hear your leg is getting better Nutty, are you planning to race Llanelli, or have a nice steady run?

    Injured in the line of parenthood deserves sympathy Kev- despite how silly you may feel putting your back out in such a innocent way. Hope you are feeling better now after some rest.

    I am sat here feeling sorry for myself, and thought I would share!! I have one weak ankle from an old running injury years ago which saw me on crutches and intensive physio. Around 8 weeks ago when we first bought this place in the wilderness I twisted my ankle and awoke the sleeping injury! Nice swollen ankle followed later by lovely bruising put paid to my recently rekindled running.

    A couple of weeks ago I twisted the ankle again, and yet more hobbling to follow! That latest twist was getting better and I am begining to think of maybe running (shock horror!) only to go and twist the other ankle this morning!!

    I did feel a prat: out in the wilderness on my own with injuries to both ankles - was interesting getting back to my caravan! At least I have mobile phone coverage here and the phone is with me at all times (just in case I do myself a proper injury and need help).

    I think maybe my ankles are trying to tell me that they cannot support my ever increasing bulk!!! image

  • Afternoon allimage

    Tracey,  tussocky, love it  thats a great wordimage

    Boff, knee no better but no worse so thats good news. Hope your ankle is ok.

  • Hiya folks

    Knees, ankles, why is it always the bendy bits?

    It is beautiful up there Boff, well worth a visit, just don't try going all the way around the top reservoir. The kids loved it though, they thought it was hilarious that we were knee deep in bog and leaping from tussock to tussock. It really is very tussocky up there. There you go FL, specially for you.
  • image thanks.
  • I've always said " you learn something new every day" today it is tussockimage.
  • Yesterday it was " shit that iron is hot!!!!"image
  • i burnt the top of my thigh once ironing..............another reason why i never iron now..........

    Boffin..........sounds like your having abad run of luck there.

    Trace....sounds like the kinda walk kids would love...

    I'm having a rest day today.....the good news is that there is no sifgns of arthritis on the x rays on my dodgy knee.......still don't know why it hurts to kneel on it but not urgent to sort that out as it doesn't affect the running.....just the housework.....

    lets hope all injurioes heal quickly

  • Hello all

     Boffin - do take care.  Out there on your own in the wilderness.

    Tracey - sounds like an interesting walk. I have  had a few outings like that myself!!!

     Seren - glad you have no major injuries.  Rest up till the weekend. 

    I went for a little run this evening. It was such a lovely evening.image

  • Thanks for all your kind words - lots of sympathy makes even the daftest injury betterimage

    Given I am not safe to even walk, I darent go anywhere near an iron!

    Definately a nice evening - well done enjoying it with a run Nuttyimage

    Better rest up and look after your knee Seren - no housework for a while... any chance you can deligate the housework while you go for a run?

  • Didn't the Sex Pistols have a record entitled 'Never Mind the Tussocks'?

  • Hello all

    GraV - it was something like that image

    There just don't seem to be enough hours in the day these days.  I don't know image

  • I was explaining to Adam the other day about combustible and non-combustible materials. I asked him for

    "Give me an example of a non-combustible material"

    "Stone" he said

    "Good" I said " Now give me an example of something that is combustible "

    "A leisure centre" pronounced Adam.

    and you know what ... he's right !

  • WA - little Adam is a budding Einstein.  Bless....   a boy to be very proud of image
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