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    Shades, I forgot to answer your question about the achilles and shoulder. Both were manageable although if anything the achilles was a bit worse on the steps and steep hills. I noticed I couldn’t really push off with any strength, and was kind of flat footed going up them. Achilles was fine on this morning’s run though, but quads and calfs are sore. 
    Big G - that's good about the shoulder, the achilles too which you might have expected to be more sore this morning after giving you a few twinges yesterday.

    DB has finished now, did the half marathon in 1:21, overall time 4:31 and provisionally 5th place in his age group :o
  • I've been following one of my clubmates, Matt Dickinson, in the Centurion 100 mile track race. Absolutely crazy. He was third, in under 15 hours (Tom Payn won, unsurprisingly). Amazing effort to do that. I can't imagine doing 403 laps of a track.

    A 16 miler for me today. As this was meant to be a bit of an easier effort (no MP miles) I decided to go and explore Mitcham Common. I've been to the fun fair there, but never actually explored the common itself. I got myself there OK (3 miles or so) but had a little trouble finding the bit of the common I wanted to run around. At first I found myself running around a field which was full of Canada Geese, but this didn't seem to lead onto the wilder bit of the common so I crossed the road as there was some more open space there, and found an ancient cinder track and more geese. I ran around the track just because, but this wasn't what I was looking for so I crossed back and carried on up the road, over a bridge and found the common proper.
    Mitcham feels a lot more wild than the other commons I run on - trails are narrow, often stony, and sometimes just stripes of dirt less than hip-width, or they're lumpy grass that is slightly shorter than the surrounding lumpy grass. There's also a whacking great mound/hill in the middle, and a large pond/small lake to which all paths seem to lead.
    I enjoyed running there but my achilles did not like the lumpy ground and the steep bit in the middle and I rolled both ankles (fortunately no damage done) at different points, so this is not a run I'd do in the run-up to an important race, and probably not one I'd do in winter. I can definitely see why they do cross country races here.
    I did take a wrong turn on the way back, too, but I didn't exceed my target mileage and I felt I had plenty left in the tank.
    While this was meant to be a cut-back week, I've still managed 50 miles because I ran 6 days instead of 5.  Next week will definitely be much lower as I have the half on Sunday.
    Cal - that's really impressive running from your clubmate to run that sort of time on a track.   You have some very good ultra runners in your club.

    Bit of an adventure for you for your long run today too.

    I had another bad night's sleep so got up feeling a little jaded and couldn't be bothered to plan a route in my head so ran exactly the same route as last Sunday.  I passed the same folk that I did last week too, runners, dog walkers etc.

    I've been so hungry this morning, just had a tasty roast chicken lunch and I think I'll have a nap on the sofa, can always rewind GNR if I doze off.
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    Wirral HM today-Last year I did it in 1:27:43 but it was a very windy day,PB set in March was 1:26:41.Today was a good weather day,still windy along the front and cost sometime but a lot better than last year.Main news is the knee was fine,done some sprints before as part of warm up and it felt ok so ran,but said I'd pull out if it hurt.Felt I started too fast and got to halfway in 41:15  :'( way too fast but knew I had the windy part to come,slowed down until 10 miles then off the front and got going again,managed a couple of fast miles to finish in 1:24:03 and 12th overall,also finally an age group win  B)
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Also OH had a brilliant run,1:46:55 so nearly 4 min PB and also won her age group.
    Ian - brilliant PB, 2 and a half minutes off your previous PB at your pace is impressive.

    And about time you were rewarded with winning your age group, hope you got a prize/award to take home.

    Massive congratulations to your OH too, great that she's also rewarded with an age group win.   You've been coaching her very well indeed. 4 minutes PB!

    So pleased the knee was OK, just be aware that it may play up again this week and/or before Berlin.   But the bulk of your Berlin training is done so if you need to rest then rest.
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Shades-No prize to take home,wife went up and asked and they said they send age group through the post so guessing it will be a voucher of some description.
    Ian - quite a few races do that these days.  But at least you get something as recognition of your achievements.
  • Excellent, Ian - well done on the prize!

    I've done Matt a disservice, Shades - he actually finished in under 14 hours. He was running the kind of splits I'd be happy with in a 5 or 10K.  Unreal.
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Ian, a fantastic time.  Really well done. A great 20-mile race followed by a Half PB bodes well for Berlin!
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Cal/Big G-Thanks I'm really happy with how the last 2 races have gone,as usual theres the trepidation of not enough long runs,but I know I can get to 20 feeling strong at that pace so need to remember that if I think I'm struggling.
  • JellyJelly ✭✭✭
    I walked this years City to Sea with my friend who helped me back mark last year, we wanted to do it at our pace. She’s a strong walker But never talked her into running. We were going a lot faster than I expected at around 15 min mile pace and aid stations were a lot better stocked than last year, even though we were further up the pack there look plenty left for the ones behind us which was nice to see as there were literally crumbs left for us at the back. The changes to the route was an improvement cutting out some of the road sections. We also enjoyed the finish and fish and chips as we missed out on that last year. Our time was 8:25 so within our 9 hour target. 
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Well done Jelly.  Sounds like a much better experience compared with last year.

    Official time for me from yesterday was a whole 1-second slower than my watch with 4:59:50, and I was the last one to sneak under the 5hr mark.
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Jelly-Well done.
    Just spoke to a guy who won an age group last year and he got a trophy through the post and free entry to this years race,hope they keep the same as I'll be well happy with that.
  • Ian - Massive congrats to you and your OH too. A fab PB and I think I remember reading a couple of posts back that you got a 5k PB too.. I can't keep up with you!

    Cal - Well done on your 5k PB.. you're running so well at the moment.

    Big G - Congrats on a cracking half and also for getting under target at your city to sea race.. did you enjoy it as much as last year?

    Shades - You are going to be well fit with your gym training, plus all the classes that you do. I seem to remember you starting a gym training programme before. This one sounds pretty focused with your new personal trainer and MFP as well... I've used that before and if you do it properly it definitely works. As Big G says.. the portion size reality check is a bit of a shocker!

    Back in work this week for me so trying to juggle running round my hours which are a bit all over the place this year. My HR monitor got lost in the post (bloody typical) so I've only had it this week but already the results are encouragingly normal and I don't think I have a heart problem. The figures actually correspond to how I'm feeling which is a massive relief. I've actually read the care instructions and in hindsight I think it may have been a mistake to put the other one in the washing machine to clean it :|
    Have got a good bit of mileage done this week (albeit just all easy running) so am going to carry on building on that over the next couple of weeks.
    Cal - sub 14 hours is certainly world class, superb running.

    Jelly - that's great walking over that course, well done.   Good to hear the stations were better stocked this year, a bit demoralising for those walking if there is little left for them and they are often the ones that need some sustenance the most.

    Ian - I hope the prize is the same this year, you and OH will have something to put on the mantelpiece and a free entry to next year is always a worthwhile prize :) 

    mamafox - I'm so pleased that your training is back on target with your new HRM.   I nearly choked on my breakfast reading that you put your HRM in the washing machine :o:D   They do get manky though, I use a cloth and anti bac spray and an old toothbrush if it's really grimy and that usually does the trick.

    Yes, I'm well into using MFP now and quite enjoying it.   I'm finding it OK to stick to my calorie limit but that is fairly generous at 2,300 per day, bloody app does keep telling me that in 5 weeks I will be fatter :# .   The main reason the instructor advised me to use it is so I can calculate my % of protein intake and eating enough protein I'm finding the hardest part of it all, but I am getting better.   Spent some time yesterday reading my Anita Bean book so now have added a few things to this weeks food shop list.   I don't really want to start using protein shakes as they are ultra processed food and I'm not keen on shakes taste/texture anyway and always better to get nutrients from food wherever possible.

    Today is the first day that I haven't been hungry pre run so was able to run as normal with just coffee and water pre run.   I had hoped to do my hilly run but didn't think my legs were up to it so I chose a flatter route.  I had a better night's sleep and was up early raring to go but it was so dark so I did a lap of a housing estate before taking a short path through the trees to get to some quieter roads.  Unfortunately although it was light enough to run around the estate with no streetlights (they turn them off at night) when I got to the path as soon as I was under the leafy trees I couldn't see the path and ran into some brambles, ouch.   Had to turn off my Garmin and walk carefully to the end of the path which I couldn't really see until I reached the road.  Had a good run from there but the last mile and a half there was no energy left in my legs, just as well I've abandoned all ideas of doing any long runs while I'm doing this gym stuff.   

    8 miles done.   Gym later :)
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    MF, I did enjoy it more last year probably as I’d paced it better.  The bit from 13 miles to 20 is mainly runnable, but my pace was way off then. I think the thing is that because I’m so poor/slow on the trails (downhills as well as the uphills) I was able to do more or less the same time as last year from 20-26.5, so just got in under the 5hr target although when I left the 20 mile station I was already knackered!  The words ‘never again!’ did briefly cross my mind, but I expect I’ll be back next year ;) It’s a bit of a strange one as I finished way up the marathon field (22/275) but there are a lot of walkers and/or fundraisers, so it’s a bit skewed. Also, around 20 of the ultra runners would have been ahead of me and they still had 8 hilly miles to go. It’s a great event though and is still a favourite.

    Yeah, probably a cycle through the washing machine is not the best idea for the HR monitor!  Glad the new one is better. 
  • Cal - Great long run. Superb running from your club mate, I was also following the updates!
    Ian - Brilliant PB for yourself and your OH and AG wins!! I think you can go sub 3 off that HM time.
    Big G - Congrats on hitting your target.
    10 miles for me on Saturday including parkrun, which I ran at target 10k pace, did 5 miles before parkrun then ran 19:10 at parkrun and then 2 miles back home. Parkrun pace felt fine, breathing was OK and didn't feel like I was pushing too hard. Easy 3 miler on Sunday with some strides.
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Mama-HR monitor in the wash? No I've no ideas why it wasnt working properly  :dizzy:
    Shades-Ouch to the brambles,probably best to avoid that way in the dark now.
    Steve-Daft numbers have been going through my head for early next year also as it sounds crazy but I think there is more for my half time,I did 20 last Sunday at MP and didn't pace it right yesterday so thinking 1:22:xx is possible on a good day.
  • Ian - They don't seem daft, you are still knocking big chunks off your PB's, so you still have a way to go yet. I think I can run 1:23, and haven't broken 18 in the 5k, so I think 1:22 is defo possible for you.
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Managed to avoid the worst of the rain and got out for nearly 9 miles after work,legs felt surprisingly good so happy with that.
    Steve - your Saturday run bodes well for that 10k PB :) 

    Ian - not daft numbers at all, if you feel you could go faster then you can.
    Great recovery doing 9 miles yesterday, knee OK?

    6 miles for me this morning, a little warmer than I expected which was OK for 5 a.m.

    Pilates then gym for me today :'(
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Shades-Enjoy gym.
    Knee is ok,only time its sore is when I stretch and lift my foot to my bum,and I can feel it then.
  • Ah Steve, I can't even conceive of being able to run a 19 minute parkrun, let alone feeling like it wasn't too hard.
    Shades - out at 5? Blimey.
    mamafox - good your ticker seems normal. Less good about putting your monitor in the machine. :grimace:
    Ian, great running and good news on the knee.
    Well done Big G.

    Rest day yesterday and 8 miles this morning. Groin is definitely pissy at the moment. It feels better when I'm running than when I'm not. I'm really torn on whether I should do yoga or pilates or not...I don't know if those things are making it better or worse.
    One thing: Richmond half on Sunday. Looks like they've made the move to compostable cups which is all nice from an eco-point of view, but not so good for me seeing as I can't drink out of them properly. I'm wondering if it might be an idea to wear my hydration vest - what time I'd lose from carrying extra weight at the start, I'd probably make up by bypassing the aid stations. (I would likely just suffer the cups were it cool, but Sunday is set to be warm).

  • Shades, I've used MFP before but if I'm hungry/ bored I don't care if I go over cals so not much use.  I just need to be stronger. 

    Cal I've sent the email to westmill so you're all set to write the race report on 21st!

    Jelly fish and chips sounds like the deal breaker for the race!

    Ian great congrats on the time, and AG win!!!

    Big G well done for getting under the 5 hours.  I'm too a huge fan of NHS but it's just very slow and admin isn't very good.

    Weekend down in Eastbourne, had little intention of making parkrun as not able to run and it was a little way from where we stayed and opted for a lie in and plenty of breakfast.  Wedding at 5 star hotel was very enjoyable wasn't a fan of the bar prices, £4.25 for a small bottle of coke, was cheaper to drink alcohol at £5.50 a pint/ bottle.  Plus they had a hidden 10% service charge!

    Made it to the gym yesterday... even made it further than the vending machines.  My leg is healing and stronger, I'm not able to bend to cycle or row yet so stuck with the x trainer.  The weekend and me not fitting in my suit hopefully is a big turnaround.

    This weekend have a local race self nav race organized by a pal, I'm going to walk/ jog the 10k with Elle as I know the route, then consider the 2nd loop for the half marathon but I haven't testing that route yet.

  • Good the leg is getting stronger, Rob. Looking forward to Westmill! I hear the brekkie is very good there?
  • Cal breakfasts a re very nice, especially if we get decent weather and can enjoy the views.

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    Ian - that's not too bad then, that stretch would niggle anyone with tired legs.

    Cal - circa 5 a.m. is not far off my usual time, when I have a 9 am class at the leisure centre.

    I would suggest that you use the cups at Richmond, it looks like many of our races are going to go to cups very soon and as this is not a race you intend to try for a PB it would be a useful time to practise.  Otherwise when it comes to an important race for you will have the same dilemma only it will matter more then.  

    I believe in theory a pound in weight makes a difference of roughly 95 seconds per pound in a marathon, not sure how you convert that to a half marathon.   So if you were carrying 10 pounds of dead weight it in theory would make your marathon 15 minutes slower.  You might want to have a look on the internet, a pint weighs about a pound.

    Robert - I've only had one hungry day and that was day 2, now I've upped the protein I'm not hungry.   I'm lucky that I have another review in 4 weeks with the instructor and he's put a lot of work into my plan and I don't want to let him or myself down.    I've also deliberately told a few folk at the leisure centre so that will keep me focussed too.   This plan is all part of my DD 2020 plan.

    Posh wedding, posh hotel, pricey drinks :o 

    So good to hear you're back at the gym doing what you can and that you're doing your friend's event this weekend.   

    Pilates was a tough class focussing on legs followed by gym lower body so legs a bit jaded now, but all exercise done for the day. :)
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Rob, good news the leg is getting stronger and there's some progress.

    Cal/Shades, I was carrying two litres of water plus a phone, the bag and some food on Saturday, so the extra weight is my excuse as to why after 13-miles I struggled  :)

    After a much needed rest day yesterday (I was absolutely shattered) I did an aprox 4.5 mile run this morning and enjoyed it out there today.
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