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    Big G-I'll be just in front of you as I'm starting in the last block of wave 1.
    Boston email has come through so all official.
  • Big G think if I had a pizza oven it would do me a favour, think I would use it so much I'd finally get bored of pizza's.  I can no longer eat Chicago Town pizza's when I managed a pub!

    Shades, I've never had any issues with Decathalon either, usually use them for bits and bobs.  I'm hoping the NHS were being over cautious too about running, Elle wasn't too impressed when I told her after running yesterday.

    Big G not the normal kinda thing you see on your morning run! Am now back into taking it easy mode after yesterday.

    Ian good news for Boston!

    Woke up this morning, legs trashed hardly surprising, wish I could still use the disabled space at work, as need it more than ever today!  The PF in the foot hasn't gone as I was suffering yesterday but today seems to be good to walk on.

    Ian - reassuring to have that confirmation email :) 

    Robert - I'm not surprised your legs were tired after Sunday, hope that's starting to ease up.

    Any news on your PF injection?

    I think it would take a lot of pizzas before most of us got bored with them, very moreish.

    When I went to Florence the first time to do the marathon we had the most divine pizza one night and I never ate pizza again until I went back next year as I knew I wouldn't be able to find another pizza that came anywhere close to it.   
    The trouble with pizza, yes it's not that healthy but not awful, is that everyone eats too much of it.   A portion is I guess the size of your hand, have that with a big salad and/or veg and it's OK.  Any more than that is pigging out ;)

    I make pizza now and then (Iain Love's recipe) which is a high protein base, must make it again now I'm on a higher protein diet.  I only make a small one, divide it into portions and freeze the rest quickly before I eat too much of it.

    6 miles today, nice mild morning again, getting darker every day though :(

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    Robert, in his early years, a mate of mine briefly had a job where he was putting cherries on top of trifles coming off of a conveyer belt.  He loved trifles, but went right off them after that!  Bit of insider knowledge is that certainly at that time (25+ years ago) a lot of the trifles were basically the same in all the supermarkets that had this brand, but the "deluxe" range at a given supermarket may have had an additional sprinkling of chocolate or whatever.

    Great news about Boston, Ian.  Glad it's all sorted.  Regarding Berlin, it's obviously a different set up as I think with 3:19 at London I'd be in pen 3 and through the start line in very quickly.  I've just checked my London start time from 2017 and my start time on Strava was actually 10:00am, whereas at Berlin the lead runners will be 20+mins down the road before I start.  Having said all that, when I did Munich they had a staggered start - I was in the first wave and purposefully started right at the back of that and I had loads of room, which was good, but Munich is a lot smaller in size.

    Shades, yes, I've been pleased with the last couple of appointments as both the consultant and the physio have confirmed I will make a full recovery over time.  My only complaint really is that I reckon I could/should have been doing these new exercises a month or two ago, but wasn't able to get an appointment before yesterday as the timing was that I needed to see the consultant first, and only after that book the physio.  I confess I had been Googling and saw some of the likely exercises I'd be given but I didn't want to do them before being formally told in case I made something worse.  My usual physio is on maternity leave now but the new one said that it's fine to be a bit rough and put myself into some mild discomfort at this stage, in order to get the shoulder moving, which is good to know.  At the start of all this, the advice was the opposite as putting myself in additional pain would have caused more damage at that point, so I'm obviously well into the recovery phase now.  Even after one day of doing the new stretches I can see/feel a improvement.  The test for me is how far I can push my hand/finger tips up my back.  Currently I can't get anywhere near my shoulder blades, but overtime that will get better.

    New Physio asked if I'm getting back into my running.  I was sitting there in this year's City to Sea T-Shirt, which I saw him notice.  So I just said "yeah, I'm enjoying my running again" and then mumbled something about Berlin :)  
  • Ian - fantastic. Very envious!

    Big G, that's encouraging. I struggle to reach very far up my back with my left arm too, although I can just make my shoulder blade. I cannot do that yoga pose where you link hands behind your back (one going up and one down). Why is it that a human body is perfectly capable of growing a whole new human being, yet it can't seem fix a bit of tendon damage?

    Anyway, 10 miles this morning. Glad I wasn't running yesterday as it was muggy and horrible (had quite a sweat on even when I went out for a walk) but this morning was really nice.
    Just remembered I am going to the dentist this afternoon. :(
    Big G - I've never really liked trifles and when I worked at Devon Desserts they were always after tasters, every batch was tasted so reluctantly I would go occasionally, on a good day I would get a cheesecake to taste.   
    After I'd been there a while I had to go to the other building across the road for some training where they did the hot puddings and on a Friday afternoon I was invited to their tasting, I would do more than taste it and usually scoff the lot especially if I had a marathon that weekend, I so miss those puddings.   But I've never eaten a trifle since 🤮

    Good that you feel those stretches are exactly what you need.   Pilates instructor was ill today and the instructor that covered for her was mostly focussing on our backs today and then we progressed to rotator cuff stretches, quite powerful.

    Cal - you've recovered well from your race to do 10 miles today.

    Hope dentist appointment goes OK.

  • Yes, legs feel OK, more or less. A bit of tightness around the right ITB is all. (Well, and achilles, but that never really goes away).
    Quickest dentist appointment ever - nothing doing, not even a clean as I have no plaque. Hurrah.
  • JellyJelly ✭✭✭
    I used to work at Devon Deserts too, taste panel soon lost its  appeal. I was in old factory. 
  • JellyJelly ✭✭✭
    I’ve lost my mojo and finding to hard to motivate myself to get out for runs, still walking dog and settling into routine with new job which I’m really enjoying. Gone back to Slimming World but still finding hard to focus on weight loss. Not sure if I’m trying to make too many changes and need to focus on one at  time. Want to get back into good habits or I will end up where I was four years ago, over weight and unfit. 
  • Is that where your name came from, Jelly?
    It's definitely harder to change several things at a time. We only have a finite amount of willpower so those people who start a diet, join a gym and give up smoking or drinking on January 1st always end up failing. I know for a fact I am most likely to skip yoga when I'm doing my highest mileages. Probably best to cut yourself some slack and focus on healthy eating and regular walking rather than weight loss while you adjust to the new job (good that you enjoy it, though - it'd be harder to do the other things if you weren't).

    A good run today - 12 miles with 8 at MP. Used the first three miles to warm-up and last one to cool down. Five of those miles were a bit too fast, actually  (and the last one was HMP...not sure how that happened!) but that's what happens when your watch tells you bullshit. Still, felt pretty good so wondering if I should try to run at 4 hour pace at York. Obviously, there's a massive difference between being able to hold a pace for one hour versus four hours and I don't want to crash and burn at 18-20 miles and have a horrible last few miles. I'm going to see how Kingston goes and also see how I feel on the day.
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    Cal - Congrats on the HM, that's a good time.
    Rob - Sounds like a good event.
    Ian - Congrats on Boston!!
    I did 19 miles on Saturday then a 5 miler on Sunday to finish a 55 mile week. Then 13 miles Tuesday and 7 miles today.
  • JellyJelly ✭✭✭
    Jelly is the name of my classic mini my daughter named it it’s red and you wobble in it. Had it about 9 years so she was only young at the time, my friends at running call me Locket. 
  • Shades, there is a slimming world pizza recipe and thought we'd give it a go.  The amount you were allowed to eat in your allowance, it really wasn't worth the hassle.   re PF I have to go online on the 23rd and see if I can get an appointment, as I'm not running for a while I am considering seeing my physio to help with getting back on my feet as I'm there I'm considering the shockwave again but concentrating on strengthening the tendon as I didn't give it much attention last time.  Then if that doesnt work will consider the injection then as I don;t really see me running till the new year so plenty of time.

    Big G good news you should make a full recovery.

    Steve nice mileage

    Cal pacing is a tough one, at Manchester last year I set off a few secs per mile inside my PB pace allowing a bit of fatigue in the final few miles.  What happened at mile 14/15 I felt great and pushed on at ran my faster mile in mile 21 as I pushed to see if I could go sub 3.30.  You've ran a few 1.55 for halfs so you can hold on for 13 miles, maybe a bit slower you can hang on for alot longer?

    Jelly, we have about 10 receipe books for slimming world, it seems we spend all our time cooking but never lose weight as we don't cut out the rubbish.  need to be more disciplined!!!

    Few quiet days just icing the knee as it's swelled a bit after sunday's half.  No pain which is promising.  Never used to look forward to parkruns but now they are one of the highlights of my week! Next week should be easier to get to the gym as I don't start work till noon.
  • Maybe, Rob... Shame there aren't any 20 milers in early Autumn near me then I could find out!
    I'm looking forward to Saturday too. Is Westmill a trail shoe kind of deal or would roadies be OK at the moment?
    Cal - great news on the dentist.

    That's a great run today bodes well for Kingston and York.

    It is a pity there aren't more 20 mile races in the autumn as they are so useful in helping with the decision about MP on race day, if only from a confidence point of view about being able to hold race pace.   Another option is if you could find a low key marathon, maybe multi lap and deliberately pull out at 20 miles.

    Jelly - I never got tired of tasting the hot puddings at Devon Desserts but unfortunately I could only get across to the old factory once a week.   It was quite an experience working there, very long hours and hectic.

    Good to hear the new job is going well and you're enjoying it.   Don't be so hard on yourself about thinking that you've lost your mojo and might slip back into bad habits.  It's only a very short time since you did that tough Dartmoor race and C2S and there will be some residual tiredness from doing those two on consecutive weeks plus you've started a new job.

    Steve - that's significant mileage for a 10k race, I guess you have plans further ahead.   But you seem to enjoy that level of mileage anyway.

    Robert - I dread to think how paltry a portion of SW pizza might be.   When I make Iain Love's pizza again, it will be soon as I bought the ingredients today, I'll post up the nutrition data on here as I'll put it through MFP.   Will be loaded with calories as it's a low carb/high fat recipe.

    That's a good idea to see a physio to help with your rehab so that when you are back into training you've done some strengthening etc where it needs to be done.   Hope that knee is OK, you can't have another injury.
    Tricky start to the day for me, instructor suggested we do a check that I'm not losing weight too fast and what I'm losing is fat.   So he asked me to come in fasted, that's not too much of a problem although I usually have a small bowl of porridge pre circuits class.   The tricky bit was no coffee  :o either as caffeine interferes with the readings.   I am a big coffee drinker and never set foot outside for a run without at least one coffee.

    So had to do circuits fasted which was OK but quite tough, then I could have a coffee and something to eat and then we looked at the results.   I've lost over 3 pounds in 2 weeks, which is fine and mostly from my waist and some from my thighs so all good.  Fat % is reduced, no real change in muscle but then it's only be 2 weeks and I am on light weights.  He also checked through my MFP diary on my phone, just as well I've been good and stuck to my allowance, still need to up my protein intake so am going to work on that before next review.  Calorie allowance to remain the same but I can up it a little if hungry or do so to increase protein.  Advised to eat more snacks, nuts etc., discipline is hard for me re nuts as I love then and could eat them all day, so I may postpone buying them for a while 

    But tomorrow I'm changing all the macros and going to experiment with some carbo loading as I have a marathon on Sunday.   I'm still going to stick to same daily calorie allowance just to see how that works out.   I haven't been doing any long runs so not expecting much from this race so a good event to test this on.

    Then lower body programme in gym, then food shop to stock up on protein and a few carbs.
  • That's fab, Shades - great news on the fat loss. I know what you mean about coffee - I've had to have some blood tests in the past and that's the worst thing. And nuts are tricky too - lot of calories in those little buggers and it's hard to eat them in moderation. I used to go through bags of brazil nuts in my youth.
    I've just suspended my yoga membership for a month (this will take effect next week) which costs me £20 but as I'm on a lower monthly rate than the current membership, it's worthwhile. I know I will want to do hot yoga/pilates in the winter when it's cold but for now, it's all about minimising injury risk before Yorkshire.
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Shades, sounds a lot to consider there with the diet etc. It’ll be interesting to see how the marathon goes.

    Ian, did you receive an email from Berlin about a data breach?!  Not good. It’s relating to ICE details so OH isn’t happy as she’s very careful with her data!

    Jelly, you’ve done a lot recently. Maybe just try and run mainly for fun for a short while, or enter some shorter races (not worrying about time) to help reignite that mojo.

    Steve, good running there. You’re racking up the mileage.

    Cal, yeah, the physio did say that probably my right arm will always be (and has always been) not as good at that stretch as my left arm, purely as I’m right handed.

    Robert, I think it’s good that you’re looking forward to parkruns. Probably a few weeks ago you wouldn’t have been looking forward to even those. 

    As for me, I did 7 miles last night and just seemed to be creaking and groaning a lot. Achilles was a bit tight as were legs generally so no running today.

    I’ve had a great morning though. OH had to be in Newquay for 8:30am (1hr45min drive) so I went with her, and walked the coast path from Newquay around to Crantock on the coast path. Only 6 miles but stunning beaches in places, and I took my time, stopped for coffee, went up to the headlands (which are a diversion from the path). It involved a ferry across an estuary too.

    If OH has to come back again (which is likely) I’ll try and come but maybe walk in the other direction.

    Top pic is view I had for breakfast and 2nd is of a massive sandy beach. Neither pic does it justice really, but it’s a short section of the path ticked off. 

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    Cal - brazil nuts are my absolute favourite.   I remember once buying them and the plan was to eat 3 a day to give me a reasonable dose of selenium...

    Day one - 3 brazil nuts
    Day two - 3 brazil nuts
    Day three - the rest of the packet :o 

    When I've lost a bit more I think I would be less inclined to eat too many nuts so won't buy them for a while.   I have bought some salted cashews for post marathon snack on Sunday.

    Good idea about your yoga membership.   Last year when I was preparing for my 24 hour race I cancelled all my classes for 3 or 4 weeks and it really made keeping my mileage high much easier and my legs felt less tired.
    Big G - hope that's just the Germans being overcautious re the ICE data breach, at least it's not credit card details.

    Lovely photos, not a holidaymaker in sight ;) 

  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Shades, there was a software fault that means data was accidentally made available to potentially 70 people, and the nature of it is that as it’s a world wide event, it’s more of a concern. I can post the whole email (it’s long!) if interested.

    Yes, much quieter now. If I’d done that walk a month ago I expect it would have been very different!
    Big G - if it's ICE details at most a name and phone number, so fortunate it's not more.   Personally I wouldn't worry about that, world wide or not.   You've entered races with Active, that's USA and world wide with poor security and your credit card details, I know which one I'd rather have my details leaked from.
  • Big, lovey views there! Considering a few days away in October, was thinking cornwall but the thought of not able to run on the coastal path puts me off.

    Shades, no injury on the knee just swelling from muscles that not been used.

    Cal, Westmill is bone dry so road shoes would be okay, would recommend something with support at there is a camber you run on for 200meters twice.  Hertford north is quite close (less than a mile) from Panshanger so if we get time before your train after I'll show you how to get there. But be careful there is a treacherous 'flat' section that if fall you'll have months out get suffer from blood clots and DVT!

  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Cal-How was Richmonds time compared to last year? And how are you ling runs being oaces compared to the same effort last year,those plus how you do at Kingston should tell you how much you've improved?
    Steve-Super impressive mileage.
    Rob-Hope the knee turns into nothing.
    Shades-Sounds like good news on the weight front.Might start looking at my diet soon,but then again I may not.
    Big G-Not had an email about that but may be because I went through the tour company.Starting to get excited about it now though.
    Not run much the last 2 days as the temp is ticking to 30 walked about 50 miles though.
  • Long runs are similar, pace-wise. HMs, faster. Last Autumn I did Maidenhead (a disappointment - was going for my first sub-1:55 and crashed and burned, coming in a bit over 1:58). At the time my PB was 1:57:01 which I'd got in February the previous year (2017 was the year I lost most of the Autumn to the hip injury, so I didn't race much after the two marathons I did in the spring). Then I went to Richmond and realised I wasn't going to manage 1:55 pace for long so slowed a little and concentrated on going 1:57. Think I ran 1:56.4-something.

    This year I've run 1:54:14 (Feb, Olympic Park), 1:53:45 (Feb, Hampton Court), 1:55.4something (Big Half, very very windy!), (1:57.something (Gatwick - this was between Vienna and Liverpool and it was warm so I didn't go as hard, it was mostly to test drive my Vaporflys), 1:55.06 (Richmond).
    It's worth noting that, after those so-so Autumn marathons last year, I ran my best ever marathon at Chester, so we'll see i guess.

    50 miles is a lot of walking!
    Robert - good that it's not another injury.

    Ian - you've done really well with your diet, don't think you need to change anything for now.

    Berlin seems really close now :o 

    That is a lot of walking.

    Cal - your race times are very consistent.   When is Kingston?

    6 miles this morning, chilly 7 degrees.  Beautiful full moon was able to come back on the back road by the light of the moon before it started to get light.  Upped number of sets to 4 yesterday in the gym and I could feel that in my legs today.
  • OMG OMG OMG! Me, the person who never ever gets lucky in ballots, got into Tokyo! :o
    After a bit of panicking I realised this is actually fantastic as I've been wanting to go back to Japan since my first trip in 2009. I've a good American friend who is another rollercoaster nutter (and a lot more obsessive than me - she has the highest coaster count of any woman in the world, currently - 2600 or something) and she said she'd be interested in coming as she wanted to go to Japan in the spring anyway, so if that happens I can make a holiday of it. I recently got a few thousand from an old insurance policy of my mum's that hadn't been claimed so it looks like it was destined.

    Anyway, yes, Kingston is on the 5th.

    Being somewhat wired after finding out about Japan, what was supposed to be a recovery run turned into an 8 mile run at the faster end of my easy pace. Left knee is a bit clunky again so I am going to have to step up the rolling and stretching as this will be my highest mileage week.

    Tokyo, damn!
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Cal-Brilliant news,very well done.get planning that trip.
  • Cal - Wow that is super news!!! Tokyo will be an awesome trip!
    Ian - that's some impressive walking miles!
    Big G - Lovely pics!
    Shades - Congrats on the weight loss. Yes, trying to keep miles high without burning out, so I can roll into next year. I'm trying to make 50 mile weeks feel easy.
    Another 10 miles but with strides today.
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