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    Fantastic Cal!!  I entered too and got the email this morning, but wasn't lucky.

    I think I'm taking another rest day today as I'm just a bit achey all round, so I don't see any point in pushing it at this stage.  I have that annoying knee knocking/creaking again, which I had physio for last year, plus after yesterday and walking in boots, the achilles is a bit tender this morning.  I have a weekend away in Edinburgh with the WAY lot (tomorrow is 5 years since Claire died....not sure where that time has gone really) so I am hoping to trot around a parkrun tomorrow, but probably not much else in terms of running.  Just busy trying to keep the weight off before Berlin!
    Cal - that's great news about Tokyo and about the insurance policy too so costs sorted as I expect it's not a cheap trip.   Will be a great holiday and another marathon sorted. :) 

    Steve - I'm keeping my weekly mileage at 50 too and it feels fine for me even with the gym stuff but that's probably because I'm not doing any long runs.

    Big G - can't believe it's 5 years already since Claire died.

    Hope those niggles are sorted with a bit of rest.

    Now we've had one ballot success for Berlin and one for Tokyo so we should get one for London perhaps....

    Pilates done, gym upper body done.  Pilates instructor was ill so we had a good class from another instructor, unfortunately she had a terrible cold and I was near the front of the class.  :/   This marathon running turns us into hypochondriacs, well me anyway.  
  • Knowing my luck, this'll be the year I'm chosen for London. :D
    And yes...another reason for me to stay away from yoga. Warm, humid environments are perfect for germs to flourish.

    Hope you're doing OK, Big G. Anniversaries are always tough.

    6 miles recovery today. Not being full of adrenaline, I actually managed to keep the pace down, although it as a bit misty on the common and rather nippy. Could have done with long sleeves (I've already donned the long tights).

    6 miles for me today, legs still a bit tired from leg session in gym on Wednesday.   

    Yesterday was my first day of upping my carbs from an average of 40% for the last 2 weeks to 60% and although I still kept to my daily calorie allowance I have put on 0.4 of a pound, which is to be expected as water needed to store any extra glycogen.   Other differences is that although I enjoyed eating more carbs again, especially a huge jacket potato last night, I didn't feel as satisfied after my meals and last night if someone had handed me some chocolate/cakes etc I would have eaten them.  Other difference is that I don't feel so hungry this morning, I've been very hungry first thing on the high protein diet, today I feel my metabolism has gone to sleep.

    Good news from Italy, received this from Firenze marathon

    Medical certificates for foreigners in Italian marathons
    and half marathons no longer required

    Foreign athletes not registered for sport clubs affiliated to foreign federations can finally participate in international marathons and half marathons, without having to obligatorily present a medical certificate. From now on they’ll simply sign a liability waiver. 

     The Italian Athletics Federation (FIDAL) has amended a regulation which, until now, required organizers to only accept medical certificates that conformed to the Italian legal system.

    This is a really important turning point settled thanks to the intense and favorable cooperation between the Italian Athletics Federation and the event organizers.

    Finally, all Italian sports events of international level will have the opportunity to welcome all those foreign citizens, with tourist-sporting goals, who had always run elsewhere due to the Italian bureaucratic difficulties.

     The participation regulations for foreign athletes registered for sports clubs affiliated to foreign federations remain unchanged.

    Italian marathons have for some time required a medical certificate or similar if you weren't registered with your country's althetic federation, so for us UKA/EA.  Last year they were requiring these althletes to also get an ECG which was costing athletes a lot of money and hassle and I think would have had a dramatic effect on overseas entries once this rule was implemented.  (I spoke to a guy that paid £80 for an ECG to do Venice, and he'd only been advised that it was required 6 weeks before the race so had paid for flights/hotel etc).

    So that's great news, think I might look at an Italian marathon next year myself.  😊  Maybe go back to Firenze again perhaps.
    xpost Cal - it's quite warm and humid down here today, I was overdressed!

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    Went Slimming world which was good as normally if not going well I avoid. Going to focus on not mindless eating and try to get 4 runs in this following week, some close Trotter friends have noticed my lack of enthusiasm and told me they’ve planned a route and I’m going. Which I appreciate. 
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    Back from holiday last night,decided to do my hilly loops as I enjoy that this far out,3 loops went really well and 10 s/m quicker than I've ever managed before,but on the way back my Achilles felt really sore and deep,hadn't felt like that for a while so walked the 2 miles home,sitting here with it icing and elevated and hope it goes.
  • Ian - Blimey, I hope that clears up.. just rest up and do NOTHING.

    Cal - Yay! Getting in to Tokyo is amazing. That really is good news. It sounds like you are going to be able to combine it all with some rollercoastering (not sure about that word, think I might just have made it up) with your friend too. Brilliant.

    Big G - Can't believe it has been 5 years. Thinking of you (())

    Jelly - You have had some fab runs recently.. hurry up and enter something else! Your club sound very supportive which is lovely.

    Steve - Nice mileage there. You still on the P&D plan?

    Rob - Please make an appt for that injection asap. You have to wait before running for two weeks anyway after so you may as well do it now.

    Shades - Your eating plan sounds FAB. It doesn't seem like a normal calorie counting plan but much more specific with paying attention to different food types. I've noticed those features on MFP but never really gone anywhere with it. It sounds like you are seeing results too. The follow up you're getting is really motivational too. I am an expert at lying on MFP and to know that someone is checking up really makes it more focused. As a matter of interest is that service in with your gym membership or have you got to pay extra?

    As for me, my mileage is building up nicely. I've slowed down a lot though but it is reassuring to have my HR matching up with how I feel when I'm running.
     I had a couple of days off last weekend as I took my daughter up to Paris. She will be studying there so I hired a car (Our car situation hasn't improved) to move her up. Unfortunately we went up last Friday which was the day the metro people went on strike. This, coupled with the fact that my daughter's flat (Broom cupboard) is right in the centre made for an interesting experience. I mean they are complete nutters up there at the best of times but a Friday with public transport on strike.. unbelievable. I didn't have a bloody clue where I was going either. Anyway, she's there now.. so I'm considering doing Paris marathon next Spring. Not sure if we could get the whole thread in her flat but anybody else considering Paris next year?
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    Jelly - good that SW went well.   Getting out and enjoying yourself on a run with your friends will do you good.
    Maybe now DD and The Crossing are done that leaves you without a goal to aim for.

    Ian - hope that's just a temporary blip and maybe maranoia too pre Berlin.  Don't be tempted to test it now, rest.

    Mamafox - if it was a normal calorie counting plan I would have failed on Day 2.  From my BMR he calculated my daily calorie allowance as I can't gain muscle by eating less,  I would lose fat and muscle if I did that.  Macros are set for me at 40% carbs, 30% fat and 30% protein, you can set those up on MFP.  It is hard eating that much protein so I still have to work on that.  He wants me to eat more snacks, having just thought I was doing well as I don't eat snacks since I gave up work.
    I've never lied to MFP and I intend to log everything this weekend when I'm eating fish and chips.   Also the race I'm doing is one with a selection of goodies and home baking provided during the race, will be interesting.
    All included in my gym membership although I think I'm lucky choosing this particular instructor as he's really interested in my progress, he knows a lot about nutrition too and achieving weight goals, he used to box.
    He's also looking after one of the girls in my circuit class, she's lost 1.5 stone and more than 20 inches, by changing what she eats and lifting heavy weights.

    So pleased that your training is now back on track, you sound a lot more relaxed about it too.
    I've seen the odd drama set in Paris and the driving seemed scary enough to me then, well done for mastering that.
    Never done Paris marathon, great that you'll have somewhere to stay.  
    I can't do Paris next year.  I'm sure your daughter would be thrilled if a motley collection of marathon runners turn up on her doorstep.   ;)
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    Mama-Great to hear you're getting some good mileage in,that's a great place to build from.Paris is on my list but not next year as its 2 weeks before Boston.
    Shades-It seems to have eased a little in the last couple of hours,I was going to do parkrun tomorrow with OH but will give it a miss.
    Watching the news about Thomas Cook with interest as they are who we have booked New York/Boston with,flights are still reasonable of they go under but that will change quickly.
    Ian - that's good that the pain had lessened in such a short time.

    Difficult to know what to do about your Thomas Cook booking, hope the Chinese bail them out.  The negative publicity really doesn't help matters.
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    Shades-Nothing I can do until it gets decided really,just need to be quick off the mark if they go,hopefully they wont,but I agree the publicity always seems to drive it quicker as people now wont book until they know either way,depriving them of more funds.
    Forgot to mention when we got to our hotel,the hotel said the online company we had booked through had gone bankrupt so needed to pay again,so glad we pay for big things on credit card these days so we get it back.
    Ian - thank heavens for credit cards, I deliberately use mine just to get the credit card guarantee, especially for travel stuff as lots happens in that area of the market.

    Rest day for me today, first 100% rest day for a month, that is no running, circuits, or gym.   

    Yesterday although I had snacks including cake and deliberately put carbs into all my meals I only ended up with 46% carbs and today the 0.4 of a pound that I'd put on has been lost and I'm back to what I was before.   I also feel much better today, not as sluggish as I did yesterday.  Must try a bit harder with the carbs today.

    I'm driving to Wales today, staying in a rural B & B but as it's Wales there's still 3 chips shops within a 10 minute drive 😋

    Forecast for my race tomorrow is rain, rain, rain, probably heavy rain with possible thunderstorms too, but not cold.   Some of the route is good trail so in those conditions I'm not going to use my favourite Guides that I use for races but another pair.   Can't see me even considering the ultra in those conditions so will assume it will be marathon distance as my target.   
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    Shades-Good luck for tomorrow,hope the weather improves from the forecast.
    Finished my berlin planning,foing a bit of sightseeing Saturday,but planned it so it's all on public transport so as little walking as possible,starting to plan frankfurt now in terms of eating etc,really happy with getting the premier inn though as it looks a great location.
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    Afternoon all, from sunny Edinburgh!!

    I arrived quite early yesterday so had most of the day to myself before the rest turned up from various places. I’ve been to Edinburgh a few times before so decided to explore an area I’ve not been to before and ended up hiking up a steep hill, which had great views over the city and also the popular Arthur’s Seat.

    Had a good evening and then this morning I caught the bus for the 20-min ride + 5min walk to Portobello parkrun (one of, I think, just 2 in the city). They start at 9:30 here, so knowing this I arrived a bit early to grab a coffee beforehand, and then went to the start for the pre-event briefing, for this flat 3-lapper on quite narrow tarmac paths. I started steady as I’ve not ran for a few days, and I’m still feeling the knee a bit, but did enjoy the run finishing in a bit over 25mins. I just missed the bus back so walked a few stops, before catching the next bus back to the B&B. It was a nice run out for my first Scottish parkrun, but it was possibly a bit busy for the size of the paths. The front runners lapped me and it was quite congested especially on the narrow paths near the pond, and I finished 103/280, but I did enjoy it.

    Had a relaxing day today walking about the city, and then it’s a meal out tonight, and my flight home tomorrow is 16:25 so a good amount of time to see other things tomorrow too, but all being well I should still be back home at a reasonable time. 
  • Cal word of advice  don’t book travel with Thomas Cook, good to see you again and hope you got back safely today! If you do get picked for London you can always defer although I'm sure they'll crack down on that soon.

    Shades great news about the Italian marathons and medical certificate, until I'm running again an overseas marathon is a fair distance from my thoughts unfortunately.  

    Mamma Fox still unsure about the injection, foot isn't that bad at the moment and I think i'm still 2-4 months away from running so got a bit of time to decide yet.

    Ian hope your niggles do one! I know a few people who are booked with ryanair for berlin and are concerned about the strike.  Hopefully Thomas Cook are too big and find an investor/ public sector.  £200m to save vs £600m for repatriation but all worrying times.

    It's a shame to hear that TC are in trouble, last year when we flew with them we chatted with the airline crew and they were very positive about how TC treated their staff especially female in regards to pregnancy/ maternity and getting back into work by offering them jobs in their shops or ground airport instead of the air if it was more convenient.

    Big G, sounds like a good trip, Edinburgh is a stunning city, only time I made it upto Arthurs seat was grey and overcast. 

    Jelly if you lose a few lbs that will help your mojo for sure, last year I lost a bit of timber and really made me run with a smile on my face

    Leg has been behaving! Leg is not as tight which I'm hoping is the results of the blood thinners working and breaking down the clot.  My leg is looking for like a leg more than ever (since the fall).

    Lovely morning at parkrun as I shuffled round about 70 seconds faster than 3 weeks ago (35.35).  Elle got a course record and really enjoyed her run. Had a lovely pot of tea after in the cafe gardens.  
  • Well done, Big G!
    Rob - thanks for picking me up for the station and for the photos! I got lucky and my train was just pulling up to the platform so I was home in good time. I've just knocked out the run report so I hope they are happy with it!

    So, Westmill - perfect weather and a lovely location but definitely challenging! It is undulating (not many flat bits!) but the toughest bit was that camber - for those that haven't done this run, you run across a fairly steep hill, which I definitely found tricky. I thought Hoblingwell had a camber, but it's nothing compared to Westmill. I figured I'd run around 27 minutes on a course like this so I was absolutely delighted to do it in 25:58. I was 2nd lady too! (Though, as with Hoblingwell where I was 2nd, the 1st lady was also a VW50 so I didn't get the age group 1st).
    Groin is still niggly so I'll get another massage before Yorkshire. I'll be glad to start my taper soon.
    Ian - good idea to sort the logistics out for your time in Berlin and Frankfurt so you don't waste time on your feet looking for food etc.   Yes, your Premier is a perfect location, a few yards away are 2 steak restaurants and in that huge shopping centre there's every takeaway food you could ever want plus shops and restaurants too.

    Big G - glad you're enjoying good weather that far north.   Another parkrun ticked off.

    Robert - seems like you're making good progress and a big post injury PB at your parkrun. Congrats to Elle too for her CB.

    Great photos for your Shadies meet up, grass looks like you're all in Spain!

    Cal - well done, that does sound like a tough course, hard on the ankles a camber like that.  Nice photos.

    I left home early as I was packed etc, just as well I did.   Horrendous traffic on M5 and the first half of M4.  I thought I'd be stopping for multiple leisurely coffee breaks, instead I was sitting in huge tailbacks crawling along.  4 hours for a 2.5 hour drive.
    B&B is lovely.  Got the WiFi working, scanned the biscuits supplied in the room on MFP and promptly scoffed them. I'm having a very hungry day today, will be way over my calorie allowance today as only 200 calories left and I haven't had my fish and chips yet.

    Hot here, was 28 when I was driving, clouding over a bit now.
  • Well, the crisp Autumn weather has been replaced by warm, grey and muggy. Ominous lightning bolt icons on the BBC Weather page worried me a bit, but I had a run to get through so I decided I'd just get on with it. Nothing materialised during my 20 miler, though (Morden Hall Park/Wimbledon route) other than a bit of light rain which soon abated.
    It wasn't the best of runs, really - a bit slower than than the last 20, but it comes at the end of my first ever 60 mile week so the legs are tired. (I also had to pee in a bush in Morden Hall Park - first time I've ever had to do that! I literally peed four times in the half hour before I left for my run so I'm a bit cross with my bladder).
    Most interesting thing I saw was early on when I passed Tooting Bec Athletic Track and noticed lights on, a Sri Chinmoy gazebo and a bunch of people shuffling around like zombies. It was the fabled 24 hour track race! Much as I'd have liked to stop and watch/cheer, I had another 18 miles left to run, so I carried on going.
    My groin has been pretty horrible this week, except when I run. It's fine then. Can't figure it out. I guess if I can run with it then I shouldn't worry too much.
  • Cal well done on your 20, time doesn't really matter it's about time on your feet.

    Shades, bet those biscuits werent worth the calories 

    a last minute decision last night I went to marshal a local race, £20 and a free race entry and saw a few pals running too.  Have contacted my physio and pencilling in a session in a couple of weeks.  
    Robert - I never buy biscuits at home, never crosses my mind.   But when I get to a hotel room and there's biscuits I'm like a woman possessed.  They were posh choc chip and very nice.

    Good that you've been out marshalling and earning race entries.  And on the physio too.

    Cal - tough running in humid conditions after the good running weather we've been enjoying.  Still another long run in the bank and a record high mileage week too.

    Well after all the doom and gloom about the weather in Wales today it was OK for our race.  They laughed at me slapping on sun cream at the start but later on the sun came out and it was quite warm at times.  We started in light rain and then it dried up with the odd shower, very humid though.
    Lovely venue at Margam Park, really interesting and varied course, lots to see on the way round.  Each lap was 3.3 miles, too much off road for my liking, quite hilly too, they vary the route here and this apparently was the hilliest.  The off road was mainly good trail but other parts were a bit stony for me, my feet and ankles are a bit sore as not used to that sort of terrain.
    I ran all the first lap, lots were walking the hills .  2nd lap I walked the off road hills, these were the rougher part of the course.  I then got slower and each lap I walked a bit more.  Lack of long runs showed and also I found it difficult to eat more than a couple of sweets, humidity and messing with my diet I think, I seem to have lost my sweet tooth.  Last few laps I just took a piece of beef jerky which I'd never had before and loved it.
    Finished in 5:33 which considering the course and the amount of walking I did was a miracle

    I also had to run naked, my Garmin died at the start.  A kind chap quickly looked up using his phone how to do a reset, only I forgot to say a soft reset and I ended up doing a hard reset.  That worked but then I needed to set up everything, in my haste and not having my glasses on I pressed the wrong button and it started setting up in some Eastern European language.   So I had to dump the Garmin and just use my watch which does have a stopwatch but no GPS.

    Lovely people and very well organised and friendly event, I will do another one of theirs next year.
    And look what we got ...

    I heard they were bringing them back.

    When I got home my phone pinged a message from MFP saying I hadn't logged my lunch
      I did eat some of the goody bag contents on the way home and dutifully kept the wrappers and have scanned them in.

    Have also done another hard reset on my Garmin and set it up again in English.
  • Well done Shades - decent time considering. Very frustrating about your Garmin but seems you managed!
    5 mile recovery run done, chilly morning.   My feet and ankles still a little sore but less than last night so recovering well.   Legs feel amazingly good, in fact it didn't feel like a recovery run at all.  I am tired though but that's partly the travelling and usual post marathon poor sleep.

    Back to the gym tomorrow, I've missed it :)
  • Shades - Nice weekly mileage!
    Cal - Nice 20 mins and parkrun finish!
    Ian - Hope the achilles is OK.
    MF - Good to hear the HR running is going OK. Yes, still P&D, well the HM P&L plan but they are similar!
    The Mrs had an exam for the PT course she is doing, so dropped her at the gym then did a few miles to the nearest parkrun, which I haven't done before. Got to the start a few minutes before the start and lined up at the front as I knew it was a smaller field than my usual. Wasn't sure what I was going to run, so went out with the lead pack which was 4 of us! Wasn't sure of the route so just ran with them, around 2 miles the front 2 got a gap on me but I decided to keep it steady so let them go, I didn't realise 4th had dropped back quite a bit so I was solo from then on, but could always see the front 2. Anyway finished in 19:13, 11 seconds behind 2nd and 16 seconds behind first....damn should have pushed a bit harder! Anyway, then did a long cool down to bring up 11 miles for the day. 3 mile recover trot on Sunday in my new present....Next%!!
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Steve-Nice parkrun podium.
    Shades-Good effort by the sounds of it,glad the weather wasn't too bad.
    Cal-Nice 20 getting it done.
    Leg is still not right,seems deeper than usual so being very careful,last day off yesterday was spent icing and resting it all day.
    Fun morning this morning sorting flights out,We had booked New York in April with Thomas Cook,so had to claim refunds and rebook,prices were similar to what we paid,just not quite as good times,and I didn't realise our outward flights to GC were also with them,luckily we reserved a seat as that took us over the £100 refund,so rebooked that a day earlier with Easyjet,also the hotel has gone down so for the extra night we ended up paying less.
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    Must have been a bit stressful Ian.  Well done for getting it all sorted out.   OH and I were looking at South Africa last week and were thinking about Thomas Cook!  Still not decided if we're going anyway but obviously won't be going with them now.  

    Shades, nice running bearing in mind the terrain, and great the recovery run went so well.

    Steve, nice parkrun there, as part of a longer run too.

    Cal, decent run there for you as well.  What with the parkrun, running seems to be going well for you in the run up to your marathon.  Not too long now!

    Robert, nice photos there from parkrun.  Good the leg is looking a little more normal too.

    As for me, I didn't do a lot of running last week - I only did 17 miles, due to the knee and also the achilles.  A bit annoying/worrying really, with all the events I've got booked.  Having said that, it does all feel a bit better this morning and after a lot of walking over the weekend as well I've still been active.  But I think it'll be another rest day today, but may run tomorrow.  I'll see.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
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    Brilliant, Steve! I love small parkruns for that reason. I'm not fast in the general scheme of things so it's my only chance for a high placing. And I have shoe envy. I am going to wear my 4% at Kingston and see what the foot comfort is like. If they hurt the balls of my feet again like they did at Gatwick, I guess I'm back in my Epics for York (though will need new ones - current pair is over 300 miles already).
    Big G - yes and no. Running is good but I'm so full of niggles. Like you I'm just managing them as best I can.
    Ian...yeah I can sympathise about the niggles too. Glad you managed to sort out your flights.
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