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    Steve - it's never easy hitting target pace when it's a little while since your last speed session.   I bet you'll nail it next time.

    Big G - I've had a couple of those health checks and they're really good.  My surgery give me a form with my results, and they work out a probability of having a heart attack/stroke in the next few years.  I think it's good that they now do these tests rather than wait until we're unwell.
    A friend who is very fit , IM, marathons etc had a shock result on her diabetes check showing that she's pre diabetic.    It's given her the opportunity to change her diet, which she already thought was fairly healthy, and will then get retested to see if that's put her back in the normal range.

    Do you have a robotic lawn mower?
    Perhaps you can persuade OH to get the vacuum cleaner as long as you take on another regular task in lieu of the hoovering.   ;)

    Cal - glad the gym went well.  I'm sure any soreness will be short lived.

    That's a hefty price for the yoga, I realise a lot of it is specialised and of course London prices but a few months saving of that and you could have a nice weekend away doing a race somewhere.

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    Shades, I just noticed the notification in the bottom left as I was typing this.  I usually bury my head in the sand a bit when it comes to tests, but I can see it's a good idea to try and be proactive.  Dad is diabetic (type 2), although he's been unfit/sedentary for years, so I hope I have no signs of that but it's good to get it checked.  I don't think my blood pressure is absolutely perfect (I'm at the higher end of "normal") from when I did a test a few years ago, but there was no major concern and I'm not on any meds or anything, but good to get that rechecked too.  No, I haven't got an automatic lawn mower as currently although our garden is fairly long, it's also steep and there is only one small section of grass that is flat.  OH wasn't too keen at first with the Alexa stuff but I occasionally overhear her saying "Alexa, what's on at the cinema?" or "Alexa, set timer" so she's getting used to it :)  

    Cal, that is a lot for the yoga.  When you think of it in terms of a weekly shopping (or race entries... ;) ) it is a lot.
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    Big G-I had one of those tests last year,pretty good from what I remember.
    Cal-Nearly choked when I seen how much you pay for yoga,did not realise it was that expensive.Great saving if you can give it up.
    Steve-Still a couple of decent miles,don't think I've ever done even those speeds apart from one on a track training session.
    Really crazy week in work,November is always the worst month of the year,has meant no running since Saturday so got out for 9 miles today,I'm not going to the HM I was thinking about,its outside Sheffield and the park it was in is part of the flood plan so they let it flood this week,its emptied now but cant see the paths being in a good state so not willing to drive 2 hours each way on the off chance,so looks like just 1x10k left for the years racing.
  • It's hot yoga so I guess they have a hell of a heating bill. Believe it or not, I have it at a discount price as I got it at a Black Friday deal a couple of years back. It's over £100 a month normally. Hence my reticence in cancelling, as I'd not get it at £81 again. But yeah, I'm not getting as much out of it as I did.
  • I seem to have done something to my knee. I got some worrying twinges from it yesterday so I don't know if it was something I did at the gym or what (it didn't hurt while I was at the gym). Anyway, it mostly twinges when my leg is straight and since a straight leg doesn't feature in my running gait, I went out as usual this morning. Got 7 miles done averaging 10:25 pace, but it felt quicker than that because I had my short early morning stride and a higher cadence. Going at at 9am rather than 6 often means 20-30 seconds per mile less at no extra effort just because I'm a bit more limber (even if my warm-up is exactly the same).
    I'm going to keep an eye on that knee - may need to see my physio if it doesn't sort itself out.
    Big G - my BP is often erratic and too high.   But I suffer from white coat syndrome and as soon as someone starts to take my BP it shoots up.  Last year they gave me a monitor to take home for a week, had to do 4 readings a day and all readings were normal.   It was funny as the health care assistant was convinced my BP would be normal as when I had the high reading that was at the level that they would advise exercise and I'd just run a 70 mile week.
    But I have been sent a letter asking me to attend the BP clinic for an annual check up, not had one of these before I suppose it's because I had the monitor last year.   I don't mind as I'm interested to see if my change of diet will have affected my BP, I did Google it and some surveys show that a higher protein diet can reduce BP.   I might ask for cholesterol test too as I know I'm eating more saturated fat.   My previous cholesterol test is at the high end for overall figure for my age but HDL ratio is 2.2 which is considered OK.

    Ian - sensible decision not to race this weekend, different if you were expecting a XC/trail race with a bit of mud for fun.   But if the floods have affected the course stopping you from having a decent run then that's a fair way to drive for a half marathon.

    Cal - re the yoga, it just depends on how much you value it.  We all have different ideas on what we like to spend our money on, except on here I expect we'd agree on buying running shoes though. :)

    That's the same sort of knee niggle I had, didn't bother me doing the stuff in the gym but next day having a sore pain like a stiffness in the knee, didn't stop me running though.   The last 2 weeks I've avoided the leg extension and the leg curl machines and I've been pain free.   My instructor is going to change my programme next week at my review, I've asked for more glute/quad/hamstring work.

    9 miles today for me, really cold wind but dry.   Legs really tired after gym yesterday as I upped some of the weights.  Instructor from our foam rolling session did say that we might have some bruising after yesterday.    I haven't, I suspect that's because I'm not capable of self inflicting that much pain. :o
  • I think it probably was the leg curl machine (didn't use the extension). I'll stick with hammy curls on a swiss ball next time.
    re the yoga - I took it up after tearing my calf in 2014 - couldn't run all summer and needed something to do. It kept me occupied. But with me doing 50 plus mile weeks a lot of the time now, it's just a bit too much. There is Monday and Sunday morning yoga class at the gym if I really want to do some, although it won't be hot yoga obviously.
  • Just the 258 posts to read back on for me! Just had a look at the marathon list great to see you're back on the list MF! Well done on the PB Ian! Big G and Shades well done for battling the elements at Cornish!

    Cal just read you entered an ultra hope you enjoy it! I've put it in my favourites and see how I go.

    Few weeks ago decided to go to the docs, i was very out of breathe after just simple tasks like walking up stairs at home.  They sent me to the hospital where they took my bloods and a few tests but nothing came back. Worst part was I was seen and tild to go after 3 hours, then they decided to do a chest xray just for good measure, 45 min wait for the x ray then a further 5 hours to get the results back.  Wasn't happy!

    I'm on the road to recovery, I am very over weight, unfit but felt my leg was strong enough to run, got out on Wednesday morning for 4 miles (about 40 mins) not sure I could have done much more but it's a start.

    SHould be running Wendover Woods 50 tomorrow but volunteering again and also marshalling at another local race next sunday.  Have pencilled Cambridge Boundary run in march as a comeback race and NDW50 in May as I have a free place from volunteering this year.

    Hope everyone is well! Will try and pop in more frequently! 

    Cal - yes, I think the leg curl machine is just as bad as the leg extension one.  I was trying to explain to my instructor that no matter how I adjust the seat back and all the other adjustable parts it just feels like I'm sitting at the wrong angle.

    Maybe the gym yoga classes would be enough to keep your flexibility and stretching up.

    Robert - I was thinking of you yesterday, so glad you've given us an update.   258 posts to read is your penance for being away from the thread.

    That sounds like a tortuous experience to go through waiting for those tests.   Glad they found nothing.   Perhaps your lack of fitness seemed so noticeable to you as you previously been so fit.

    4 miles is a very good start back on the way to fitness and marshalling tomorrow will inspire you too.

    Maybe get back on MFP, don't set yourself a tough target, maybe just a normal figure for a man of 2500 and I bet you'll lose quite quickly on that, at least it will make you aware of what you're eating.
  • I was thinking about you too, Rob - glad there's nothing serious wrong and you can start running again. Happy to join you for one of your local parkruns at some point (definitely need that J for Jersey Farm!)
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    Rob-Great to hear from you,I'd see nothing on strava so suspected things weren't going great,hope the recovery goes well.
    9 miles after work again today,still about 20-30s/m slower than usual easy pace so despite feeling ok,the 2 races in a week must still be in my legs,I'm fine with it though and not rushing to get the pace back,hopefully over the next week or so it will be back to normal.
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    Good to hear from you Robert.  Fingers crossed things start looking up for you now you're back running again.

    Not entirely sure where the day's gone, but it was 5pm and I hadn't ran, so went out for a 4-miler to get the legs going.  Looking at parkrun tomorrow and will hopefully tag a couple of miles on either side.
    Big_G said:

    Not entirely sure where the day's gone, but it was 5pm and I hadn't ran, so went out for a 4-miler to get the legs going.  Looking at parkrun tomorrow and will hopefully tag a couple of miles on either side.
    Big G - I bet you've been sorting out the logistics for your future marathons ;) 

    I started doing a bit myself yesterday for my 2020 races and it is the most time consuming task, quite enjoyable though.  :) 

    RW wouldn't let me on the forum this morning, said I needed to reset my password due to possibly an administrator making a change to my account!   Weird, anyway, clicked on the link to reset password and then it let me in with my existing password. :# 

    9 miles this morning, coldish wind again but not as cold as yesterday.   Managed to do the full route that was flooded last week.  My legs are still a bit tired, might be a tough session at the gym later as I want to do upper and lower programmes today.
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    Shades-I had the same issue today with here.
    Looking a bit more at 2020 myself,has anyone done Copenhagen before? Cheap flights at the minute and good timing as its 4 weeks after Boston.Also struggling to find an early September race so may have Chester as my first autumn race,then looking at maybe Frankfurt again,lufthansa have release flights and seem ok priced.
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    Shades/Ian, I had the log in issue too.

    Ian, I've never been to Copenhagen.  I have friends who have been and they loved it there (they didn't go for the marathon so I've no idea what that's like).  Good to see some plans coming together.

    Shades, yeah, there was a bit of that :)  Plus I'm in London for a couple of days later this month so just sorting stuff out for that.  But the day flew by yesterday.

    Before I went to bed last night I'd planned to leave the house at 8am, run to parkrun, do parkrun and run home for about 10-11 miles.  But I had a really bad night's sleep and felt really groggy when I woke up so didn't get out the house in time, so instead settled for 6 including parkrun.

    Strange conditions as it felt surprisingly mild.  I built up quite a sweat actually, although I was appropriately dressed in just a T-Shirt, shorts and gloves.
    Ian - I haven't done Copenhagen but have heard good reports, think it can be warmish, May?   Flights and hotels used to be fairly pricey so that used to put some folk off.   I do remember back when RW forums were busy one forumite changing his cash at the airport for euros, only to find out that although Denmark are in the EU they still have their own currency so he had to change it back when he got there, bit of unnecessary  expense. ;) 

    I'm booking up for Frankfurt, they're now doing flights again from Bristol but expensive so I may coach it to Heathrow and fly from there, not decided yet.
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    Haha,laughing at the guy changing money twice.
    Flights are only £59 and seen a decent enough hotel near the train/start area for £90,only 15 mins from airport to city so logistically it seems good,will have a think but looking promising.
    Big G - I've heard too that Copenhagen/Denmark is a lovely place to visit, very clean etc.

    I thought the strange weather was just me today, bitter north wind in places and out of the wind it was so much warmer.

    Ian - that's a great price for the flights.

    Cork City marathon is one of my favourites but it's usually the day after DD so haven't done it for a while.  But next year they're 6 days apart so I was hoping to go but I've tried all combination of airports etc and can't make it work without spending a fortune.   So looking for an alternative around the same time, late May, more research to do. 
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    10 miles today,quads are still a bit sore,thought they'd be better by now.
    Should have a couple of good weeks now.
  • Copenhagen is lovely and if you go, be sure to visited the Tivoli Gardens. Even if rides aren't your thing, the gardens themselves are lovely and there are many restaurants ranging from fast food to haute cuisine.

    Beckton parkrun today - one of London's small parkruns. It's out in Docklands right by London City Airport. It's a mixture of path and grass, and the grass was very, very muddy (my trail shoes didn't quite cut it - you'd need spikes, except that they would be no good on the paths). Anyway, although I didn't have a brilliant time (26:11) I got my highest ever finisher spot - 11th place and 2nd lady. I will definitely revisit this one in the summer as it's flat and I reckon I could get a good time here. That, and it has a nice community feel.
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    Just checking in as I've missed a load of posts the last few weeks.
    Had a bit of knee trouble so reduced running and replaced with indoor cycling, seems to have cleared up now and I'm pretty sure it was down to a change of shoes, only had time for a short run today but my running mojo has definitely returned.
     Was marshalling today at a local off road 1/2 marathon, made a nice change, I really enjoyed it but may lose my voice with all the cheering / yelling I did.

    Ian - not like you to be suffering this long after races.   Did you get an opportunity to do a recovery run before getting on the plane home from NY?   If not that might explain the prolonged soreness.

    Cal - there's a fair bit of mud around at the moment, even on my run yesterday on the roads.

    Honk - good to hear you sorted the knee problem.  Is your next marathon MK or are you doing something before that?

    10 miles today for me.   Nice morning but very cold.   Did a couple of miles round town and then once it was light did my favourite 8 mile hilly route.   Have survived this week's training better than expected, 50 miles plus 3 upper body and 3 lower body sessions at the gym, one Circuits class, 2 Pilates, although in fairness Pilates wasn't much on Thursday as we did that foam rolling.  My legs were tired yesterday morning but I had a really good session at the gym in the afternoon and even with the increased weights they're only slightly tired today.  
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    Ian, good price on the flights there.

    Honk, it's good marshalling at events.  I enjoy that when I get a chance to do it.

    Cal, my local parkrun was fairly dry yesterday so I was fortunate.  It was just the last 3 or 400metres that were muddy.

    Shades, you're doing well with the training alongside all the gym work.  You're definitely seeing improvements which is great.

    I think I can explain yesterday's groggy morning feeling - I've picked up a blasted head cold!  Grrrr.  Sneezing my head off and eyes streaming today, and although RHR is fine I just don't feel like running today so taking a rest day.  I'm supposed to be leading a session at club tomorrow; I haven't led a session for a long time, but I think I'm going to have to get someone else to do it just in case I'm not well enough.  I'm sure I won't be thanked if I turn up at club, sneezing my head off!
    Big G - yes, I'm pleased with my training so far.   Some days my legs feel a bit jaded, I'm eating less carbs than I'm used to as well, that might be partly the reason, but I'm still getting a decent phase of base training done.

    Bad luck with the cold.   But at least you have time to get over it before Nottingham.

    Best to cancel running with the Trotters for a while, they won't thank you for turning up with a cold 2 weeks before they all go off to Valencia.   I see YT is aiming at 2:20 there :o
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    Shades, yes, I've already got someone else to take my session tomorrow - it's for the best.  

    I see YT has come off Strava recently and I think this is a good thing for him as he was getting "advice" from people that wasn't too helpful.  He must have got fed up of batting comments away.  As we've said before, he knows what he's doing.   He doesn't post all that often, but from what I've seen on his Facebook his training is going well and he's pleased with it.  This week he did a session that was 19.5 miles....which included an (unofficial*) half marathon in 1:10:18!  He was on his own, running laps of a 1k industrial estate!  Gulp!  Pretty sure his current Half PB is 1:09:49 from April, so he's plainly in great shape to do 1:10 on his own as part of a longer session.  

    I know in the past he said he thought he tapered too much so I'd be really interested to know what he's doing this time, but as I say he's off Strava now.  If I see him, I'll definitely ask him about that.  If he gets anywhere near 2:20 that would be amazing to knock that much off at his level (current PB just over 2:30).  I just hope it's decent conditions for him, but we'll see how he gets on.  I kind of wish I was travelling with them now, as it would be great to be there to chat to him if he makes a breakthrough like that.

    (*) I know he was asking Trotters coaches specifically how long the lap was, and I think someone went out and measured it for him with a measuring wheel.  I wouldn't be surprised if he used that for measurement rather than a GPS, but I don't know this for sure.
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    Thinking about it, I think he did quicker than 1:09 at a race didn't he, but I can't remember his time now.  Either way, 1:10 on his own is very good!
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    Shades-I ran on the tuesday but I think its mainly due to the downhill that they are rough,not used to it,better get the practice in before Boston.
    Big G-Those are incredible paces for YT-hopefully the weather is good for a speedy day.
    Big G - re YT, I got the impression from his post that from info/advice he's had from others that if you can do 1:10 in training for 13.1 as part of a longer run that should convert to a 2:20 marathon.

    Good to hear he's come off Strava for a while.  I thought 1:09 was his PB, but I might be wrong.
    He's very thorough getting the 1km measured.   GPS makes errors especially if there are lots of corners as there would be for 19 miles and it would usually over measure, as it does when you run round a track.

    Tapering is tricky, it's finding what suits the individual.  I'm sure he knows exactly what he's doing.

    Ian - yes, and NY is probably a hillier marathon than you normally do.   More hill training, up and down, for Boston then ;)
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    It absolutely is hillier than usual.I've found a long run that similarish to Boston in that I can do 3 loops of hills that are similar to the last 3 hills in Boston,just won't have the advantage of down hill first.Going to build up by doing 10 then the hills,then 12 etc until I get to 16 then the hills.
  • Big G, I felt like that this morning - just a bit groggy, and a bit of mucus at the back of the palate. Didn't want to get up today which is unusual as I normally keen to get out of bed. Thing is, I just had a cold, so I don't think it's another one, surely?
    Anyway, decided I'd go out a bit later (after 9) but still had to bully myself out the door. I normally feel a bit better once I get my kit on, but today I nearly took it off again.
    Run was OK considering - I got a half marathon done in 2:12:44, which is a few seconds quicker than my comeback half marathon in 2015 (the one I did 4 years after my first half, due to foot surgery, parents dying and torn calf).
    It was OK but I was conscious of my hamstring, which got increasingly grumpy the longer I ran. The massage didn't seem to do much, honestly, so I think I need to see Toby (my physio).
    It's my club's annual party and awards tonight, which I'm going to as it's in Balham where I live. I also have a nomination in the vet category, though I am not going to win as there are some really outstanding vets. I hope I can pick myself up enough today to enjoy the evening.
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