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  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Ian, great news you're in.  I remember a couple of years there were boxes all over the place for a few days when we moved.  Regarding the bike shoes, they are clip in shoes so you get the benefit of applying the power through the whole pedal stroke, and with no danger of the foot slipping off the pedals (especially useful when standing on the pedals, and also when really putting the power down on the flat/downhill).  I think pretty much all (apart from maybe a couple of people on mountain bikes) did change shoes, but my bike shoes have laces, whereas tri bike shoes do not - it's the lacing that took the time for me.  You can't run in bike shoes as the cleats at the bottom of the shoe (that clip into the pedals) make it impossible.  Basically, to speed up transitions, I need bike shoes with no laces, attach the shoes on the bike when it's racked, and practice putting my feet in the shoes whilst on the moving on the bike.

    Shades, I'm looking somewhat grumpy at the river crossing though.  Had to do this three times in total :(  Not totally sure why they put a photographer there as a lot of people aren't really running properly, but I suppose it makes for some interesting action shots for those who just plough straight through at full pelt (which isn't me!).

  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    PS, I did consider putting elastic laces on my bike shoes as I did for my running shoes for this event, but I asked for advice at the Tri club and was advised not to for my bike shoes.  Basically, the shoes are quite thick and getting a decent lockdown with elastic laces can be tricky, so I purposefully left in the normal laces on the bike shoes.
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Big G-Might be a few weeks we have  ones around,need to get new fitted wardrobes so have clothes rails around for now and we are both working,if we knew 100% a while back we'd have booked a few days off
    Des Linden just broke Aly Dixon's 50k World record,broke 3hrs basically running my 5k pb pace 10 times.
  • mamafoxmamafox ✭✭✭
    Big G - What a fab photo of you and Tigg. He looks gorgeous, I love whiskery dogs.
    Really enjoyed reading your duathlon report. It must have been quite a high standard if the results that you had put you about half way up. Do you wear clip on shoes for your bike at all? I remember someone talking about those on here.. I think it may have been Molly, and she was talking about how they take some getting used to when you have to stop at traffic lights etc.
    Lovely photo of you on the bike too.

    LTT - Enjoyed your report too.. a big well done on your first marathon. fab result. As has been said, a road marathon will seem so much easier after that one. I think a marathon is so much to do with our mental state as well and during a road marathon there is so much going on to take your mind off the slog of it all and the tired patches we go through.

    Ian - Glad you're all moved in now, hope the extra work needed doesn't cost too much.

    Cal - Great to see that you're feeling better.

    Shades - Gym and the hairdresser in the same week. Things are definitely looking up!

    Still haven't asked GP about MRI appt for my knee. Haviing some work done on my teeth during my week off (I'm really falling apart here) and haven't got any headspace to cope with anything else.
  • RcoutureRcouture ✭✭✭
    From Richmond:
    ’ There has apparently been a delay by the council in our review. We are making contact today to try & understand when they will hear the event next. Sorry for this.’
    Someone really doesn’t want me to run a marathon 😩
    Ian - well good news that you're in your new house.

    Big G - I didn't realise you had to run through water 3 times, bet it was cold.  I expect the photographer was hoping someone would fall flat on their face, that makes a good photo.

    I have some elastic laces that you're welcome to have to try with the bike shoes.  These ones don't slip the same way as the smooth type.   I don't use this type any more.

    Mamafox - I've been to the library too, hectic week 😉

    Hope the dental work goes well and not too painful.

    I take it there's no improvement on the knee then.   How about a physio appointment, might get a diagnosis from them perhaps.

    Rcouture - how frustrating, at least it's not a direct 'No'.

  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Nice easy 6 around our new area tonight,I know it pretty well but went with OH to show her a route for her after work runs.HR was very low but should have been for that pace.
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Nice one Ian, glad to see you managed to get a run in.

    Shades, thanks for the offer, yes I'll take the laces next time I see you.

    MF, yes, I do wear the clip in shoes on the bike.  I have done since I had the bike in 2014 as I bought the pedals and shoes at the same time as the bike.  It did take a bit of getting used to initially but I've had no mishaps so far - basically, if I'm coming up to a junction or traffic lights I unclip my left foot (leaving it resting on the pedal) just in case I need to stop and if I don't need to stop I just clip back in.  The closest I came to falling off was when I was going up a steep hill on Dartmoor a few years ago.  I was already going slowly but I slowed a bit more to go over a cattle grid, accidentally came to a complete stop shortly afterwards as the road went uphill again, and nearly fell into the hedge :)  I managed to unclip just in time, but a friend has fallen off completely in similar circumstances on the same hill :) 

    I mentioned yesterday that I was going to go Trotters but in the end I didn't as I felt tired and didn't think it what was worth doing a hard session, so I gave it a miss.  Legs are fine, but I'm still more tired than usual today, and I do think it's still because of that race I did at the weekend!  I haven't ran this morning but I may do a short ride a bit later and then see how I feel about a short run later on this afternoon, or tomorrow.
    Ian - important to suss out the new running routes.  ;)    How's the leg?

    Big G 
    Big_G said:

    Shades, thanks for the offer, yes I'll take the laces next time I see you.

    That's good as I put them in with the washing this morning. so all nice and clean for you.   I'll take them to Shepperdine along with your books and I have some RW magazines too.   If I don't see you at the race, we'll have to arrange a coffee meeting.   :)

    I think it's quite tiring going back to a more normal life, as well as your race at the weekend.   We have to get used to it again.

    8 miles this morning, I lay in bed thinking about where to run today but once I got out of bed the DOMS in my legs from the gym yesterday made the decision for me, so no hills again today.   Mostly hamstrings/glutes and quads today were giving me grief.   My calf seems OK and I have done calf raises on the leg press and that seems to have helped my calf.   So flat run, again very frosty, little patches of warmth when the sun came out.   It's going to warm up in a few days.
    I see Kipchoge is now running in the NL this weekend, I guess Hamburg cancelled.

    Details here on how we can watch it

    Where to watch: NN Mission Marathon (
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    I wasn't sure whether to go further or increase the intervals today so I did both.  :D Managed 4 miles with 3 running/1 walk. I am walking a mile as a warm-up first and I was cold in my T-shirt but fine once I started running. I am going out a bit later (10:30 in this case) so it's less cold as hammy doesn't like that. Speaking of which, hammy tendon no worse. I am, however, experiencing a small amount of discomfort in the old right groin area - I don't think this is from running though as it was niggling a bit before I started the Jeffing. More likely a combination of sitting and doing the conditioning stuff. I did do some lower body in the gym yesterday (not with weights - some step stuff and swiss ball ham curls and the like) which might've irritated it a bit. My lower half just doesn't like me much, it seems. 
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Shades-It's OK,calf feels sore but I'm treating it like the others and if it doesn't fit worse on the run,or the next day then I'm good to continue.
    I seen he had changed,only the best enter airfield marathons  :cold_sweat:
    We went out for another different run,7 miles, nice and steady,even a nice conversation pace for OH.
    Cal - don't blame you for waiting until it warms up a bit to run, the mornings have been so cold.

    Good to hear you're back at the gym too.

    Ian - hope the calf eases soon.   I've taken the taping off mine today, been on for the best part of a week.   Will tape it again for a few days, although it seems fine, almost no twinges now.

    I have a feeling that the next time you go near an airport/airfield it will be to get on a plane to somewhere warm and sunny.   B)

    8 miles today, bitterly cold, I'm so fed up of this weather, just a couple more days and then we should be frost free.   I still have DOMS today particularly my hamstrings and adductors so avoided a hilly route and did an undulating route instead.

    Gym later.
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Ian, I can't remember now, but did you and/or your OH enter Windermere in the end?

    I was out just gone 6am as I need to be over at Dad's this morning, but I got 15 miles in today.  Although a good amount of it was flat, I threw in a couple of hills in as well, so it was a fairly hilly one for me overall (1500ft).  Felt fine aerobically, although I've been nursing an abrasion on the ball/side of my foot.  It's not an injury as such and a plaster helps to keep the pressure off, but it was a bit tender for the last few miles of my run so I need keep my eye on that.

    Also did 5 miles yesterday evening.  Although OH is on holiday, she had to go into work yesterday so when she left, I ran up with Tigg to meet her, and she walked him from there, and I carried on for an extra 4-miles.  He was quite good so it'll be nice if I can get some short runs in with him every now and again, although I may need one of those waist harnesses that I can attach a lead to in order to free up the hands.
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Shades-I hope you're right.
    Big G-I entered Windermere, OH didn't but is considering it now,MK have offered a refund so we might take that.
  • RcoutureRcouture ✭✭✭
    Richmond postponed with new date to be announced. Will see when that is and then work things out between them and MK last week of June (only to inevitably be cancelled no doubt!). It’s just impossible to manage peaks of mileage, taper etc... I mean, I have 4 20 milers and an 19 miler in the bank from this latest block, what the hell do I do now assuming I want to peak again in a couple of months?? Such a waste too when I was feeling amazing. 

    It is with immense sadness that we are having to postpone the Richmond Marathon. Unfortunately the local authority have delayed reviewing our event application for the marathon to go ahead on public land (8 miles into the run). At this late stage we feel it's grossly inhumane to you and our charities not make this call when it now seems unlikely we won’t get an answer with enough time to plan the event.

    The Team have worked hard to pass every hurdle and we are gutted to fail in the final stage when safe organised sport is allowed back. We are very aware that you will have planned a long run this weekend in preparation so although at this stage we don't have all the answers, we wanted to tell you immediately so you can amend your training plans.

    The good news is that the Richmond Marathon will be rescheduled. We have not been given a replacement date yet but conversations are in place to secure a date as soon as possible. We hope to email you the new date next week.

    Big G - hope your Dad is coping well now at home.

    You need to sort out that sore spot on your foot, could lead to an uncomfortable last few miles of your marathon next week.

    That's a good start to Tigg's running.  The other day there was a bloke on a skateboard being pulled along by his dog on a canicross harness, they were flying along, was only a little dog too.

    Ian - the permits for Windermere are on RunBritain now.

    Back from gym, same crowd as Monday and Wednesday and we're all knackered.  😮
    Rcouture - xpost.   So sorry to hear that about Richmond.   

    Any chance you could find a shorter race to do meanwhile, you know you're in great shape and would PB.
  • RcoutureRcouture ✭✭✭
    edited April 16
    Shades - Yes there is a half next Saturday the 24th at the queen elizabeth velopark. It’s a 1 mile loop which sounds awful and it’s 1.5 hrs drive away but might do that just to cement a half time to work off. Not sure I’d mentally be very good on these loops though. As you know, what I’m really desperate for is the marathon though 😩
    Rcouture - I know one mile laps sounds awful but you will be running in company and that will make such a difference to your enjoyment of the race.
    Rcouture - there's still a couple of places at Shepperdine but I expect that's much further than is practical for you to travel.
  • RcoutureRcouture ✭✭✭
    edited April 16
    I’ve realised the 24th isn’t possible as it’s a Saturday morning when I’ve got the girls’ taxi service to dance etc. In the end I’ve gone for Kempton park half run by Quicksilver on the 30th of May. Much closer to me in SW London and it’s a 5k loop rather than 1 mile! Not ideal to wait that long but I’ve waited so long anyway and you never know, it might be a good tune up for mara in June. 

    Shades - Any thoughts on how to plan long runs/mileage from here? I’ve already taken a couple of days off this week due to life and can feel a bit of disappointment burnout creeping in. I don’t know whether to just take it super easy and start building back up again with a view to getting a couple of 20 milers in May/June?
    Rcouture - it's very hard to plan when you don't have a date for the marathon.

    Meanwhile you can tick over nicely by dropping your long runs to every alternate weekend, say 15-18 miles and your usual, or a little less, midweek mileage.

    Once you have a date then you can plan your long runs.

    It must be so frustrating for you (and Ian's OH too).   Most runners don't get enough training time to prepare for a marathon for various reasons.

    5k laps is much better and a more convenient location too for your half.
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Rcouture-We know a little race just 6 miles longer than a marathon around that time  ;)
    Bad news on Richmond,had a feeling it would happen with the delay but hoping not for you.
  • RcoutureRcouture ✭✭✭
    Ian - Yeah you’re alright, I’ll give that one a couple of years!

    Shades - Yes I’ll do that. I am going to leave in my weekly tempo permanently I think as I benefit from that a lot. 

    Speaking of which 10 miles this afternoon with 30 mins of tempo in there. 
    Rcouture - you're enjoying your tempo runs now so yes, keep doing them.

    I guess the extra testing re the new variant found in some parts of London may make the councils even more hesitant about permitting events right now.

    I did my first lateral flow test yesterday, negative.   

    Rest day for me today except for a trip to the gym.   
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Shades, yes, it's slightly concerning as I can't really walk pain free this morning so no running today as it'd aggravate it and possibly cause other issues in achilles or whatever as I'd be running with a strange gait.  I first had it after an LDWA event last March but I don't think it's my shoes specifically that is causing it, and I've not changed socks or anything, but something must have aggravated it recently.  Possibly the water crossings last weekend?  Don't know.  If Shepperdine was today I'd be a DNS so I am a bit concerned, but I've managed to get a podiatrist appointment for Thursday.   I'd have preferred Monday/Tuesday really to give theft time to settle back down again before the Sunday, but Thursday was the best they could do although they'll call me if a cancellation comes up before then.

    RCouture, very frustrating for you regarding Richmond.  5k laps wouldn't be too bad and you may find it a motivator as for a Half you know you have to do 4 and a bit laps so you can figure out beforehand what time you want to do each lap in, and use it to help pace yourself.  Are there any fast 5k/5m/10ks you can have a go at before May?
    Big G - oh that's not good news.   Wouldn't a chiropodist be better suited for a quick patch up/taping?    I'm not sure as I've not visited either.

    I can't remember if we can defer entries, I know any change of distance has to be done before 21st.    I have the dilemma of not being sure I can make the 5 hour time limit, there's no history to know if there's any leniency there.   So I'm assuming the cut off is strict and right now I'm happy to have a go and I won't be that bothered if I'm pulled off as I'll have still had a decent long run with drinks, and a day out.    There is the option to drop to the half but I'd have to decide that before the 21st.

    My legs don't feel too bad today so I'm going to do a good leg session in the gym later and then only do a short run tomorrow and get home in time to watch Kipchoge.
    Out for an early 7 miles this morning and now settling down to watch the marathon.   Worked really hard in the gym yesterday all legs and glutes, was expecting DOMS today but not too bad, more heavy and glycogen depleted.   I'll probably get the DOMS tomorrow. 

    45 miles for the week and 4 gym sessions :smiley:
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