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    Robert - that is annoying about the swimming pool, lots of folk desperate to get back to their chosen exercise, just bad timing I guess coming out of lockdown.

    I just don't think it's right cats in harnesses, they should be free to wander, although I know with traffic that can be risky.

    Please stop falling over  ;)

    Big G - no gym, can't do gym too close to a marathon, I'm still just getting back into the gym stuff.  I have done 2 sessions in the gym this week.
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    Big G - funny you say about bikes, recently I marshalled at a duathalon some of the lead bikes are £10k+ It did get me thinking I’d love to have a crack but feel it would be unfair playing field as my budget for a bike would be minimal.  I’m considering a wetsuit and ATW do some swims and aquathon (swim and run) just for something a bit different.

    shades we tried putting the cats in a harness once and they hated it so didn’t bother again, we I’ve got the garden semi secure so they can roam round in that but can’t get out.

    didnmy core exercises from physio for the first time in 8 days, should be 3-4 times a week! Considering a gym session this evening if I can get in 

    Also got new shoes, guides 13 £72 with sport shoes discount.  I also picked up a pair of  brooksglycerin shoes for £30 someone bought them and never used them. still got the adrenalines i bought a year ago bit saving them for when im running well (if that ever happens) 
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    Shades-It starts in the calf,but that's fine,the pain is in the shim after running a bit.
    Seen it is being streamed,I know a few people doing so looking forward to watching it,they are the same guys organising the 5k next Friday,I've been put in the A race,welcome to my first DFL finish.
    Big G-It is a lot different cycling outside,you need to brake for starters.
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    Big G-I just had a look at the list for Sunday and Matt is running in Cheshire,maybe he had Shepperdine as a back up?
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    Big-G/Shades - Good luck at the weekend. Looking forward to the race reports. Totally not jealous 😭

    Rob - Good to hear you’ve been getting out there. The idea of our cat on a harness makes me laugh. He’s almost feral. 

    Ian - Hope you get the niggle sorted

    Been doing the usual MAF the last few days getting the mileage back up then today I thought I’d do my first session and replaced the usual tempo with a 6x1mi to try something different given I’ve this 10k coming up. It was about 6:30ish min/mi with 3 minutes rest in between. Hard but manageable and quite fun in the end. Had a bit of a calf niggle on waking up this morning. Was fine on the run but has stiffened up a bit. Will prob rest tomorrow just in case. 
    Robert - that's the best option re the cats, safe and they can roam freely in the garden.

    I think you're the first on here to buy the Guide 13's, will be interested in your opinion and how they compare to previous Guides.

    Good to hear you're getting motivated to go back to the gym too.   At my gym we all found it really tiring, but enjoyable.

    Ian - I've never had that particular injury or know of it.

    I think a few runners entered Shepperdine as a back up when there were some doubts that the Wrexham/Cheshire race might go ahead, awaiting permissions etc.

    Rcouture - your marathon debut will happen.   Great mile rep pace.  Hope the calf is OK, you've had that before I think.

    Rest day today, and race prep which feels weird, haven't done a race since September last year, my one and only race of 2020.   I've even got to go and put petrol in the car, haven't done that since December  :o    Then faff about deciding what to wear etc.  :/
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    RCouture, good paces for you there.  Bodes well for your 10k :)  

    Ian, yes, you're right.  I don't follow his channel that closely but after your message I saw he had a video about Cheshire.   Ben Parkes is going as well but his training hasn't been too great I don't think.  Probably he'll still fairly easily get a London Champs place though...!

    Robert, yes, some of the bikes are very expensive.  Even what may be called "middle of the road" bikes (i.e, decent, but with not totally top-spec components) can be £3K+ and there were loads of bikes around at that price at the event I did (you can tell just from looking at the group sets, and/or if they've got carbon wheels, and/or if it's newer if it's got internal cable routing).  I like my bike, and certainly since the service it's almost like a new bike again, but it's not light and it's not aero (but then neither am I, on both counts... ;) ).  I remember years ago I Googled one of the bikes that the pros on TV was using, but at the time not having any clue of costs as to me it just looked like a road bike, and nearly fell off my chair.

    I did a 3-mile test run this morning and it went okay.  Not 100% fine and also the ankle on that side was a bit stiff/sore, but it went okay.
    Big G - An okay test run is good news for tomorrow I guess.   As it's not going to be hot that should help your foot as there will be minimal swelling.

    I would like it a bit warmer for me, feels like 4 - 8 for the first couple of hours is a bit chilly for me, but it should be sunny  B)  :)
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    Have a good day at Shepperdine folks, im at Goodwood. The wind is going to blow again, but not as bad as in September and hopefully from a better direction, good chance to tick off a gfa time though.
    TR - sorry to hear about that wind, but I'm sure you'll deal with it and it won't stop you getting that GFA time.    Have a good run.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Cheers, as we know the weather is an uncontrollable, so its best efforts on the day. Theres a couple from the P and D thread at Shepperdine.
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    Good luck, Shades!

    TR, it'll be warmer at least. Best of luck to you too.

    Big G, how's the foot? Can they cut the corn out? All the best to your dad - he'll probably have to do some physio balance stuff to help him cope with the missing toes.

    Rcouture, hope the calf is nothing to worry about.

    MF - hope you can get some relief from the docs. 

    Rob, I bought a second hand wetsuit off one of my clubmates and I've used it exactly twice, in Tooting Bec Lido. Realised I just don't enjoy swimming much at all.  :D

    So two more runs logged. Did 4 on Thursday (12 mins run/1 walk) which felt harder than it should . Today I stuck with 3 miles (well, 5K in fact) and for 15 run/1 walk (so only the one walk break).  Hamstring noticeable but tolerable.
    Physio said once I got to this point I can start doing full runs. Perhaps that will help me moderate my pace better. My HR was way high today (Garmin said 180 by the end) which is a bit worrying - not sure if it's due to watch shenanigans, me being a bit dehydrated (it was warm) or a staggering lack of fitness. When I do my next run I'll make sure to keep it at recovery pace, around 11min/mi - my running pace today was closer to 10.
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    Cal, yes, the podiatrist removed it - she seemed to take great delight in doing so!  Yeah, Dad will need physio and also an occupational therapist will be going over his house soon to see what is needed to help him out over there.  I think definitely a hand rail up the couple of steps into the house and probably some railings in the loo.  He lives in a bungalow and already had the bath removed for a walk in shower, so that's probably a good thing.

    TR, good luck tomorrow!
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    Shades/big G-Hope you both have a great race tomorrow,enjoy the day.
  • mamafoxmamafox ✭✭✭
    Shades, Big G and TR - Hope you all have fab races tomorrow, looking forward to hearing about all the gory details :)
    Cal - so you'll be back to normal running from now on  :)

    I'm sure sweat /tightness of the wrist strap all help to show erroneous HR stats.   What aerobic fitness you may have lost will soon come back.

    Thanks Ian and mamafox, seems so strange, but good, preparing for a race.

    Mamafox - I'm hoping there will be no gory details, I'll be happy with a finish.

    How did you get on at the docs?

    Big G - see you tomorrow.   If I don't see you in the car park you will be lapping me at least a couple of times.   Hope you have a good race.
  • Half marathon for me today and despite achy hamstring Tuesday did better than i was thinking. Done a 2:15 and 2:19 recently in training for half distance marks on warm windless days with my local hills to go up (and down which is easier ;)). Was thinking i could go nearer 2:05 until achy hamstring which was unsure on whether it was something to do with my lingering minor ache there or something worse. I think it was probably cramp related as i did walk it off and run again afterwards Tuesday.
    Todays was pretty darn flat with a bit of a evil cold wind from the east. Wasn't overly strong but enough to make you work a bit harder. Anticlockwise loop so within a mile had a 4 mile or so stretch downwind so basically no wind cos moving similar rate so was kinda hot. Side wind for a few miles then headwind including a longish gradual climb before turning back onto a sidewind for last 3 miles or so. This starts with a steeper hill with naturalu last drinks on the top but then goes back down again. The last km or so is back downwind so was again hot and 'windless' so nothing to push on with there. Not helped by having already gone round the only guy near me at the time and left him behind ;)
    Splits 9:20 9:38 9:55 9:55 9:48 9:48 9:39 9:57 9:36 10:07 10:19 9:51 9:42 1:14 and Strava says barely more than 30 secs diff between first 3 5k splits with 4 a bit slower but that has hill in it.
    Chip time 2:08:46

  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Congrats on your sub-5, Shades! 

    Nice one Keith. :)
    Thanks Cal, I found it very hard.  Just stopped for coffee on the way home.

    Report later
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    Right here's my race report



    After a dreadful night’s sleep I gave up trying and got up at 4 a.m., never mind, time for extra coffee before setting out on my first trip out of Devon since 2019.

    Good driving weather and arrived on time.    I’ve done the 20 mile race that Rogue Runs organise from the same venue and for Covid safe racing this is really the perfect venue, a decommissioned nuclear power station with acres of good free parking.    Race number collection and toilets all situated in the car park, all Covid safe without a mask in sight and all very relaxed as plenty of space for everyone.    There was an air of excitement and I could hear runners saying how nervous they were as they were doing their first race of the year.    Lots of runners from Wales, as yet they are not even back club training and haven’t been able to do any races since before the first lockdown in 2020.

    Quick chat with Big G then back to the car to get ready and walked the 700 metres to the start, we were due to start 10 seconds apart, I should have been 10th, but at 9:00 not all the runners were in place so I ended up being 3rd to start.   The starter zapped our individual number bar codes and set us on our way.   On the way to the start I met a girl called Emma and she said she was going to set out at 11 min/mile pace which is what I also wanted.   She started first and I tried to keep her in view but she was running faster than 11 min/mile pace, so was I, but I didn’t want to go any faster.   It was a little chilly at the start but the sun was out and that made up for the fresh breeze.   It warmed up quite nicely and apart from the breeze being a little strong in places conditions were perfect for me.

    The route was an out section, then 3 laps of around 5 miles and then back to the race venue.    Lovely area to run, flat quiet roads, beautiful farms and cottages, a few sections of the road surface were a little worn and had a fairly steep camber so needed to be a bit cautious on some patches.    Due to the time trial nature of the start it made the race very social, most of the runners exchanged a brief greeting when passing.   The sub 3 runners lapped me twice, others only once.

    My lack of racing really showed today, it almost felt like a first marathon and mentally I found it very hard to keep pushing on.   Physically it was hard too as I haven’t done long runs apart from one 16 miler in preparation and my last marathon was 7 months ago.   I really had to dig deep and push on.   Not helped that my stomach just wasn’t keen on taking any carbs so I had to limit my fuel to minimal amounts that my stomach would tolerate.   My A target was a sub 5, B target a few minutes over 5 hours, C target was not to get pulled off the course for a DNF, probably needed 5:30 to avoid a DNF.

    I had a stitch for a few miles and had to ease up a little and eventually it went away, I put that down to lack of training and fuelling discomfort.    When I got to 16 miles I was doing a little walking, just short walk breaks, but managed to only slow my mile pace by 10 to 20 seconds per mile until I got to 21 miles and then I needed to have a few more walk breaks but by this time I had taken a caffeine tablet and once that hit my brain I was focussed to get to the finish.    At 23 miles I caught up with a runner from Bristol, he was determined not to let me pass him so we had a chat but it was tiring battling with him.   At 24 miles I told him that there was no need to race me to the finish as I’d started about 30 minutes before him, he gave up trying then and I ran on and left him.     The last mile of a marathon is always a struggle for me, it just seems such a long way and I still couldn’t see the nuclear power station, which is huge.  Eventually it came into view and then what felt like a sprint to the finish, thrilled to finish in 4:55:29 so target A achieved.    


    Nice dayglo yellow t-shirt and a beautiful medal, no tacky Chinese bling but a beautiful pottery medal which was made in Chepstow.

    Free coffee and snack at the finish, I had a choc chip cookie, the big ones from supermarket bakery, they offered me a whole pack which I declined, just as well as it was very sweet but good post-race food.

    A lovely race with impeccable organisation.

    Must do some training.

    Keith - great race result, and very good splits.     You're really running well this year. 
  • WelshpoppyWelshpoppy ✭✭✭
    Congratulations Shades on your first race in ages :)I love the medal and the fact it was made in Chepstow :)
    ALF: Always a little further
    Miles makes smiles.
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    Very well done on your race, Shades.  It's really great you managed your A goal!  

    Nice one Keith, sounds similar conditions to Shepperdine Marathon.....

    ....speaking of which.

    I did Shepperdine Marathon today, which is my first marathon for 13 months!  I briefly saw Shades prior to the start, but I had to join the queue for loos and number pick up, so I didn't see her again except for once out on the course.

    At the car prior to the race I was umming and ahhing about what to wear, but in the end went for a vest, which was 100% the right decision for me.  I even took the gloves off after a couple of miles.  Don't get me wrong, it wasn't too hot or anything, but I was definitely wearing the right gear for me.   It was good conditions.....except for some wind on certain parts of the course.

    This course is out for about 5.5 miles, around a 5-mile loop (3 times) and then back along the 5.5 miles to finish.  It's a certified/measured course, so all accurate, and chip timed.  A very nice medal and T-Shirt for £25 is very good value.  

    On the 5.5 mile out there are a couple of small undulations, but they were fine on the way out, and the 5-mile loop is basically flat.  The main issue was on part of the loop we were running into a headwind.  It wasn't brutal, but quite strong, and it did slow me down along there all 3 times.  To make matters worse, the return 5.5 mile leg also had some of it into the wind, but I enjoyed the picturesque course very much.

    My very rough race plan was to go out at around PB pace, and then pick it up from 13.1 miles if I felt okay.  This worked quite well as for 12 miles I was in and around 7:45, and then I decided to up the pace at around mile 12, a mile earlier than planned.  This was a conscious decision as a chap went past me going a little bit quicker and we worked together for about 7 miles, which was great.

    Trouble is, I popped at 19-miles and he then ran away from me.  Quads started hurting, but I told myself just to get back to 7:45s and I'd get a small PB.  They started slipping and then I told myself to make sure to not go over 8s, but that went out the window and the last 2 miles were a very hard shuffle/death march at over 9s, not made any easier by the headwind.  Also, the small inclines I flew over (comparatively!) on the way out felt like mountains on the way back.

    So in the end, no PB, but honestly I'm really happy with a chip time of 3:22:52.  Bearing in mind for the last 6 months I've only done one 20 miler and one 17.5 miler, I'm really pleased with that.  I think the lack of long runs, along with the head wind, is what did for me but if you look at my splits from about 13-19 I was flying along.  OK, evidentially too quick for me, but I'm still glad I tried it and as I say, I'm pleased with the time and it's the best I could do on the day.  Oh, and I raced in the NB 1080v10 wider version and they worked well, with seemingly no major issues with my foot.

    On the way home I stopped for a Burger King, and had arranged to see Dad at 4pm at the hospital, so it all worked out well in terms of time.

    I'd definitely do this one again.  There's no doubt it's a fast course for anyone looking for a low key GFA race.  Splits below.

    7:45, 7:40, 7:31, 7:37, 7:38, 7:36, 7:37, 7:30, 7:42, 7:39, 7:39, 7:28 (all pretty much to plan).

    (Then the faster chap came along, who I consciously tried to hold onto) 7:16, 7:15, 7:20, 7:23, 7:06, 7:06, 7:09

    (And then I popped)  7:37, 7:38, 8:05, 7:54, 8:16

    (And then….) 9:21, 9:13 and 2:37 for the last bit.

    As I say, I know this obviously shows I went too quickly in that section, but I’m fine with it and I’m glad I at least tried, so I wouldn't change anything (except for the wind!).  It's good to be able to add a marathon to my list after such a long time.

    WP - Thanks, you should have come to do the half marathon.   Lots of Welsh runners that had come over the border  ;)
    Big G - that's a great result and good splits, apart from the last couple of miles.   That must be very high up your list of fastest marathons?
    I agree re the breeze, but I think some might have found it too warm without the breeze, humidity was low too.

    When I drove past Cribbs Causeway I thought "I bet Big G has called into KFC", I was wrong  ;)

    Re shoes, after stocking up on Adrenalines for races I wasn't that happy with them today, after all that faffing earlier in the week I used my usual race socks but a couple of times I felt the right shoe wasn't wide enough for me and I have slightly sore toes on both feet.   Am considering the NB1080's for Worcester now.
  • WelshpoppyWelshpoppy ✭✭✭
    If I had known there was a half on I would have thought about it and I can imagine the Welsh crossing the border for a race as none here and none planned as yet!
    ALF: Always a little further
    Miles makes smiles.
    WP - next year then.    :)   Rogue Runs organise quite a few races.   

    RogueRuns (
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Shades, yes I had to have a look but today is my 3rd fastest time.  

    I also have slightly sore toes, which I hadn't realised until I put my non-race shoes on for the drive home.  Possibly half a size up may be useful, but I also have extra pairs of NB in my usual size.  They've been totally fine for training so they definitely won't go to waste, but I need to have a think for DD as it could cause issues on the downhills especially.  I may have to splash out on a pair half a size up for DD.  The cushioning and general feel felt great today though.
    Big G - 3rd fastest is an impressive result especially as you haven't done that many long runs and no races as part of your preparation.

    Oh dear, more shoe buying perhaps.   I have one pair of NB 1080's in my usual size, one wider version and one pair half a size up.   The ones that are half a size up give me noticeable extra length in the toe box, which I don't really need, it's a bit of give in the instep area that I need.

    I think I'll try the wider ones at Worcester.
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Big G-That is an excellent time with lack of warm up races,well done.
    Shades-Great result for you also,beating your A goal is impressive.
    9 miles today,had quite a busy day so happy to get some miles done.
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