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    xpost Cal - I don't mind mayo, but I don't like it enough to have it at home, so never buy it.

    I've recorded all the overnight/early Olympics and I skip through to find the interesting stuff, so looking forward to watching that later today.   KW is an incredible athlete and amazing to watch as he just goes for it.

    You've done well getting your mileage up in the 40's.
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    Shades, I need to remind myself of this and realise that the slow runs are not down to a sudden/unexplained loss of fitness!  It is still frustrating when I am in middle of those periods though.

    I haven't entered Bath Two Tunnels yet.  There is a campsite one mile from the start/finish and I am thinking of staying over for two nights, but it is the aid station situation that I am looking at.  Similar to RED, no cups, although they do say they provide water in cardboard boxes, and some sealed snacks too.  I am very tempted, but if I do decide to do it I will leave it as late as possible to book in case of getting pinged.
    Big G - I know it's disheartening to suddenly start seeing poorer stats which at first feel like there's no tangible reason.   

    I did the 50km at Bath, which I think you'd like the course better than the marathon, as it's effectively all road, it's out and back laps, back to the field at start/finish to the drink station which was always very well supplied and well organised.   I had a couple of friends there doing the marathon and they weren't that impressed with the marathon course, I think it was very dry and hot that day.   I was running in the cool of the tunnels, Garmin won't work as tunnels are too long, think longest one is over a mile long.
    I haven't done the race again as the price of the hotels near Bath are extortionate, the year I did it the ultra runners had their own car park near the race so didn't need to use the park and ride, I'd stayed in Glastonbury had a very reasonably priced Travelodge.   I would do the race again if the logistics were easier.

    I'm not checking in for my flight until I've done my last LFT test and just about to leave home, so can understand you holding back with your race entry.
  •   On 7/19/2021 at 1:01 PM, bagpuss said:

    14.4 miles in 4:22 with moving time only 4:10 whilst going up a few Wainwrights this morning. 3000 foot climb in total. All walked and used road over Cold Fell as a parking spot then went Grike> Crag Fell> Haycock (via Little Gowder Crag to snap some pics as location is good for views) > Caw Fell then back down to car.

    Only saw 7 people all that time which was pleasing and less than i was expecting.

    So on the one quoted above the Wainwrights were by height ranking numbers 178, 161, 35 and 88 in the order i did them.

    Today i did 4 more which were the next ones along. Parked at the main Ennerdale Water car park and climbed straight up to Steeple. Then onto Scoat Fell, over to Wasdale's Red Pike (we have several duplicate names for some random reason, the other Red Pike is other side the valley too.....) then onto Pillar before descending via Black Sail Pass. The Wainwrights today were numbers 28, 22, 26, and 8 which is Pillar at er 892 metres or 2927 foot.

    Total distance 16 miles roughly with some running on the flatter stuff down in Ennerdale valley as mostly unrunnable on the tops. 3500 foot climb Strava says. Took 5:55 however there was ony 4:35 moving time as the climbs are that steep and rocky you have a lot of stationary time picking a route etc. That and the views are immense. Well once the cloud level rose above my head anyway.....   Link to activity on Strava

  • Yes i lazily cut and paste from else where ;) Hence the quoted bit at the top.
    Was a nice day out albeit the terrain was far harder work than last time. Today i am refuelling on a entire chocolate cheesecake from Tesco's frozen section. Serves 6 or one Keith post 16 mile Fell run sorta.
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    Cal-Nice mileage there,gives you a good base for August.Did you decide your long run plans?
    Big G-Good improvement in pace v HR.
    7 miles today,felt fine,usual twinge but nothing too bad,might be able to finish early tomorrow so could pull Thursdays run into tomorrow, will also spread the week a bit better.
    Keith - is this a new goal you've set yourself, doing the Wainwrights? 

    No excuse for the whole cheesecake though, disgusting 🤢 😉

    Ian - must be fine balancing act, keeping your runs as pain free as possible and not do anything to delay healing.

    5 miles this morning, flat.   A little warmer and I did notice the humidity today but it was 96%.
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    Well done Keith, 3500ft is some going over 16 miles.  Good training for DD ;)    I hope the chocolate cheesecake went down well.

    Shades, silly question probably, but was it obvious what forms etc that you needed to fill in for your trip?  I.E., did the airline email you everything, or did you have to go and search it out yourself?   Just interested, as it is a bit confusing with airlines offering promotions/offers to places that it is not that easy to go to at the moment!  Thanks for the info about the 50K; having not done an official 50k before it does look interesting and from the looks of it, it is still the same route as when you did it (5 laps), which is appealing too in comparison to the marathon loop (2 laps, partly through the city, with some road crossings).  I keep going back to the campsite website and there is still availability, but haven't yet booked.  If I miss out, so be it, I will do it another year.  Yes, I have also been put off by hotel costs in the past.  Even the campsites are expensive (£35+ a night, which is a lot, as often it is possible to find places for half that, even this time of year!), but more affordable than the hotels.

    6.5 miles for me this morning, feeling quite tired for some reason.  Maybe a hangover from the bike ride.  We are off out in the van today and staying overnight.  Only about an hour away again, but we don't have to go far to feel like we're 'away'.
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    Ian, I will aim for a longer run on the 15th. I was intending to do another on the 29th but now I'm visiting my godfather that weekend (husband of my godmother who died last year). His daughters are childhood friends so I'm mostly going to catch up with them and will take in the local parkrun while I'm there. I guess I can bump the long run to Monday. I can get another in on the 19th September, the day after the Pride 10K, though last time I did a parkrun/Pride double on the Saturday morning and was very fatigued on the Sunday.

    Did a slow 3 miles this morning as I needed the air. HR averaged in the 130s which is low for me, so I should still be alright for my race tonight. Haven't been feeling awesome the last couple of days - it's the usual slight under the weather feeling I get from time to time. Hope it buggers off quickly.
    Cal - the weekend that you're away is BH weekend so Monday's traffic should be a bit lighter than usual for your long run.

    Big G - I'd already booked flight and hotel for the IOM, was booked in November, so I was keeping an eye on the IOM gov website anyway to see how they were doing re Covid so I became aware of the restrictions lifting re travel.

    But I had an email from Easyjet a couple of weeks later with a link to their Covid hub

     Preparing to fly | COVID-19 Travel Hub (

    and I checked out what I'd already learned about IOM and it was accurate and had all the relevant links that I needed.   As the forms I need are not checked by Easyjet I was quite impressed with this.   I believe the forms will be checked upon arrival in the IOM, the forms mean I do not need to isolate upon arrival.  

    I know you had some hesitancy about doing a 50k, but it's only 5 miles more than a marathon and at Bath a much easier/flatter course than the marathon.    I didn't write a race report and I've got no splits as no GPS, all I wrote in my race diary was 'lovely race, flat/slight undulations, average HR 136 (85%)'
    It's a very expensive part of the country and even booking early doesn't get you a bargain in Bath.
  • That's very true, Shades - hadn't thought of that. :)
    Cal - I forget about bank holidays too now that I no longer work.    So always a bonus when I go for a run and it's quiet traffic wise.
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    Shades-It is at times,think I have the balance about right now tbough,similar to when my achilles went,if the pain gets worse during the run or the next day,or is more than 2/10 then I won't run.
    All good at the moment though,slight discomfort when I set off but no issues,another 7 done means I can rest tomorrow, then run Friday and Sunday.
    8 weeks to London,if I can average 6 at 35-40 I'll be happy to give it a go,if not I'll consider my options.
  • Shades - Well its a way of getting through my leave anyway ;) It was a oddly nice cheesecake, better than i was expecting.
    BG - Er try 2000 foot climb in two miles roughly for that initial climb from valley onto the top. Not that it is easy to spot but at the peak of that there is a minor down blip on the elevation chart on Strava if you look careful which is crossing from Steeple to Scoat. Technically Steeple is part of Scoat and not exatly detached by much.
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    Ian - Sounds like you’re on your way. Will you be doing 20 milers ahead of it or too risky with the injury?

    Cal - Good luck with the race. I forgot to sign up and was again reminded of it when I went out for my run this evening. 

    7 miles for me this evening. Threw in some rather aimless fartlek bits to get my speed work done for the week although didn’t have the heart for it in the heat. 
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    Rcouture-I am hoping to,as long as I get a few in around 16 I'll be OK,but ideally some 20's would be nice.There is a 20m race in Lancaster on the 22nd I'm debating entering with OH.
  • Rcouture...there's still one more chance on 1st September.

    Went out for a very slow 3 mile recovery this morning as I needed the fresh air, then took it easy for the rest of the day. 
    The race (Wimbledon Trail Race race 2) was all round better than the last one, largely due to it being 7 degrees cooler. However, thanks to all the recent rain it was muddier, unavoidably so in places. My first two miles were slower than the last race for that reason, plus some congestion after the start (that and I still really suck at coming down the Alps - the lumpy rocky hills) but after that I was able to let loose a bit and managed to reel in quite a few people on the way back. After a disappointing 11:40 for the technical and muddy mile 2, I managed a much more satisfactory 9:11 for the third mile. Mile 4 features the toast rack and in the last race I was so drained by the heat and humidity that I walked much of it, but this time I got up it without stopping and passed three people while doing so. 10:40 for that one but it has 40m climb and I wasn't really gunning it. I did, however, gun the last mile and managed 8:35 for that which is my old HMP. I started feeling a bit sick (a combination of effort and acid reflux) but still got past a few people, including one woman right at the finish, after which I had a good dry heave. I'm a little annoyed I didn't quite get under 50 minutes (Garmin time was 50:10), largely due to the muddy bits, but I was happy with how strong I felt thereafter and with the pace of the last mile. I think it's safe to say that sky races are not in my future, though.  :D
    Cal - well done, a good improvement on last time despite the mud.  It sounds like it's a challenging course.

    Ian - that sounds like you've got the balance just right.   Hard to believe it's only 8 weeks to London.   :open_mouth:

    A 20 mile race would be good race prep, it's a nice distance to race.

    Keith - I like cheesecake, but not chocolate cheesecake.  

    Rcouture - not avoiding that race are you?  ;)   Have you got your club vest yet?

    Rest day for me today.  Faffing and packing today, I have for the first time booked a hotel for tonight near the airport.   Every year this trip to the IOM has been a nightmare drive to the airport, it's not far, 85 miles but it's the sheer volume of traffic always on this weekend.    My worse experience was when I'd decided to ask for a couple of hours off work and left much earlier than needed, allowing myself 4 hours for a 90 minute drive and there were miles of tailbacks which once cleared I had to do a mad panic drive up the outside lane at 100+ mph for the last few miles.😱   Got to the airport only 20 minutes before my flight was due to leave but luckily it was Gloucester airport and you park right outside the building, no charge, so no faff with tickets/barriers.   Then I ran into the airport and they did let me through, but only just.   Due to the pandemic the traffic is much worse now with more people holidaying in the UK, long delays on the M5 are more or less everyday now, worse at weekends so at least I don't need to stress about the traffic, just sit patiently in it.   :#

    Have done my LF test, negative so have checked in for my flights.  The landing form for the IOM entry is done and immediately I was emailed back my own QR code for entry.

  • Best of luck Shades, sounds a bit stressful but the worst is over with now. (And is challenging!)
  • RcoutureRcouture ✭✭✭
    Cal - Well done on the race. The dry heaving doesn’t quite sell it but I’ll try and get in for September 😀

    Shades - That’s exciting. Race is on Sunday right? What will you do until then? Yes I’ve bought my club vest. I’ll probably wear it for royal parks in october to give me enough time to attend a few more sessions and consider myself an actual club member. 
    Rcouture - congrats on the club vest.

    My flight isn't until tomorrow afternoon, so straight to hotel then I'll take a walk into Castletown, get some fresh air after airport/flight and have some dinner.
    Saturday morning I pick up the hire car and will drive up to Ramsey to collect my number, rest of the day will be driving round all my favourite places. Sunday is the race, Monday will be more driving round the island, fly back early evening.   I think this will be my only trip away this year so I'll enjoy it.
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    Sounds a good idea to stay over, Shades!

    Well done on the race, Cal. Sounds a tough one!

    Had a great day yesterday, in a campsite overlooking Slapton, and went for a nice walk (7 miles) before coming back and relaxing in the evening.

    It is raining this morning so not sure what we’re doing today yet.

  • Metres from the finish and about to overtake the lady wearing 155. My shoes are purple by the way...that's how much mud was one them. I had to give them a shower this morning!

    Lovely views, Big G. :)
    Cal - that's a great photo, you have that look on your face knowing that you'll be passing that unsuspecting lady ahead of you very soon. 😄

    Big G - lovely pics.  

    Was raining when I left home, lots of spray on the motorway but then the rain stopped, shades on, music on and was quite enjoying the drive.   Then brake lights on and we got slower and slower, down to 10mph in places, but no accidents just volume of traffic.  At hotel now which is very quiet in the middle of nowhere but only 2 miles from the airport.  I feel like I'm on holiday already 😃.
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    Cal-Hunting her down nicely there.
    Shades-Good luck with the flight and getting there OK.
    Today is a patience day,I feel like I could run,but want to run on my day off tomorrow and that would be 4 on the run which isn't good so took a rest day.
  • That happens to me a lot, Ian. 

    Glad you're there safely, Shades - have a great trip.

    So the doc's receptionist gave me rather misleading information - I got a letter today from the cardiology doctor and they want me to go back next month for a heart ultrasound. My ECG shows  something called a T wave inversion - some Googling revealed that this can mean heart disease in some people but can also be benign so...*shrug* Anyway, they just want to check out the heart structure. Not really what I wanted to hear but there you go. 
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Glad to hear you got the airport hotel, Shades.  Safe travels.

    Ian, well done on being patient!  

    Sorry to hear about the misleading info, Cal.  Good to get it checked out though, but I can understand it being unnerving.  I can't imagine you're a prime candidate for heart disease though?

    Didn't do much in the van today, as the weather didnt really improve so we got home early afternoon.  OH is doing something called an 'Aerial Hoop Class' which sounds, errrrm, 'interesting'.  Whilst she was over at that class, I jumped onto Zwift for a short race, which is very tough and I didn't do very well as I got dropped by the leading pack at about half way.  Ooooph.  Warmup and cool down, plus the race, was just over the hour.
    Cal - well that's a bit of a shock after the receptionist led you to believe no further action required.
    I had to Google it too and as you say can be nothing sinister at all.   But best to get it checked out. 

    Big G - I had to Google that too, the aerial hoop class, is she thinking of joining the circus?   That's definitely not a class you can do online.

    Didn't have a great sleep, slept fine until noisy arrivals in the middle of the night.   Not unexpected in an airport hotel but I had expected the noise from those leaving for the airport for the early flights.   But catching up with the Olympics now and I have a really good book which I couldn't put down once I started reading again in the middle of the night.
  • You're not the only one who didn't sleep well, unfortunately, Shades; I woke up every hour, it seemed. Probably anxiety about the stupid heart thing. Not what I needed as I only got 5 hours after the trail race due to the late finish and then still waking up early.
    Still, I got myself out for 10 miles, which I took pretty slowly as, unsurprisingly, I wasn't feeling awesome. 
    On the plus side, I managed to find London Road Park after getting lost on Sunday (my mental map was wrong that day...but I made sure to check Google Maps this time and was glad I did as the way to the park is particularly obscure).
    A couple of traffic stops on this one - I am trying not to worry about that now but it still irritates me. (My younger self felt that to stop on a run was a failure - I no longer feel that but that doesn't stop me from getting annoyed when I have to wait for cars).
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    10-miles for me as well this morning, Cal.  It was raining a bit as I left, which got a bit heavier early on in the run, but it cleared up for the second half.  I had an enjoyable run out this morning.
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