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  • In more forgotten race entries, I received my bib for Chester marathon which I don’t remember ever entering. I must have done in the desperate period last year looking for a replacement for Brighton. 

    6 miles last night. Legs felt rough for first couple of miles but soon relaxed. Rest day today. Realised I am running at just under 60mpw at the moment which tends to be where I need to be careful with niggles. 
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Rcouture-I transfered that to you a few weeks ago  :wink:
  • Ian - Showing my age there 😂
    Big G - well if the timing equipment is a good buy I think you've probably got yourself another role in the club  ;)

    Good to hear your Dad's return home went well and he's happy.    Just hope that he realises that although the care might be expensive it's worth it being in his own home again.

    Rcouture said:
    In more forgotten race entries, I received my bib for Chester marathon which I don’t remember ever entering. I must have done in the desperate period last year looking for a replacement for Brighton. 

    ha,ha, shall I add it to the list.  :o:smiley:  It's one of the best marathons in the UK.

  • Shades - I’m not going to make Chester. I got a free transfer from Ian when I didn’t have any other races in the diary. All the focus is on Florence. 

    Question, this is my plan for long runs:
    wk 1 (last wknd): 20m
    wk 2: 20 w/ MP
    wk 3: 15-17m
    wk 4: Royal Parks 
    wk 5: 15-17m
    wk 6: 20 w/ MP
    wk 7: 20m
    wk 8: 20 w/ MP
    then 3 wk taper

    Any thoughts on this? This is getting me the 5 20 milers which I want and worked for me last time (albeit on a bit longer timeframe) but I’m just a bit concerned at the 3 week period with royal parks bookended by lower long runs and whether that will set back momentum a bit? I want a good time for royal parks so thought best to have a easier week before and a recovery long run after. I’m aware all this could change of course depending on injury, life etc… but just in terms of best case scenarios. 
    Rcouture - shame you'll miss Chester, one to think of in the future.   We had a Shadies meet up there a few years ago and we all did either PB's or SB's.

    Your training long runs look OK to me.   The 3 weeks with slightly lower mileage are fine, you'll be racing Royal Parks and to bookend that with slightly shorter long runs is a good idea.

    Week 7 when all at long run pace you could up that to 22 miles if you fancied it.  Maybe wait and see how you feel that day before deciding.   
  • Shades - I took a lucozade gel on either my first or 2nd London... I didn't even know what it was!

    Big G - I've done MK marathon with the 5km the day before the marathon for an extra medal but other than that I like to earn my medals.  I also am not a huge fan of their bright colours, less is more in my opinion and usually more attractive entry prices.  Glad your dad's home safe hope the care works well for him too.

    Rcouture - lol at not knowing if you're coming or going! Could be a busy period!

    Mobility is better today, may even go for a little jog this evening.  I've fed back on a couple of bits to centurion one was the tracker the other I enquired about the time limits, wondered if extending the womens would attract higher participation rates, said the time limits have to be 13 hours for qualifying races, the option open to them was to cut the mens down but would obviously lose numbers so a no brainer.

    Ordered some tailwind flavours, some more precision tablets, couple of centurion tops and a car sticker.

    Does anyone have any recommendations for dry skin on feet? As got a bit of a sore heel.
    Robert - gels hadn't been invented when I did my first marathon  :smiley:

    From your report etc it sounds like the CW50 is very well organised.

    You could slather your feet in Vaseline and again before you go to bed and sleep in your socks, that might help.   If the skin is broken and very sore there are some OTC products that you can buy, not sure how effective they are. 
  • Rob - I’ve nicked some of my OH’s aveeno lotion which seemed to work a treat on my foot skin issues. Think it’s widely available in supermarkets but I’m no expert!

    Shades - Yes would be great to do Chester especially with other shadies if that happens again. I hadn’t considered moving to 22m as I’d assumed that was too much load but i guess it makes sense if I go slow. 
  • I agree Chester is a fab race - PB'd it when I ran it (although I beat that at Yorkshire the following year). I'd do it again in a heartbeat.
    Real shame about Liverpool - I liked the course and while I had a couple of tough races there, I always enjoyed it.
    Rob, maybe treat yourself to a medi pedi? Scholl Cracked Heel Repair Cream is decent in a pinch but you'll need to get the foot file out if you're going the DIY route.

    Shades, a little cooler here too - got the long leggings out today! Easy 6 this morning - legs noticeably perked up after three miles. Pleasant morning although, typically, the sun didn't come out until I was practically home, and it was glorious out while I was indoors at the gym. Sod's law.
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Shades-No reason given,it is RocknRoll and I think they franchise it out so maybe they were charging too much.
    BTR used to the original Liverpool marathon but fell out with the council when they have it to RnR,so don't know if that bridge is burnt,guess we'll see next year.
  • Shades - I'm impressed overall with Centurion, can't fault the races and organisation before and after at all.  It does come at a price, just had a look their 100 milers are now £195, the 50 milers are £95 each (or 12/8 hours volunteering at the event the year before).   

    Cal - need to be careful not to file too deep, weather can't seem to make up it's mind today! 

    Found some cream of Elle's give that a go and see what happens, also just booked an ATW event using a free entry at Wendover Woods 12th December, they are using the parkrun course by looks of things and can do 5,10,15 or 20k.     

    Considering DD as an option next year, was the marathon cut off 5:20?
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Rob-It's 5:15 at marathon point if I rememebr correctly.
    7 miles after work for a change,getting in to the what pace should I go out at game with myself,think I changed my mind 3 times in an hour while running  :) going to be a long 12 days.
    Rcouture - it's quite common for runners to do long runs up to 22 miles, not so much for a first marathon.   I even have a 22 mile long run on the Shades Level 2 plan.

    Cal - we've got the same weather here, chilly mornings and warm and sunny later in the day.   Going to be 22 for my race on Sunday, I expect much the same for you.

    Ian - I assume RocknRoll are pulling out, maybe they've had a big financial hit from the pandemic.   I know before that there was a Liverpool marathon but only for a couple of years, I think the council were unhelpful and made it difficult/impossible to continue.    I expect many years ago there was a big city marathon in Liverpool.

    Taper fever setting in for you  ;)

    Robert - although that's a hefty entry fee for 50/100, they are distances that you need impeccable organisation and for most of us a distance that we're not racing that often so the fee wouldn't put me off.

    You'd have no problem with the marathon time at DD, just need to be niggle/injury free to deal with the hills.   Entries open 12th November, we'll remind you   ;)

    5 easy miles for me, tight hip flexors, not unexpected after what we did in Pilates yesterday.   Nice morning, fresh and no wind.  It's not been windy for ages, contributed to energy crisis apparently.  :/
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Good day out yesterday, and the kit and associated software is really good.  We are going to recommend that the club buys it, but it is a committee decision.  Main issue that I see is getting people to run it on race day, and that is a problem that somehow needs to be resolved, but overall it needs less people to manage than the manual timing system.  Turns out the guy organises quite a few races, as well as Chepstow Harrier races.  Shades, do you remember the timing system at Shepperdine Marathon with the gun/scanner that was there at start and end of the race?  Well, it was that guy (Rogue Runs).  He also runs quite a big event on the Severn Bridge - a 10k and Half I think.  The gun/scanner at Shepperdine isn't needed for the system to work, but we were wondering whether to buy one to use at the marathon point for DD, for example.  Really helpful chap and there was nothing in it at all for him yesterday as he isn't the supplier, but he just highly recommends the kit.   

    Talking of DD, Chair was laying on the charm to try and get me to do my 100th at DD.  He nearly got me by going through the other Trotters who have made DD their 100th.  I need to think about it! 
    Big G - I've had an email saying places still available at New Forest even on the day.   It usually sells out but I guess some runners not back into racing yet.  Funny I'm on their mailing list but this is the first email I've had about the 2021 event.

    I thought the timing system at Shepperdine worked really well and that would be ideal for marathon point at DD.   Or if in the future you were holding races with different start times, handicap and/or relay races.   I've done a few Rogue Runs events they are a nice crowd.  I would think they'd be very helpful post purchase if there were any operational queries.

    You must do your 100th where you want to do it, you will only do your 100th once so time to be selfish, 200/300/400 are inconsequential.   500th is a biggie though.   So if you don't do your 100th at DD you could always promise to do your 500th there...wouldn't be that long, but would give you a few years grace.   ;)
    Cal - I have removed Manchester, I can always add it back if you change your mind  :)

  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Shades-Think the other reason races are struggling to fill compared to normal is that people who maybe do 1 a year have been pushed to the autumn and also there are some many races moved from the spring to autumn there aren't enough runners to fill them all.
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Ian, yes, there are so many clashes. Even the list above with London + Loch Ness and Chester on the same day, and all the majors crammed into a short space of time.

    Shades, I was wondering about numbers for New Forest as my race number is low (23 from memory), even though I entered late on. Hoping it’ll feel like a good atmosphere with a decent amount of people, but we’ll see. 

    In Exeter today as dad has an appointment at the prosthetic clinic, that I wanted to sit in on as he doesn’t pick up everything (he asked me to come too). He got patient transport up, but they couldn’t bring me, so I’ve driven. I brought my running stuff so hoping to get a run along the river later, all being well.  They had a covid positive at the carehome yesterday (staff member), after he left Monday. He’s been tested and is negative. 
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Shades, regarding DD for the 100th, part of the issue is that I don’t really want a massive party/celebration. I don’t drink, and obviously many Trotters do (putting it mildly!), and I wonder if I’d get some pressure to have ‘just the one’. Maybe I’m concerned about nothing though!  Also, both times I’ve done it I haven’t really felt like hanging around afterwards. The first time I felt dizzy and just wanted to get home, and I wouldn’t really want to feel like I had to stay there. I’ll have a think, but he was definitely laying on the infamous ‘Chairman’s Charm’ yesterday!
  • Ian - good luck with the taper mania!!! I believe the important thing isn't to put too much pressure on your runs and just keep it light.

    Shades - Centurion sell out all of their events and most of them quite quickly, the only ones that doesn't are the Wendover Woods.  If I ever got myself into a position for a hundred then I'd use centurion as know what to expect from them.  Energy companies will do and say everything to justify an increase!!!!  Be careful of those hip flexors!

    Big G agree with Shades you have to be happy where you do your 100th and not what someone else thinks is a good idea.  Personally I do think it's a great way to bring up the 100 it's local, you know the event but would be great to do it as a bucket list.  Hope your Dad stays negative, fingers crossed he is okay.

    Ian I've seen many people with very heavy race schedules from either last year or spring which as you say have a knock on effect for this year.  Hopefully we're at a point of less cancellations and next year will be better number wise.

    Wow October list is looking healthy!  Just had a meeting at work re redundancies, my role isn't affected but others close to me are so although relieved and I can see a prospect of promotion still in the future I am aware how others must be feeling.

    Making progress with DD, I have booked Keyberry hotel in Newton Abbot for 2 nights but can reduce to one £60 pn inc breakfast.  Plenty of time to decide if to drive or train down.

  • Big G re not drinking, I obviously enjoy a tasty beer/ lager from time to time but I had periods of abstaining from alcohol.  Do you get bored of the same questions from people about why you don't drink?  I find myself not going out because of it, people don't believe you can enjoy yourself without it.  Also for me my tolerance for alcohol had dropped and the biting point is small between having a good time and had one too many.
    Ian - yes, you're right about dates clashing and races moving to different times of the year.   Also I think some runners are hesitant to commit themselves training wise and financially after all the cancellations we've had to experience due to the pandemic.

    Big G - I would be very surprised if numbers are that low in the NF marathon.   If they were I would have had an email about entries available sooner surely.

    That's positive the prosthesis clinic appointment.   

    Re your 100th, you've answered your own question and DD is a big NO.   I think you'd much prefer a marathon in Spain/Italy/wherever, and you can sit with your OH in the sun and feast on delicious pastries of the region and not worry about a drunken Trotter spoiling your day.

    Robert - I'm always on a fixed tariff so no increase in prices for me.   However, I am with a small provider so wouldn't be surprised if they go bust.  It's happened to me before so I know the process, just have to sit it out.

    That's good news about your job but sad for your colleagues, hope they'll go onto jobs they enjoy and find work quickly.

    The Keyberry is where Ian stayed a couple of years ago.

  • Shades - Looked familiar, think I had a booking there too for 2019.  Saturday's shuffle has given me a huge boost, I had told myself DD would be on the balance of the outcome.

    Seen alot of small supplier are going bust, but the big boys are still making big profits.

    Gutted for colleagues, depends who goes but some are at ages where they may struggles, they've become institutionalised as been here 15-20 years.  I also feel that way, I'm at the point where I am looking for my next big step and the recognition of the work I have done will have been void.  I'm sure we aren't the only company in a mess at the moment. 
  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Robert, most of the time it is fine, but I think for something like the DD with Trotters, many of who are big boozers, it wouldn’t feel right. The added confusion for them is that I used to be a big boozer too, and some probably think me no longer drinking is something I’ll get over ;) With non-Trotter friends it’s no issue though.  I think the only time I almost wavered was when we went to a posh restaurant a few weeks ago and I was very briefly tempted to order the accompanying wine taster menu, but I put it to one side and forget about it afterwards. 

    Good news about your job!
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Rob-Good news about your job,unfortunately at the moment you have to think a bit selfishly and be grateful yours is safe.I'm lucky in that we both have pretty secure jobs.
    I did indeed stay at the keyberry,it was fine,clean and basic,that's all I needed.
    I'm looking at it myself for next year so may book again at some point.
    Madrid marathon still looks like going ahead this weekend so gives me more confidence in Barca.
  • Shades, number arrived in the post today. If I have a brilliant run at Ealing I may change my mind, but I am not confident that will happen.

    Rob, glad you kept your job...I hope you get that promotion too.

    I wanted to do a couple of faster miles today so decided I'd go out after 9am as it was too dark at 6 (and I'd hit the school run in between those times...which I want to avoid. The area where I live is nicknamed Nappy Valley thanks to all the schools in the locale...there are a lot).
    Legs didn't feel particularly bouncy so took me a couple of miles to get them turning over. Third mile was a little better so did miles 4 and 5 at what I hoped was around sub-2 pace (HM, obviously...I'm not Kipchoge). First one was slightly over and second was slightly under, so I guess it evened out. 
    Did a cool-down mile but part of it was up a bit of a hill and found myself working a bit too hard there, so I'm not sure I'm going to manage a sub-2 at Ealing, much as I'd like to. But maybe being more rested will help.

    I tried a pilates class at the gym after and it was such a nice day we had it outdoors by the track. It was pretty gentle and restorative, unlike the HIIT/pilates fusion classes I used to do at the Bikram yoga place, but that was fine with me - I don't want raging DOMS for the rest of the week.
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    I got the start time wrong,it's 9.30-11.My start time is 9.37-9.40 so nice and early.
    Robert - you've definitely got your running and racing mojo back, quite rightly too.    :)

    Opportunities for your next step up the promotion ladder will happen or you will have to make them happen.  

    The Keyberry will be fine for you, we have a Premier but it's around £100 a night as there's no competition.   We are going to get a Travelodge in the middle of town but they haven't started building it yet.

    Well my energy supplier has gone bust this afternoon. 😭  I've got onto the website but I can't get it to do anything, however I have taken a photo of the welcome page which shows the balance on my account.   Hopefully I won't need to use the photo, last time my energy company went bust the transfer was done accurately but very slowly, expect it will be slower this time as there will be so many customers to transfer.

    Big G - I haven't had a drink since 2017 and the very rare time I fancy one is on a hot day I think I could just go a gin and tonic or a half of very cold lager.   Never tempted when I eat as I never drank wine with a meal, I liked to eat and drink but never at the same time.

    Cal - it will be a pleasure to reinstate Manchester on the list for you, I'll await your instructions.  🤞

    Our Pilates is slow and controlled, still get raging DOMS from it though.   ;)
    Ian - you'll be just behind the elite then  :)
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