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    Big G - you've obviously been giving it some serious thought.   Best to interrogate previous participants and find out what they did and would they do anything different logistic wise next time.

    I'm not OK with towpaths, I've done a few with several miles on towpath and the water draws me.   I was talking to Brian of Winding Paths about the terrain of any of his other events and he said the one, I think it's this weekend, is easy as mostly towpath.
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    Big G-Very small point but they usually run it in reverse each year so the year after will be Liverpool to Manchester.
    We are looking like Cyprus in March,seems easiest for us both to get the time off and flights are reasonable.Also if I get the time off for Boston it's 4 weeks before so good timing.
    Ian - Cyprus would be perfect.  Which one are you doing?   They're on consecutive weekends, you could stay for 9 days and do both !

  • Shades -  Had a look at a few policies, most mention marathons, but probably need them to be clearer if ultra marathons would fall under that.  I also need to disclose my blood clots as I was still prescribed medication until April/ May last year and need 2 years clear.

    Ian - Cyprus sounds like a great destination for a marabreak.

    Big G - lots of options to make it a longer trip by van, up the west coast and come back via east coast.  Trains are frequent between EDI and GLA and a lot quicker than running back.

    Work has been tiring, mix of going to the office and the new system being awful and full of problems.  Not been feeling like running much.  Decided need to get out at lunch today as a way to get out and done 4 miles.  I have a later start tomorrow so hope to squeeze a run in the morning.

    Undecided if to DNS or not on Sunday, I do want to run 13-15 miles as a slow training run so may do the first half and see how I feel. 
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    Shades-The 2 marathons have joined as one company now,so it looks like they are spreading the events,1 spring and 1 autumn.It is the limassol one we are looking at.
    Easy 9 miles today,hoping to have a couple of good weeks then get ready for Barca.
    Take me off the list for Liverpool please.
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    Ian - Paphos is 13th March and Limassol is the 20th March next year.  I just happened to see that when I looked at Running Crazy's website.   Incidentally Running Crazy have Berlin places for 2022.

    Liverpool removed.

    Robert - a few times in the past I've had to call the insurers to check about marathon running, but now most of them list it clearly.   I have asked about ultra marathons and that was included.   But if you did the unsupported event I doubt that would be covered.   Marathons/ultras/racing are not covered if you are what they call a competitive runner, and run for a living.    I think we're all safe from that clause.   ;)

    You'll be over 2 years clear of the prescribed meds by the time of your trip then?    Unless you've booked travel that needs additional insurance re cancellation etc then if I were you I'd wait until the 2 years deadline has passed.

    Don't forget to renew your European health card if yours has expired, I've got a new one, arrived in a few days.

    I hope you do decide to run on Sunday as I know you wanted to support the event, you can do a shorter distance can't you?

    Oh the days of new computer systems, I remember them well...usually the first year is the worst  :smiley:

    Rest day today
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    The thing with new computer systems, it is generally the users who bugger them up.  Without users, the systems would work fine ;)  (This is said with with tongue firmly in cheek, by someone who used to work on designing/developing large computer systems.)

    Last day of isolation today.  The last couple of days or so I have basically felt fine, except for the tiredness, although that was better yesterday too.  I haven't kept count but I think I have had about 4 or 5 calls from the NHS track and trace team just making sure that I understand the rules etc.  I think what I am going to do is walk Tigg for a good hour in the morning first thing and see how I am, and if okay do half an hour on Zwift really easy in the afternoon, and just see how I get on.  If okay, I may then try a short, very easy run on Friday, but I will just play it all by ear. 
    Big_G said:
    The thing with new computer systems, it is generally the users who bugger them up.  Without users, the systems would work fine ;)  (This is said with with tongue firmly in cheek, by someone who used to work on designing/developing large computer systems.)

    Ha, ha.  Unfortunately some software is written by those that don't know enough about the subject the software is dealing with, I say that from an accounting background  ;)  

    Great news you're on your last day of confinement and you're feeling a lot better.   No other symptoms apart from the tiredness is really good.  
  • Ian I've heard good reviews about Limassol I know a fair few of twitters #ukrunchat did the race for a number of years.

    Shades I was thinking waiting for the two years to pass, my accommodation doesn't require payment until 2 weeks before I go so it's only the £130 on flights so far.  I'm battling with myself about Sunday, imagine I'll go and do what feels right at the time.

    Big G I'm a firm believer most IT problems exist between the external of the computer and the user, we required a new admin system as our previous system had no support and as an insurance provider it couldn't carry on.  £3.5million (conservative estimate) for an admin system for just 65,000 policies.

    6 miles this morning trying to find time to run when I have to commute it harder, pre lockdown alot of my shifts were 10am and 12pm starts which gave me more time in the mornings, now majority of my shifts are 9am and commuting by train which eats into my time, something I need to factor in.
  • Shades - Have you used running crazy before? My priority next autumn would be Chicago, with Berlin a close second. 

    Big G - Happy final isolation day. Have you lost any sense of taste/smell? I’d find that a nightmare given how much I love food. 

    Rob - nice 6 miles

    5 miles to work this morning post train to Waterloo. Will do the reverse this eve for a double day.  Rest day yesterday and legs seem to have no soreness at all from Sunday race so Monday recovery run seems to have worked a treat. I might even join the club session tomorrow which I had planned to miss. 
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    RCouture, I haven't lost any sense of taste or smell.  I have, however, had a very big appetite, which I have been enjoying trying to satisfy :)   On that note, some friends just came around to walk Tigg, and they brought cake :D   Very odd coming to the door with a mask on, chucking the dog lead and ball at them from a distance, and stepping back so they could leave the cake on the steps.  But very nice of people to help out.  I had a call from NHS and they asked me how I was doing and confirmed, based on my honest answers, that I could resume my usual activities, and I will need to go shopping tomorrow as well.
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    Shades-It's the Larnaka and Limmasol marathons that have combined,didn't see the paphos one,it is tempting,gave to see if I can tall OH in to it.
    Big G-Glad the isolation is nearly done,have to say I'd be driven round the bend by it.
    Robert - is your new shift pattern likely to be permanent?   If so annoying re your preferred training time of day.

    Crikey, I can see why you needed a new admin system, no support isn't really an option.

    Rcouture - no, I haven't used Running Crazy before but I have friends that have done so and are very complimentary about them.   Using a tour company isn't cheap but IMHO can be money well spent.   When I did NYC I used a tour company and we had the most amazing trip, our every need was catered for including dedicated transport to the start and from the finish and a great crowd of people.   I just fancied after the pandemic treating myself to a trip somewhere, so am keeping an eye on the sports tour offers.

    That's brilliant news about the legs post race.

    Big G - your good appetite has probably helped your strong recovery and at least you've been able to enjoy your food.   Decent friends bringing you cake and taking Tigg out too.

    Ian - would be a nice holiday trip.
  • Not forgotten report just been busy or tired mostly. Off to London later so will have time down there easily enough. Nothing planned for today so prob later on once i get settled into hotel and have had dinner.
    That's fine Keith, I said there was no rush, don't want the report to be a chore.

    I will post the marathon list with your time though today, I was holding back just in case.

    Big G - enjoy your release from isolation today, and Tigg!

    6 miles this morning, fresh but good weather for running.   Abs and calf muscles still a bit achy after that killer Pilates class.
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    Shades, thanks.  It was a most enjoyable walk; just a very simple walk down through the centre of town (it was great just being amongst people going about their business, having their morning coffees etc), stopping for the train to go through, and then walking from one end of the mile long beach to the other (I got the walk in to time it with the tide being out), and then back home.  Just over an hour and Tigg and I both enjoyed it and it was great being out again!  I didn't sleep fantastically well last night, but I do at least need to go out and do some shopping soon, so I will just see how I am this afternoon before deciding whether or not to do a short, easy ride on Zwift.  If I can, and if I can do a short run tomorrow and maybe do parkrun on Saturday (6-miles, all easy), I think I will begin to know if Newport is at least a possibility, even if it is just with the mind to get around it rather than race it, or if I need to ditch it.

    Shades, are you looking forward to Plym Trail?  It is a shame in some ways that the local events are clashing as Winding Paths has an event this weekend too.  I know the RED company were saying they were going to try and avoid clashes, but she obviously is friendly with both Davey and Brian (helping out at their events in the past).  For those chasing numbers locally, it would be handy if they were on different weekend.  I purposefully hadn't entered anything this weekend though, as I was hoping to be fresh for Newport.  I did notice that the RED November event is only a single now, whereas it was originally a double but not sure why that has changed.
    Big G - must have felt so good to be out and about again.   And Tigg happy too now that you take him out again.

    I wonder what shoes you might be using for your short run tomorrow  😉

    Re Plym Trail, I usually sort of dread it but actually I'm really looking forward to the weekend.   I'm running on Saturday and marshalling on Sunday.    I DNS'd Plym Trail earlier in the year as I had a cold so it's 13 months since I last ran the event.

    I don't think it's an issue re clashing with Winding Path's event on Sunday, that event is full and has a waiting list.   So if any runner wants to do a marathon they can do Plym Trail instead.    I didn't know the RED event had dropped to a single, but the July weekend it wasn't that popular as a double.   Maybe entries are a bit low for November, I haven't entered and don't intend to. 

    It's my last marathon of the year on Saturday, that will take me to 397.   Then in 2022, 2 x Strawberry Fields will be 398 and 399 and then Connemara Ultra should be #400.   That's the plan anyway, subject to the usual things that can alter that.
    So after Plym Trail I'm back into training and finish my journey to get my body fat down to 20%, keeping my mileage at 50mpw until I reach my target which will probably be January.   Then I can increase my mileage in February and take it from there, the goal being DD of course.. 
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    Shades, that sounds like a good plan to have your 400th at Connemarra, which is a favourite of yours.  Regarding the clashes, I just meant if people are trying to keep their numbers ticking along, clashes don't help with that, whereas if the events were on different weekends, those people could do both events.  Probably it is a fairly small subset of entrants who think like that though!  I am wondering whether to do the 1st and 4th of the RED New Year Events, but it could be really grim, couldn't it!  At least that would mean I could run NYE morning, still enjoy NYE evening and NYD when OH is off work, and then do the even on 3rd Jan.

    When I think back, although I have done a reasonable number this year, I have DNSd quite a few too - I missed a Plym Trail due to my vaccine (I could have done this I think, but I was being cautious), Two Tunnels due to illness, and Dorney due to Covid, and Newport is still in the balance.  I need to keep the numbers moving, but of course I need to see how I am after the last 10 days first, before getting the credit card out!  

    Speaking of credit cards, I have ordered a Stryd footpod, which measures power.  I don't 'need' it, but as RCouture said the other day about his HR stats, it is more data to geek out on :)    I also ordered a Flipbelt as I need a better approach for carrying stuff at a race, so even whilst self isolating and purposefully not entering events, the credit card hasn't been safe from running-related stuff!

    Also, over this self isolation period, I have reread most of the P&D book.  I can't quite bring myself to commit to it though.  I really would love just to do 6 months, uninterrupted MAF (interspersed with a small number of sessions, and/or races) just to get some real consistency in, as I have not managed that really.  It is interesting - I know MAF works for me, but I find myself looking almost longingly over the fence at something like P&D as I can't help but wonder if that would help me push on more.  It is sometimes like MAF almost feels too easy - do you know what I mean?   But I know low HR training works and I also know that I have not been consistent due to various factors (my fall, illnesses, the odd niggle), and I would really like to get a very decent block in, uninterrupted, if I can.  The reason P&D came out is I reckon I am close to a GFA (3:10, although more likely 3:07 needed), but although I know I am probably too close for comfort, it is back on the shelf for now at least. 
    Big g - I was going to take a flyer and email Connemara to ask for race number 400, hoping that all goes to my plan, but I see from the results that the ultra has less than 400 entrants.   Ultra numbers are all prefixed with 39, so he won't have that number available, so I'll just let it go, it doesn't really matter.

    Re events clashing, I think there are so many every weekend that anyone wanting to chase numbers can easily do one or two every weekend if they want and often it's not up to the RO's to stop dates clashing that sets the race dates.   More likely permissions of use of venue, half terms, etc.

    Doing 2 over 4 days would be good, that's what I'm intending to do at Strawberry Fields.   I hate distance races in winter so just don't do them, Cornish is usually my last and such a fabulous race being an exception.

    I just had to Google Stryd footpad, real geeky stats for you   🤓  Does say more accurate than a Garmin though.   

    I had a Flipbelt, gave mine away, couldn't get on with it.   It was really annoying, spent ages trying to locate sweets/salt tablets etc and it's also very hot to wear and that was only in training runs, thank goodness I didn't try it out in an event.

    Re your next marathon PB, I think you can do that and a few more easily with MAF.   With P & D I think you'd just get injured and spend more time on the injury bench.   Pre Covid you know you were in marathon PB shape, you just have to get back there again, you will.

  • I've not run since my Dartford Heath parkrun two weekends ago - the core/back injury I got in the gym has subsided but the hammy tendon/hip area has been really unhappy. I saw my physio a week ago and he said it was probable something had gone into spasm as a result of the lifting injury (or trying to run with it). He did some stuff and made me feel a bit better, and suggested I might want to try a run/walk. However, I wasn't quite so confident. I decided to power walk Clapham Common parkrun on the Saturday, which I did (sub-45 minutes, which is a decent clip for a walk) but I definitely felt a whole lot worse after it. 
    I kept up with walks and elliptical in the gym and gradually felt a bit less sore this week so I tried a tentative 2 mile test run today (I would have left it longer under other circumstances but as I'm supposed to be doing a race on Sunday, I thought I'd see if it might still be possible). 
    There is still discomfort there but I managed to run and was able to walk normally when I stopped (no limping) so, if it doesn't start hurting later today, I will try another little run tomorrow and decide then.
  • Shades - I've been okay with the rota when wfh, just add the commute in makes it logistically harder especially as I'm at the mercy of public transport at the moment.  Good luck on Sunday, Connemara will be a great way to bring the 400 up. 

    Big G - great you're out and about again, hope recovery is okay and you make it to Newport.

    Dropping to half (2 laps) on Sunday, I've always ran marathons/ ultra with a purpose and felt that I'd just plod round and get it done and didn't want to do that.  Also a bit tired at the moment and want to be fresher for Stort 30 and to enjoy it.  

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    Shades, yes, they can be more accurate than GPS for distance if they are calibrated correctly, but I am quite happy with my Garmin in that regard really.  In a race where I was really concerned with pace for a PB attempt, I would probably turn off auto-lap on the Garmin and just manually hit the lap button when I pass the mile markers to get the splits.  I am interested in the power figures from Stryd, mainly.  I have trained to power on Zwift this last few months and I do like it, and have noticed how the HR corresponds to the power on Zwift, so I am interested to see how it corresponds with running (very generally, an easy ride in terms of power corresponds to around 132bpm Zwift - i.e, very roughly, MAF-10, but I cannot get anywhere near my max HR on the bike, even though I give it absolutely everything).  I am also really interested in how the power changes when running into a headwind or up (or down) a hill, and how that correlates to HR and/or pace.  As I say, I do not need this stuff, but well....I am a geek :)  
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    Cal, sorry, that was an x-post (I took a long time to write it, what with making a coffee and others things - I am easily distracted!).  Good that your run was pain free this morning, but as you say just take it steady and you can DNS the race if you need to.  

    Robert, I know where you're coming from about needing some kind of goal/purpose for the event.  On the occasion I have fallen into to the trap of "it is just a marathon, I will get around it" and not really had a goal or prepared properly for it,  I tend to have a crap time out there! 
    Cal - you've had a really painful time lately.    Hope you're still feeling nothing more than mild discomfort by the end of the day and feel ready to race on Sunday, is it a 10k ?

    Robert - that's the trouble with these events where we can choose the distance to race at the time.   They just remove that fire in the belly that we need when lining up for a marathon or ultra.

    But deciding to do the half is a good idea, you're still there supporting the memorial event and you don't have to feel any disappointment for not doing the full.   I know you like Stort so can understand that you want to do well there.

    Big G - you won't get near your running MHR on a bike as it's not a weight bearing exercise.   I expect there's a formula somewhere for bike MHR ? 
  • Cal hope you're feeling okay later, it's frustrating that you can't pin point what's causing the issue.

    Big G I'm quick to criticise people who do marathons just to bulk up the numbers and didn't want to fall foul of that.  When I entered I didn't really want to run the event but wanted to represent WJ.

    Shades as soon as I decided to drop to the half I felt happier and can use it as a training run.  I've not trained properly for 6 weeks due to races and recovery.

    Have entered Dorney Lake again next April, Will try for a strong bank of training in 2022 to get back under 4 hours.  2022 race diary/ plans are pretty much done already.
  • Yeah I'm not really optimistic about making the start line...there's definitely a bit more discomfort than there was before the run. (It's 10 miles, Shades). I could probably get around but then I'd likely have to say bye bye to parkrun and the November Alton Towers half.
    When it felt the same back in Feb, I did something similar...ran a 2, then left it a few days, did a 3, then a 5, then a 6, but it got worse so I ended up taking another four weeks off before starting back with run/walks. I'm anxious not to fall into that trap again. I'm annoyed about the race because I have wasted so much money on races that I won't get back. It was meant to be the consolation for not doing Manchester.

    Rob you're a glutton for punishment...I definitely wouldn't want to run at Dorney again after the last time. 
  • Cal - I think I raced a very different race to everyone, others have said how grim it was last year.  I thought there was a little bit of drizzle and thought it could have been much worse.  I do tent to switch off when running though.

    Cal - sorry to hear it's more painful now than earlier today.
    Maybe best to ditch Sunday as I'm sure with a choice you'd rather do your November race and meeting up with Colin too, plus the rides at AT.

    Robert - glad you're feeling happier about Sunday now.   It's so easy to get sucked into signing up for events that in hindsight aren't really what we want to do.

    You obviously like that Dorney course and it suits you well.  :)

    My Spring 2022 race diary is filling up nicely and in November I'll plan the rest of the year, when I've prepared my budget.
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    Big G-Congrats on being free again.I'm similar to yourself,I'd live to do P&D,but I couldn't handle it,maybe 1 day I'll do some strength work and I might be able to.
    Shades-That 400 is getting close,looking good for completing it at connemara.
    Cal-Bad news on the race,I've stopped entering races early now as I'm guessing very few will sell out with so many available, even thinking of a 10k in 2 weeks and not entered it yet.
    Had a rough throat the last couple of days but got out for 7 today,felt fine once I got going and enjoyed it.
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