• Aha, Sideshow Bob... There is a resemblance: I too have a slightly gingery white-boy afro, though am sadly lacking the tasteful yellow skin and enormous feet.

    The last thing I want to do is come across as a self-righteous ex-drinker: people like that serve no purpose. Quite apart from anything else, I wouldn't say I was entirely out of the woods yet. Also I know that I got to this point with a lot of help, and I'd like to pass on the favour to someone else.

    This is in danger of decending into an incoherent burble. I'll be off now.



    PS - Try lime and soda. Stir it first though.
  • Actually finding this scaringly hard. I would be fine if the bottle of wine wasn't there open all the time.

    Hubby was really nice to me last night...found out it's because he's just taken on another loan to pay off more credit card debt. He only spends his money on cigarettes and booze and he has £500+ a month to spend on what he likes as it is. Worked out that 40 Bensons per day = £300 per month and 3 bottles of wine per day =£450 per month. Really sad reason for being in debt don't you think.

    Think my hubby's excessive habits have been overshadowing my growing use of alcohol though. Glad I've realised that before its out of control.

    Banbury: You do not come across as self-righteous AT ALL. It's nice to see proof that it can be done. And I like lime and soda too (cranberry has loads of calories in it)

    JD: Freedom for all sexes to get UTI's!!! hoorah.

    Hi Ness and Laura (ok back on the wagon)

    I'm getting quite fond of you lot (my god a compliment not said under the influence of alcohol, thats something I don't do often!!)

  • This thread and the givign up booze one is having an adverse effect-- all i am thinking about is having a nice glass of wine when i get in from the gym...its like a loop in ym i just have one...or stick to my plan as i said and see whether i have the self control not to have one???Argh!!! i dont want to as i know i will feel like ive let myself down and have to admit to youa ll that ive done it...i was feeling loads better at the weekend now i am it a physical thing or just my brain telling me i need one?


    bunbury-evangelical? not at all! but lime and soda+vodka!!

    jammie (and all) isnt is funny that some people never drink at all (ie. in countries where its not permitted) and my mum never drinks-so why am i so obsessed?!!

    fat fyes-your husband is naughty!!thats putting it mildly. 40 bensons a day?
  • Crikey FF - buy a tazer and zap him everytime he lights up

  • FF - tell me where you live and I'll zap him for £200 a month
  • pmsl. Just been for a run! Shall I set up a thread called FF's Slag her husband off thread!!

    Might take you up on that though JD.
  • I'll help!

    I was thinking about this though-its not my friends/whichever boyfriend it happens to be...who encourage me to usually the ring leader!!

    so i hope i will be checking in tomorrow NOT having had a glass of to gym...
  • Just annoys me that we pay so much money in income tax, council tax etc and then theres that extra tax on petrol and fags and booze!

    Fact is, we live in quite a nice house, but if that money was saved each month my mortgage could be paid by the time I'm 45, or we could live in a flippin mansion (kinda anyway). But no, we'd rather spend it ruining our lungs and getting sh*t faced every night....its so wrong!

    If I could give up smoking whilst he still smoked then I can give up drink whilst he still drinks!

  • Here here FF. Good Luck - I've noticed the money I've saved over the last couple of months - a £6 - £7 bottle a night and a couple of blowouts at the weekend does add up.

    Worst thing was when pissed money lost all value -(no wonder my friends want me to start drinking again!) and it would make a hangover much worse knowing you'd spent a f***ing fortune to get that way and remember very little.

    Stay strong Laurac.. it's your B***** fault we're all on this thread.

  • lol, here here back at ya JD!

    You can do it Laura C!!

    Gaz, if you're out there ((Gaz))!!!!
  • i didnt do it! i had a J20 instead! was thinking about it all the way home but didnt do it! saying that i was well stressed last night and think a drink wouldve helped...but then realised wouldve made it worse...

    and yes it does cost loads of money and i too have saved some by not drinking...i so know what you mean- i thought nothing of spending £50 on a night out saying "but thats how much it costs"- just think 4 nights out a month thats £2000 and the rest...bottles of wine during the week!

    true test will be this tomorrow...and parents just got back from belgium and theyve bought me some wine and beer back-i told them to keep it at their house until further notice!

    whats everyone else got planned?

    Bunbury-do you ever still fancy a drink now?

    yes gaz-check in please!
  • I work every Sat/Sun/Mon night Laurac so thats three nights a week I can't drink.

    Really have to get my head around alcohol being a treat. Thats the only way I could give up smoking, I had to see cigarettes as the enemy and not the reward for a stressful day.

  • Laurac - that's £200 a month not £2000- but with the money we'll get for tazing FF's hubby every time he lights up we'll be loaded! Great to hear you resisted temptation- I think I'm going to plan a quiet weekend - just me and San Pellegrino

    FF - It must help having the structure of 3 days off and it sounds as if your doing really well. I have an image of you surrounded by lots of temptation which must make it so much harder. I binged all the booze in the house before 1st Jan to get it out the way- I'm sure the resulting hangover helped me to give it up and although there's now booze in the house I know if I was to open a bottle for a glass it would be all gone in an hour .

    I like the image of wine as not a friend. Those dark surley evil wine bottles looking down at me every time I go in the kitchen coaxing me with their darn Australian accents. ( Although I suspect one of them is French)
  • thats how much i am thinking of wine i cant even add up or type!!

    FF-where do you work? when i worked in a bar at weekends that was a nightmare!

    JD-would the french wine's accent be more alluring than the austalians?!
  • No because he's trying to use his gallic charm! Being all smarmy and arrogant, assuming I'll weaken to his wishes just because he's a £12 bottle which was given to me as a pressy.

    Now the bottle of Champagne is taking a different tack - she's playing it smooth knowing as soon as a celebration comes round she'll be out the bottle in a flash - testing me.

    The Australians are just being rude - damn colonials
  • ha, ha, youve cheered me up now!

    if i was a drink id like to say id be a bottle of champagne...but in reality im probably a cheap vodka...oh my god why am i comparing myself to alcohol now?

    everytime i read your post JD i keep thinking of jammie dodgers...may have to make a trip to sainsburys at lunch...
  • They've changed the design and they no longer have a heart shape in the middle - still taste great though.

    I'd like to be a fine wine but I'm probably an alcopop!
  • mad dog 20 20!!
  • Turbo Shandy
  • Jammie Dodgers still have a heart but the biscuit decoration is a splat not a swirl - I've just checked - I might have to update my image!

  • ha, ha, cant believe youve checked! looking forward to the end of the day...
  • I can hear the noise of deadlines whistling past my ears - anything planned tonight?
  • Thunderbird!!!

    I work nights as a midwife Laurac, so no alcohol there .... plenty of gas and air though and thats a scream!! No hangover either.

    I am surrounded by temptation and whilst I'm not being totally tea total (being honest now). I've managed to keep consumption down to one or two glasses and I've had some nights of no alcohol at all.

    Think the only way to go tea total is to set a date and stick to it rather than an impulsive decision. Do you guys mind if I start 1/3/06 whilst keeping down to 1-2 glasses three nights a week??? Will I still be allowed on this thread?? Pleaaassseee.
  • JD has to be Jack Daniels! (Just realised your picture isn't a polo mint .... God I'm such a bimbo!!)
  • of course you can cut down and stick around-its the INTENTION!! with a husband liek yours its not surprising you lapse sometimes (not casting aspersions but i mean re. alcohol and fags)you dont ahve to start at all if you dont want to!

    but you are right, setting a date would be good-i am hoping that this is a permenant thing and the urges will go so the date to finish is indefinite...its my birthday march 13th though...may slip up then...

    a polo? with a heart?

    im off to pilates tonight for the first time, thought id have a go as running hurts a bit at the moment. then usually id go home via offie and get a nice bottle and do the lot...but not tonight!
  • Thinderbird - makes me shudder to even say/type the word! Some very bad experiences at 15/16yrs old.

    You can join us on the wagon at any time - there's a space saved for you - anyway if you tried to leave this tread we'd hunt you down - How's Gaz getting on? I think he's jumped on the 'giving up the booze' wagon but his seat is still here if he wants it.

  • <<beams>> thanks guys!!

    I know its a heart now, its just a bit blurry and I hadn't made the connection with the name. Now its so obviously a biscuit!! daaahhh!

    Thunderbird, my first experience with alcohol and alcohol induced vomitting! Those were the days!

    Not sure half term is a good time to give up alcohol anyway and if I'm honestly honest, I think if I go tea total I'll end up divorced by end of year and we've booked a holiday for July and I'd hate to ruin that. So if I jump on wagon in March, I'll only have to last out another 5 months. You never know he may even offer to cut down too (already got him to agree to vasectomy but had to get him drunk to agree to that!!!)
  • Laura - you've got to get an image - it looks as if this thread is just FF and myself.

    Vasectomy - ouch! - I'm sure none of his little fellas ar swimming anyway with the 40 a day smokes.
  • i cant work out how to down load a bloody photo!
  • unfortunately JD,they take after their owner. Doesn't matter how pi$$ed he is he can still find his way home!! LOL

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