• Sorry JD. Ordered an Indian and settled in front of Holby City!!

    Errrmmm, I had one normal delivery and a section Sat, Ermm helped with a normal delivery and resuscitated a baby Sun (stoned out of her head on pethidine bless her) and last night I looked after someone until she was ready to push then it was home time.

    Not sure how many babies I've delivered altogether but I know it's hundreds. Hands sometimes steadier than others, but I never drink whilst on my set of nights.

    What do you do JD?
  • You're doing so well FF.

    Sass x
  • Cheers Sass!

    Think I'm getting my head around this drinking thing actually. In fact wine doesn't taste as good as I thought, but never really thought about it that much before.

    Counted the wine bottles this morning and I'm pretty sure Mr FF only had just over a bottle of wine which is almost tea total for him and he was pretty happy and chirpy this morning ..... watch this space huh.

    I'm definately sleeping better.
  • Woke up this morning wondering how I was going to explain to Mr FF that i'd shaved my head though!

    I haven't, it was a vivid dream, honest!
  • all missed your randomness yesterday-was off sick...bloody back...but is drink though except for that blip on friday for three weeks.

    shaved your head?! bizarre. i have dreams like that...must be withdrawal...have you been watching that cold turkey? now that must be difficult...

    sass-the other thread is good too, but it started to get a bit heavy-i like reading it but didnt feel i could contribute.

    anyway, all is well at my end, a grey gloomy day but my back is ok today-its true what they say if you dont have your health and sanity then you dont have anything.

  • ...and i have got my health...not sure about teh other, but then reading all of this i am not sure whether the rest of you have!
  • Hi all....

    Really fancied some wine yesterday - I don't know why but I suddenly really wanted some booze!

    Maybe it was just a long day but also the fact I went to the fridge and San Pellegrino had done a runner on me - (I've got to go shopping the cats eating Tuna in spring water and I'm living off apples and toast).

    Anyway I didn't realise that no mineral water would have such an effect - I thought I was doing fine but had replced wine with 2 bottles of mineral water a night.

    Watched football, scoffed all the chocolate in the house felt sick went to bed early - woke up felt fine - fed the cat more tuna (95p a tin - got to go shopping)and cleared up all the origami shapes made from sweet papers stroon all over the living room.

    I've got to get out more - maybe to the shops
  • Laura .... sanity is a state of mind that needs therapy I'm sure!!! And its subjective anyway.

    Hair's definitely still there, but it looked quite good in my dream, I looked like GI Jane (course, some surgery would also be required). Just been and give the treadmill at my gym something to think about, did a few weights, few lengths of the pool, jacuzzi, steam room. Feeling really chilled and more positive about an alcohol free me. Told Mr FF March is alcohol free for me and I have a feeling it may have a positive effect on him too. Now that would be a dream come true, because I really can't be ar&ed to go through a divorce again and I think thats where we'll be if he doesn't do something about it.

    JD: Has your cat baracaded the door to stop you making him revert to whiskas??

    Sass, come and join the mad thread !
  • The cat knows which side his toast is buttered?
  • Just lurking while I eat my lunch, then off to teach a whole load of little darlings about Jesus!

    Oh joy!
  • Is that at church or school Sass?? Didn't realise anyone learnt about him anymore. My kids know all about mohamed and budha but think Jesus is the guy that thought up christmas.
  • He did didn't he? Wasn't Santa his dad or summut?
  • No Santa was that bloke dressed in green that used to climb into childrens bedrooms at night and then coca cola made him red and fat. I think he's the majority shareholder in Argos. But I'm sure him and Jesus must be related somewhere along the line. Aka St Nicolas (interestingly his name is an anagram of Satan and Satan's other name is Ol' Nick and I'm pretty sure him and Jesus were arch enemies .....dun dun dun). bit like the davincci code innit.
  • I had a friend and Coca Cola made him fat as red aswell.!

    Now there's a conspiracy theory!!!

    P.S. His teeth rotted too

  • Hmmm, did he have a smell of sulphar about him too???

    Thats it, Coca Cola is the anti christ. Quick, go spread the word!!!

    Sass, I think you should give serious consideration to including this in your lesson otherwise it will get them whilst they're young and it may be too late.
  • Have you been keeping up with the 'Giving up the booze' thread - hows Gaz getting on?

    Yep Coca Cola is the anti Christ but I'm sure alcohol was developed to control the masses. Since stopping I've become a grumpy old git about the way things are - (add tazer to list of shopping and sort out everything from recycling schemes to traffic contol)

    I, with my tazer will rid the world of Coca Cola and speed bumps
  • No, haven't kept up with booze thread. Have to agree with Laurac, it was getting very heavy in there and felt my problems weren't bad enough to qualify for the thread. Haven't seen Gaz lately but he was struggling last time I saw him.

    Anyway, I feel more at home in here.

    <adds tazer and red cape to shopping list and joins the jammy polo mint in his noble quest>
  • I was reading along with the 'giving up the booze' thread for a while but, as you said, I didn't really feel like joining in.

    There's some great advice etc. but it puts my abstaining into perspective. There's a big difference between wanting and needing a drink and maybe I thought I was getting too close to the needing bit.

    Anyway - quote of the day:-

    Beer! Now there's a temporary solution to any problem.

    Homer Simpson

  • JD: Stop being so flippin serious!!

    Quote of the Day:

    'I don't have to worry about money any more..... now thats one less thing to worry about!'

    Forrest Gump.
  • Blimey, this thread's gone mad overnight!

    JD - interesting thoughts on drink and grumpiness. I seem to have become a bit of a grumpy old man of late, which is particularly impressive given that I'm in my early twenties. >:-/ Have you found yourself arguing with the TV yet?

    I've just had a frustrating day. Went for a run first thing (brilliant, as usual), then spent the rest of the morning doing something utterly pointless. I'm now looking forward to an evening of related and equally pointless activities. I could be writing something - I NEED to be writing something - yet I'm spending all my time fiddling with numbers. Deeply annoying.

    Oh well, better get on with it. Apologies for the rant.


  • Oh, a little off-topic light relief, by way of my quote of the day:

    Said the Queen to the King, "I don't frown on
    The fact that you want to go down on
    The page on the stairs,
    But you'll give the boy airs
    If you must do the job with your crown on." -WH Auden
  • Tee hee you lot!
  • 1. Yelling at the TV is all I do nowadays. Latest rant at CSI somewhere where they zoomed into a digital photo to see the reflection of the person behind the camera. How did they do this I hear you ask - they saw him in the reflection in someones eye! how many DPI is that I wonder <continues to rant and shake his head> 20 trillion. Crikey the worlds gone mad.

    Quote of the day part 3

    Never rub another man's rhubarb

    The Joker
  • Bunbury - What were you meant to be writing and what are the numbers your fiddling with?

    If I want a pointless evening I have a selection of shoe boxes full of old bits and bobs. I can spend hours idly looking through them with no reason.
  • Bunbury, thats roooooodddde and JD, well, I'm blushing!

    :) lol
  • I'd never read it with that conitation - it takes a dirty mind obviously!

    I'm sure Cesar Romero didn't have that in mind when he said it - don't rub me up the wrong way I think he meant not don't go near that mans todger.

    The whole series makes sense now- the Joker was homophobic and didn't like Bruce Wayne's relationship with Robin.
  • pmsl!

    I must admit, the Yellow Submarine flumoxed me until I went to Holland and had a mushroom. Now that was funny!!

    <puts 'clean dirty mind' on list of things to do tomorrow>
  • you sure you lot aren't drinking or indulging in narcotics...?
  • How would that make you feel?

    That is if you found out we were all still drinking and Bunbury's real identity was shane macgowen!!!
  • id be pretty annoyed...about bunbury being, itd all be a bit pointless if really you were all hammered all day as you typed...
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