'Mature' runners.



  • PB I am often asked if I had my time over again would I still have my children so young (23yrs old x 3 children), at 37 although not that old, you are now having you're third, whats your view.
  • Are you accusing me of being short, JJ?
  • As usual I'm too slow - the stunners have already called in - so I'm just a token female!

  • Hi Norah - how's you? I think I must be a token female too. (sniff) Shall we go off and start another thread?
  • Sorry to desert you then - I have to work now and then when somebody comes in - so what thread shall we start?

    Trouble is these 'fella's don't know good things when they see them - I don't think they really deserve us.

  • Three tokens in a row - like the buses
  • And here's another token.

    By 'mature' JJ did you mean mentally mature, or just in years????
  • So, four whole tokens. What could we be redeemed for?
  • 4 token females = two whisky tumblers or five packets of wagon wheels...or was that green shield stamps??
  • JJ: surprised look is because photo was taken just after a strange older man came up to me at a party and asked me if I'd brought the twiglets
  • You're showing your age there meerkat!!

  • If we're females, then surely pink shield stamps

    Will we have a team left by this time next week?

  • You haven't really got one now Slow Jo...
  • Its looking grim SR and I'm not talking about the 8 mile big girls blouse race next Sunday.

    Used to hate the transfer window but Friday cant come quick enough now. Not too bothered about Johnson but if Woody goes you may as well write Leeds off for years to come. It would be as bad, if not worse, as selling Cantona.

    token Chimp.
  • I've heard that if they don't sell Woody or raise the money somehow, then they will go into administration!


    You'd get a fair few green shield stamps on £8m.

    Glenn - Harsh, but increasingly true
  • Very aged, chimp, it's true. I also remember:
    first episode of Dr Who
    crisps with salt in a twist of blue paper
    old money
    letterpress printing
    Emporer Rosco
    < meerkat limps off to rest weary bones >
  • I remember we had to put money in the telly and it went off during 1966 world cup final and when it went back on, West Germany had equalised.

    I remember the first Ready Steady Go.

    I remember me mam telling me if you drank too much cider, your head fell off, and believing her (she's got a lot to answer for that woman)

    See meerkat, you're nobbut a lass!

  • Apparently I'm "mature" these days, so is this where I come to swap knitting patterns and moan about the war?
  • Is that why you head looks strangely detached from your body in your latest Chimp incarnation? Too much cider.
  • Hold on a sec SlowJo, I'm just digging out an old knitting pattern for Monique. She's a vet you know but she's mad as hell at the moment.

    Dont mention the war. I did, but I think I got away with it!
  • Possible clash between the mighty Reds and lowly Leeds looms....
    the way we are both playing at the moment I wouldn't bet against a Gillingham v Crystal Palace 5th round.

    Although I do seem to remeber several victories over the elland road jumble sale crew over the last few years
  • ps Meerkat please don't have another go at my spelling/typing as I take Mature to mean capable of the odd mental error or slip up and I'm just trying to come down to your level :-)
  • Chimp, scuse my ignorance but transfer window? Sounds like somat from Playschool, talking of which wasn't Cantona that french
    gite who talked about sardines, seagulls and trawlers?
  • Norah,

    Know your limits!

  • Oops - sorry!
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